Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Hakan (Turkey)
Letter 1
Hi my sweet Hakan!!
Thank you for the last letter! It was really perfect:)! I couldn't imagine that there are people like you! i didn't think that men can write such wonderful and sincere letters:). I feel that I found not only pen pal but really good friend:))it seems i know you all my life! I hope that our relations would develop into something very special between us:), are you agree with me? i'm glad that you read a lot and know about literature:) it;'s nice:))))
So, how are you there? Today the weather is beautiful but the wind is very cold. But you know, your letter warm me better than all clothes in the world, because it warm my soul!!:) I hope you feel the same:)
Honey, I think that idea about speaking on phone is really great! I am sure it will make us closer and will allow to get to know more each other. But you see, unfortunately, I don't have my own telephone. My first (and last)telephone was stolen last year. My parents gave me some funds,so I save them for telephone but not so quick as I want:(. Certainly I want to hear your voice and I have one idea! My neighbor Marina has a telephone, I can give her number to you. Sometimes I use her telephone. She understands that in modern world without a telephone is very hard. You can call me: +380995603507 from Monday till Friday during a day (9-17 o'clock) when we are together. Everything you need to do is to introduce yourself and to ask for me! I hope it won't be a problem for us, dear, and we will be able to speak very soon!
Now I would like to tell you a few news about me. In my university was a seminar dedicated to a family tree. It looks like a tree on a big leaf where are all your relatives. It's so interesting to know all our ancestors. I'm researching history, do you remember?:) Of course I made my family tree too. And...I won!!!! can you imagine it?!It's because I really estimate family values and I think it's very important to remember about your roots for everybody!
At the last week-end all members of my big family went to grandparents. they invited us to celebrate their gold wedding!!! they are together more than 50 years and still love one another. When i looked at them I've got evidence that the everlasting love exists!! Do you know any stories about that? I mean real, not imagined by some author?:)
we decorated their small house with flowers and balloons, made a festive dinner. Grandmother and grandfather told about their first meeting, how grandfather made an appointment to my granny, how proposed marriage to her...We saw a lot of their photos which trey had been collecting all life:)I's so interesting! At the end granny gave her famous pie with plums and cream. It's ineffably tasty!!
It's a pity I'm so busy today:( I must go already:((I really don't want to leave this place as it makes us closer to each other and helps me to feel relaxed and save:)Thank you for this wonderful feelings, dear!
Well, honey, i will go for now and I'll be waiting for your letter!
Send you my friendly kiss:))
Yours, Olja
Letter 2
Hello, my darling Hakan!
I've already missed you:)I'm sure the Internet cafe is my lucky place because of you:)I think about you and our correspondence every time!!! you understand me so well:)I don't know...may be I'm hurrying developments but i can do nothing with myself.All the time i am thinking of you, dear, sometimes I forget that you live in other country and you have another culture, traditions, mind. Please, tell me about your life! I am getting to know you better from letter to letter.
You know I haven't told anybody about you. But our relations give me a hope that they can be more than only correspondence, do you feel the same?:)And i told about you my best friend Sasha. she was very surprised but keep up me at all. she thinks that our men are simply terrible. she tells Ukrainian men are usually rude and lazy while women have to live with this...That's why a lot of women just go away from their husband as they deserve better life than they have. You see, usually Ukrainian men simply don't know how to treat a woman and never appreciate what they have! And it's really hard to find someone worth to be a husband among them. That's why our women more and more looking for the men abroad through the Internet. and it's right!! i found you, my dear, in Internet:))And I am very glad with this! At least now I really believe that there are a lot of very good people in the Internet and it's really great possibility for the lonely people to find their love!
i imagine us together going for a walk in the streets, eating ice cream and speaking,speaking, speaking...I am sure that there are a lot of things for us to share, to discuss or may be even to argue:) I like that you are very interesting and intelligent person!
