Letter(s) from Leyla Shukiurova to Bryan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Bryan Your love and attention to me force me to test excitement when I write to you this letter. In each letter I want to tell to you,
that I love you and we with you love grows. With each mine the letter to you, my love grows and forces me to feel the desired woman. I see in each your letter, that I desired and the beloved. I am loved and desired you. As it would be good if we with you now were together and could touch the friend the friend. We could look each other in eyes and tell I of you I like. When I write to you this letter I recollect wedding the senior sister. When she married I was there. I so was happy and glad for her, that could not constrain some tears. I saw pleasure and happiness which is tested by the loving person in her eyes. At that time I was overflown too with feelings and I wanted then that at me too loving me the man sometime was. The husband loving me.
You forced me to recollect the most good moments in my life, you forced me to feel, that it can be once and with me. I love you Bryan. In your letters I saw heat and care which you can give children, to the wife. You the most remarkable the man and I hope,
that we with you sometime will have family. I can care of you, I want to care of you and to give you the caress and love. I am very glad,
that I you met you. With each letter of me overflows desire once to meet you and to give you all love which you so for a long time waited and did not receive earlier. I understand, that all this is similar to dream. But we with you exist and we live the while a life. We lived earlier with you, everyone the life. We did not know, that the person which also somewhere lives searches for the love and hopes for a meeting sometime. Now I do not present the life without you. My life now is not meaningful without you. Ours with you lives now are bound in one chain. We with you now as a single whole one uniform. Two loving hearts kindle a fire but if one loving heart loses another the fire dies. I wish, that with you the fire never died away ours, that we with you could kindle a fire in our hearts. I love you. I hope,
that we can meet you and I can arrive to you. I think, we already need to prepare for our meeting. I love you Bryan.
Your Svetlana

Letter 2

Hi my love Bryan I read your letter and understood, that we with you are created the friend for the friend. I understand, that between us while the big distance, that you are on other party of globe. But unless there are barrier to two loving hearts. Unless we with you did not wait for it so for a long time. I understand, that we with you can have some difficulties to meet. You know, that Soviet Union - which existed earlier, there was a closed country and that practically nobody could travel to other countries. But now at us times changed,
now at us Russia. Laws now changed, laws of communists from - ce which our country was closed disappeared. Now at us in Russia the opportunity to leave in other countries, other states appeared. I know, that there are certain rules for trips to other countries and the states, but at desire from your and my party we can all requirements to make, for that that we with you could meet and I could arrive to you. I yesterday thought already of it. I wrote to you earlier, that I simply choked here at myself with monotony and a boring monotonous life. Up to you I had monotonous life and I was not necessary for nobody. I could not give anybody the love and caress which at me it is a lot of. I could not find that unique person who would grow fond of me and I understood such what is. The society lives in our country one day, people I do not think of the future. The some people do not work, they are not disturbed by their family their children. The criminality grows, the government conducts such policy.
But I am very glad, that now, at international attitudes between our countries, I can arrive to you and we with you can see each other,
construct our family, have children, be pleased lives. I am glad, that presently we with you can be happy, simply have human happiness on the ground. I probably badly told about the country, but you and itself probably know it. It is a lot of transfers and news show at us in the country and at you probably too. I do not deceive you, it so actually.
Is not present certainly at us there are also good moments in a life not all so terribly. I love the city, I love the sisters, I love the work but when I met you and understood, that the main thing for the person in his life, all this is not become important and is grey.
Sister are engaged in the family, at them the cares suffice, him not up to me. On work, I only the worker who came and left. And how to be spoken in a proverb, the person should make three things in the life 1 to plant a tree 2 to bring up children 3 to construct the house. All these three items are connected to you my love. If we with you shall be together, we can plant a tree, bring up children, construct the house. The most important are we and all depends on us and from ours with you of desire. I love you Bryan. I am very glad, that we with you understand each other. I shall try to learn , that is necessary for me for arrival to you.
Your Svetlana.
p.s. my address - Svetlana Ivanova Russia, Samara, Petrova str., 9-43. But, i don`t have visa now.

