Scam letter(s) from Victoria Ivunina to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Im very glad to see your letter and I hope, that our dialogue will be pleasant for both of us. I shall a little tell about myself that you knew about me:). I live in the city of Moscow, it is one of the greatest cities in Russia, here many remarkable places where its possible to lead the free time, I like the city. In people I appreciate sincerity and fidelity, to me for my hapiness only one man which will love and respect with me very would be desirable to find, in turn I shall be true to it all life. You have seemed to me very interesting person, and I wish to hope, that you think also of me:). I dont have children and I live now one. At leisure I like to walk with girlfriends across evening Moscow, togo to cafe, to listen to music. And what is pleasant to you? Tell me about itself? I shall wait for your letter with impatience and I hope, that you soon write, is sincere Pupelya
Letter 2
hello. I am very glad to see again your letter, I waited it.
Recently I have prepared for a fish and salad, what you ate today?
I very much like to prepare, this my hobby at leisure.
I a lot of time spend on kitchen, for preparation something tasty.
You tried something from Russian kitchen?
When to me I am necessary to relax from work to go in for sports, I go to an exercise room, and then usually I float.
It so is pleasant to plunge into water and to float (its very relax).
I like to float in the winter in pool, but also on christmas holidays sometimes I float in the river (i sent my foto:)). I still have never passed winter navigation).
I also like to read books, especially novels, it is female weakness because we always want romanticism in our life and when it does not suffice us that we we start to read books and sometimes to represent ourselves instead of the female hero.
On a life I very cheerful, at me was not present any sad photo, I meet each bad situation laughter and to me it allows to live easier.
Tell to me about nieo hobbies, it is very interesting to me.
I shall wait for your letter with impatience, yours Pupelya
Letter 3
Hi, you do not represent as me pleasantly to receive your letter, I am always glad to see your letter in my mail box. How your mood today? How are your?
I'm fine and on work of business go not bad, I absolutely to you didnt tell about the kind of activity.
I work in firm as the bookkeeper, the firm is engaged in manufacture of furniture and sale of goods across Russia, by the way in the past to year I has got very good and soft bed, to me always so is remarkable is slept, very soft)
it is pleasant in me this work and a speciality on which I studied at university of 5 years.
Tell where you studied and that finished, its very interesting to me.
Usually my day passes, when all workers should be on the places already 8:00 in the morning, I have a lunch break, but it is an official break there are no also we go for a dinner under the arrangement with employees.
Usually I go to cafe or a dining room which is near to work.
I live far enough from a workplace and I can not spend many time for road, simply I am not in time.
My working day comes to an end at 17:00 and I go home, all over again by the underground, and then on
By the bus. How usually passes your working day?
I shall think of you and to wait for your letter, your girlfriend from Russia Pupelya
Letter 4

hello Gene Easley. I am glad to receive your letter and with pleasure I shall answer all your questions.. I completely agree with clause which you have read through. Without the good communications, friendship and *** of good and strong family will not turn out. These are the main features of home life. Yes I agree that at me very good work, it is pleasant to me and completely arranges. I read all letters which you to me have sent, but unfortunately on my box the virus has come and letters now do not open. *** before wedding not the best variant because there is no further confidence of that that after to borrow in *** me will not throw as the used toy. In the woman there should be a riddle, and with *** it is lost. I perfectly know English language and I can read on it. There is I early in 6.00 mornings before work to reach to me hour, cafe in which I is necessary go to have dinner is 5 minutes from work. I am not the obstinate person and I do not know from what you it have taken??? Yes I wished you to ask for a long time already that you have sent me the photo to me it very interestingly. I do not like to go in the underground and I do not like to go by the bus, but I should do it almost every day, and not where from it to not leave. I consider that we can become friends, and further the life will show, is possible we shall be married? You have sent me your biography, but it was not obligatory so to trouble, but all the same thanks. I shall be glad to see your new letter in my box.
Yours Pypelya
Letter 5
hello. I am glad to receive from you the new letter. To me to like to speak with you as I any more with whom do not speak you one me have interested from all site. You to me have seemed the lovely person but serious just to those who me and is necessary. As you already know to me 32 years and I am not going to joke. I want I shall find the person with which is confident in the future, that it will not throw me and will wish the same as I wish, and it is family good and strong. Pypelya it is mine nikname it to me it is pleasant more, on it name me so. In your letters you set many questions, is possible because of that that you do not trust me and try to check up me, but believe to all the time we just have started to speak and I to you shall tell all and gradually. I shall answer each your question. I try to tell to you about myself so that it was interesting to you. I hope our conversation to not stop and we shall continue our dialogue and further. Yours Pypelya
Letter 6
Hello Gene, its very pleasant to see your letter,
It is always pleasant to me to read that you to me write and to answer you for me great pleasure!
