Letter(s) from Natalia Staroverova to Zoran (Switzerland)

Letter 1

Zoran, please call me now or after 19:00 pm Moscow time. this isnumber +79030503528. i will wait your call. really hope this problemwill be solved today or tomorrow. kisses Natalya

Letter 2

Zoran, parents of my friend just give me 1800 euro and i have it. soeverything is good. let me know tomorrow morning all information abouttransfer, well? i will go get money and after go to get my visa. so inSaturday i will can come to you and we will meet. i feel more gladnow:) waiting Saturday very much. sending to you my information again,maybe you lost. :) address is Russia, Moscow, street Usacheva, 25-11 and name Natalya Staroverova. write to me, kisses Natalya

Letter 3

Zoran, i do not know why problem again:( i miss you very much and wasvery pity, what was cannot fly to you yesterday. necessary to makeinsurance and they demand insurance, what cost 700 euro. i do not knowwhat to make.. really. write to me, kisses Natalya

Letter 4

Hi Zoran. nice to see your letters. i am tried to solve problem withinsurance, but i was cannot. nobody can't give me 700 euro now. i havestandard insurance, but they demand other insurance, what cost 700euro. this is rules for people here who going to abroad first time. ireally cannot expect help from you for this? i am sure this is last,what necessary. because i was in airport and problem only withinsurance.. yes, of course phone talking will be possible. but only inevening i think. because my number at my friend now. and she will comeat home only in evening. i will let you know. well? write to meplease, i will wait your letter. kisses Natalya

Letter 5

Zoran, yes.. if i will cannot come in Friday, i am promise to send youmoney back. but you and me mush do all for meet in Friday. only 700euro for insurance and meeting will be possible. i am waiting verymuch. kisses Natalya

Letter 6

Zoran, why you do not want to try find? if you and me will meet inJune. then i will lose ticket. but this is insurance will necessary tomake now or after. not important when.. why you better to pay forticket and insurance in June, than pay now for insurance and i willcan come to you in Friday? write to me, kisses Natalya

Letter 7

Zoran, of course i am understand all. but you and me can try. seems,what you already lost truth what you and me will meet :( becausenecessary only 700 euro and we will can to meet. i will not spend this3400 $. i will give you back, when i come in Friday. please don'tworry. write to me, kisses Natalya