Scam letter(s) from Irina Kolesnikova to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin.
I have a free time, and I decided to write you a letter.
Thank you for your interesting letter. I am very pleased to learn about you more.
You're an interesting person. My birthday on March, 15th. Earlier I studied at university and studied there English language.
It was my favourite subject. It very much came easily to me also I understood it.
In the profile I have written, that I from the Great Britain it was accident.
I very badly use the computer and the Great Britain has simply casually put.
I think, that it does not matter because in the first letter I have written to you, that I from Russia. Also I am very curious to know more about your family? You have a family? How much time you spend together? Do you have a brother or sister?
Actually, I would be very interested to hear about your childhood.
Gavin, you have photos from childhood? I hope you will send them to me in the next letter. As for my family ... My parents live in the village.
My father's name is Ivan. He is 54 years old. He is farmer.
My mother's name is Elena and she is 50 years old.
Despite the fact that my parents do not live near me, I visit them every weekend.
Also, I have a brother. His name is Aleksandr. It is a sailor and so we meet very rarely.
It carries out at sea most of his life. I am very fond of his brother and very miss him ...
He wrote me emails which tells about various countries and sends a picture ...
This is the only link between us.
My family means to me very much.
I believe that the family is the most valuable thing that can be a man.
Your friend Lubov.
Letter 2
Hi my new friend Gavin.
To me it was very pleasant, that you have told about the family. Excuse, that has asked about your father. Likely it is very difficult to you to recollect him. I did not know, that he has died. If knew, I would not began to ask. He has lived very big term with your mum. I too very much wished to find the beloved and to live with him very long. Unfortunately I do not have phone house. I have only a mobile. Here my number +79613747992. Whether I do not know you can phone to me.

Still I wished to tell to you about the work.
I am very-working girl and was ready to take on any job.
All my childhood I spent in the village. My family lived poor, and from early childhood, I had to work. Every day after school I went to the farm and care for horses. The first time I am very afraid to approach them because they seemed to me very significant. But with time, I used to, and since I love horses. When I started studying at university I have to pay for their own learning. I worked as a waitress in their spare time. The work I do not like. But I had no other choice because my parents could not pay for my education entirely. Now, I have three years working in the trading firm. My job does not bring me a large salary, but I have enough of that in order to provide themselves with clothes, food and everything needed. I am very proud of its independence. I alone had made all that I have. In this letter I am sending you the photos from my work. They were made at a corporate parties. My friend Gavin, I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
What music do you prefer?
What is your favorite food?
Do you possess foreign languages? At the same time, I will finish. Your friend Lubov.
Letter 3
Hi Gavin.
Very glad to receive your letter.
I too consider, that on eyes it is possible to learn much about the person.
For example when the person deceives, on eyes it is possible to learn it.
Beauty external it is not important. The main thing, that the person on dialogue would be pleasant.
I too can listen to different music and it depends on my mood, but I prefer the dancing.
As I see from your letter, you know many languages. And your Russian is not bad. =))) In the morning, I phoned my friend, Katya. She asked for her to buy some products.
She sits with the child and can not go to the store.
Recently, she was born daughter. I beg off on the hour from work to catch all to buy.
I am very tired to run to shop, but still I bought. Katya was very grateful to me for that.
I find it was not hard to do, because I helped a friend. To me, friendship means a lot.
I am always ready to help my friends. I really want you to answer these questions.
What does it mean for your friendship?
Gavin, you have a best friend?
How much are your friends?
Where do you go to relax with friends? In this letter I am sending you a photo, which shows I have my friends.
These pictures were taken at the birthday Katya.
On this I shall finish the letter. Lubov.
Letter 4