At me today very good mood and I wish to share it with you.
More recently we with girlfriends went on lake to bathe and have a rest, I so long waited for it, because work at office in such a heat is very heavy and is tiresome. We is remarkable have spent time,
Have taken pleasure in the nature and fresh country air. I have lead a lot of time in water and I can tell, that water is similar to pair milk, was so is remarkable and its magnificent, now is to the full ready to the new working day!
You bathed in it to year? We talked much and communicated about life, by the way
I have told to the girlfriends that I communicate with you and they transferred you "Hello".
I long time a vein in a countryside, to it for me it am normal
How do you feel and as spend time, its very interesting to me, I shall wait for your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 7
Hi, is very glad to see your letter, and I always with pleasure receive your mail!
Today at me not so good day and your letter unique pleasure..
After so long-awaited rest I have come for work and my boss has given me a lot of work for some days forward, its connected with that that now time of holidays and in firm to work practically not to whom.
Now I should work for myself and for one worker. At our firm generally the seasonal applicability and summer is the best season of the conclusion of contracts and contracts. It to me should be late on work.
But as the boss it temporarily has told, other employees for work and my working day again after a while will come is normalized. And how your successes? Tell as pass your days?
Unfortunately now I have no rain at us here. And I shall necessarily send the regards from you to my girlfriends.
It is very interesting to me to comunicate with you and I shall wait very much your following letter,
Sincerely yours Pupelya
Letter 8
Is very glad to see your letter, just today I was written by my mum, by the way I spoke her that I comunicate with you and she transfers you "Hello", she is very glad, that I have got acquainted with you and already was interested, when we will have a wedding:)
She very much hurries events because already for a long time wishes to marry me.
How your mood today?
I didnt speak you that my mum and the daddy live in Tomsk and I too come therefrom, I have arrived in Moscow because I liked this city here again high prospects for work.
I have removed here an apartment and have got a job and now I very much wait for new increase, it to me will help suit conditions of the life better.
I rent the apartment one and together with me lives my favourite cat Dysya, we with it have found common language and amicably we live together:)
It always me meets with pleasure when I come from work, I think, that it simply wishes to eat:)
When I lived in Tomsk we with my parents often went to a zoo, cinema, theatre and museums.
Me very often took in park to go for a drive on roundabouts, I can tell, that a lot of attention was given me and I am very grateful to the parents for it.
Tell me about yours the most remarkable time in the childhood?
Yes it would be not bad if you have told to my boss to calm down)
at me already because of work does not remain to time that with you well to speak.
And temperature in the street at us too high though there was a rain but a little.
And for the house your neighbours however sell?
I shall wait very much your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Gene. Was very glad to read through your letter, many thanks.
Today the only thing, that me has pleased this your letter and I again would like to smile.
You likely are a little surprised by the maintenance of my last letter, simply my mum hurries events) a little than you today were engaged?
I was ill a little, I was hurted a little with a head and the temperature has risen and the boss has given me of two hospital days.
I went to the doctor and to me have registered tablets,already soon I shall completely is healthy.
Now I am going to prepare for salad and a roast chicken, at me usually the tasty meal always turns out, it was transferred me by right of succesion from mum so keep in mind))
To me my girlfriend was going to come and I wish to feed her.
She knows, that we communicate with you and is very glad, that we have got acquainted with you and at us such remarkable attitudes,I am glad that I have you.
I shall necessarily transfer "Hello" to my mum, but I think that it hurries events with wedding a little.
We yet so know each other much. But I could live in a countryside well enough, it is pleasant to me.
I shall be glad to see your following letter and I shall wait very much for it,
Sincerely yours Pypelya.
Letter 10
Hi my Dear Gene, is always very glad to see your letter!
Today I feel much better and I think, that I can soon come to work already.
Recently I am remarkable have spent time with the girlfriend,
We have looked film with Jim Kerri "Mask" is an old film, but it has very much liked me, I have a disk with these film, you looked this film?
Today since the morning at me good mood and I wish to share it with you, in the street excellent weather, very warmly and me again it would be desirable to go to bathe on lake, but I need to work,
And how at you business in this plan?
Yes I had a heat, but now to me it became better, I hope that I am fast can recover completely.
On Russian traditions you should be a suitor for the hand of the bride at the father, but now it almost who does not do, now all is simple,if two persons love each other that they simply go and register the marriage.
