Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kryshinskaya to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my sweet Gene!! I miss you much, my dear!! Where are you???
I miss our correspondence so much and can't wait when it's renewed!!!
With the warmest feelings, your Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Gene!! Thanks a lot for your letter. Dear, I'm very serious as for our relations and I didn't disappear but I couldn't write you and still can't 'cause need time to save money for our correspondence whish I like and enjoy so much!! You are very dear person for me and I don't want to loose you. Please, keep in mind that I'm not for money here!!! I kiss you passionately and hope that our correspondence will be renewed soon!!! Yours always and forever Svetlana.
Letter 3
My sweet Gene, i miss you much too and want to correspond with you regularly but you are quite aware about my financial problems which prevent us from writing to each other every day...can you help me with it, darling??? I can't wait when our correspondence is renewed....i kiss you passionately, your Svetlana.
Letter 4

My dear Gene, I'll answer all your questions as soon as have the opportunity to pay for our correspondence:(( i'll tell you much about myself then but can't do it as the letter will belong and without paying for it, it won't be translated!!:(( I miss you much, your Svetik.
Letter 5
My sweet Gene, i miss you much!! When our correspondence is renewed, dear??? Kiss you, yours always, Svetlana...
Letter 6
My dear friend,Gene, hello!!! How is your life going? As for me I'm doing pretty fine and have the greatest desire to know you better. Is it the same for you?;) Well, let's won't waste time and now I tell you about myself in short.
I consider having the family to be one of the most important things in my life. What about you? Do you have the same feeling? Are you here for searching the same? So I decided to use the Internet because I want to find a person whose imaginations about his lifestyle would be almost the same. Yeah, I want to have the family but it doesn't mean that I don't want to have any occupation. I love my job, friends, parents, and just good people whom I can communicate with. So what about you? What do you like and dislike?? By the temper and character I am like a fountain of mirth and happiness. I'm very **** and really think that it's one of the most important qualities in woman for man. Am I right? Please, tell me what kind of man you are? Do you have some similarities with my character or interests? By the way, I want to let you know that as I was in Russia for some time I appointed it in my profile but you should be aware that now I live in Ukraine. If you liked what I told you and have the same thoughts, ideas and goals you are welcome to write me at and don't forget to answer all the questions I asked you attaching your photos.
Waiting for your response with impatience, your Svetlana.
Letter 7
Nice to hear from you my dear new friend Gene!! I managed to see you your photos and consider you to be very attractive man and that you are honest and sincere with me means very much!! By the way, I support your point of view about the communication!! How are you doing today? What is the weather like today in your country? Thanks a lot for your lovely letter and that you didn't forget to write me back;)) I'm pretty busy today but your response brought the beaming smile on my face!! By the way as you could notice I try to get you the opportunity of picturing me as if I was sitting near you, holding your hand and looking into your eyes. Do you like it? Please, try to do the same way, ok? Well, are you ready to get more information about me and my life? I guess yes...I was born in Sverdlovsk that is not big city and situated in the Luhansk region...Have you ever heard or been there? If no then I'm sure you will have such an opportunity when we get to know each other pretty well and decide to meet ;-) When it comes to my appearance I'm rather tall (165 centimeters) woman with blond long hair and big blue eyes, full and tender lips. I don't even have to use lipstick because of their natural red color. Aha, you might be interested in my weight, it is 52 kilos. So I'm not heavy, am I? I'm sure you will ask me about my I live alone in the flat which I rent since the time my parents left Ukraine and moved to Russia where my mother should care about my weak grandma who isn't able to cook and do other things for herself. So we exchange the letters with each other and once a week I go to the post office to ring them up and be aware of their affairs. Frankly speaking, I miss my parents much and hope to get the opportunity to meet with them more often. Aha, my it's not an easy task to characterize myself I asked some of my friends to help me in it and they find me as an open, easy-going person, and I really feel that there is no any difficulty for me to find common language with people. Especially they like my delicate and soft smile, saying that its so natural and affectionate that leaves almost unforgettable memories. And what about you? What thoughts did come to your mind when you saw my smile?;-) By the way, do you like to smile? It is said that smile and laughter makes us to live longer and I truly believe in it and you?? Such qualities of my character helps me in my job of the shop-assistant which I choose myself having finished the trade college and got the speciality of the merchandiser. I'm satisfied with my job as I get lots of pleasure from communication with different people though the wages is not big but pretty enough for my living. I have lots of good friends there and very often we spend the time together going to the swimming-pool to keep fit that I consider to be very important for every woman, I want to be slim and attractive, so I like active kinds of sport. I think it is one of my main hobbies. Sometimes I go to dance with my friends but it's very seldom because it's too expensive for me to spend time in good clubs. Dancing gives me energy and makes me forget all the difficulties and troubles we have in our life. I would be also glad if you share some new sources of energy and good mood with me. How do you relax and like spending your free time? So now it's your turn to tell about yourself, express your opinion about everything I've told you and write about your wishes, your ideal girl and say whether I correspond to your image of the girl-friend, future wife or just a person you'd like to see by your side. I wish you to have the nice day and please, don't make me wait for your letter for too long, ok? With the best and warm regards, your Svetlana.
