Scam letter(s) from Natalia to David (USA)

Letter 1
I see your letter, and it means that we search for one and too. as I already spoke you my name Natalya. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Kysnetsovo. I the cheerful and sociable girl. I like to achieve objects in view. In other on what, I also have spent the most part of my life. I am am surrounded always with people, I have relatives and girlfriends. But somewhere at heart I am lonely because there would be no such person which gave me caress and love. It has resulted me on a site of acquaintances., I would like to know why you here? What reasons at you? You are lonely?, many people, seeing me, speak that that, I am happy!!! They do conclusions, looking that I always smile, respond on all requests I will feel in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But who does not guess at all as to me badly to come into apartment in which me not who does not wait, to lay down in cold bed and to fall asleep only with thoughts on that that to me it is necessary to make tomorrow. , washing the soul has got tired of melancholy! You know speak that that each person has second half. I hope that that when or I will meet him. This photo of this summer. I send to you it is a photo because I want that you have seen me such what I am. I very much would like to Find out your opinion on this photo and on me as a whole.
Something can at us with you It will turn out or not, involves you in me something, I can on what that to count with you, I like you? To me your opinion because I wish to find the real man to whom I will approach and which will approach me is not indifferent... I will wait., I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Natalya.
Letter 2
Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? Than you were engaged? I had today very intense day, and I am very tired. But, not looking at this weariness, I would come in internet cafe what to write to you the letter. Today I to you wish to tell a little about the life., I was born and have grown in small town Kyplonga. As there I went to school. Today I to you wish to tell a little about the life., I was born and have grown in small town Kyplonga. As there I went to school. After my school life has passed, before me there were many ways and it was necessary to make a choice. I think, that it for the child the first adult choice which to it to have to solve most.
Tell to me about the first independent decision? If certainly you remember it! And so, as I always was the creative person, and during study at usual school I in addition was engaged at school of arts. My choice has fallen on Institute of Culture and Art name Palantaya. In ours a city of such institute was not also to me it was necessary to leave the native house and to leave in the city of Kyznezovo. I consider since that moment, my adult life has begun. I as now remember tears on the face of mother when she saw off me. We would not like to leave, but we understood, that so it is necessary. And here in 1998, I began to study and aspire to the dream. The student's life was everyone and poor and hungry, but I slowly and truly moved an object in view. The cheerful was final and a lot of. Sometimes we gathered with girlfriends, went to walk in park, gathered in cafe. Process of training too very much liked me. It was interesting to study that that new, it was very interesting to me. The life in a hostel too was cheerful. You not when did not live in a hostel? And so in 2003 I have finished institute.
After that I have decided to go home, all the summer long I have spent houses. In the autumn, I have returned back in Kyznezovo. Has rented small apartment, and it was arranged on the robot in School art, in a direction from institute. Now I recollect those times with a smile on the face though it was at that time very difficult. I am very grateful to the parents and close girlfriends who always were with me and maintained me. This photo of my student's years. In the end of the fourth year we went on an exhibition in the Art museum in the city of Cheboksary. This was very fascinating trip. It was pleasant to me. I till now when I look at this photo, recollect everything, that there was, have happened. I very much like to look photos of the last years. I would like to smile, will plunge into those last year... And when I about this all think, I would like even to cry a little bit. I think to you this photo is pleasant., tell you about how you got education? How you became the adult and independent man? It will be very interesting to me to find out about it. I hope, it will be interesting to you to read my letter, and to see my photo!!!, I as very much want, that you would send me the photos, that I could consider you!!! if it was a photo where you after the study termination at school would be healthy!!! I wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!!! Your friend Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello! I hope that at you all well, that at you excellent mood and all turns out and on work and in general everywhere if is not present I wish you it. I did not see your letter, I understand, that at you what difficulty and you cannot write that to me. I really worry for you, whether all is good at you? I'm fine. But without you to me it is a little melancholy and lonely, I hope that soon you to me write.
I with impatience will wait for you and your letters. Natalya.
Letter 4

I am glad to see your letter!!!! How at you weather? We had all the day long a sun, it very much cheers up!! You love solar weather? My day has passed today well. I weigh day was on work., I very much love the work. Because she is connected with children. I work as the teacher in School Art, 5 years. I teach a choreography and piano lessons. And you play on what or a musical instrument?, you would like to learn to play a piano? I think, I could learn you to it! At me three groups of children. In each group on 15 persons. To me so to like to learn them to dance, discipline and music. I very much love these children., at times that seems to me that I replace with it parents. At them always changeable mood, sometimes they are capricious also to me to have to calm them. And to me to like to do it. When at children with whom I am engaged, something turns out to me so pleasantly to look at it. We have many concerts, performances. As every month we have a concert for parents where children show the successes. All parents of children who are trained at me, very much are grateful to me. And I am happy from that that, I do something good for people, and I bring it pleasure. My day always is filled by smiles and vanity.
But when I come to become home to me is very empty., you understand as it? It is very difficult, I always think only that there would pass night faster and in the morning I again will be not one. But I do not despair!!! I always try to do to people by well and all heart I hope, that sometime I will meet that man, and between us the fine feeling love will flash!!! I think, that each person should love and be favourite!!!, and you as think? It for you is important?, earlier I thought that that it will come in due course but now I have understood that that it not when will not come most if not to open heart. And I so would like to make it, but only for the unique person!!!
About such people as I, speak the One-woman man. You heard sometime such expression? You tested sometime the true love? Or you just as I wait second half which is appointed to you by destiny? And in general in my life such motto “everything, that all does not become to the best”! It is such are optimistical the motto which always gives to me of forces. Especially for work as a lot of energy what to charge there is required to her of my pupils., tell to me about the work! Whether you love her? Or you simply are engaged to her for this purpose what to live? That helps you to cope with every day difficulties. In this photo I at home. And it is my favourite friend, my house watchman Keksik. He always waits for me. When I come home, I have not time even to open a door, he meets me, rises on back pads and always as though asks on handles. Very much waits, that I that will bring that to it to eat. He very kind and cheerful. To me earlier not to whom was, except it, to tell all that has collected for all the day, will share than that, and he looked at me always when I told that as though understood about what I speak. But now I have you... I think, that is possible for you it is all to tell. I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to find out better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as set to me all questions which you interest.
And still if I do not answer your question what that, do not take offence! My English language not such good. On it I not always understand that that you write. I try to understand with it. But I am possible that that I miss., I very much try to tell all about what you me ask. But I am possible that that I will miss., I wish you to warn if I have not answered you on what that a question that write it in the following letter and I will answer it. Ok? On it I will finish the letter! Good-bye!!! Yours Natalya.
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