My study is over soon and I'll have a holidays. So I have started thinking about our meeting in person...I don't know, may be it's too early, but you see, now i can only dream about seeing you in life:(, hearing you voice, smelling you, having my hand in your hand, looking at me, seeing your brightly eyes .I imaging us sitting together in the evening on the sofa.The lights are faint, the music is slow....I feel safe near you.....Can do nothing with all these thoughts. I wish I was closer to you:)
Do you dream about it? please, write me about your feeling, your dreams:)
Looking forward to your reply!
Send you a thousand of kisses
Yours Olja
Letter 3
Hi,my sweet Hakan!!!
Your letters are so special: they help me in my life very much. I do my homeworks, do housework with pleasure which I had never felt before:), attend my university but at in my mind i am with you.. always with you .. you are in my mind, dreams, in everything what I do, see, feel... Everybody and everything remind me about you:) From the time you entered my life I became really happy. Can you imagine? I see guys fall in love with one another, birds in their nests who are happy to be together in their cosy houses:), watch movies, hear songs about love and I want to be happy too. I dream about true love where are you and me, I want to be the one for you and you for me:)...
Lately I met my college mate Tanja and told her about you, my honey. I was in good mood and told her about our relation, about big impression which you made on me!! She asked me am I sure in your good relation, in your understanding, in your feeling. She told me about abandoned women, women were betrayed by their darling. She told that foreign men want to use our trustful girls, said that you never wanted to see me, and that you write me only because you have a free time and you had correspondence with several girls except me. She is sure that all men in the Internet (and in the world of course) are bad, mad, stupid and so on. I said her that she said it from malice because she hadn't so nobleman near herself. IT's true she hasn't boyfriend! she is waiting for somebody who must be beautiful, rich, kind, generous, have a good sense of humor, flat and car and big account in the bank. May be she wants prince or king?.. It's amusing and stupid to see only material values, at first in all relation must be love, trust, mutual support... I'm sure, you agree with me, darling:) aren't you?
People who don't believe in true love can't understand our exalted relations!!! I don't want to spend my time with such people as Tanja. As I simply don't understand her views!
I began think about you, my honey, more and more. When I go for asleep I remember your letter, line to line, world to world. I am getting a chance to start a new line, to be sure in love because of you :)))!!
Can't wait to find a new letter from you, my angel!
One gentle kiss special for you:)
Letter 4

Hi my angel Hassan!
i always wait for your letter with great impatience!!!thank you for it. You remember me!!! that's all I want now:)Dear, please call again on monday!!
I think about you every second, my honey:)and my dreams come when I sleep. At night when all people are sleeping I imagine us on meeting, your face, voice, eyes, hands, laugh...
Do you want to know my last dream?
It was our first meeting. I went to you, in your country. I took a plane, I flied to you. I was so afraid! It's so hard to wait for our meeting several hours, to go to another country, to man who I want see more than everything in the world!!! I'm so tired, I'm exciting during this travel...And I am here...I go to the airport... and see you! you meet me with a smile on your face. the sun is shining, clouds are running on the sky... you came to meet me:)! Life is wonderful!!!Now I am not afraid of anybody and anything!!! You are so handsome, so courageous, the real man. I kiss you, you embrace me, take my hand and I go with you. We are kissing, embracing all the time:) It's new feelings for me but, they are so sweet, so beautiful!!! But... my alarm:( I opened my eyes, I saw the wall in flat of my parents. All thing are so usual,so tedious. you can't believe but I began to my dream was you, happy, laugh.. and now .. nothing what I want to see:(I thought I want to spent my life in your sweet embrace. If I can I'll pack all my imaginations,feelings in this letter and you'll see and feel everything that I feel about you:)
May be I am crazy? It's amazing for me!!! I fell in love in a man who I've never seen before? I think about you, your letters are the most important events in my life.I have idea about you only from letters. I know about your character, preferences, hobbies only from your letters. Will you write me more about your country, people, traditions? I want to feel your life, emotions, to imagine you more full and real Do you want the same, my angel?