Letter 8
O, hi, my dear Gene!! Thank you so much for the cool photos and sorry for the delay in my response to you as I was ill and was very weak for writing!! But now I'm back and try to respond you very soon;)) So come back to the normal life, dear;) Are doing ok today? Does our communication bring you as much happiness as it does to me?;-) Sorry if I'm too open with you but just want us to be always sincere and honest with each other not having any secrets and lies!!! You can't even imagine how grateful and elated I am now after having got the letter from you where I have found so much warmth and kindness in each your written lines. I see that you are the man of a tender nature and you know, I have always imagined an ideal man for me, and I think it is not so far from the reality. The inner side of a man plays the main role for me, his true feelings, thoughts and emotions. Most of all I strongly appreciate man's tender and gentle attitude towards me. In such a case I feel like a Queen, the happiest woman on the whole earth. Then I will try to gift this man with all my tenderness and care. What are your thoughts as for this issue? Let me tell more about myself. I want you to know me better and I should say that I am a home bird. I'd like my home to be comfortable and cozy when everything around you is nice and pleasant to look at. Is it the same for you? I am kind, caring, attentive and romantic. Maybe you will be able to understand the depth of my soul, knowing more about my inner thoughts. I believe that Love is something you can't describe, like the look of a rose, the smell of the rain or the feeling of eternity. What do you think about love and how can you describe it? Yeah, I have never been married and have no kids but I would like to spend my life with a reliable, self-confident man who will take care of me and protect me, help in troubles and understand me in any situation, whatever happens. I value honesty and frankness most of all. It's very important feature and I hope that you have them as well, am I right? The age isn't important and the same is with appearance. It is quite enough for me to be with the one who will love me, respect, love our future children. I've read everything from your letter and liked it very much. But I want you to know that I have to use the Internet and help of the professional translators because my English is not so good and enough for the communication. I want to say that people are so agreeable and considerate towards me at this office. It is pleasant for me to come here. I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience and hope that this isn't problem for you and if it so then all the problems can be solved and this one too. I will learn English very soon as it's one of my dearest wishes!! Do you believe in me? I'd like you to write me about yourself as more as possible. To everything I've said, I can also add that I am smart, kind, like having fun and spend free time with friends. I like reading books, swimming, going in for sports. I like to go to the gym. Are you going in for sports? If you are, I would like to know what is your favorite one? As our Russian proverb says that health is our wealth. I agree with it, do you? As usually I send you my pictures with the hope that you will enjoy them!! Don't you want to make me happy with your new photos? I hope your answer is YES ;-) Please, keep safe and stay healthy!! Don't delay your response to me for a long time;-) With the warmest feelings and kisses, your Svetlana...
Letter 9
My dear Gene, hi!! Dear, I want to be loved but not famous!!! I'm very happy that you answered all my questions!! You look very sweet on the photo!! Sorry dear, but I didn't manage to listen to your song:(( You can't even imagine how much you increased my mood with your lovely letter!!! Are you doing ok today? As for me I'm fine but a little bit tired because of work. The sun is shining and I wish so much to go outside, walk in the park and dream about us... As we are still trying to get to know each other better and better with each letter I want to continue telling about myself. I am a person who has many familiars but not so many friends whom I can trust completely. Concerning my beloved man and love itself, I should say that this feeling makes me fly like a bird and I look like a light white cloud in the sky near the sun, near a man - a man whose rays embrace you and give you all his tenderness and all his love and give you the feeling that you are not alone in this world, that there is a person on this planet who wants to see you every minute, feels the scent of your body and admires just your presence. I'd like to find the second part of the couple which wouldn't be broken by anyone and nothing will prevent them to carry their love through transience. I understand it is very hard to communicate in such a distance. But I hope it will not be a barrier between the loving hearts. I think loving persons have to share their intimate thoughts, feelings and everything in their life despite of any obstacles and arousing problems. Do you agree with me? As you could notice I am looking for the serious relationship with a man. I want him to be kind, generous, loving and strong. With such man I am ready to create a real family. I understand that there is a lack of true knowledge about me and we learn a lot about a person when we observe him, when he is dealing with a difficult boss at work, paying bills, buying groceries and so one. But I think there are some positive points as to our long-distance relationship. At first this is an early test of our relationship's strength. If we lived nearby, we could act impulsively. The biggest negative of course, is that we are separated by the very big distance. But sometimes I realize that the distance is a trial for a full-speed-ahead impulsive relationship and that is very healthy and inspiring. I know that I will be very loving and devoted wife and if I fall in love with the man I will love him forever. Do you feel the same? Maybe you can help me with sharing my dream... I'll be happy to hear from you, getting acquainted with your daily life and interests. Ask me some questions if you want to know something about me. I would like to remind you that I