Scam Letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to Brooks (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello,it is me.
I had written you before
(send you short message and got your answer).
i am glad to get your response this evening.
Is the distance could be problem ?
Because,i live not in USA, i live in Russia, the name of city i live is Neya.
There was no chance to put my location for it on YAHOOPERSONALS.
What about my English ?
I can speak it also.
I know Russian and English and i plan to start some French in future.
I have recently started to use Internet and send some messages on YAHOOPERSONALS,
There were few responses and almost everybody, asked me for virtual sex,chat,nude,etc, but not you, I hope you don not need it and you are good man.
I ask you to think about one VERY IMPORTANT thing, do you need to correspond with lady from an other country and do you understand that it is not easy way of relationship (distance relationship), while we star far away from each other ?
i ask just one more time, do you need Russian lady ?
Please answer to this question for yourself first and if you feel that you do not need it, please just leave my letter without any answer or explanation, i will understand-just send nothing back to me.
I have the reason to ask this question because it will keep both of us out of mistakes and sadness in future.
I know what kind of man i want and so i am looking in USA.
So,i continue to introduce myself,
My name is Alisa and i am 27 years old and my birthday is 21st of September
May be i am too young for you :)
(do you feel good with a girl younger than you ?)
Is my age could be the problem in relations ?
For example i feel comfortable with men older than me.
I belive it is not easy to find young man who know how to treat lady.
I am cute,slim,5'6 tall and 110 lbs weight.
No kids,no boyfriend for now.
I had divorced last year.
It hurts,but now i am ok already,
Because i am strong enough when it is necessary.
I got a lot of admires, but nobody interested me.
Because i was not ready to get serious relations before, but now is the time.
I want to find serious relations, if you feel the same, we could try to correspond, but now everything is unknown for me, so try to be patient.
I want to know about your job,family and plans.
Ask me about things you want to know too, i am open minded lady with nothing to hide.
I am a dentist and i have been working for clinic last 4 years, i have never been to USA, but i have been to France,Germany, Egypt and Tunis.
I like travel.
i am interested if you like travel too ?
what is your favorite season ?

May be you have some pictures to share with me ?


Letter 2

Hello,its me Alisa
It is nice to hear you,
So how are you doing ?
Yes,we are far away from each other, but the distance would not be the problem when i get your letter here :)
My favorite season is the Summer, i like to lay down under the warming rays of sun.
I think we are looking for the similar and that means we may choose the similar way.I had just recently divorced.
When i got married for the first time, feelings were very important for me.
I was patient but blind.
My ex-husband cheated on me and betrayed me later.
He had an other lady and it hurt me deep before.
Now i want to find my soulmate to share my life with.
Of course i must be very careful,but the other side of me is very romantic and sometimes its the dilemma occurs: if the same situation happens again with another man?
I just hope that it would never happened.
Sometimes I just need to talk to someone,you know.
I think you can understand me.:)
Ladies like talking...someone really hard to stop :)
are you good listener ? :)
I am open minded and positive person,are you?
As you know i live alone,but i have family in Russia,living in Countryside,it is about 220 miles from Neya,i just have only one brother, he will come for my birthday with our parents.
I will send you some photos in the next letter, Sorry but i forgot to get it here now.
There will be cousins picture also.
I have a two best girlfriends and they sometimes can give me an advice,i have not told them about you yet.
Do you like to read ?
who is your favorite writer and what book if so ?
Tell me about your day,from what it starts and what you do during the day.
Do you drive ?
What is your favorite food ?
Do you cook ?
What's your dream ?
I mean what is the special thing you want to do in your life ? :)
I like to dance and popular music, sorry about Michael Jackson.
I know someone do not like him, but i think they can not be sure.
Well,i need to go, have a nice day.