I'll be waiting for your letter with a great impatience, my honey!!!
kiss you gently,
yours loving Olja
Letter 5
Hello, my dear beloved the only one Hakan! Sorry, of course I mean you I don't have others!!!for what I find you loving and king, sexy and nice:))
Thank you for the wonderful amazing letter!!!
I'm so happy that you share my feelings about us. It's so pleasant to have such a man who understands me...I know that everything that happened between us took so little time, but I believe that love doesn't know any distance, place, nationality, age and religion!
Every your letter is the festival in my life:)! It's only you who makes me always smiled and happy! Only you I can share everything with! You mean everything to me and I could give everything just to be close to you!
So, well, my sweetheart, I have a great news for you! My parents noticed that I am thinking about something (or somebody) every time. They asked me what's happening with me? And I told them about you. Everything! Can you imagine? About all our letters, about all our feelings, everything! They were very surprised, they couldn't understand where we met. I told them about the Internet, about you first letter , told about our relations and so on... I told how much I know about you, how much you mean for me... I said that you are clever, kind, loving, attentive, always ready to listen about my life, we have similar feeling, life values... They asked so many questions that I don't remember all! And...can you imagine, they said if you are so good man they are not against our relations and even meeting:)))!!! They said if I want to be with you they allow me to go in your country!!! As it's so important for me to meet your relatives, your friends, your way of life as may be, one day I will have to relocate there...Right?...Wow! I was so surprised and frankly speaking didn't expect such propose from them! it's wonderful, do you agree? They told me that I am adult girl already and it's my adult choice...I don't know...I was a little bit confused, but my parents are right, my angel! We need to meet in person! It's very important for our relations, for our future! It will be next great step in our life! Also, you see, I understand that if it's real love and we will decide to be together till the end of our days I will have to relocate to your country!...I know it's not so easy and I will have to learn everything new, but I am really not afraid of anything! I just want to be with you, I just want to be happy and to have my own good family! Isn't it the same that you want, my love?
What do you think about our meeting? It is so important for me, do you feel? Do you want to see, feel me alive? I'm a real girl, you are a real man, we must live in real life, in real feelings, in reality, do you understand??!! I want to see you very much!!! Do you want the same?????? i can't sleep, can't eat, all another events of my life are so little, insignificant... Please write me as soon as you can!!! I'll wait with great impatience!!!!!
Looking forward to your reply!
Thousand kisses,
always yours, Olja
Letter 6
Hello my angel Hakan!! My one and once!! I'm so happy to see you your letter in my box:)I'll have holiday from next week:))
Honey, I think that idea about speaking on phone is really great! I am sure it will make us closer and will allow to get to know more each other. But you see, unfortunately, I don't have my own telephone. My first (and last)telephone was stolen last year. My parents gave me some funds,so I save them for telephone but not so quick as I want:(. Certainly I want to hear your voice and I have one idea! My neighbor Marina has a telephone, I can give her number to you. Sometimes I use her telephone. She understands that in modern world without a telephone is very hard. You can call me: +380995603507 from Monday till Friday during a day (9-17 o'clock) when we are together. Everything you need to do is to introduce yourself and to ask for me! I hope it won't be a problem for us, dear, and we will be able to speak very soon!
you letters are always very warm and loving!I can't believe that I'll see you in the nearest future! It's so exciting:) I take care about everything for our meeting and we will be happy as nobody in the world!!
I imagine our first meeting. I fly to you and I'm so tired and little afraid of this flight... I stay in the airport and search you and can't find you. I think that it's you! but.. no:( I look at every face in the airport and I can't see you!! I'm so nervous... I turn...and see how you go to me, I see your loving beautiful eyes, your smile:)) I run to you, I forget everything in the world because I see you, my love!! I embrace you, kiss you and cry from my happiness, from my exciting feelings!you take my hand and we go together to your home. We kiss each other every minute, it's a feast for the eyes to look at you, honey! I take your hand, listen to your voice and can't believe that you are near me, that I touch my love:) We go and come to your home... I'm so exiting to be where you live, to sit on the chair on which you sit, to look at things you look, to stay on the floor you stay:)) I can't release your hand, I kiss you, embrace you...You laugh and kiss me too...
you know I can't write any more, it's like I was with you now... I miss you and I want to make my dream true:))
Kiss you, my baby!!!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my darling Hakan!!
