Scam letter(s) from Oksana Sokolova to George (USA)

Letter 1
Hi mine love long-awaited George!!!!!
I heard about scam, and it very much upsets me when girls and men deceive for money of women and men,
And they simply stir such girls as I to find the relation with the man, and to be happy.
But I ask you do not worry, I with you will be frank and fair, and I promise it to you, and I the real woman.
I am glad to learn your telephone number, but unfortunately I do not have personal phone, and all,
That I can make it to call to you from telegraph. And as I will have money for phone call, I with pleasure will call to you.
How pleasantly to realize, that now there is in the world a little man who loves, appreciates, respects with you and is afraid very of you to lose.
I so waited for this moment with impatience... I never thought, that I shall be such happy.
From everything, that is in this World, only Night and Tishin know, that actually at me inside.
Only at night I dare to unmask, only night will close soul from superfluous sights.
And Tishin patiently listens to me. It allows to be uttered, simply to cry...
The Internet became unique way to be though slightly more close to you... But so it is sick!... I so wish to be protected from all event...
Hands-fingers print treasured words, and do not wish to stop...
I wish to run away from a reality, from all event, from work, from people, from this shiver, with this hatred to myself.
Because I cannot supervise now a situation, and I get in servitude by our eternal unconditional time.
For the first time in the life I smile through tears. The smile because I am happy, that at me is such little man as you.
And tears - I do not wish to leave you! Neither for a month, nor for a week, per day. I do not wish you to lose.
For me parting even at some o'clock fatally. While I wait for your letter.
I wish to know, that you beside with me, you in the same city, as I. I wish to feel you here.
Melancholy and sadly there are from one only ideas, that you there, and I here.
I promise you: I every day shall write to you letters with wishes of kind morning and good night,
I shall check e-mail every day in hope to see there your message to me.
I shall necessarily answer you it, I shall tell about the life without you.
At once I speak, forgive, that it will be not such colourful because there is no beside you.
Without you fade paints, and the some people and at all disappear. But I shall try to calm you that to you also it was not bad as to me.
I do not want, that you suffered. In fact you feel all. I know it. I promise to miss and see you in dreams. You hear?
I promise! I wish to send all the kisses to you mail!
My love, you is similar to a dream, absolutely fantastic, colourful and mysterious.
If all this dream could be written down on a film from and that.
Therefore it would be desirable that this dream never stopped. That to it was not the end edge. Let I shall feel a sleeping beauty,
But my prince together with me will see the same dream, therefore more nothing is necessary for me.
I love you George, all soul, all all heart I love.
Sometimes it exhausts all me, in fact so it would be desirable to be constantly yours, to give you all itself.
But more it fills me with energy, huge about one today, to any brave hero on it to this ground.
In you 4 times of year - you my spring, same lovely smiling are
collected all, and in forces to lift my mood, what sour it would not be... summer - you same lukewarm.
To me with you as with anybody another so warmly and cosy, with you I am afraid and with you I such less as is - free in flight of ideas.
Kouelo once wrote, that: "the Love grants freedom" - I with it was not agree, thought that the love obliges, you depend on another
And wings do not help to fly up,
But now I think absolutely on another, now, to depend on you is the most pleasant, that it would be possible to think up,
To respect with you is a honour, to look in your words and to guess your ideas - the most interesting riddle in all Universe.
Life very surprising piece. We live, we live, we live, and when we fall in love, we start to understand, that it only existed...
Behind a back there are wings, we fly, and the most terrible, that now there can be this falling downwards.
I live in hope also love, they always warm me.
I trust, that we shall meet not in dreams, and in a real life. You know, for happiness it is enough to me to see of you only...
I do not know why, but during these moments when I think of it, at me on eyes tears are saved...
I have understood, that I can grow fond of you despite of everything.
For me it will not be very important, what you: bad or good, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly inside.
In fact the most important consists not in it. Really love simply so, for what!
And if me will sometime ask, for what I have grown fond of you, I shall answer: "that you are is simple, that you allow me to love you... "
It is good, when you love, but to love most this such big happiness!
You and my life - parallel straight lines which duly should be crossed never.
But for some reason they are crossed during the certain moments of our lives.
We have found each other and it already the most important.
In such big web of the Internet it is a lot of people, and to us has carried to meet each other.
I am afraid of you to lose in this life now, and I you ask Delet the structure from the Internet.
And I do not want that you were written by any other woman, and has stolen my love to you.
You execute my request? You Delet the structure on a site of acquaintances?
Our love - ocean in which I to tone also choke, trying to get out outside.
Only here you do not give an opportunity it to make, again and again tightening in abyss of feelings.
Why there is I and you? But why there are no we?
Your favourite Marta.
Letter 2
Hello My Love George!!!!!
It again I, yours Marta.
I understand, that you wish to arrive to Russia but if it is fair, I would like to arrive to you to the USA, and to get acquainted with you more close.
