Letter(s) from Irina to Patrizio (Italy)
Letter 1
Greetings Antonio!!! I was very glad, when I have, the letter in my mail box see. It is so good, receive you! Frankly conversation I could not hope for it. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new and unusual to me. But I will try, write good letters to you. I assume, that you be able understand my words and that I will tell to you. I hope, that I will find someone, especially for me who can divide this day with me! It is a little about me: My birthday February, 25th 1983. That you could understand me, me - 26 years. I have good light hair, also probably to tell long. I have dark blue eyes as you can see in my picture. Well, my height of a body 5,7 and weight of 120 KB. So, also I very much as on Sports competitions and everything, that to connected, I - the borrowed gymnastics, I very much as to healthy the life image, and I think, as to which all owe it. I was not married. I think first of all, that I should know something about the person, spend a lot of time with it, and only then I think, that time will come, and I be able decide, that it for me or not. I hope, that you can understand me. Probably it is not correct, but I am afraid of creation of errors. I understand, that there is no life without errors, but I would like, it has well studied concerning the friend to the friend. My search is very serious. Please, try to trust me and to understand me. I would hope, that your purposes will be similar, I would like to hear yours ideas, that you wish during the future. I think, which we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend, and then meet. I would like to know more about your family and to study little bit in more details about your birth? Antonio which you possibly would like to study in more details about my character as I wish to know more about your character. I can tell about it only agree to a familiar deposit. I - too open, simple girl. I can tell precisely one that the sociable and purposeful woman. I like to be in a circle of cheerful, clever friends. In a circle of people with which I communicate, I have not found the person, whom would be possible to connect destiny with. I have finished university several years ago. Thus I work as the waiter at restaurant. Antonio you know, that years of my student were the happiest in my life. We had a cheerful, friendly company, at which time was simultaneously good to study and have rest. With the Internet I work for the first time. Difficultly something to speak about it, you see, Antonio you the first person whom I inform by means of the Internet. I will be with impatience, wait for your letter. I hope, that my photo is pleasant to you. Please, send me the photos, WELL? I very happy will see them.
Your new friend, Irina!
Letter 2
Hi Antonio! I'm glad,that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I think it will be right if I begin to tell you about my self first,because it was me who began to write. I’m not sure that you Antonio will like my letters,that they will be interesting to you,but if it won’t be so you will write me about it.OK? I very much liked your photo,it was very fine,now I can visually investigate you,please continue to send me it! As you now to understand that I live in Russia instead of where be still,I to want to explain to you why I so to do,I thought that if I to write to you that I from Russia you wouldn't began to write that to me and in me wouldn't be interested,I to think that distance it certainly very much an important point,but I to think that through the Internet it is possible to find second half and then distance willn't be such important factor in relations even through the Internet,now people worldwide to search for the love in such a way and now they live have family,children. Probably Antonio you’ll be surprised that I don’t live in your country. But I hope it don’t shock you. I’m the same like many other ladies in other countries in the world. I’m a usual woman who has hands,legs,a head a heart that is the most important. I think that my heart is very sensitive. I hope you’ll understand it from my letters. I’ll be immensely happy if the distance between us doesn’t afraid you,and you’ll answer me. I will be very glad if you will write to me also other letters.As it will be interesting to me to learn about your life,family,work and entertainments. Write to me,I will wait your letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully Irina.
Letter 3
Hi Antonio. Have good day. I waited your letter and was very much is pleased,when you have written to me. Your structure and I was interesting to me is pleased,that we begin to learn each other more well and to develop our acquaintance. I think,that it is an interesting thing,to learn someone far through the Internet. It is unusual to me,because I a little is familiar with the Internet. Antonio,I want to inform you,that I have no the computer at home also I go in Internet-cafe,in free from work time. That to translate my letters to you I use the electronic program the interpreter,because for me is faster and it is convenient to write for you in Russian,and then to translate the letter on English. I hope,that you can understand well my letters.I studied the English language Earlier at school,and after that in college and I understand your letters very well.Only please don't use Reductions of words. While I didn't establish the computer in the house,therefore that I have no there telephone.Antonio,I want to tell to you it is a little about itself. I have I have very good family,I have daddy,His name is Andrey and mum,Her name is Natasha they very good people. But I haven't what brothers and sisters,in family I was one child,and I always,asked mum that at me to be the brother and the sister,but earlier in Russia to be very much hard times to have many children and on this I in family one child. And you have brothers or sisters and how many them? We frequently with parents are chosen together on a camping and we have other entertainments. I live in city Novocheboksarsk of the Republic Chuvashiya. City not of the large size,and in it is a little the people. Basically at us in city various factory and factories. Is present some restaurant and bar. The city is constructed not by high houses till 5-9 floors. Tell to me about the job. She is pleasant to you? To me My job is pleasant. I very much like to laugh and I respect the people with good by humour. I like to travel. I yet wasn't far from mine at home,but I dream in the future to visit in different places. I 2-3 times in week go to be engaged in sports hall,to hold my body in the order. I as to like to play very much volleyball and in tennis when I have free time from work. And you Antonio,have many sports in the life? You love Entertainment on a nature? A hunt? fishing? A camping? Some inform me things about the entertainment. It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. I wait for your letters. Sincerely yours Irina.
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