Scam letter(s) from Alisa to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Good day for you me new friend Reggie!
How are you?
I hope that this day pass well for you and you wait the answer from me.
My name is Alisa. My birthday on August, 22th. And me 29 years will be fast.
I live in Russia, in very beautiful city of Neya.
My city is in the Kostroma area.
I very cheerful and beautiful woman. And I wish to be even happier. :)
I have brown hair, brown eyes. My growth 170 sm. Weight 55 kg.
I live and I work in Russia as the children's teacher. I very well understand the literature, and Russian writing.
As you already understand to write to you my first letter I have addressed in agency of acquaintances.
I have paid there 7 dollars, and to me have told that my letter will be sent to lonely to the man which wishes to meet the woman from Russia.
I do not know the truth it or not, that you search for the woman for yourself...................
But I am very happy that you have answered me and you are interested mine by the letter.
I as very much hope that you like my photos, and you would like to meet me.
I am valid for a photo, and you can see me in the future.
The matter is that it is very fast, namely on August, 17th I can receive the visa to your country.
My visa will work in USA.
Therefore I very much hope that we could have our meeting.
What you to think of it?
Problem in that that I for the first time in the life shall visit the USA, and I to not have friends or the friend in the USA.
Therefore I have addressed in agency of acquaintances find the man which could to accept me, to be my friend, and to show me the country.
But also I have some questions for you: 1. In what country you live now?
2. Whether you can meet me on August, 17th?
3. What airport will be more convenient for our meeting? (at what airport it is better to you to meet me) I very much hope for that that my letter to interest you and you will very soon answer me.
In my following letter I shall write more about me and my life.
But I hope to receive the letter from you very soon, and I hope that you will write to me more about yourself?
In the beginning of our acquaintance I would like to know about you more. Your life? Your work?
Your hobby? I send a photo for you and I hope that you as can send me the photo.
I wish good day..................... And very much I wait for your letter.
Your friend from Russia Alisa.
Letter 2
Good morning for you my dear Friend Reggie!
How are you?
I hope that you have good day today and fine morning.
I very much regret for that that I could not write to you very long, but I had problems.
The problem in that I e-mail did not work also I could not receive your letters.
And I could not write to you the letter at all.
But now all by way of.
Also there is a problem that now when I shall receive day my visa has changed.
Today I have arrived to Moscow, and was in embassy, and now I can receive the visa only on
Letter 3
I hope that it is good date?
When I shall receive the visa, I can fly to you.
As I have not received your letters, I still time ask you to answer my questions.
If you want our meeting, and you could meet me.
Here my questions: 1. You could meet me on September, 24th?
2. In what airport I should buy the ticket?
3. Whether you have a free time from work that we had time to learn better each other?
4. Write to me more about your life? I very much ask you to answer my questions because it is very important.
I as very much would like to see your photo, it is as much as possible.
Then I can tell more about myself and my life.
I really to search for serious attitudes, and I wish to learn you better.
To me it is not important that to you much or few years, I think that in the person the main thing of a shower.
If you all still would like to see me personally, I ask to answer my letter and questions.
I shall wait.................
Have good day today.
Yours Alisa.
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