And then we could visit Russia and my parents.
And if you arrive to me me my parents, and it not by Russian traditions will help to understand not correctly,
And I am afraid of you to lose, and I hope, that you understand me also we will meet at first in your country, and learn each other better, and we will solve,
That to us to do further and how to live. You with me agree?
I hasten to tell to you all news, that I today have learned.
I went to agency, and to me all have in detail told, what to me need to be done and collect documents.
But is better, all documents to go to do to Moscow. So it will be much faster.
In Moscow, favourite, it is necessary to go, anyhow.
In any case when, on arrival my visa will be ready to you, to receive it in Embassy of Russia I should personally.
The embassy of Russia itself agrees about registration of the visa in embassy of the USA.
You only do not worry favourite and do not experience for me. I shall take tickets for the Bus and I shall go to Moscow.
To live at me there is where. I told, that at me there it is a lot of girlfriends.
The best girlfriend, washing Ira, has told, that I can arrive at any time.
And to live, how many I shall want at it while I shall wait readiness of all documents.
To make the visa, on it to me have told, that will leave from 10 till 12 days.
And the most important to me now needs to be made the visa and the passport, and on it are necessary money in 410 dollars.
And then already to solve the problem on tickets and as to me have told in agency that it is necessary to make
The visa and the passport all over again,
And then to buy tickets. In case of problems with reception of the visa to not lose money for tickets.
But I am assured, that such problem will not be, and I can arrive to you without problems.
And this sum of money is necessary on all services of travel agency, and only so to me will make the visa and the passport.
And then only it will be necessary to register my visa in Embassies of Russia, and all I can arrive to you without problems.
And I already already this day with impatience.
But I do not know where to take now this sum of money, and my salary is much less than this the sum of money.
I wish to ask you, you can help me from 410 dollars?
And if it is fair, just now I hope for your help to me, and I very much hope, that you will help me. And the our love is mutual.
And we should help the friend to the friend, and only so we we shall be together. I hope, that you understand me correctly.
But it completely not long dear if we waited so much, that we shall wait still slightly.
I very much miss and I dream of you. I wish to be warmed in your embraces, will touch gentle lips.
To forget about all on light, except for you. If me will ask, that for me the happiness means, I shall answer, that my happiness it you!
You at all do not represent, as to me it is good, when you beside - for me important your presence. That we, at last, were together.
I wish to feel breath, to listen to heart beat, to look in your beautiful eyes or to observe of you when you sleep.
When I think of you - I am am overflown with tenderness, I am ready to give everything, that at me is at all approaching to us these minutes.
That they last eternally and that they simply were.
Earlier I did not notice, how beautifully star sky, but owing to you, now I know.
I all time look in it and I think, that you too somewhere on other end of the ground, too look at the sky and think of me.
Evening, on houses at me in a room it is very cool, I think, how I wish to nestle on you to not freeze.
The sky bewitching the star sky, I look at it, and I understand,
That, really if stars light, means, it somebody is necessary is it is necessary for us.
When to me it is sad, I recollect you, that soon we shall together, and on my person at once there is a smile and grief leaves far-is far.
I feel myself as the little girl who has a reliable protection is you!
With you I, such as am. I can tell to you all the secrets, entrust secrets. Thanks you that you are!
Pass days, weeks, and I understand, that feelings to you get stronger. I want, that our fairy tale last eternally.
I wish to think only about good, of us, about our joint happiness.
You, probably, will smile, when will hear, that I am jealous you, but it, the truth...
I hardly manage to keep calmness when I think that I do not see you,
And you there far also can communicate with different girls, that to someone can present the smile.
I perfectly know, that occasions for jealousy are not present, that you the fair person. This all is simple because of that, I not near to you.
If I do not receive your letter I start to experience, think of that where you and with whom, sometimes I am angry,
But it is necessary to me to receive again a news from you as negative emotions at once pass.
When you write me tender words, I am ready to burst into tears for pleasure, from those emotions which overflow my heart.
I in the seventh sky with happiness!
Thanks you, is simple that you are! Owing to you, I am not afraid of problems,
Because together all of us we shall solve and we shall overcome any obstacles.
You the most remarkable person in my life, the best, light and kind!
I hope, we shortly shall be together and for ever.
Every day - should approach me to you. You understand? This destiny-has presented me you. Give the god to me forces.
Simply forces to live up to our meeting.
My God, really I have not gained, have not implored at you for the unique meeting?
Really for hundreds lonely nights and days to me has not dropped out happiness to touch favourite? To touch, words and heart.
C in each afternoon my love to you, I love George, inflames all more strongly and more strongly!
When I think, that it is necessary to wait not much I go mad.
Sometimes to me happens so badly because, that I cannot kiss, embrace, tell you, that I love!
But you I know, you feel the same and you wait for me.
Favourite, I you gently whole.
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