Scam letter(s) from Julia to Anastas (Bulgaria)

Letter 1

Hello my darling and beloved friend Simeon!
Thank you for the nice letter. I don't know what's wrong but I was sending you the photo or two with every my letter and unfortunately I haven't got any of your photos! I miss you so much here, I can't even express it. Some days ago it was my friend's birthday, we went to a forest for barbecue. The weather was so nice, it was warm, the sun was shining. We baked meat on the open fire and made fried potatoes. It was so nice, I missed you a lot at the party, I was thinking of you. I wanted you to be by my side. All the girls (including that one whose birthday it was) were with their boyfriends and I was alone. I would give a lot to have you there. In the evening they were kissing and sitting in couples and as I was alone I went home. But again I'd like to get home with you! At home I was very upset and I was crying silently. That's not fair that you live so far! You are the only man who understands me so perfectly, whose care I can feel. I feel so lonely here! I don't want to be with any Ukrainian man, sometimes I consider they're not able for anything good. They hurt their women only, they leave their children and don't care of their families. You're not a man of such type. Your soul is warm. I'll never understand women from your country. I wish I lived there, not so far, and I'm sure we would be a perfect couple. So, I'd like to tell you something about the city I live in and I was born in. It's called Lutugino. It's situated in the east of Ukraine, it's not a big city and possibly you won't be able to find this town on the map. As far as east of Ukraine is situated at the boarder with Russia, many people here speak a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian, but it looks more like Russian. But the nature is perfect here. You would like it. It's summer now and the nature is beautiful! My darling, as I've written you before I don't know any language including English. I applied to a Translating Company for help. They translate our letters and I pay them for it. Darling, I've got a small request to you connected with this. My account at this company is almost empty, soon they will refuse to translate the letters for us. Can you continue to pay for the translating our correspondence. As you know I'm a student and I can't afford to pay for it any longer. I'll appreciate very much if you help us with this. I have to stop this long letter. It's time to go home now. Remember please: I miss you so much here! I need you here! I'd like to meet with you! Sending you 100 hot kisses, and waiting for your letter, your and only your,
Letter 2

Dear Mr. Simon! You are troubled by the translating company, we're informing you that Mrs. Yulia, who uses our service, is not able to pay for the translating of the letters any longer. As far as she's interested in further correspondence with you you may charge her account if you're also interested in correspondence with your lady. If you want to clear out some details concerning our services you can write to us at our e-mail address You can find all the necessary information about us at With respect,
Top manager of the Translating Company "Alians"
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