Scam letter(s) from Sanya Williams to David (England)

Letter 1
Hello David,
Thanks for the reply,I am very happy to hear back from you and i am glad you are also interested in me,well,i will like to tell you something about me.... My name is Sanya,am Ex Mark Up Artist For Clothing Lines,Am An orphan,i was born in the year 1982 London which means am gonna clock 27 yrs old this very new yr. i Was adopted by foster parents and they have been my Parents till they Died Last Year am in Nigeria right now i am coming back very soon I don't know if u care to meet me in person.Am in Africa now for a Business Trip,i mean i will soon open my own clothing store in London very soon that why am in Nigeria on Business Trip and am also here for a peaceful Vacation.
I am single since i had caught my fiancee red handed im my room sleeping with my best friend..but i have erased here path we took to met in my life.Now,i looking for a new love,relationship (Mr Right) i don't know if its you ? But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely,open minded and hard working.
As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity, and physical appearance in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits. I generally prefer men in the age range of 25-70 bcos i believe age its just a number, but am open to any depending upon their sharing the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with when i get back.
Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and that will be always be there for me. I am looking for a ,relationship (Mr Right) i don't know if its you ? But the kind of man am looking for must be very well responsible,honest,caring,lovely and open minded .
Hope to hear from you soonest.. I want you to pls tell me about your family background ,what do you like in ladies what do you like doing for fun in your free time have you dated anyone on the internet before and if yes what happened between you and lady . Well,i think we will surely get to know each other by asking different questions or what did you think about that ? So i will like to ask u some questions below :
1..what do u like in a lady ?
2..are u a player or for real ?
3..are u single or divorced? u have kids ?
5..what you do for a living?
6..tell me about urself ?
7..what u do for a fun and in your free time?
8.. Whats your good and bad experience in meeting a lady on the Internet. you drive a car,what kind of Car do you Drive?
10.. Do you Live in a House or Apartment and do you Rent the place or you bougt it.
You should be able to ask me any question you think you wanna know about me and i will answer you with all sincerity. I better run now and have my daily workout. Till i hear from you again, stay safe and blessed. Bye for now.
Letter 2
Baby i want you to know that am so much real and i have a deep feelings for you.You have never deceived your family in anyway,if you receive the boxes then everything will be okay.Your Daughter will be able to get the best car she ever dream of.Here is a copy of my passport to let you know that i have been so honest with you ever seen we met.Love you so much and i still really need you.Please help me with the boxes and everything will be okay.The Married certificate is ready,i just need to pay for it and then i will send you a copy of it.
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