Letter 3

Hi my love Bryan I am glad, that you understood my letter and all understand and perceive in this world precisely as well as I. I am glad, that to us one sun above a head shines, that to us one stars and the moon shine. But you for me that bright star which constantly shines to me and now specify a unique and correct way on which I should go. I want to go on this way, I want to go on a meeting to you, to the love, the family, the dream, the happiness. I know, that we with you together are waited with happiness and love which I want to divide with you and only with you. You that especial the man which I so strongly love and waited all life. That you the man for which I so for a long time protected the love and caress. I shall do for you everything that you were happy. I shall give you that happiness which you did not receive earlier in the life. I love you Bryan. Dear, my sister send the regards to you, they are very glad for me, that we with you together and like each other. They told, that the most important are we with you and that we like each other, and other is a life in which we with we can construct and correct the hands. I yesterday talked to my sister Irina and her girlfriend Marina. Marina works in firm which is engaged in registration of permits and passports for trips abroad. At us with her very interesting conversation yesterday took place. I asked her about your country much, about laws which operate at entrance to your country and departure Russia the countries. I learned a lot of new and useful, I wanted to talk to her on a theme, whether I can arrive to you and that for this purpose is necessary to me, and she appeared the person which likes to speak much and we with her stirred 3 hours. It was pleasant to me as she knows laws and knows the work. As conversation was long, I shall tell to you shortly, and that to turn out very big letter. If I shall go to you, I need the passport, some references, information from a residence, the visa - which receive in embassy and the ticket aboard the plane. I think,
that it not so is a lot of papers and information to arrive to you.
Marina told, that if I the truth is interested to arrive to you that I came to her tomorrow for work and talked to her then she precisely tells, that it is required to me and how many it will cost. An information is not important for dear me how many, I should collect,
how many money it will cost, the main thing that we with you shall be together, that we with can love each other and we realize ours with you dreams which we with you so for a long time waited. I love you. I understand, that at us with you a difference in time and I precisely do not know how many at you now time, but I want to tell to you that at present your girl thinks of you, your second part oppress. And I think, that you will feel it, when will read my letter.
Your Svetlana.

Letter 4

Hi my love Bryan.
Your love and ours with you attitudes changed all my life. My sister send the regards to you, they asked about you about us with you much.
I understand, that we is now far, but we with you feel our love and passion on distance, in it we are helped by ours with you of the letter and love. Certainly nothing replaces to a meeting and a sight of the favourite person, but it temporarily. I believe, that we with you can overcome this distance and a barrier, I believe, that I can overcome this distance and to be with you.
I asked on an opportunity to arrive to you and to be together with you, there is it not so all simply. Especially measures of travel to your country changed after explosion of the plane on September, 11 3 years ago. At customs house at a start of the plane it is necessary to have the special electronic visa in which the information on the person and his print of the big finger will be worn out. I understand such measures of care and completely I support them. Especially after that we too had in the country explosions about terror. If you know,
Russia is in the neighbourhood with the Chechen Republic and from her many criminals who are guilty in explosions in Russia. The special passport and information is necessary. Information can be collected for 1-2 days, it not for a long time and inexpensive costs. On reception of necessary documents it is necessary approximately 7-8 days.
The visa should be received in Moscow. All necessary papers are filled at me in city and sent to Moscow, and then there comes the invitation to reception of the visa, but Marina has certain opportunities and communications that all this made quickly and qualitatively. But there is one problem, I did not know that the visa and the ticket that will arrive to you to cost so dearly. I thought, that the prices not such high. I was mistaken that an exchange rate of our rouble and your dollar 1 $ = 29 roubles and consequently it seems to me dearly a little. But road of anything, I am not upset. I love you and we with you love helps us. I want to save the sum of money necessary for me to arrive to you. I am not upset for this reason, simply it borrows from me any time to collect the necessary sum of money. But all the same,
for me cost of travel is very expensive , it is required to me more than 3 years what to collect all sum for trip. I am glad, that I could find you and I understand, that if we could meet, we with you shall be together. I know, that you very intellectual the man and understand all my experiences and all my love. We with you experience both and we have one feelings. I understand, that the person which feels sits before a computer and waits for the letter, a news from the favourite person. I understand all your feelings and completely I share them with you. I would like to love you and to be loved . I would like,
that we with you were together and we were pleased with a life which with you we construct and will be happy. I read your letter and I am happy, I am happy as the child. My feelings overflow me and I want to become closer to you. I want to give you all life and love. I very much believe you. Your letters not showed time to me, that we with you understand each other and we become closer. I see from your letters,
that you loving and which kind the man I like all heart. I hope, that when you will read my letter, you will understand his sense and my words reach your most remote part of soul. That you will really see my feelings to you and will test too most, as I. Dear I understand, that my trip to you borrows some time for reception of documents and gathering of the necessary sum of money. But I hope and I believe, that we with you shall not be together soul all this time while I did not arrive to you and we with you did not appear together.
I hope, that ours souls for ever incorporated to you together and will warm us with you on distance which we with you try to overcome. I believe you, I believe in your feelings, I believe in ours with you of feeling. I hope, that when we with you will be together we never we stop loving each other and always we shall be together.
Your Svetlana.

