Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pomitkina to BjUrn (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello again Bjorn.
I'm glad to see your letter again. I'm grateful to you, that you understand me.
Bjorn, I want to tell you a little more about myself. I hope that it's interestingly for you.
My name is Kseniya. I have been named so in memory of my great-grandmother. She was very clever and wise woman. I never saw her, but heard many good memoirs. And what about your name??? Why you have received such name?
I live in Saint Petersburg. It is the big and beautiful city. I have been birth here. I live with mum and the grandmother. (It's mother's mum) my father has thrown family when to me there were 4 years. I remember him a little. I don't know where is my father now. But if it's fair, I do not want to know him.
I like to dance and listen to cheerful music. I believe that music helps to be cheerful.
And what type of music do you like? It will help me to understand your character.
I never had experience of acquaintance to the man from other country. But I think that it really interestingly. I heard much that outside of Russia men are more gallant and more polite. Is it valid so???
I saw one vital example. My girlfriend, has married and has left in Europe to her husband. Recently she again arrived to Russia already with the husband. I looked at them and was pleased to their happiness. It's really fine pair.
I saw how they love each other.
By the way, their names Vlada and Derrick.
Vlada advised me to follow her example. I'm for a long time could not be solved on it. But having thought, I was solved. I had attitudes with men in Russia earlier. I have many admirers till now. But I understand that it will not bring anything serious. I'm enough adult, also do not want attitudes for some weeks.
I have decided that I'll try to fasten acquaintance through internet. I have internet cafe near to work. Therefore I can frequently write to you.
Bjorn, and what you seek in internet? You search for serious attitudes or all this only for the sake of an entertainment? Please answer my question sincerely. I appreciate kindness and sincerity in people. I don't like liars and egoists.
oh if it's fair, I do not know what I can tell about myself more. I hope that you can ask me about something. I'll answer you with pleasure.
And wait your comment about it. well?
I should go now. I'll wait your letter.
bay for now.

Letter 2

Hello again my dearest Bjorn.
I don't know how to begin this letter. You became for me the close friend. I think about you constantly. I dream about our meeting almost every evening. I want to hear your voice, to feel your touch. It is really important for me.
I cannot tell my feelings in words. Several weeks ago I could not dream about such man as you, my dear Bjorn.
I want to speak you only the truth. I'm really happy that have met you.
My dear, I'm afraid to admit to you my feelings. I do not know how you will answer me on it. I wanted to tell to you about it in my last letter but was not solved.
I think about you constantly. I think about you when I eat and even when I go to sleep. In the morning I think about you too, my dear Bjorn. You thought anytime what such love??? I many time fell in love in the life, but I think that I has not found out true, great love!
I feel love in relation to you. Because I think about you constantly!
I want to tell to you about my feelings to you, and I would like to know all what you think about me because they only ours and only we can speak these feelings about it! In my heart constantly your name! I wake up in the morning and I speak " good morning my Bjorn " you do not hear these words because we are shared with you very big distance but probably you can feel it now when you know it! I go for work and I see your person see it everywhere see your person at bus station, I frequently look at the man and it seems to me that it's you and you so beside but I understand that it not you! Probably you will think that I am mad, but simply it seems to me that I love you! I WAS NEVER FAMILIAR WITH THIS FEELING EARLIER and I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! IN MY SOUL VERY BIG ASPIRATION TO MAKE ANYTHING VERY IMPORTANT,
I very much would like to kiss you, I very much would like to embrace you my Bjorn. I simply want to sleep simply on your soft and strong shoulder! I want to smile to you and want to make you happy in all! I would like to have dinner with you, I would like to do all things in my life with you! Because now you are the most important part of my life Bjorn!
Even on work it happens that the buyer asks me about anything and I simply look to him in eyes and I do not hear his question, the buyer asks again and again and probably he thinks that I simply do not hear him, but I live completely in the other world! I live in the world of love and my love only for you!
My girlfriend is dared above me because when she asks me or simply speaks with me, I cannot speak with her about anything except about you! All my conversations with the girlfriend only about you! I feel a lunatic because you constantly in my ideas! I remember each your word which you write to me, I feel sometimes your mood and I see when you are well and when you are have bad mood when I read your letters! Bjorn you know that I read your letters some times in day? Yesterday i read your letter 13 times and I trembled! I think that I love you, but I cannot understand what occurs with me, Bjorn help me to understand it, tell to me what you think about it! It is very important for me to know your ideas also!
It's a pity that you would be not present now near to me I so wanted to speak with you about it right now, it is a pity but I need to wait only your answer right now!
I hope that sometime soon we can see each other, whether we are so far
also i do not know how we can see each other, but I think if it is the
true love that we can overcome all and we'll be together! I'm so long
time want to send you together with the letter my hottest and most
passionate air kiss for your lips! I hope you feel it and it is very
pleasant to you! I wait your answer now completely yours Kseniya!
P.s I very much would want to arrive to you but I do not have such big money to fly to you :(