Tomsk far enough is from Moscow and is better to fly there by the plane because roads at us not so good and by the bus will go very long as well as by train.
Average speed of our train makes 30 km at an o'clock, it very slowly.
And the plane is the best means, some hours of flight and we already in Tomsk.
I think that Moscow has remained same and here people which here live vary, all of them wish to live in luxury and with greater money, and here to live in equality with the soul who does not want, now there is nobody does not remain what moral principles in a life, everyone live as want and do that want.
I think, that now I shall read any book, and can I shall watch TV, In general yet have not solved, but I wish to spend time with advantage. Yours Pupelya

Letter 11
Hello My Dear Gene, is very glad to see your letter, today at me excellent mood and remarkable state of health, and how do you feel?
Today I have with the great pleasure come to work, because have very much become bored on
To the girlfriends with whom together I work in a department, we combined pleasant with Useful, kind conversation and work, and time has passed imperceptibly.
Today I am going to write the letter to the mum and to tell, that I'm fine.
By the way tomorrow at my girlfriend put a birth and me have invited.
To like me your new president it is opened to dialogue with Russia.
I think that it can stabilize a situation in your country.
I like to read novels of love. Here recently I have read through book Dasha Donchova to me very much its novels like, they are written very interestingly and it is very pleasant to read them.
I often represent myself instead of the main heroine and I think thatI have made on its place and as I and there represent you as we would have attitudes under its script, and to me to like as they proceed, very romantically, beautifully and the main thing with love.
Now at us in the street too very warmly, but I unfortunately cannot go and walk, as it is necessary to work and I spend all most good time on work. I very much hope that when we can meet that you to me will bring a breakfast in bed and to treat with the most tasty dishes.
I only shall be glad if you indeed test to me such tender feelings as I and itself start already understand that I can not without you and your letters.
I shall wait your news, your good girlfriend Pupelya
Letter 12
Hello my Dear Gene
Is very glad to receive again your letter, with each letter I notice,
What do we become very close, you notice it?
Recently I went to good girlfriend Dasha per day a birth to cafe
And very much it was pleasant to me, because
I already for a long time was not on such remarkable holidays, many visitors have gathered and
Cheerful competitions in which I sometimes have been created participated.
The most close people and including her the husband and their two remarkable children, which have gathered
Test to me greater sympathy. In general put a birth it was possible on glory, was
Its not a lot of alcohol because my girlfriend does not love it as well as I.
All visitors were in good mood and we have perfectly spent time..
How you spent the last time?
My dear Gene, in Moscow there are rough people, but happen also kind, but unfortunately rough now it is much more than kind, and for you I am ready to become the personal guide and the translator, I think that with it will not be what complexities. Be not afraid while you will be with me you who will not touch :)
If I will have time that I shall show you all Moscow completely.
I shall wait very much your letter and I think, that you soon write to me, yours Pupelya
Letter 13
Hello Gene, How are your?
Today I went to pool with the girlfriend, I spoke you, that I very much like to float in pool and
It very much weakens me and inspires for work)
Just this day my girlfriend too has decided to swim for a while and we have pleasantly swum for a while together, and then we have decided to come into cafe a few to speak, we drank tea and have eaten on ice-cream.
We for a long time did not see and discussed that has occured interesting lately.
She to me has told, that has met remarkable and now they live together and they are fine.
I too have told about you and have told, that at us very much good relations, she us have wished
All kindest and prosperities in dialogue, it was very pleasant to me to hear these words.
You told somebody about our attitudes?
I shall wait your remarkable letter, yours Pupelya.
Letter 14
Hi Gene, How are your? My dear as you feel yourself?
At me today very remarkable mood and I am very glad to see your letter,
It has even more pleased me.
Recently I was written by mum and it very much is interested as our attitudes develop, she me very much asked, that I have sent you a photo her and photo of the daddy which are made more recently.
My daddy recently went on fishing and has fished, to me is very interesting this photo, because the daddy
Earlier did not catch such large fishes:) you like fishing?
Now I am going to prepare for a fish and specially descended in shop behind it,
That though somehow to appear near to parents:)
Very much I wait your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 15
Hello My Dear Gene
Is very glad to see your letter and it is pleasant to me to read that that you write.
Just recently I on work had a meeting in occasion of that some big clients have refused our cooperation, and in this occasion my girlfriend on work has been dismissed, I very much experience, as it can concern and me, and I would not like it.
I very much like my work and I try to do all that depends on me, but sometimes it does not suffice to conduct successful business.