Thank you for your letter and for your words...You know when i read it I feel that your are for me and I'm for you... I try to explain my feeling. you know that I'm romantic girl and may be it will be strange for you but... So, dear i'll find about the tickets but I have to make the international passport at first and then I can fly to you!! but it costs about $ 200 and what can i do:( i donr' have such big sum:((( Can you help me??
I want only to tell you that you are very dearest to me and I know that it's not fleeting feeling, I see that you are kind and understanding man, you can love and make happy people, whom you love. You are attentive and intelligent. I'm happy that I met you! and I hope that you are happy too. I would hug you and kiss you in real only for you existence!!!
Oh, i can write you about it perpetual... But now I stop and wish you good day!!!!
Send you 1000 kisses!!
Wait for your letter as usual, my angel!
forever and ever your Olja
Letter 8
Hello my darling Hakan!! you know I have to pay from my name and in my country it's not wild spread transfer from account. We pay directly in the bamk... by cash. and any way your funds will come from you and how they will be sure that you pay for me not for other person. I asked in the bank - it's impossible. .. Have you other way to help me?? I wait your answer!! OljA
Letter 9
HEllo my darling Hakan!!! honey, my aunt have the account in the bank, I found out - I can open but it will be long and we can use the account of my aunt. She agree. What do you htink, I can send you all what you need!!!!
i'll write you short note cause I slept a little. I went for a sleep at 3 at night and wake up at 7 in the morning:( I saw "History of Bengamin B.."don't remember surname with Bred Pitt. So, I feel not very nice:( But I happy to see your letter as usual!!! So, Yesterday I was in the shop with my friend we bought for my friends t-short and then we went to hostel and prepared ragout:)I can't open there are only Windows everywhere!thank you for photos can you send me more???
How was your day???It's very hot and little rain make town in sauna:(((
Kiss you my love and wish you wonderful day too!!
your Olja
Letter 10
Hello Hakan!! I spoke with my parent and my father said that he believe that you like me but if you really want to help me you can do it. If you don't like opportunities which I offer you - so, it your choice. He told that you think a lot. If you don't believe me - ok, but how can he let to come to you if you think i'm liar??:(( I don't know. I told him that you love and want to be with me. and he ask and what wrong?? why you didn't help me if you love me???
Oh, I don't know....

Letter 11
Ok, if you want to think that i'm not honest you can!! you know Hakan, if you will send me something i'll go to bank with my Ukrainian passport and you think I have a lot of them, or I want that I have problem with police??? I can't get funds without documents if you want you can see my Ukrainian passport. i'm sorry but if not enough, come to me.
Your Olja
Letter 12
So, it's information for you:
Olga Volkova Iziaslav town Hmelnitska region
Molodizhna street 20/12 16 August 1984. and what will you do??
Letter 13
Hello my darling Hakan!! I don't have the account in the bank:( and please send me through Western Union, I send you information what you can need, i send it again:
Olga Volkova Iziaslav town Hmelnitska region
Molodizhna street 20/12 So, i wait for
your help:)) I wait for a long time and I feel so lonely....
Love you, Olja
Letter 14
Hello my darling Hakan!!!!
Thank you for your kind and nice letter!! Dear, i can come to you for month!!! Nice, really?!!!! thank you for your love, care and support:)) You help me to wait this wonderful moment when we'll be together:)) You know that I has already got accustomed to your existence, to your existence in my life...I speak about you with my mom very often, we think how is your life and what do you like... My mom wants to buy a book for me about your country and tradition:) When I see romantic films I imagine that it's our story, but our story more interesting and incredible!!!! When I read your letters I it's seems as i know you thousands years and you was always with me:)) But with each through-passing day I need you more and more... Because I feel constantly growing requirement in you, in your eyes, in your touches, in your voice...When I see you in my night dream I wake up and try to find you near me...and you are far from me:(( You are not with me... I feel so lonely, so little, so unnecessary for you... I know that it's not truth but I need to meet you more and more...I need to see you...
