Letter(s) from Ekaterina Silaeva to Momo (Egypt)

Letter 1

alsalmo alikom wa rahmatollaho wa barakato.
Bismillahi Rahman Rahim
Bismillahi Rahman Rahim
Bismillahi Rahman Rahim.

My dear brother Mostafa ! I are happy to receive your letter. How are you doing? How things there? I hope that at all of you by way of, also excellent health. In me also everything is all right. I only am a little tired today on work but when I have received your letter, in me a smile, big you thanks, the Allah with us and sees us! Which has appeared so, quickly, has answered me :). I cannot recollect on what site I have learned your address, but I think, it is no with greater importance if we, shall be friends, I so strongly wished to communicate to a pure moslem, from other country... I see that my postducks the Allah sees all. You agree with me? In all over again I wish to tell, that my English language, not so good, but I every day study new words, and start to understand more the best. I wish to tell that acquaintance through the Internet badly familiar with me. I never did it earlier. I am afraid also anxiety what probably to meet favourite and serious people through the Internet. The person with whom we shall be enjoy together all charm of destiny, and I think, that the Allah will give us it! I I often visit a mosque, and I ask the Allah it have helped me to find to meet my prince who will love and respect with me, estimate and to admire with me, that it was my second half and added me Bismillahi Rahman Rahim. While me love, and it is true, estimate me, I shall devote my full life to its happiness. It would arrive first of all during my life and all eles, secondary! Through my everyday actions and expressions, it would know undoubtedly, that I truly love it. I should, recognize, that from time to time I can beobstinate, but that in general disappears as it a wish become more obvious. As you already know, MY NAME - Natalya ! My Muslim name - Nuria ! You can name me as you want! Also I wish to inform you, that my birthday - for On August, 6th 1980. Hence, on an attribute on the Lion ! So dear , How much I am beautiful, I cannot to tell, you can estimate me in a photo which I to you I send. My natural color of hair brightly fair-haired. To me very much to similar.... Well my growth of 170 centimeters, and my weight of 50 kg.... I have green and very modest eyes... About itself to speak difficultly, and you will see all on a a photo, it is good:) I live with mine mum in a small apartment. But I want to tell to you, that I have been lifted not in Muslim traditions, because Russia not the Muslim country. But my mum always spoke me, that I held directly for beloveds. therefore I the "virgin" the Allah bless me, also pay attention to my letter! I do not bear hijab. Unfortunately I cannot bear it because in Russia such rules. I hope, that you understand me. My mum too very modest also belonged only to mine to the daddy. My daddy a moslem. The daddy is very good also the kind person... My mum and till now very much loves. Mum and the Daddy goes to the Mosque. Now I live in very beautiful city from Russia with the name Kazan. It is in republic Tatarstan, can you heard? Russia very much greater country with greater opportunities and resources but while people live here not so well. Russia I to be during transition. My city - very rich sights and my very big city. Here live more than one million people. The history of many wars here is concentrated. I most of all from all like street Bauman. It is very beautiful street, here there are many monuments and many any foreign restaurants. To 2005 Kazan was 1000 years! I look, I am more senior than years, but in a shower still the girl. My girlfriends already during long time married and to have family and children. And I cannot study love nevertheless. My work is possible, takes far a lot of time in me. The Russian men are very rough and careless, there are also and I never can find with them attitudes. I work in hospital as the medical worker. It is children's hospital... My working day to last from . I to wake up up to the sun, lays down before the sun. I love my work and I very good in it, have an entertainment with patients and consider them as though they - a part me. I help to consider children, and it is very pleasant for me. My basic work to make injections and bandagings. You possibly already tired to read steel my letter? But for me so it is pleasant to write much about itself. I also shall send you, my photos. I also would like to learn about you more that you also to send me your photo. It not pity, that we can communicate with you through a chat to learn each other. As I write from the Internet - cafe. My final dream and desire should have love family. Anything eles is no more important than it for me. Fairly, it is for what I live. Unfortunately, I was not successful and long People games with feeling of others were happy completely not like to play and I do not love emotion. I hope, whether that I have givien you enough information on my character and who I should help you dicide really you wish to be connected with me. Please take very good care of you directly and do not hesitate to ask irrespectively a question you require to. I have not native sisters and brothers, in me - only the cousin. I one in family, also live only with mum and the daddy. In other city, it in 100 miles from my city lives washing moslems the grandmother. My very old grandmother and I every week attempts to visit it and to help it. I trust in the Allah and me believe, that a meeting of prince from a magic fairy tale, and it will be make me the happiest, I to give all love to the person who will be give me love. I very much wish to continue with you the attitude and to learn you better. I hope for your sincere answers INSHALLAH. With impatience I shall wait for letters. I would like to know, that your full name, and your full address writes to you the letter mail, and to send you a photo my family..! Now I think that to me is time to go. Take care. The Allah sees us.

my address:
the house 25. apartment 701..

Write to me to the letter.. It is a pity, that I do have no phone, it in me has broken several weeks ago, and has to buy enough from me new! Possibly, it when I shall buy phone, we can speak! I would like to speak with you, and to hear your voice! bless you the Allah

Your sister in islam Nuria...!!!