For me this work has very much great value because here there is a career growth and
Probably good promotion.
I very much want, that all was normalized and there was all as earlier, it is necessary to hope for the best only.
How has passed your today?
Yours Pupelya
Letter 16
Hello Gene, I am very glad to see your letter, how your mood?
Now on work a complex situation also its necesary to work for us much because it is necessary to perform a lot of additional work which has increased
because of reduction of the employee. I very much try to do all that
To me charge, because I dont wish to lose work and I am very collected
On work. Recently to me have given work on the house and it is impossible to refuse it, now I have specially distracted to write to you because to me it is important
Our dialogue.
Last time at us in the country is a lot of complexities because of financial crisis and many people lose work how business in your country are?
Now I shall continue to perform my work.
I shall wait your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 17
Hello Gene
Is very glad to see your letter and it is always pleasant to me to read it, because Its always interesting to me to comunicate with you.
During our dialogue and you for me the close person and I any more dont represent some steel of without your dialogue, I often check mail and I wait for your letter when I receive your letter I as the child am pleased and always I re-read on some times.
You test what feelings, when receive my letters?
You very good and kind person and I very much appreciate these qualities in you.
You can always rely on me and I always shall help you with any situation.
Yes I very strongly love massage and I would like that you have made it.
You is very glad to see your letter, Pupelya
Letter 18
Hello Gene
Its very glad, that you have answered me, I always with impatience wait for your letters.
With each subsequent letter I feel as we all we become closer and is more close to each other, and it very much is pleasant to me, as I dont understand the life without your letters and our conversations.
Recently at me it is a lot of work, but I always try to find for you time that I could read through your letter and answer you because for me that I speak this pleasure with you. I recollect the beginning of our dialogue and I not how many dont regret that began to speak with you, I only am glad to it.
Every evening before a dream I recollect you and to me it becomes very good, that you at me are. I dont have not enough words to express the feelings in relation to you, I on am happy from our dialogue and what you think in this occasion so much?
my Dear Gene I very much like aviation shows and I visited them some times and for me too was tragedy to learn about that that the best pilot of the country was broke and was lost, but we and shall always remember it when we shall not forget.
When we shall meet that I to necessarily teachers to you some lessons of Russian:)
the excellent pupil seems to me you and very quickly will start to understand it.
Now unfortunately I need to work, but I shall think of you, yours Pypelya.
Letter 19
hello my Dear Gene
I am very glad to receive your new letter.
Today talked to the girlfriend which for a long time did not see and she to me has told that has given birth to the son of 3450 weight and 52 cm growth (though she is more younger than me) she simply in the seventh sky with happiness and I have congratulated her and was glad together with her. At her with the husband in plans still to give birth to 2 children, in fact actually children this such hapiness and pleasure in family.
After our conversation I long thought, when I can be pleased as well as she to a birth of the child, I would like it.
How do you feel? How has passed your day?
my darling Gene in the Russian alphabet there are 33 letters and to study Russian not too simply, but I am assured that at you it will turn out very well, in fact we wish to be a number with each other.
I shall wait your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 20
Hello my Dear Gene.
I am very glad to see your letter in my box of mail. How has passed your day?
Something was possible at you interesting?
As at me today was not that interesting, my boss after heavy days of work has given me one day of days off and I at last that could sleep off and have a rest normally, I so a long time dreamed of it.
I have woken up approximately in 11 mornings, have risen have prepared to eat, have fed a cat and now I write to you the letter. My cat so is glad to my weekend that simply does not depart from me on a step, it so seldom sees me, that I understand it. Now it sits at me in a lap and pleasantly purrs.
I was by the way photographed with it and now I can send you our photo, I hope it to you it is pleasant, but only be not jealous me of a cat:)
Now I think I shall go to read the book, to me my girlfriend has brought very interesting novel which I yet didnt read.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
my Dear Gene I am confident that I can to have children at me was not present what complications with it and I would like to have two children, and how many it would be desirable you?
From all films about which you spoke I looked only "?-19" and it has very much liked me. I think that I can train you in Russian and you can understand all that I shall to speak you.
Kiss you my Dear
Yours Pypelya
Letter 21
Hello my Dear Gene.
Its very pleasant to me to read your letter, for me it always pleasure.
I wish to please you my working day it was normalized, whether but I know on long.
We have executed all orders and now we wait new. So now I have a free time for rest.
Today after work I with the girlfriend went to cinema, on new film " I love you man "
this film about that that as the guy has decided to marry, but is found out, that it does not have friend who could become the witness.
