Scam letter(s) from Marina Tatarinova to Dave (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Dave.
Dear, excuse, that did not write to you. But I had huge failure. To my mum it became very bad.
It had heart attack. She has lost consciousness. I have caused medical aid. And mum have taken away in hospital, and I was with her in hospital. She now is in very grave condition. I very awfully feel, both the whole days and nights to crying though I know, that this not help, but I do not know that to me make. And here today I at last have taken myself in hands. Also has decided to write to you.
Doctors have told, that my mum had heart attack. Doctors have told, that my mum can be it is healthy.
But with this purpose it is necessary to execute operation. It - very much Expensive operation.
Cost of this operation 1100$. I very much tried to find it money. I have bypassed already all the friends.
I could collect 460$. I any Any more do not know, in whom else possible to take this money. It is necessary for me it is more 640$. Dear Steve if you can though something to me help make it please, I shall be obliged to you by all life. I shall necessarily return them to you. I shall work very much with this purpose.
I do not know as I to be. You - my last chance, washing last hope. Dear, more I cannot to write that to you because at me depression again begins. Everyone have fun, in honour of a holiday, and I go also to crying and I do not know that to me make. With hope love and sincerity.
Your Masha
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