Scam letter(s) from Anna Vedernikova to Glen (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi Glen =) I am very glad to see your letter, i really thought that you can not write to me, but today when i have come from work, i have seen this small news, the letter. Fairly very much even it is pleasant for me, to see your message.
Let it will be not such big, and will be that is written a little about you. I am really surprised an interesting remarkable thing, our assistant, ours not the big friend. I think "Internet", that it is the second world, in it a lot of interesting and mysterious, here it is really possible to find everything, i certainly believe that here as it is possible to find the best friend, the interlocutor, and second half... How you consider my friend?
I shall tell to you why i believe, what exactly on a site it is possible to find the favourite person when that for a long time at school, i had the best the girlfriend, now she lives in America and we do not see at all. School time has flown by, we have grown, and all has exchanged.
Strange she a life. I think that you read my structure, i really tried to create it as it is possible better, i hope that it has liked you?
But if you have not read through it, that do not hesitate, ask to me questions and i necessarily shall answer you......
I shall be very glad to you to answer. You like to dance, or can you like to sing?
I shall tell not much about myself : My new friend before that that we continued our dialogue I want to tell to you very important thing, that I live in Russia, I hope has not upset you this truth because I start to build any attitudes with truths, in fact this most important that attitudes have been constructed on mutual trust and the truth.
I wish to find the person of my dream with whom I shall feel the present woman which on the will be unique with which I shall really it is happy, and I know that I can give it too most. I already had earlier dialogue with the person through the Internet but in what good it was resulted by me have received pain and disappointment in this person, and now I cannot find which person I search, therefore I continue my search.

The life is interesting and who Does not know as our destiny will turn, many speak that ourselves we build our destiny, but from a part it is not correct, because we do not know when we meet the person as our attitudes will develop further, which that person I can be valid you search, and I that person which am necessary to you and us nothing prevents to try to learn each other, suddenly it is our destiny which we shall start to build together ))) I would be very glad if you have sent me your photos.
If you have any images of you please send them to me. I really want to see you. I would like to see the images at your work at your house with your friends, everywhere. Thanks for devoting me your free time.
Yes by the way my name Nataliya.
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