am using the translation firm because I don't speak English very well but all my letters are written by me and they are translated on my eyes, it is not very cheap but they help me with computer, translating, printing yours and typing my letters and sending them through the Internet. So I think that I will go on to use their service and in case I will not be able to pay for it I ask you to wait for me and as soon as I can i will start to provide our communication again. I hope you understand me and will not be very upset if you have to wait for my responses. I don't ask you to help me because we know each other not enough yet and I ask you not be offended with me for it. I am a real lady and lady never ask help first. I am sending you some of my photos again and I think you will like them and maybe they will make you wait for me while I am dealing with my problems;-) Your Svetik is waiting for your next letter with the PHOTOS and only positive emotions;))
Letter 10
Hi, salute, privet, my darling, my Gene! Dear, I'm not leaving you and don't intend doing it!! Dear, you are the only one I'm corresponding with and you make me sad thinking that I could send my photos to the other men!! Dear, I like you but I think it's a little bit early to talk about marriage. I'm very happy to hear from you today and I even start feeling that we were born to make each other happy. Don't you have the same feeling, dear? I see you trust me and you know, I trust you that is the first very important step for the creation of close relations, yeah? I'm sure that one day we'll meet each other and never leave after that. I feel we're so alike and have the same dream: to be together forever and ever. I didn't even imagine that I could like the man from the Internet so much, the man whom I communicate only through the Internet. But it happened. A person never knows where he or she can find his/her second half. And I am lucky here 'cause, as the fates decree, we managed to find each other and hope, we'll not lose this change to be together. I thank my lucky stars for it!!! Your letters are so sincere, open and touch my heart. They always remain in my memory! I am thinking about you all day long and at night I see you in my dreams. They're so sweet that I don't want to wake up, just sleep and enjoy them. I even start to be late on my work and can't work properly. I have my head in the clouds thinking about you. My boss advances me remarks and isn't satisfied with my work because of it. But I don't pay attention 'cause I can do nothing with it. You've stolen my heart! I will appreciate if you worry about my finances. This will make you to look like a real gentleman! Yes, I don't get much money for living but I try to pay some money for the correspondence and don't know if it is enough for our future letters. But if you have such an opportunity you may help me in it. If not, I won't be offended. It's such a shame to ask men for money on smth. Then I'll just try to find one more work to have more money. And when I earn lots of them we'll continue our communication. Hope, you understand that I'm here not to ask you for money. As the proverb says, the real happiness concludes not in money. Love can't be bought at any price! My honey, I'm so happy that I have you, the man whom I can tell everything, share my thoughts and feelings, unburden my heart and just enjoy a nice talk with you. I don't want to end my letter but I have to 'cause need to go to work! I **** you many kisses, hugs and wait for hearing from you soon! Please, wait for me as I'm much interested in you and will miss you much!! With warm feelings, your Svetik.
Letter 11
Hello, my sweet Gene!! Thank you for the sweet letter and pictures but I should tell you that I can't respond you at the present time 'cause I have the problem with paying for our correspondence and I need time to save some money for it:(( I miss you much and hope I will come back to our daily communication soon but I can't promise as the money are tight for me. Sorry!!! I will miss your sweet words, dear!! please, wait for me as I'm much interested in our relations and I believe we were mind to be together!! All my warmest feelings and kisses are for you, your Svetlana.
Letter 12
Hello, my dear Gene!! You can call me any way you like!!
Thank you for all your care and support and desire to help.
There is one way to help is to send the money on our correspondence through the Western Union and then when i get it i will put it on the account at the translation firm i use.
But you know, i feel so awkward because of it and i hate that i need to ask for help the man as consider it to be really humiliating...but dear, i like you very much and the less thing which i want to happen is to loose you!!! If you want you can help me with paying for our letters if not it's quite ok and i'm not offended but just give me the time to save some more money on our correspondence. I miss you much and send you many kisses. With the warmest feelings, your **** Svetlana.
Letter 13
Hello, my dear and sweet Gene! I'm happy to hear from you but very upset that unable to write you the full-valued response:-( I missed you so much and dear, i wrote you many times and only now at last got your response!!! The money are very tight but dear, any help from you side will be appreciated as I don't want us stop correspondence 'cause i will miss you much!!! You are a real gentleman offering me your help and honey, here is the data you asked me for to send the money through the western union (some good system which i've heard about at the bank): name of the receiver: Svetlana Kryshinskaya, address: Shevchenko Street, 45, city: Sverdlovsk country: Ukraine. Dear, I can't wait when i get the longer letter from you about yourself again and when I have the opportunity to respond you too!!! Dear, I miss talking to you much!!! Your Svetlana.
Letter 14
Hi, my sweet Gene!! I miss you much!! Dear, any help from your side will be appreciated. The money isn't important for me but I don't want to loose you, honey!! Any help will help us to continue our correspondence!! I miss you and hope we will continue our communication soon!!! Kiss you passionately, yours always Sveta..
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