Scam letter(s) from Elena Leonidova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear John!!!!!
I am glad to see your letter. I am pleased to read your letter with each time. Today at work I did not make a report and I had to do it for very long. On this I wrote to you so late. I was very upset, but came to the Internet cafe, I immediately rose up. As I read your letter and I was very ok. Yesterday, after the internet cafe I went with friends to walk and they I took pictures. And now I send you these photos. I I hope that you enjoy them. And you also send me tomorrow some photos. You know with every your letter, we become closer to each other. It is my great pleasure to communicate with you. Seeing your letter to me has become even easier to live. I am constantly I think about you my friend. Your letter, like adrenaline for me. You budish value of life for me. Your letter as the light at night for me my dear friend. You are my prince, who wakes up in me the meaning of life. I do not had before such men, that to me is how they relate. You are to I am a very good friend. You're my best man to me so communicates. I can communicate with you and do not forget that communication. Now My head is full of you my friend. You are very interesting people with whom I ever talk to. I can talk to you about many topics. I have for a long time there was no such rights. I wish that our relationship had continued. How do you See it? I want to know your opinion. I am interested to know how you concerns me. I have become closer to you. Your letter is very necessary for me. Please do not stop to write me a letter. You are a unique people with whom I can communicate very much. I see you live and talk with you, but unfortunately I do not have such a possibility. Please if you can, send me their photos. I want to see you at all times. And send me to the maximum extent possible about yourself. I want to know about you lot. Interesting communicate with the person of another country. Because you have so many thoughts, and you have a different culture and communication. I would like to know your culture and be always with you. I wish to tell you more about my character and my soul. I think that You should know my private world. It is very important for our further communication. I'm looking for a man who would share my grief and joy. I want a serious relationship, not a simple relationship. Man, with whom I could be happy family. You - a very gracious man. I think I can be completely confident in you. Because of your letters, I can say that you can not deceive me, I am you I believe very strongly. I can discuss with you a variety of topics. At the same time, I finish the letter, and I will expect to see more letters from you. I hope to see you tomorrow on a letter to your photos.
Your friend from Russia Marina !!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my dear John!!!
I am today as a free immediately fled to the Internet cafe to read your letter. After all, your letter to me the most powerful energy sources that exist on the planet. You are my favorite a man for whom I am ready to do whatever he wants. Can I have you I will call her beloved. Indeed, after these letters with you, we already know each friend. And we still get a sense only. I now have the full I can confidently tell you my favorite. After your last I am writing about anything I can not think, I think only you. I have every time entering into the Internet cafe just dream about your letters. My dear, I I hope that your sense of mutual to me. And you feel me very good feeling. Perhaps you do not understand me. You probably think that my feelings and opinions too quickly. But I am writing to you his letters from all my heart, my dear John. Sometimes I have to I work very tired and when I read your letter to me at once become easier. You are to me as giving me energy work. Your letter is very important for me, and I can not without them. you very interesting and romantic man who was created for me. When I see your letter in my mailbox, I wake up like a flower after the cold winter. My friends say that I am very changed when I started to communicate with you, my dear John. I became more happy and joyful. I very much want to see you next to me. I I dream about our future meeting. Because we can say about our my feelings to each other fine. Your beautiful words of inspiration me in spirit. I really want to meet you and hug your strong shoulders. I dream, as I go with her prince in our kingdom and we are together keep each other's hands. But unfortunately this is just my dream. It like my dreams, which can be easily run in the sky. At the same time, I I finish my letter and I hope that you can write me your opinion. I am very pleased to come tomorrow you internet cafe and see your beautiful lines about love. After all, we are very far distance, but at this time of close spiritual bond. I will wait your letter with great pleasure, and I hope that you will not break my heart and I will not talk about our separation.
Your wonderful love Marina !!!!!!
Letter 3
Hello, my love John!!!!
I am very glad that you wrote me this email. My love for you is very important. Dear Prince, I love you and I wish that you and I could always be near and finally managed to arrange our meeting. I wish that we were together all the time. And living with a large and sweet love. My sweet angel I want you to say that everything depends on us, can only be from you. Indeed, as soon as you can help me I can fly directly to you. My love I very much want that we with you can be close and have always loved each other. I hope that you can help me to stay with you and we will be next. My love for our meet, I was able to find only 200 euro. I asked many friends and all I could find only 200 euro. I love you and we hope that you will be able to meet. My dear I do and I wish that we could meet with you. For our meeting, I try to look for such large sums. But I could not find find the full amount of this trip to you. My love, I am very much worried. And I ask you for help. Of course it is not culturally and very brazen. But I can not wait for this long meeting with you very long. My love is the amount you can help me. I love you and wish that we were together. I would hope that we will be able to meet with you in the near future. After all, if you can help me with the rest of the amount then I will be able to meet with you to meet within 10-12 days. As soon as I pay that amount in the travel agency.
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