Remember this and ...come to me, my love!!!!
Wait your letter with great impatience!!!
send you many sweet kisses!!!
Forever yours Olja
Letter 15
Hello my darling Hakan!! Your letter is warm and kind!! I touch your life trough your letters and that helps me live without you. I think about you every second and I am afraid that I can forget everything except you:)on the week end I was with my grand parents, I made a little running repairs in their house. I stained the windows, doors, then helped them in the garden. I was very tired, but it was the nice time:) I ate strawberry, prepared a dinner with my granny and spoke with her about everything. She was very glad for us that we find one another. But she doesn't understand what the Internet is, she thinks that it's like a TV-set:) I miss you a lot and I imagine how I give you a strawberry and you eat it from my hand:) I need you more and more... I miss you, you warm words and nice letter...
Honey, write to me please and you'll make me so happy!!!
Kiss you thousands of times,
Your Olja
Letter 16
Hello my darling Hakan!!!
thank you for your letter! Thank you, you are the most dearest person for me!! thank you for oyur help I'll make all as soon as possible!! and of course i'll tell you all news:))
Each evening I can't sleep... I think about you, I look at your photo on my desk and see you, your lips and imagine our meeting, imagine our days and night... I think about your smell, about your laugh, about your touches. I just see how I come to you and your arms are around me, I feel your breathing touch my neck, your fingers squeeze my hands...And I begin to tell you how I was alone, how I miss you all night and days, how my life was empty without you, my angel, my sun light!!!! When i think about you I feel warm inside me and at the same time I feel small and alone in this darkness.. but I know that we'll be together very soon and I'll be with you, my love:)
Kiss you, my darling, thousand times and wish you good day!!
I need you and I think about you, remember this!!
Forever yours Olja
Letter 17
Hello my love Hakan!!!
thank you for your beautiful letters and your support!!!It means so much for me! i'm happy that we'll be together in the nearest future!! I was to the bank and they asked me about MTSN - the code which you have to give me. and dear you can send me copy of the blank and i'll show there, but please, prite me also code!! I can't believe that I found you, my one and once!! when I think about our relation my heart goes faster and faster:) I imagine our days full of love and tenderness, full of tender touching and romantic evening...We can go to the beach and I'll write on your body words of love by warm stones:) You'll eat strawberry from my hand, I'll drink from your hands.... I miss you a lot and I run to make our dream true!!! I'll be waiting for your letter!
Send you my tender and warm kiss:))
Yours, Olja
Letter 18
Hello my love Hakan!! where are you my love? I want that you write me a few words and you didn't tell me nothing about this transfer:( It was joke... I hope no! I miss you and I am worry - may be you are sick, may be something happened with you!!! TEll me please, even few words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait for your answer, your Olja
Letter 19
Hello my darling Hakan!! I believe you and I only ask to send me the MTSN to get the funds to make passport and come you???? what is wrong?? Why do you lost this money?? I don't understand you i love you and I want to be with you.... I know that you are sincere, honest, kind and loving man. I met you and i'm happy and now you wrote me such things... may be you not love me any more?? - you can broke my heart!!!!! I can't imagine my life without you!!!! Please send me the code and i'll make all quick and be with you!!!
