Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Reggie.
It is Mariya. I am sorry that could not write to you earlier. From where I wrote the Internet of cafe to you have been closed almost three weeks. I still wish to know you better. I hope that all of you still wish to get acquainted with me. Please write to me. I am very glad to talk to you, I like that we have started to communicate. How are you, is everything fine with you? I really hope so. I am feeling fine and now I am writing the letter to you with pleasure, I like to communicate with people. I think you are asking the question from yourself: Why I decided to write to you, I like you and may be I am just a bit disappointed with the men here. I heard a lot about the people who have found the happiness far away from the place they are living in. So I decided to try, who knows what it will give me in the future. But telling really I am new in this way of communication and I do not even know what to tell you, but I will try. I was born on the 10 October of 1978, so now I am 30 years old. I am 170 centimeters tall and my weight is 59 kg. I am not sure how much it is in inches and in pounds, but I hope you can understand me. I work of honey as the sister. I like my work..I am happy when the people recover. I help in it. I live alone in flat which I rent far not from center of Novosibirsk. I am living in the city of Novosibirsk, I do not know if you heard about my city and where it is, but I will try to explain you a bit. My city is about 3500 kilometers far from Moscow. I like the city I am living in very much, it is cozy, but sadly I was not able to find the right man here. I like to walk in the streets here some time, I like to go to the cinema in the free time. I like to walk in the parks or just go to the cafes when I have the free time. And I like to read the books, I like Russian poetry very much. Please tell me if you are interested in the sports? I like to go for the sport, but I do not have much free time for it. Usually I can walk to the swimming pool, I like the volleyball and tennis. And please tell me if you like the picnics in the nature, I like it and I like to have it when I have the free time. I prefer active way of life spending. I like to be cheerful and open, and I like fair, kind, sincere people. So please tell me more about yourself, I would like to know more about the place you are living in. Please tell me what do you like to do for fun? Telling really I would like to know almost everything about you, because I think that only knowing each other better we will be able to come closer. And please fell free to ask me anything you would like to know about me. I will finish my letter here and will be waiting for your answer.
Yours Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello Reggie.
Thank you very much for the letter, I was very glad to get it. I am glad to go to the internet cafe today and to see the letter from you. How are you today? I am fine and everything goes on nice for me here. I would like to tell you about my work. As I wrote you I work the nurse, I like to help people better and my work helps me to be more independent. I can not tell that it gives me much money, but it is enough for living. Living in Russia is not very good and not very simple, I mean it is not good economics here and in some part of the country people lives good and in another parts not. I am not living very far from Moscow, but I do not get here. I think you are interested in knowing where I am writing you the letters from. I do it from the internet cafe, it is rather convenient for me, I just do not have computer at home. I learned the English language at school, but I am not so good writing in English and spoken English. I like the English language very much and would like to know this language better in the future. But I will try that you understood me. And I hope you can understand what I am writing to you, I understand you quite well. Since I have started talking about the work please tell me something interesting about your working day, it will be very interesting for me to know something more about you. How was your day? How is the weather there? It will be interesting for me to know more about the place you are living in. I do not know what is wrong with the men here, all I can tell is that they drink much alcohol and can not treat the woman right. I do not have any special guy in life now. I had some relationships with men, but it was not long and serious. Later I had a man with who I was meeting for half of the year. At the start he gift me attention, I had all: flowers and sweets every day. I seemed to be the most happy woman in the world. But later when I knew him closer I understood that he is not so good man. He has deceived me, he has changed to me with my best girlfriend. But it was three years ago and actually I do not like to remember it. Excuse me, but I do not want to remind it. I write only you and hope that you too. We should to be maximum sincerity with each other if we want to find really serious relationship. I have never been abroad, so all I know about the other countries is from the books and from the TV. What is your favorite movie? I like the most 'The city of angels' But my favorite film is "Brave Heart". As for the music I can listen to the classical and sometimes popular music and rock ballads, I like romantic music. And what about you? Can you tell me your favorite dish? I like the Russian dishes, do you know some? And I like the salads, I like also ice-cream and pizza sometimes. I will finish here. I hope to hear from you soon and I will answer you with pleasure.
YOUR Mariya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Reggie.
Thank you very much for the letter, you can not even imagine how much I am glad to get the letter from you. It is not so much time has gone while we are communicating, But I feel you are becoming more closer to me. And I am starting to wait for your letters. I am sad that I have no computer and phone at home and it is impossible to communicate with you any time I would like it to be. I like our communication goes on and I would like to know you as much close as possible. What do you like and do not like? I like people who can take care of me and help me in anything I need. I like clever, kind and honest people. I appreciate good relations and hate when someone is rude and anger. I like pets, cats or dogs. I do not like the lies and when someone is dishonest. I hate people who can hurt the close one and to do something bad. I do not like when someone tries to use me for something that I do not like to do. Well I should tell you that I like you very much, you are so kind and attentive with me. Do you have much friends and much people who you can completely trust? I have a lot of acquaintances, but I have only few true friends. But I can trust them at all and to share everything with them. And sadly I do not have next to me anyone who can be called my soulmate. I had the lovely man but we have parted three years ago. He has deceived me, he has changed to me with my best girlfriend. Excuse me, but I do not want to remind it. I write only you and hope that you too. We should to be maximum sincerity with each other if we want to find really serious relationship. City where I live is rather big. I like my city very much, but I can't understand why there were no man who could real love me at all and with who I could spend all my life in happiness. I searched for partner in life for so long, but without success. In my country men can't understand woman in many cases and it makes me sad, that is why now I am looking for the partner through the Internet. I've heard of many happy people who found each other through the Internet and I hope to become one of this people. I think that letters will let us find out more of each other and someday we can meet. Certainly met some men, I looked what qualities are in people, I thought much and decided that only real good man may be with me. I hope, that we can make our dreams come true. I live alone, but I think that it is not right, I think that everyone must find his half. I hope that we will find it. I did not write to you about myself. Earlier I lived in city CHECHNYA. you heard about this city, it is very hard for me to recollect it, but in our attitudes to be sincerity! It has taken place in 1997. My the house these gangsters have attacked and have killed my mum and the daddy. To me then there were 18 years. Very much has early lost the parents. Then I have left to the Aunt, which has died 3 years back. was a misfortune at it there was a heart attack, fast was late for 20 minutes and she has died. This government which has selected at me an aunt's apartment, at us very bad laws. She has not had time to write on me the will. I so am grateful, that she has helped me to receive formations. Otherwise I could not pay for the apartment and provide myself with all necessary. And certainly to the parents which have helped me to appear on this light. I have never met anyone like you there before, the men here are mostly do not respect the women, they are rude and real love is not in their interests. I hope I will find the one with who I can have real good family building. May be it is you, dear Reggie, I will stop here and will be waiting for your answer.
Truly yours Mariya.
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