The hero still has only one: to begin searches of the witness.
This film comedy, it approaches for viewing any spectator.
If you did not look yet this film that I advise you to look it.
We with the girlfriend have remained in good impression of this film, after film we have gone to cafe where have ***** to tea and have talked about a miscellaneous, I her have told that we with you still correspond also it sends the regards to you.
I hope that your day has passed as interestingly?
Now I am going to sleep, and I hope that when I tomorrow shall wake up that I shall see your new letter.
Kiss you my Dear
Yours Pypelya
Letter 22
Hello My Darling Gene!
I am very glad to receive your letter and it is very pleasant to me to answer you!
How are your today? At me simply remarkable mood, today after work I went to pool with the girlfriend and we have well swum for a while and have relaxed after the working day. I very much liked to float today because I already for a long time did not go to pool and for me it was great pleasure when you last time went to pool?
After pool we with the girlfriend went to cafe and drank tea.
How has passed your day today and what new has occured at you?
my Dear Gene I did not look this film, but I am confident that it is very interesting also we can sometime look it together, I hope you will be not against?
I shall wait very much your letter, I Kiss Your My Dear,
Yours Pupelya
Letter 23
hello Gene.
And you can write to me such after all our letters?
To me not clearly one in you men it is not pleasant to you that we girls serious it is not pleasant to you that we too simple.
We we speak already a lot of time and you and have not understood me (((look all our letters, there all is written.
You speak that I to you set very few questions, but what for them to set when you to me write in each letter answers to them, I it is already possible to tell I know you as the old friend, and you are very interesting to me, only with you I have understood that such present hobby the friend the friend, and you to me have let know as the man looks present.
Probably I on was not so serious as you it would be desirable, but I was with you on so sincerity as with anybody another, even with mum.
I get tired on work much and you could forgive to me all that that I to you have not had time to tell, I very much like all your photos, and that photo where there was very strong hailstones me very much has excited.
My first idea was, instead of whether you were wounded during this hailstones?
What with you and how do you feel?
If that is fairly I very strongly I get tired recently, you do not represent as difficultly to be kept on work that me have not dismissed.
You the unique person which me interests most of all, and I have already understood, that you are sent to me the god and with you I can find happiness which so long searched.
Letter 24
my Dear Gene. I understand you that to you would be desirable to know about me all and I shall try to tell all of you. Since then as we have started to speak with you I has understood much, for example that that abroad is better than the man than in Russia, you wish to learn all over again me and only then to build attitudes. I like our conversation. And you too very much like me. I read novels much and often I represent a good life as there is written, at me strong character but I am necessary to me the man which could to intercede for me during the difficult moment. When I studied at university that me many men were interested, but one was necessary to all of them only - ***, and it did not suit me as I did not want *** with which person I I do not know, after my attempts to find the good person in Russia have failed I has solved that I shall be very cautious with men and I shall not trust all that speak me. I as well as all other girls very romantic nature also wish to live as in a fairy tale with prince on a white horse, it is possible to you will seem ridiculous, that the adult girl trusts in fairy tales, but I know that this prince is, that who can save me from any trouble. For it I for it can become the loving wife and the assistant, mother of its children. I can make for it all and even to curtail mountains, for our family happiness if it will want massage that I it I shall make with pleasure if it will want a breakfast in bed that I it I shall bring with pleasure. I do not like to speak slang, parents did not learn me to it. They learned me to be kind, polite, sympathetic and always to help people when the help is necessary to them. You speak that I not mature enough to have adult attitudes, but it not so. I for a long time search for them also to me it seems that I have found them. I like all your photos, they are very beautiful. I like to speak more with the person when I see it, I sit near to it as during these moments it is possible to understand about the person if not everything much. I trust in love, and I trust in love at first sight. At me very quiet character, I patient also am able to wait. But I always worry for the person when long I do not see it and I do not hear. I very much hope that you will not force to experience me and will write to me every day. I consider that in the girl there should be 3 most important qualities: belief, hope, love. If it is that the girl can become the good wife for favourite, and what you think in this occasion? I wait for your letter, Kiss you Gene, yours Pupelya
Letter 25
Hello Gene
Its very pleasant to receive your mail!
More recently we with girlfriends went on a summer residence as we for a long time didnt gather and have decided to go to have a rest.
We talked about a life much and discussed new news and that has occured in a life of each of us.
