Scam letter(s) from Natalin Richards to Ruvejd (Sweden)

Letter 1
Forever Forever will I love you;
Forever will I try;
To make you see I care;
Forever 'til I die.
Forever will I need you;
To be here by my side;
You are my one and only;
Forever 'til I die.
You hold my heart forever;
You captivate my soul;
My heart and my destiny;
You own to control.
I want to wake up next to you;
Every morning of my life;
I want to hold you in my arms;
Until the day I die.
I want to love you forever;
Can't you see my heart is true?
For always and Forever;
I want to be with you I love you so much Your wife,
Letter 2
Love is something that happens to me to you, but something that gets stronger as the days go by. I think about you day and night until the time when we meet my love i will always show my love for you okay. I care greatly about you and would do anything for you. No matter how many miles apart we are, you will always be in my thoughts, dreams, and mind. You're the one that gets me through the lonely nights. You're the one I think about when the days get hard and I can't go on. Because of you, I stay strong and can get through anything knowing that we will always be together. So when you're day gets down, and you feel like noone cares, think of me and know that I will always be there for you.

I love you till end dear.

Your love,
Joy ........cares...
Forever i will love you
Letter 3
Good day Sir,
My name is Barrister Mike Smith.It's my pleasure to send you this mail.Well,I am the lawyer of Late Mr Davis Richard...the father of Natalin Richard your fiance.
Your fiance (Natalin) even called me and accused me of not sending you the mail fast.
So now i will explain more better about this, Late Mr Richard was my client before he died due to a fatal accident.But before he died,he came to inform me that he wanted to insure his benefits he has gotten from his working place all through for proper safety so he kept this in her name but Natalin was not informed of this .His father wanted to suprise her some day.He doesn't spend much beacause he has a good plan for himself and Natalin being the only child he has.So he decided to keep it with the Insurance company.
An agreement was made between him and the Insurance company.It was stipulated that Natalin's next of Kin (I mean her Fiancee) will be in possession of this benefits,the reason of this was for proper handling of this benefits.So she has to pay for some money meant for commission to get this claim of the benefit.But the longer she stays away from paying this money the more increasing the fee to pay will be.So that was why i have called her to get these done as soon as possible so she can get it shipped to her Fiancee for safe keeping.
She told me that she has been engaged to you that is why am sending you this mail.Well i do hope you help her all through with all you have since she is your fiance so she can get it there with you.Moreso,she will need your address so that the benefits will be shipped to you over there.Well i do hope you give that to her and she will get back to me here.
I hope i have explained more better to you here.I will be waiting to read from you soon to know what will happen next.

Yours Sincerely,
Barrister Smith Mike.
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