Scam letter(s) from Daria Mechta to Giacomo (Italy)

Letter 1

My Giacomo,
Thank you for your words and telling me about you, i'll do the same for us to become closer to each other. Here in Ukraine men think that they are Gods and love just themselves and none more. He can drink and don't work, in that time you should love him and cook for him, buy something new and so on and also you should earn money, this everything is OK. Now we know more about each other, but I want you to know my point about my beloved and my future family.
A man want a girl that give him always love, sweetness, care,
sensuality, surprises and also woman want to have a man for this. A man want it because he is like a child.he likes very much that someone takes care of him. A real woman knows it. she knows that the man can't organize all in the same time. He likes very much a guide for him. The real woman knows that if doesn't want to lose him must to be present in his all moments.
Now a lots of girls don't want it or don't want to give it but they want only to take. They want a man that must to be able in all. A man must to know all their needs.because only their needs are important.
She should work. she should see her friends. she should do others things and when in evening together come back home it's possible that she says that she's tired.she wants to sleep.she doesn't to talk. I think his is your point of view. And there are men that don't have respect for their girls too.but I'm woman and will try to be a real woman for your and won't be tired when you need this or we will be tired together........ I'll try to make your life easier and will give you more care and help when you need this. I know that a man wants love, care, surprises. He wants a girl that loves her beauty.her womanish ness..that has care of herself and give him a lots of attentions. In a family is very important the role of the woman. I think that the role of the woman is essential for a family. She should control and take care of Childs education, the house economy. is she that controls the relationship between the father and his sons. If a family is strong, very unite, beautiful and shining this depend on only by the woman. She has the capacity to control different things together. Woman can't do this all just course of her wish, for this she need to love and we could have this!!!!! I'll try to make our family the best, believe me!!!!!!!! This is my point of view and this is the way I'll create a family, do you want to do this with me?
Kiss you,
Letter 2

Dear Sir.
as a request of your lady Dasha we would like to announce you that she is not able to reply to your last letter as at the moment she doesn't have any possibility to pay for translation and Internet services,
provided by our translation firm. She is sorry about it. Dasha believes she won't lose You as she is interested in You a lot. If You feel like to help Dasha to pay for the correspondence, please, let us know we'll be glad to assist You and Dasha to keep in touch.
all the questions you have towards our services you can ask calling 13158492835.Please call from 9.00 to 16.00 (Ukrainian time) as we need to be in contact with our companions in Ukrainian. or you can send the inquiry to the e-mail address of your lady.
You can also contact us with the Ukrainian number 3 8 095 388 03 51.
we will be glad to answer all your questions.
We hope for our future cooperation.
Yours Faithfully,
Executive Director,
Alexandra Babochkina
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