We had well a rest and went to bathe, its a summer residence is not far from Moscow and we have reached on the car of my girlfriend, we didnt remain to spend the night, because to us it was a little terrible at night)
In general it was cheerful also we have pleasantly spent time.
my Dear Gene I spoke about that that I at first sight have understood that you which that person I searched. You look the serious person and during too time very clever which knows as to live presently and what to do.
And such people it is a greater rarity presently. And what lingerie you interests?
You wish to see me in what that lingerie at a meeting? Write to me all over again and I shall answer you.
I shall wait very much your letter, Kiss you
Yours Pupelya
Letter 26
hello my Dear Gene. I am very glad to see your letter in my mail box. The photo have been made during that moment when we had a rest, I have simply thrown off them on the computer and have sent you. I hope that they have liked you. I with you completely agree that Moscow the modern city, here is almost all that is necessary for the person, there is no only a fair love of people to each other. I shall give you a phone number of a close florist, but I am not assured that it speaks on English, but I think that it can understand you. I shall be very glad to accept from you a gift - flowers. Its number +7 495 506-33-93. My Russia address, Moscow Otradnaya 11 - 9 post code 127273. Flowers it is always good for girls, I am glad that you know it. I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Kiss you, yours Pupelya
Letter 27
Hello My Dear Gene
Yesterday I asked holiday my chief and it has led to an awful situation.
I have been simply amazed him impudence when I have come to it with a question in occasion of holiday he to me has told, that I can take holiday, but only after I shall have with him ***! This all has been told not in the direct form, but he to me has perfectly let it know. I did not expect such attitude to me and have been simply amazed by these words.
Earlier he tried to look after me, but he I at all do not like also any attitudes I do not wish to have with this person!
After such told words, I at all do not know as me to be and what to me to do?
In any case he from me nothing will receive!
I do not know as me to go for work and that to me to do in the circumstances, at me good work and amicable collective,
But how to me now to work in this collective when the chief has told to me such?
I do not know as me to be and that to me to do.
I am afraid to go tomorrow for work and to see this person. I so am upset and suppressed.
my dear Gene as you have already understood at me happen on work big to mountain and I now do not wish to go there. My boss had a lot of impudence to offer me such and I is simple in a shock, but to me it is very pleasant, that you wish to send me flowers, for me it is the most pleasant news today. I hope that you will be not against that if I shall tell to you a phone number of work little bit later after I shall understand with this situation?
For ever yours Pupelya!
Letter 28
Hello Dear Gene,
Many thanks for your support, you do not represent as I to you is grateful.
I very long and thought of the occured situation and at me till now a stressful condition much, I have decided to not go next day for work,
Because it has been very afflicted and upset at me there was not that condition.
But today, when I have come to the senses and have gathered spirit has dared to go for work because in any case it was necessary to solve this question.
When I have come for work for me was a surprise when to me have told in the morning, that me have discharged from office under clause for a prorumble.
I now am in such a condition, at me such was never. I till now cannot realize all event.
I do not know as me now to be and what to do further because I did not expect such and could not assume, that so it will turn out.
Now I am going to go to the girlfriend and to talk about this situation because I cannot more there are houses.
my Dear Gene I so am strongly upset by that that for me here not to whom to intercede, as before the law I am powerless, to me have told that will not do responsible it because of that that I do not have witnesses of that that it stuck to me.
To me it was very bad. Unfortunately at us here not so good and such as I not to whom to protect laws. And on the account of that that at us here it is possible to buy both police and the judge it you have correctly told, if the person has money that it can buy everybody, even the senator. To me already Russia very strongly would be desirable to leave and to leave from here far away. I cannot any more here is, as I do not have confidence of that as on other work I will be not not offered too by the most my new boss.
I hope, that you soon write to me.
Only yours Pupelya
Letter 29
Hello Gene.
You are ready to throw me at the first difficulties? And if we married also me have dismissed, you would divorce from me? Also would live separately until then while I again shall not find work? You have wanted to finish our attitudes, our attitudes very much liked me. I in you am very strongly disappointed, you seem to me the strong person which is ready to help a difficult minute, and you are ready to throw!!!!!!! The god to you the judge!!!
Letter 30
Hello my Dear Gene. I am very glad that you could to answer my letter quickly. Understand me correctly, our attitudes for me the most important now, and I as I do not wish them to lose. You for me the most close person on all white light to which I can address and which can understand and help me when it will be necessary for me. It is not obligatory to send flowers to me to prove that you love me, enough it to tell and confirm with business when it will be necessary for me. Now I need from you only your understanding and love. At me the complex period and me now as support of people favourite to me, including yours is never necessary. I hope that you have understood me, sincerely yours Pupelya
Letter 31
Hello My Darling Gene,
Is glad to see your letter and thanks for support.
