Scam letter(s) from Daria Kudryashova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!!!
For the first thanks you for your fast answer to my letter. It's very important for me.
I'm really happy now. I really hope that we will to develop our friendship with you. And I like your picture so much!!! Thanks you!!!
As you know I got your e-mail address through Internet dating agency in my city Neya.
I addressed to them with my letter and they sent my letter to you. I'm very happy that it was so simply.
As you know already my name is Alisa. I'm 27 years old woman and I work as the manager in city Neya. I like my work.
My birthday on September, 13, 1981. Very soon I will be 28 y.o. already I'm not smoke and drink.
I have never married and have no any children. But I want to have so much!!!
I live with my mother in the flat in Neya city. This flat was bought by my father...
But he not live with me and my mother... They are divorced... I have no any brothers but I have a sister. She is daughter of my father also.
But she have other mum. I hope that you understand me.... Yes?
My father is leave our family many years ago... But we have friendship with him.
I wanted to have travel to the West a long time and find good man for serious relationship.
I addressed to Embassy for reception visa 8 months ago.
Two weeks ago I got letter from my travel agency that I should go to Moscow for reception visa. And now I'm in Moscow!!!
So, I will get Visa on next week or later. I will to know the date of reception later...
So, I can arrive to you and we can to have a meeting with you. What do you think about that?
I addressed to Internet dating agency because I wanted to find man who will like to have meeting with me.
I understand that it very fast, but we will have with you 1-2 weeks for learning more about each other!!!
What do you think about this? I have a holiday from my work till October, 30.
So we can have good time together with you during 1 month if you want!!!
Please, write me as soon as you can with your ideas about my letter. Ok?
It will be very important and interest for me.
Waiting for your letter!!!
Yours friend Alisa
Letter 2
Good morning my Lovely!!!
How are you? I hope that all good for you!!!
Well, I have some news for you. Not good... I think....
My cousin Elena informed me that she can to send only 1600 $... She can not send me more money...
Because she have a problems with money now. She is very broken... Me too...
As you know I was need 3000 $ for my trip to you... Now I need 1400 $ for my travel to you... I don't know what to do now.
I need 1400 $ more for my trip... I understand that it's very difficult situation, but I need your help and advice...
Please, forgive me.... Give me chance for my trip and our future relations...
I really hope that all our letters were not empty sound.... I don't want to lose our relations with you...
Waiting for your answer,
Yours Alisa P.S. I will be on line all day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITE ME ASAP!!!
Letter 3
Hello my Lovely!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you. TODAY IS GREAT DAY!!!
I have very good news for you!!! Today is September, 9 and I got my visa already!!!
It was so simple. I'm very happy now.
The next step I must pay the contract with my travel agency and they will buy ticket for me.
Now I'm waiting money transfer from my cousin Elena. She must to send me money today.
Now it's 11.00 in Russia. And I hope that today I will buy ticket and I can fly to you soon.
Are you happy, my Lovely???
Please, write me the letter with your emotions and ideas about these news!!!
My heart belongs to you only!!!
Yours Alisa
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