I will come here soon


Letter 3

Hello,its me Alisa
I am glad to get your reply this evening, I do not run Internet at home, so it takes some time to come here, to get a letter from you and to write, i go to the Internet cafe because my ex took computer with him.
How are you doing there ?
The weather here is pretty well, and what is about your area ?
what kind of clothes do women wear now ?
It is not easy way to be a doctor, we have a lot of people coming to clinic with many real problems, i always try to find a way to work with everybody.
It means i am trying to do my best.
I remember the day when mother told to me : you should be doing your best in what ever you do.
What about you ? Do you understand what i am trying to say ?
I do not go to visit my family often, because it is hard for me to go to Countryside after working week being really tired, so i see them on special holidays only.
Our meetings are full of bright emotions, or they come to visit me here sometime also.
I was born there, after school i moved here to study in College, because of highest level of education.
It is easy to find a good job if you are a good specialist too.
Now i want to find my soul mate to share my life with.
I am not looking for a marriage,
It is not my way,i mean it is not my aim, i just think it is important to be close to somebody important for you.
A lot of women want just to get married first of all, the wrong way i think.
I had divorced as you know, and i have been married for 3 years.
I am one-man woman, do you know what am i talking about ? :)
Are you one-woman man ?
The World is big and there are a lot of men around, but it does not mean that it is easy to find someone to fall in love.
I think that destiny plays important role in our life, do you belive in destiny, what do you think about it?
May be i wish too much,i do not know.
I do belive in God also.
After reading your first writings, i consider you as possible to have many things in common with me, and a lot of things to share with and to talk about.
I believe that i am not alone in this world, and some one is waiting for me.
I am sure that i can make him happy.
How do you see the right relations between lady and man in your mind ?
My favorite food is Russian food, i enjoy cooking and if i could to cook for you, it would be "Draniki", very special thing, so delicious and tasty.
Do you watch TV ?
What kind of programms are your favorite ?
I like dancing and i like to to nightclubs, but my job does not allow me to do it often.
do you love pets ?
What kind of pets do you like most ?
I like read classic literature, like english authors Shakespeare,
Byron i suppose them to be popular in your country.
I enjoy poetry and magazines for women.
I got drive licence when i was 20, but i don't drive now cause my ex took a car.

I have a recently pictures for you,
you can see me,
my cousin and girlfriends


Letter 4

Hello,its me Alisa here.
So how are you doing there?
The weather here is pretty well, what is about your area ?
These days i am at home, because of being tired after hard work all days long.
I have a lot of patients almost every day, and sometimes i work in clinic at night for emergency medicine, It is about few times per month, so if i am not often here it does not mean, that i am not interested, That means i am really busy or tired.
By the way i am prosthodontist (i replace missing teeth with permanent fixtures, such as crowns and bridges, also i am endodontist such as performing root canal therapy.
I have a diploma accepted in many other countries, and allowed to work almost Worldwide.
I am glad that we have found each other, and we have so much in common.
In my opinion normal relations between man and woman include : first of all it is not just to take,but to give also.
It is when people love to wake up together.
It is hard to have good relations, but when people have experience it is much easier.
I respect the faith of a man according to me, and try to do my best to keep it during all the life.
I consider each "right" family to be based on trust and true feelings, also problems could happen sometimes, and it is important to help each other, sincere words could be very helpfull.
What is your opinion about money and how do they important in your life, and what do you think about it in whole ?
When i watch tv it is news or discovery channel, also animal planet one of my favorite.
I love pets and i have one named "Rosie", she is an original cat and by this way she named original.
I want to send a picture so you could see my cat.
Rosie likes me as her best friend,I like her too.
i brought cat from Countryside 2 years ago, when i came there to visit my ex-schoolmates.
I will attach a picture from the airport, it was made in Winter when i took vacation last time.
Sometimes i go to the cinema on weekends and holidays,not so often.
I like romantic movies, but now it so oldfashioned.
Am i right?
So i have to do some house work, I will come here the day after tomorrow.