When I communicated with my girlfriend I have made conclusions much. We talked about an event much,
The only thing that has helped me, that she me has understood this that and has listened.
she to me has told, that it is necessary to live further and to not despair, because in such situation already to change nothing,
Me have already dismissed and it is necessary to reconcile to it only.
While I went back home thought of it much and really already to change nothing.
I thought of a situation which has occured to me much and have noticed,
That lately have dismissed not only me, but also 2 workers.
Now I can precisely tell, that have felt on myself crisis, but only through humiliation.
There would be an occasion, and to dismiss the person - business idle time.
My dear many thanks for your support, I am very grateful to you, you for me very close person.
my Dear Gene, I every day think of us, and I very much would like that the moment of our meeting on was fast so much, on how many it is possible.
How you think I can get a job in your country?
Only yours Pupelya
Letter 32
Hello my Darling Gene
Is very glad to see your letter, now at me very complex situation and I at all do not know as me to be now because at me arises so many complexities, it is necessary for me to search for new work. I try to not think of an event on my last work and I try to look at a life with optimism.
My girlfriends also speak all, that I tried to not think of this situation and in every possible way calm me. I try to behave in hands and
To go forward I do not think that has occured.
I shall wait very much your letter, I kiss you my Dear
yours Pupelya
Letter 33
Hello my Dear Gene,
It is good, that you have written to me, today I went to a bureau on employment and searched for work,
To me promised to help, but that concrete have not told. I very much hope that they can find to me work,
One of these days again it will be necessary for me to go to a bureau on employment.
As I have bought some newspapers with announcements, but there all vacancies on very small payment,
But I Diligence to not despair and do all that in my forces. I very much hope that I can soon find
Work and all will be as before. How has passed your day today?
It is always pleasant to me to receive letters from you, and in such situation for me them to receive even more pleasantly,
I am glad that you do not leave me in a trouble and and respond to my problems. I am very glad that we with
You we continue to speak and I think that all troubles only pull together people and
They can is much better learn each other. It is pleasant to me to have such friend as you,
To which can tell about the problems
And which understands it, I am very grateful to you and many thanks for it.
my Dear Gene, I spoke with parents, but they now cannot than help, but they have told that I have tried to borrow the insufficient sum, and they then will help me to give this sum. On it I should borrow money from someone.
You is always glad to see yours letters, Pupelya
Letter 34
Hello my Dear Gene.
I hope that your day has passed much better than mine?
Today in a bureau on employment
To me have offered work is a seller in small shop with the small salary,
Which at all will not suffice me to pay for rent of the habitation.
I at all do not know that to me to think in this occasion as which they have offered that work to me as to me approaches, I hope that you understand me?
As the mistress of an apartment in which I today came live and has told, that soon it will be necesary to pay
For an apartment, I with her have talked and could delay term of payment for small term. I promised her that I can find means for payment of an apartment. Now I am simply broken off from that that I should do.
I spoke with my girlfriends and they have told that will try to help and think up to me something,
But I at all dont know that here its possible to think up in such situation. You can something probably advise me?
I shall wait for your letter with impatience for ever yours Pupelya
Letter 35
Hello my Darling Gene, how your mood today?
Is very glad to see your letter, you very much support me during difficult time for me and I very much appreciate it.
I any more do not know that to me to do with work because where I would not come everywhere or the workplace is borrowed, or I for any reason do not approach, which to find easily.
I have noticed, that in a plenty of situations
The employer offers work, but with such minimal salary which simply will not suffice on existence,
The cheap labour is necessary to all. It is very bad, because to people it is necessary as that to live.
Now I am in such bad situation what simply to speak it would not be desirable, but in any case I hope for a miracle, I try to look at a situation with optimism, but already there is a despair.
my Dear Gene, I talked to the friends, but many live in close rooms with the families, with children. And to me have precisely let there that I shall know superfluous, friends the presents so do not act, all friends only in words and as will concern business and are not present friends, I always helped all at any moment and is ready to help, but here to me who does not wish to help, know as it is insulting, I which night cannot easy sleep, I roar at night and do not know that to me to do and who to me can help, me starts to seem that such people simply are not present on light.
I do not know as me further to live and what to not do...
Very much I hope, that all is soon normalized.
I shall wait your letter, yours Pupelya
Letter 36
Hello my Dear Gene, I very much regret for that that for you my problems became intolerable. I did not need to speak to you about them, you to me than are not obliged and to help especially.
I as always in a difficult situation remain one, as always all throw me.