I kiss you and hug you
your olja
Letter 20
Hello my Love Hakan!! thank you and I'll go to make the passport today:) thank you very much and I promise to come to you as soon as possible!!! Ok, I'll write you on Monday - I have to go to make all!!! Love you and wish you wonderful week end!!!
always your loving Olja
Letter 21
Hello my dear Hakan!!! thank you for your wonderful letter!! I see that you are very attentive and kind man! I miss your letter very much now:) thank you for your letter and I'll have passport soon!!
so, I want to tell you about my birthday:) I celebrated it on Friday, because on Saturday I usually go home and I'm very busy. My friends made one unusual present for me!! They bought the tickets in the skating-rink:) there were six girls, we wear beautiful dresses and went with incredible mood there:) The skating-rink is named "sweet Ice", I don't know why. it was wonderful!! We took the skates and went on ice. there were a little people and we could go skating hand by hand, we went like an arrow from the bow!!! We skated back to front, turn and fell down! It was very funny:) when we cooled we went to the cafe inside the skating-rink. It was inconvenient for us to go there on skates:) If you could see how we carried the cups with tea and pie!!we were in the skating - ring about 2 hours and then we went to the disco. There is a dance hall and small restaurant there. we ate two kind of hot salads (i don't understand what are the ingredients of them, but they were very delicious!), meat with cheese and tomatoes in the jugs and then cake from ice-cream, fruits and cream:) sometimes we went to the disco to dance because it's very hard to eat everything at once:) at night we were very tired but it was the beautiful birthday in my life.
The only one thing which made me upset a little bit that frankly speaking I waited for a present from my parents (I saw one amazing dress in a shop and wanted it more than everything!!!!), but they gave me only this wonderful evening in the restaurant:)because my study don't let to give me some funds for such things as new cloths:( but I'm very grateful them for this opportunity. We could never have a rest in such place. Besides, I know that my parents love me very much and worrying about such a financial situation, so I am very grateful to them for everything they are doing to me! It's very touching!
That's all news, write me as soon as you can!!!!
I am waiting for your answer with great exiting:)
Thousand of kisses,
Yours Olja
Letter 22
Hello my love Hakan!! Thank you for your nice letter and for your warm words - can you imagine that day after tomorrow I'll have my passport:) and it make me closer to you. I miss you more and more with each day and I can't describe you all my feelings about it. I think how you will take me in your arms when we'll meet:) i'm so exiting, I think about it all the time and imagine our days and night, so wonderful !!! I kiss you and I have to go!! and one question: what clothes have I take with me?
Kiss you one more time and hug you
Always your Olja
Letter 23
Hello my darling Hakan!! I miss you very much and thank you for your advise about the clothes and I send you copy of my passport - you can see number on it. and as I told you I can be with you about the month - so take the tickets for 20-25 days ok?? and dear, can i ask you.. you know that I'm not a rich girl and I would buy something for myself and have a little funds with me during a travel.. for eat or water maybe. and I don't want to be Cinderella near you:( Dear, can you help me a little... May be you think it's wrong but I hope thta oyu understand - I want to be excellent for you, go to beauty saloon and so on..
Kiss you and wait for your answer, my angel!!!
Always your Olja
Letter 24
Helo my love Hakan!! But I ask you not only for dress, I see that you don't understand me, I dont' have free fund to take with me and if something happened?? I'm worry about it, i wil will for travel to Kiev, for taxi, and to pay for visa in the airport... Or you want that I come back if I will need $ 50?? it will be very "nice". Please understand me, i ask for a little.. if you can't ok. I'll come to you without nothing. But I will feel like ragamuffin:(
Kiss you and wait for tickets and your answer
Letter 25
Hi my love Hakan!! i'm so happy dear, can you come in the end of this month - it will be nice. and I will prepare everything for you. Tell me what do you want to visit and do you like bowling or something similar?
Honey, i feel not good, i was under the rain yesterday, forgot the umbrella at home and I'm sick now. I'll write you tomorrow ok?
I kiss you and hug
Always your olja
Letter 26
Dear, Hakan. I don't understand you - if you have what to tell me - can you call me. If you will send me tickets - no problem, you are right it's other birthday but I don't have time to change and I think I'll come and I only ask a little, but if you don't want, ok.
Wait your letetr
Your Olja
Letter 27
so, if you want find other.wish you all the best.
Letter 28
and I don't need ticket in CASH, i only ask you to help me to have funds for visa and for a case. and if you think it's strange - your choice.
Your Olja
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