Scam letter(s) from Natalia Oshueva to Glen (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Glen!
It was pleasant to receive your letter.
You have told a little about yourself and it means, that you wish to begin with me dialogue. It is pleasant for realising. I am glad, that you have a desire to continue our acquaintance.
Thanks for your photos! It was very pleasant to receive from you photos! You very nice man!
I promised to tell more about myself.
Well, you already know, that I live in city Kazan. I live one in one-room apartment. From relatives I have only mum. The daddy lives separately from mum and never visits us. I too live separately from mum, but unlike the daddy I visit mum every year. I live in Russia, and my mum lives in Ukraine. I visit every summer mum! Now I wish to send you photos of my mum.
I work as the designer of interiors. I create interiors for apartments, offices, houses and cottages. The purpose of my work consists in creation of the harmonious and functionally sated interior, the effective utilisation of the area of premises taking into account wishes of the client and the organisation of space in favour of comfort and convenience is maximum.
I the active, cheerful person. I like to travel (but in the life travelled only to Ukraine), with pleasure I spend time on the nature.
I try to concern people with the sincere reference, warmth, care, understanding. I dream of a family in which warm mutual relations, trust and sincerity would reign.
I search for the worthy, intelligent, self-sufficient man, with sense of humour!
It would be desirable to meet the person widely-read, aspiring to self-perfection, able to appreciate the kind relation to.
I do not smoke, I have no any other bad habits, I try to adhere to a healthy way of life.
I dream to spend the rest of the life with the sincere man close on private world, values and a way of life, ready to creation of a family and for which interests of a family are priority. I wait for a meeting with the person for which following qualities are important: Fidelity and fidelity to a family. Ability and desire to give pleasure to close people. The benevolent relation to associates. Magnanimity, including ability to forgive an error. Wisdom. A rationality. Self-control.
I am assured, that you too dream to meet the girl who would meet your requirements. How the girl of your dream should look? I have in view of not only external qualities, but still the internal.
Also I would like to tell to you, that very much I love children. I like to look films in the evenings, basically a comedy. It is pleasant to listen to quiet music, blues type. My letter becomes too long and consequently I think, that it is better to stop to write for today not to tyre you.
I will necessarily write to you tomorrow. I wait for your answer.
Your friend, Sofiya!
Letter 2
Glen, hello from Russia! This is again Sofiya!
I am glad to see again your letter.
I hope, that in the future you will send me letters also often as do it now.
How are you today? I hope, that you have good day!
Today I had a meeting with my old friends! It was very interesting to spend time in a circle of the former schoolmates. It is always pleasant to see those people who were in your childhood the best friends! These people are very important for me because they real friends and I can always ask them a good advice during any problem.
You have such friends with whom you are on friendly terms since the childhood?
Listen, if you not against I would like to ask you a question. Answer me only fairly. In what country in your opinion the most beautiful girls?
In the letter you have told, what girl you dream to find. I think, that your ideal is excellent. To find the love, always to have to apply a considerable quantity of efforts.
I wish to ask you, whether you are valid the purposeful person? You have got used to go always up to the end and not to stop halfway?
Simply I know people who wished to realise the dream, but always ceased to struggle for its realisation. Many people have enough forces to achieve the objective! I hope, that you understand about what I speak. Excuse for so much philosophical theme. It is not interesting to probably you to discuss it? You can warn me if you do not wish to support dialogue on the given theme. Well, now I should go on kitchen to cook food. Has very much got hungry. I think, that I will prepare fried fish with wine sauce.
"Fingers you will lick"! By the way, I wish to tell also to you, that I adore to prepare. The kitchen is my most favourite room in my apartment. When at me a free time I spend the most part of time on kitchen.
Now you know about me much more.
Excuse, but now I should finish my letter. Aaaaaaaa, stop!!!! I have forgotten to send you photos! I send you photos and I hope, that they will like you.
I wait for your answer, Sofiya!
Letter 3
Hello Glen!
I am glad to see your letter! It was very pleasant to read your letter!
I am grateful to you, that you answer my questions, thereby our conversation it becomes more interesting.
I wish to tell to you, that sometimes I do not have a free time to write you the letter. Therefore if you do not receive my letters it means, that I am very occupied. Very responsible work and it occupies a lot of time from me. When I have a free time I always try to write to you the letter. I hope for your understanding.
Listen, maybe you can give to me your telephone number that I could call to you sometimes? I will call to you from work as to call from a mobile phone very expensively... Smile I would give you office number number, but unfortunately it is not possible, as it is an office number which can be used only on business. Therefore I will call to you at any possibility when nearby there will be no heads. I hope, that you understand me. Today I wish to send you photos from Odessa and with the girlfriends!
I hope, that they very much will like you.
I wish to tell also to you, that in the street weather starts to spoil - the wind blows, it is visible sun reflexions a little, but it any more does not heat the earth as before. I feel, that that time when the autumn should replace summer has come! Then there will come winter and people again will recollect that such a fur coat and a coat!...
Smile at you probably now summer? At you after all other climate, whether not so?
Well, now I should finish the letter. Should tell, that it is pleasant to me to have with you dialogue. I promise, that I will try to write to you as it is possible is more often.
I will wait for your letter with the big impatience!
Your friend Sofiya!
Letter 4

Hello dear Glen, is glad to see your letter again!
I wish to tell, that I like to receive your letters. When I receive them is to me it becomes cheerful and joyful on a shower. The letter you to me let know, that where that to other country, outside of Russia, there is a person to whom I am interesting also which wishes to find out about me more. It is pleasant to me as we with you we support conversation. I wish to thank you for understanding and for the interest shown to me. To me it is pleasant, that I can cheer you up the letter. It after all so? I should inform you, that I have told about you to many friends. They are happy for me, that I have found the good friend! My girlfriends already know about you! I wish you to assure, that it is very good women - the clever, formed, brought up people! My best girlfriends envy me a little, they say, that I have found very good man! I have told about you and you have very much liked them! They are very close people for me! I feel, that you too become for me very much the loved one, but it only friendship... How you think, whether the friendship in love can outgrow? I think, that some time and then the friendship can smoothly outgrow in love for this purpose is required. I think, that from friendship to love one step! Also there are cases when one person falls in love with another very quickly is the love at first sight is called. You trust in love at first sight? I to you will tell the opinion, it seems to me, that it is silly because to grow fond of the person, some time interval is required! The love arises between people when two hearts guess each other when them draws to each other improbable force! It cannot be at once, time for this purpose is required! If it is not so interesting to you to talk on such themes you can inform me on it. I will understand you... Fairly to tell, I like to communicate on similar themes. I like to philosophise.
My dear friend, I wish to remind you, that the more you send to me of photos the my mood is better!... Smile
I wish to send you the photos and to finish on it the letter.
I will wait for your answer with huge impatience!
Your very true friend Sofiya!
P.S. Your letters influence me very positively and give a positive spirit for a life!
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