Scam letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hello I Am Ayuba From Singlesnet 32 Years Old Single Looking For A Honest Man To Spend The Rest of My life With Can You Email Me With your Pics And Tell me More About Your Self Hope To Hear From You Soon..
Letter 2
Hello Bill Wowowowowow You Look Great In Your Pics I Have Pull My Profile Off On Singles net Cos I Find You And I Will Like To Know You Know And See Where It Lends Us To I Am Located In Ghana West Africa I Am Looking For A Honest Man To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Age Don`t Bother Me I Hope It Do Not To You Too...Yeah I Like Travel And Like To Know more Things That I Don`t Know How Long Have You Been On Singlesnet Hope To Hear From You Soon..
Letter 3
Hello Honey I Love Your Voice You Make My Heart Very Proud And I Thank God I Found You..As Soon As I Go To Bed I Will Be Thinking Of How I Will Be Making Love To You..You are my love. No one can ever change that. Just thinking of you makes me feel a special something I've never felt before. You cheer me whenever I'm down and when I see your smile it makes my heart pound as fast as a cheetah. You are the one I want to be with. I won't ask for more except that I want to be with you and there's nothing more to say. If you were the one I could hold forever more I would never let you go. You drive me crazy.I will know then I have truly loved you without question, without hesitance, without wanting or needing a reason.My breath will have returned; for you have taken it away a thousand times without knowing it. My heart will have restored its regular beat, for you have never been aware how deeply it needs rhythm since it came in contact with you. Below is my information you ask for baby as soon as you get it done email me with all i need to get it and buy the camera and take your the pics..

Name : Ayuba Adamu
Address : 12 Ave Nima Street
City : Accra
Country : Ghana
Zip code : 0023..
Letter 4

hello good morning sweetheart
Letter 5
How Are You Doing Today Bill I Hope You Doing Great..What Are Your Plans For Today..I Cant Wait To Get You More Pics And I Feel Happy When I Hear Your Sweet Voice......Baby When Will You Send Me The Money So That I Can Buy The Camera And Get You More Pics Hope To Hear From You...As You Have My Information..
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