But I at anybody do not take offence, I am guilty that all leave from me during such moments. I do not need to be such kind what I is, I always helped those who required the help and council and business and if it is necessary gave money. But to me to help refuse all.
If you do not want our further dialogue that I will not take offence this your right to whom I am necessary now, most likely to whom.
Yours Pupelya
Letter 37
Hello my Dear Gene, I could not write to you as I was in other city for work search, and to me promised to send on mail the letter if me take for work. Today since the morning at me very good mood, I have prepared to eat, descended in a shower and now I wish to go to a bureau on employment and how your day has begun?
You remember spoke that I have not told as call my parents, my mum call Olga Nikolaevna, and my daddy Viktor Sergeevich.
They live together already more than 35 years and to me it is very joyful for them as I wish as to live in shower marriage in soul with the husband.
As I have grandmother Nadezhda Leonidovna, she lives in village in the old house and holds a cow (I will send to you it is a photo), I am pleasant like to it as there pure air and there is no big congestion of people in the street.
Into the account of that that I require money, it so I need to liquidate a debt for apartment, it makes approximately 560 dollars, differently I should sell all property and I remain with what.
What music is pleasant to you? I like classics and rnb. We here have very talented singer and I like to listen to its music, I hope that it is pleasant also to you, Kiis you, on always yours Pupelya
Letter 38
Hello my Dear Gene, I am very glad to see your letter.
I all time try to find work and it seems to me that soon I will find it,
As to me have written that will probably call, but it will be only
The next weeks. Now I wish to tell to you thanks for that that you have not turned away
From me during difficult time for me also have offered a helping hand, I very much appreciate it.
I hope that you can transfer me means by means of Western Union,
As the bank account at me is not present. Also it is the fastest way of delivery.
I remember when I only have arrived in Moscow, mum sent to me sometimes
Money through Western Union, and they always came quickly.
My real name Viktoria Ivunina.
The address of close branch Western Union:
VTB 24
Moscow, 127055
my Dear I very much appreciating you,
I love you too Gene
I kiss you
On always yours Pupelya
Letter 39
Hello my Dear Gene,
I as am confident that our feelings are mutual also I as is confident that that waits for us the big future.
To be with such man as you it is a pleasure, as you can always stand for me, I feel myself as "behind a stone wall", and I am very glad to it.
yours Pupelya
Letter 40
Hello my Dear Gene,
I today weigh evening waited your letter and and has not waited.
Now I am going to go to bed a little sad as did not see your new letter.
But I hope that tomorrow you necessarily will write to me, with love yours Pupelya
Letter 41
Hello my Dear gene,
I am glad to receive your letter, but unfortunately, I have not received the letter from you neither yesterday, nor the day before yesterday.
I any more did not know that to me and to think, I worried about you. I hope that at you all well, I so waited yours for the letter and at last have waited.
My Dear I hope that you will not give up to me in your help so I very much require it now, you remember? I hope that you any more will not have problems with the Internet, and you will write me today the new letter.
I love you too.
Only yours Pupelya
Letter 42
Hello my love Gene,
I and have not waited today your letter, and I lay down a little sad as did not see your wishes good night and the answer to my letter.
But I very much hope that you can write to me to the closest time.
I very strongly hope for you as to me any more on whom to hope.
I love you my darling Gene
I kiss you
Yours Pupelya
Letter 43
Hello my Dear Gene.
I hope that at you all well as you began to write to me very seldom, I understand that at you work and likely not enough time for that that
To answer my letters, but do not forget that I very much am in great need in yours
Letters as they help me when I read their that to me becomes Very well also it is cheered up.
I hope that your offer on the help in force, as it to me
It is very necessary. The mistress today came and demanded from me payment,
I to it have told that my favourite will help me and I am fast to it I will begin to cry.
My darling I hope that you can make it today, through Western Union
The sum of 560 dollars. The address of a close service station:
VTB 24
Moscow, 119902
I hope that you can make it today.
I love you
Yours Pupelya
Letter 44
Hello my Dear Gene. Once again I have not seen your letter.
Probably you have a possibility to write to me from work or in the morning before work???
To me it would be very pleasant.
I am going to sleep, so good night my darling.
With love yours Pupelya
Letter 45
Hello My Dear Gene , How are your?
I very much wait your letter, but unfortunately you do not write to me, something can at you happens?
I start to experience in occasion of your absence because I would not like to lose you.
Write to me in any case if you see this letter, I shall look forward to hearing from you very much.
Very much miss your and I hope, that at all of you it is good, yours Pupelya
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