Scam letter(s) from Oksana Belova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning my dear Michael!!! I am very glad to see and read your letter! This your letter has brought to me a lot of pleasure and happiness :)! How are you, my darling? How are your mood this morning? How are you it was slept this night? How are your health? I hope, what with you and at you all is good?! :) About me don't worry, I'm fine and my health in a full order! :). I have a good news!!! ;). Yesterday, I talked with my boss about my holiday. Rest from all this my works is necessary for me. Moreover, I didn't take its already long time. I asked it, my boss that he has given me holiday. On what he has answered me, that "of course I will give you it!" I was simply happy, that he has allowed to leave to me in holiday :))). You represent, I will be free from my work in a current of 2 month! These are 60 days! Would be wonderful if all of us this time would be together!!! Yes, Michael? How are you think? You are glad to know this news, I hope?!
Holiday is gallant, I very much hoped, that we can spend this time together. I wish to spend all my free time for us, our relations and for you... I believe, that in our dialogue that moment when we should legalise our relations somehow has come. That is, to meet with each other. You agree with me in it?!? Please, answer me. Our meeting can answer set of questions including on, whether we wish to unite our destinies together and to start to build together our happy future and family. Yes, my dear Michael? :). Officially free from work I will be considered in some days :))). I wish you to please and ask you. You former want ours with you of a meeting? Only tell to me. Ok? Sorry, on it I should finish my letter. It is time to me go for work. Otherwise, I will be late. About our meeting and your information. I will work over it tomorrow. And as soon as I will find out all about my arrival to you, I will write at once to you about it. ok? Now, I hope, that you with understanding will concern my this letter. I with impatience will wait your letter.... bye my dear... Yours Oksana PS: thanks you for the information about you. Now it will be easier to me to find out about my arrival to you.
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