Letter 3

Hello, my dear, my precious, my sugar…I can go on to show you how my heart is filling with joy and happiness when I see your letters!!! Today I decided to spend more time to formulate my thoughts and feelings better!!! Because every time I had a minute to write I tried to tell you so much in such a short period of time! Sometimes it was more important to express all the joy of receiving your letter than to care about mistakes or something…But than I decided to take pains and be more careful with the language because I want it to be pleasant for you to read my letters. I thought that my broken grammar makes a poor impression on you…so I began to learn it a bit )) (besides, a friend of mine helped me with it!…)))
You know, I felt like you share my feelings when I read through your letters…I noticed through my life experience that men are not in the habit of expressing their feelings…though it’s my deepest desire that you feel the same. To tell you the truth, it takes courage from me to tell you all I feel so blankly!! My only reason is that I believe in you and in your feelings!
Look…well, I’m still day-dreaming and you may say that it’s not really good for everyday life…but today I caught myself that I was humming an old song of Whitney Houston. I found the lyrics on the internet and I realized that it speaks right to my mood and I would like to sing it to you! Of course it’s not possible, but I want to you to see the words, because that’s what I want to tell you! By the way my friends say I sing very nice, though my voice becomes a bit deep when I sing )). So my poem to you )):

Like a candle burning bright
Love is glowing in your eyes
A flame to light our way
That burns brighter everyday
But now I have you
Nobody loves me like you do

Like a leaf upon the wind
I could find no place to land
I dreamed the hours away
And wondered everyday
Do dreams come true
Nobody loves me like you do

What if I'd never met you
Where would I be right now
Funny how life just falls in place somehow
You've touched my heart in places that I never even knew
Cause nobody loves me like you do

I was words without a tune
I was a song still unsung

A poem with know rhyme
A dancer out of time
But now there's you
Baby, nobody loves me like you do

Bye, my dear

Your Kseniya

Letter 4

Hello my dear Bjorn! At last I can read your long-awaited letter!
How are you???
The first impression which I have received from your e-mail - that you beautiful the man, then in later e-mail, I have received impression, that you have very beautiful heart which is more brighter and glory, I am valid similarly to such kind of the person which has strong ambitions and ideas and to want to reach some thing in the world, and I love feelings of you and I admire with your individuality, you behaves itself very well.
I begin my day 6:00 in the morning, all over again I have taken souls and then have made my breakfast and to read, and then have gone for work in 8:00 in the morning where I worked till the evening, so worked hard in the daily routine to reach some thing and then after the shop has come back to capable. Where I have made my dinner, observing TV, some time has left with friends, differently go to sleep, thats my normal routine in a daily life, but me, expectation a life the partner with whom I can divide my all throughts is valid and enjoy a life, I - the soft colloquial person, and want to help everyone, I have strong ambitions in my life which I want to reach some thing and to want to give happiness to my family and greetings to children, I love children very much, I frequently think of a life of family as they spent it happily.
To me so I would be desirable to walk on night city with you together, I so want it, that the sky and stars were between us, and I so would like that you embraced me very passionately and spoke me very silent voice closer to my ear the most magic words " love you "!!! I so would like to feel you of the present to me very much it would be desirable to see you, and to look in your eyes. I'm simply sure on 100000 they such beautiful! I would like that you lifted me in air and bore up to the sky! I want to live a life together with you!
My dear I want to ask you!
My dear I madly want to see you in the present, I'm afraid to speak you about it but it is valid so! I very much want to see you in the present!
Dear Bjorn can you learn for me the price of the ticket of the plane to fly to you to your country???
I think that if we'll spend this spring together that it will be most best time in our life.
What do you think about it???
Ardent kiss for you! Yours and only your small princess Kseniya!!!!!

