Letter(s) from Olga to Jesper (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello dear Jesper.
Thank you that sent me a letter, I was very pleased him!
How was your day? What are you doing? You all right?
I do everything as usual, only your letters fill my heart with joy!
Today I went to a travel agency and learned the details of what I need to travel.
Now I will tell you everything in more detail.
Today, when I went to a travel agency, I met a nice girl who has kindly agreed to help me and explain everything.
I told her that going to come to you in the country, and asked her what do I need.
She said that the need for travel: passport, visa, insurance certificate.
When she showed me the price of these documents, I was very surprised!
In the documents need to be 620 U.S. Dollars.
In the travel agency and we have decided that I will book tickets, once you tell me the exact date of my arrival to you.
And all of these documents will be made from 6 to 8 days.
When I went out and the travel agency, I was disappointed. I kind of money in the hands never held! For me it is a very large sum which I can not find.
My dear Jesper, I would like to ask you for help? Besides you, I have nowhere else to turn! I do not know where and who can find such a sum.
Dear Jesper, I hope that you understand me. This is all very serious and important for both of us, every day I think about our meeting. I dream about you, about what will be our first words, first emotions! My dream is to look at your beautiful eyes. My dear you help me?
I look forward to your early reply dear Jesper, and I will wait for him with impatience.
Kisses, yours Natasha.