Letter 5

Hello its me Alisa.
So how are you doing there ?
I am tired after my working day, but weekend has start already, and it makes me feel much more better.
I want to come here yesterday, but have been too much busy at work.
I had to work for emergency last night, I work for emergency about 5-6 times per month, it means i don't sleep at night.
It is hard work.
So i would tell you about my money position.
My ex was not rich and i got paid from government also, our government pay people small salary, but any way we had no troubles with my ex, after divorce i stayed in apartment father bought for me long time ago and now i spend money for food and clothes only.
I can allow myself to travel abroad, not often but when i have vacation i do it.
I never put much attention on money, I was never looking for it in my life.
I think that money is just an instrument to achieve our goals, and nothing more.
But of course each family must have it enough, any way money never bring a real happiness for people.
If you are have a kind and generous heart.
After divorce a lot of men asked me to marry them, some of them were rich, but i would never marry rich man if there is no place for heart,i am not after money.
Yes,i want to have enough money to support our family and i am ready to work and support family with my salary.
I think you understand what i mean.
The "right" family woman has to work also.
Yesterday i have told to my girlfriends about you, that we have met each other in Internet,
They were very surprised and asked me about you, they asked where you live,about your job,family.
I have told them you seem to be a good man.
They are hesitating about me and want to see me happy.
They are consider impossible to meet someone in Internet, and they are interested in it.
So i think that destiny plays important role.

By the way you can get flowers for my birthday,

My address :

Alisa Korablewa (my full name)
Sovetskaya 16-54,Neya,Neya,157330,Russia (Street address,City name,State-Province,Post Code,Country name)
I love red roses and it is my favorite !
This is the site my co-worker told to me her customer send her flowers for birthday :
she told to me the price is not high and they get it in time, the customer work for this company and it is good as i have been told.
So if you decide to send it for my birthday-you can do it, i would be very glad to receive flowers from you, do not forget i like red roses :)
My birthday is on Monday (September 21), i try to take a day off from work, because my family arrives tomorrow from Countryside, parents and brother.
I will spend few days with them.
I want to celebrate birthday at home but may be we go to the restaurant or cafe, i want to tell to my parents about us, and i hope they will like you, because i like you.
Well,do you like tea or prefer coffee?
I want you to know that i am one-man woman, i do not communicate with any man besides of you, i have no any profiles in Internet
i am serious lady.
Are you ?

I will write you on Tuesday and i hope to make some birthday pictures for you

I attach you a photo made in Tunis

looking forward to hearing from you

Yours Alisa

Letter 6

My darling,it is me Alisa here.
so how are you doing there ?
I have just returned from clinic and come here to write a letter for you.
Can you give me the phone number where i could call you this week ??
My family has gone to Countryside in the morning, we had a nice birthday party and i consider this party to be a best birthday i have ever had.
Wish you were here and it would be the best present.
I have told to my family about you, and they were interested because they have seen my great mood, and mother told me that if it is because of you.
I was upset after divorce but now i am almost happy.
Mom asked me many questions about your life there, she was surprised that we got to know each other via Internet and she told to me if we are good for each other in writings, it seems we should be good in private, because it is very important to have an opportunity to share my world with man who close to me.
We could get in person and to check what couple we are.
I will be trying to figure out about vacation here and we will make something, i will let you know as soon as i have any news.
Give me the name of the closest airport most comfortable to pick me up.
Also please provide me with your full address just in case.
My family want to meet you and mother told to me that if you would like to visit them in the Countryside we can do it easy.
Thanks for nice congratulations, it is very important to me, you touched my heart, and you know how to make a compliment, that is really pleasant.
I like you.
We had party at home and i cooked on Saturday, mother helped me with that, she is a cook and teach me Japaneese kitchen and i know how to do it now(Sushi), she works as a chief cook for Japaneese restaurant before.
She teach me to cook from the age i begun to talk.
I am going to send you picture with her, she has told to me, that when i will be 49 years old, i would look like as her, she is a beautiful lady in her age.
They say when you meet a woman and just look at her mother, it will show you what is waiting for you in 21 years after that.
I am 28 now, but i feel like i am 17 forever.
My brother send you all his best regards, his name is Kostya and he is going to marry this Autumn, but i have not seen bride yet.
My girlfriends are happy for us and would like to meet you one day also.
It was very nice birthday party and i have a lot of positive emotions to share with you.
Father presented me a new dress it is beautiful and i wish to put it on, and go for a walk with you.
Would you like me to do it?
Tomorrow i have to work for emergency, and now i need to sleep, may be i will see you in my dream ? :)
do you like swimming ?

I will come here on Saturday

With hot kisses
Yours Alisa



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