Letter 5

Hello my love Bjorn!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter my love.
It was the long-awaited letter my love.
You would know my love Bjorn as I am glad receiving your letter, at me at once is cheered up, but you are a pity me at this moment do not see.
I very much like to receive your beautiful letters, they fill to me in soul your love, and I at once present as though we together.
Reading your beautiful letters love mine I at once present you as though you sit on against me, hold the soft gentle hands my hands and look me in the face, and then you start to caress me, it occurs as in reality but when I come in a condition, I understand that it there were only dreams, and to me becomes very sad without you, I very much want to be with you.
My love answer me please a question: you want that I have arrived to you????
My love I can not live without you any more, I very much miss on you, it seems to me that the God has sent me an angel with whom I now should be up to the end of life, it you my love Bjorn!!!
You for me as if air without which I can not exist.
You my unique and unique ANGEL Bjorn.
I very much love you both not when I shall not offend and not to a deceit, I hope that you also will not harm me, I know that you my love very good person, at which not only beautiful appearance but also beautiful soul.
My love tomorrow I shall go to travel agency and embassy so to study and learn already travel to you, I hope that all will be very remarkable.
If you really want that we were together my love I soon I shall start to move to you my love Bjorn.
Write to me my love that you all think of it!!!!
My love Bjorn I wait with impatience of your answer.
And now it is time to me to finish my letter to you my love, but I so do not want to do it as when I write you my love to me you seem that near to me, and I at once become happy.
I wait with impatience the letter from my for loved Bjorn.
Kiss you in your gentle soft lips, and strong I embrace you my love.
Yours forever Kseniya.

Letter 6

Hi my love Bjorn,
Now I can tell to you with the big confidence, I love you, and only you mine Bjorn. I am ready to shout these words of happiness for the whole world my love.
My love at me is very good news to you, I hope that you will be very glad.
My love today I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to you, they have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary documents, without special problems as I not when did not leave Russia, and for people which not when did not go abroad have very big privileges.
My love the travel agency has asked me that I have concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now at them very good discounts, and now they have already started to make to me the visa and the passport, my love they have told that it will be ready approximately in one and a half weeks.
My love to me also informed how many it will cost, my love my visa and the passport will cost to me of 365$ dollars, my love when I has heard it I has been upset and afflicted, as I have no such big money.
Then I at once have hastened to my mum, and spoke with her about this sum of money, my love my mum has told to me that she has savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me.
My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport, my travel agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all this on following weeks, my love I very strongly worry, and I do not know that to me now to do.
My love I very much hope for you that you will help me and then I shall arrive to you as soon as possible my love somewhat quicker.
I very much want to be in your hands, I have very big dream, it when I for the first time shall see you at the airport, I shall throw all things, I shall run up to you and there will be the longest kiss in the world, I for a long time shall not release you from the embraces, it will be the beginning of a modern history of love, we shall be so happy.
My love now I shall wait for your letters with impatience, and to pray concerning ours with you of a meeting, I very much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in a trouble.
Write to me somewhat quicker, I wait for your letters.
Your love forever, Kseniya

Letter 7

Hello my dear Bjorn!!! I was glad up to madness to receive your letter I it to read and my heart simply to be in delight that we so be fast can together. I now cannot simply think there is nothing except for our meeting. About my god I today likely cannot I shall fall asleep to represent our first meeting. I simply do not know as myself likely I shall conduct such constraining. It simply my first experience of such meeting Bjorn. I cannot simply believe in it I now right after this letter to inform mum such joyful news. I'll find , in city from me, in the next quarter there is such service on remittance through system the "western union" and they tell that, I can to receive your help at once the same day when you to send. And they to me to tell the same that to be necessary for you my full name and the full address.

Lihacheva Kseniya
Budapeshtskaya street 110/23 Russia Saint Petersburg.

Then they inform you a code from 10 figures. When you will write to me this code I can receive your help. And after I to receive your money I at once to go in embassy and to pay the visa.
I always wanted to look this your culture. Bjorn I cannot simply describe the emotions in this occasion. At me at once it is so much ideas in a head that them in this letter I cannot state all because here simply there will be no place. I think at us time will talk about much at a meeting. I shall finish on it the letter and I shall hope that all our acquaintance to you will pass as my today's mood. Gently kiss you Kseniya.
P.S. My lovely you can give to me the phone number I want to hear your voice...

Letter 8

Greetings my sweet honey Bjorn.
I was very glad to receive your letter. I have understood that soon I shall near to you and it is very good for me.
My lovely to fly to you I need to make the visa. The price of the visa 360 $ you read my letters? I already wrote to you it. I have written my sweet honey to you as you can send me this money in the last letter. My lovely I shall soon call to you because I love you.
Your love Kseniya.



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