Letter 5

Hi my love Bryan I write to you this letter, I as in dream. I am overflown with feelings to you my love Bryan. I write to you the letter, and my soul speaks me, that it is your second half which you so for a long time searched, is your second half which you so strongly like also he loves you. I am overflown with feelings of pleasure to you. You simply changed my life, you became sense of my further life. I without you,
without your attention and caress am simple I can not live in this world. I love you Bryan. I want to make that happy the man on the ground. I want, that you were happy also I promise you, that when we with you shall be together I shall make everything that you were happy. We with you during free time from work shall arrange walks and to enjoy a life. You will show me many beautiful places which I did not see. We shall study each other better, we learn about each other all. I can prepare you for favourite your dishes, I like to prepare.
You will come home, and I shall meet you and to be pleased, that you came and to look after you. We shall be together, I shall come to you.
Dear I today was at Marina on work and filled in necessary forms on reception of the visa and the passport. I today ordered to her the passport, and the visa will be necessary for receiving in Moscow at presence of the passport and necessary papers which I should collect on work and a residence. The passport will do about one week.
But this week I need to pay cost of the contract (visa, insurance, informations, ticket).
Then I I shall receive the invitation from embassy on reception of the visa, and I should go to Moscow behind the visa. I now do not have money to pay for the visa and on trip to Moscow. But I think, you can to me help with money. I love you.
Your Svetlana.

Letter 6

Hi my dear and loved Bryan I so am glad to hear from you words of love and pleasure. You brought light and meaning of the life during my life. I love you. Your letters are filled with soul and happiness. I shall be glad to meet you face to face and to be with you together. I want,
that we never left you and liked each other. I with impatience wait when we with you shall be together when we with you shall enjoy the friend the friend. I trust you and I hope, that you to me too trust precisely as well as I to you. I now start to count time in your absence. I cannot wait when we with you shall be together when we shall like each other. I try as I can, I do everything, that on me depends to arrive to you. I hope, that you when will read my letter,
you will feel too most, as I feel. I feel love and heat in ours with you hearts. The information on my trip.
Than i asked how my friend can help me with money for all documents which i need for trip... They gave me answers:
1. They accept cash only, therefore I should pay for the ticket and necessary documents by myself...
2. I sign the contract with agency on granting to me of services connected with this travel...
Under the contract they I make for me, all documents (visa, medical certifacate, foreing passport and insurance) and find for me the cheapest ticket...
I should pay these documents and ticket.
3. All what i must to pay it is 570 usd for all necessary documents (visa, passport, insurance) and 680 usd for ticket.
But i told that i don't have this money and my friend can help me with it.... How can he give it???
They told me that i must to go to the bank and ask about it there....
I went to the bank. And i asked bank officer that i need money for trip to my good friend, but i am here and you are there.. How can he help me with it....
The bank officer told me that all what you must to do it is go to the nearest Western Union Office and send it to me... All what you must say it is:
" I want to send money to
Svetlana - first name
Lapina - second name
Russian Federation, Samara "
And give there 1250 usd, it is total sum for my documents for trip and the tickets..
And after it you must send me all information about this transaction your full name, country, state, city and large number (MTCN)....
Our meeting in your hands, if you will send it today, i will receive it only next day... I hope that you can do it....
Please find time and do it....
I am without legs now (it mean that i am tired so much)...
I hope that all will be good and you can do it...
All what you need it is go to bank and send it to me...
Hope that all what i did today and find Will not be vain....
i think you understand me..
Bye... your Svetlana... love you!