Scam letter(s) from Olga to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1
Good day, my dear Johny!
Again I was very happy to find your letter when I came to the computer club, and I am also very happy to discover more interesting things about you, my distant friend and probably some more in future :))))
And my baby, as for the picture, there is my cousin there, and in her mouth she keeps the dog's food :)) THat is tasty :))
You know, today it was very difficult for me to wake up, because I didn’t sleep well… But when I found your letter in my e-mail box, I feel better… And you know, I didn’t sleep well this night again because of my work… Because that man that I was talking about after the accident, he had the hysterics the whole night and every half an hour I needed to make him calming injections, and talking to him patiently all the time and making him sure that everything will be OK.
I even promised him that when we cure him, he will look much better then in his past… Now I feel such a great responsibility after him…
And on my way home after the work I met my old girlfriend, she was having some holiday and invited me to have some juice in the cafe to relax and to talk a bit, and I agreed, and you know, it was such a funny situation that when we just started talking, I just realized that my eyes are closing, so I didn’t manage to spend the pleasant evening with my friend :))))) Please, tell me how do you prefer to spend your spare time, do you like to relax after the hard working day with your friends and with a glass of juice or wine? Please, don’t be surprised by my questions, but I just try to find out how much in common we have :))) and yet it seems to me that we have in common rather much :)))), what do you think? Please, you are welcome to ask me anything you want I will be waiting for your letter with much impatience. Yours sincerely Olga.
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