Hello Gavin.
How do you do?
I hope that you all are well. I have a wonderful mood. On the street today, beautiful weather and sunshine.
I very much hope that the weather does not spoil the evening before. And after work, I can walk around the city. It is very remarkable, that you have many friends. I with you completely agree, that through email to communicate very easily with friends worldwide.
You say, that on a photo nobody smiles. Simply for that moment when we did a photo have already strongly got tired and already it would be desirable to sleep and we would not like to smile.
Katya on a photo in a white T-short. I hope, that you liked these photos.
Though we there also did not smile. =)))) I have understood Day of veterans about your holiday. It is similar to a holiday in Russia on May, 9th.
This day we celebrate a victory in the Second World War. And everywhere congratulate veterans.! DEAR Gavin, I need your opinion. A few days later, my director would be a birthday, and we decided that everyone would be doing him a gift. Can you recommend that he give?
I did not decide to opt for one option or the other. It wants to give him what he would use in everyday life.
I shall be very glad to hear your opinion on this matter. I would like to ask you some questions.
I very much hope that you do not forget to answer them.
What is your favorite color?
Which transmission do you watch on TV?
What is your favorite actor and actress and why they like you?
If you have any questions about my letter, I am happy to answer them. Your friend Lubov.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Gavin. To me it is very pleasant, that you answer all my questions.
Means to you our friendship is not indifferent. I too try to find out you better.
We became real friends. My favourite colour the red too. It at me associates with heart and love. Thanks for advice. I likely will present to him a cream after shaving.
I too very much love, that from the man well would smell. Yesterday evening I and my friend Natasha decided to walk along the embankment.
The sun shining, the sky was clear. We love this beautiful weather.
I have a very long and Natasha looked at the sky.
Coruscate stars shining moon, and only the noise of machinery, reminded me that I am in reality.
I have cherished the dream since childhood. I dream to buy a telescope to watch the falling stars.
In my opinion it is very romantic.
Gavin, and you love to look at the sky?
Do you consider yourself a romantic?
Some people just do not have time to enjoy life and watch the beauty of the world ... Speaking of stars. Today I heard on the radio horoscope for the near future.
I do not believe in it, but all the same I remember your horoscope. HOROSCOPE you Aquarius and behold, that promise you the stars in the near future.
Soon you realize that someone you think your friend will provide you anything more than a friend.
And no matter what the age difference between you. =))) You might not suspect that already fell in love or just do not want to admit it.
You are encouraged to prepare for what you have to show tenacity and perseverance to make the hearts of your choice.
This is such a prediction! =))) Do you believe astrological horoscope?
I would be very interested to hear from you, whether to fulfill your horoscope.
Write to me about it. I want to ask you some questions.
Do you believe in God? How often do you go to church?
I will wait for your answer.
Letter 6
Hi Gavin.
Today woke up very early, awakened Natasha. I had to make an effort to lift her out of bed.
I have today off and we decided to work at home. First and foremost, we decided to do the cleaning in the apartment.
Including music louder, and assign responsibilities. Now Natasha makes cleaning the apartment, I write a letter to you. =)))

I believe in God also horoscopes and I hope, that the god will help me to find the love.
I go to church is rare. At me it is a lot of work and I dont have time.
Thanks for a photo of your children. Send regards to them from me.
In a gift for my boss I have bought a good cream after shaving.
Your dreams very romantic.
I very much would wish to spend such evening with the favourite person. Natasha tells me that it is my turn to wash the floor and I need to finish my letter to you.
To look forward to your reply.
Letter 7
Hello Gavin.
How are you? I'm just in shock! Never thought that this might happen is with me.
Yesterday, I realized that I really do not have enough people who could be admitted for me and support in difficult moments. Yesterday when I went home after the pool is very late and the buses at this time is no longer walk.
I went on foot. When a home is quite a bit I've been attacked by two scoundrels, and tried to rob me.
I was very scared, but I am not scared, and raised a terrible cry. I shouted very loudly, and even a little hoarseness.
If I cried a little quieter, the miscreant would have hit me. They took away my handbag and fled.
The most offensive that purse lying in the keys of my apartment and mobile phone.
Past met several people, but no one helped me. In Russia, everything is solved by force, who is stronger than he is right.
Russia country to gangsters, and not for decent people.
Here there is tough lawlessness, and the police did not want to solve this problem. In Russia many people who think only about themselves.
And never respond to the cry for help.
Gavin, but how would you do? Help me, or was to pass?
I think you need to help those who need help.
I hope that you feel the same way. I still can not calm down, and I very badly.
At the same time, I will finish my letter.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Gavin.
I am very pleased to receive your letter. How are you? How did you spent this day?
I just came from my work and immediately began to write you a letter.
When I read your letter, and on my face a smile. Thank you for having supported me in difficult moments. How unfortunate that you did not have with me.
I am sure that if you were near me you would protect me from these scoundrels.
They would have remembered it for all my life and never would loot.
I without problems have got home because at home there was my girlfriend Natasha.
She too was in a shock when I have told to her about this case. Well enough about that. I'm alright and life goes on.
I try to look at the positive things that happen around them.
In any trouble, you can find the positive points. Gavin you are a pessimist or an optimist? Today I have a good mood.
I told Natasha that I have correspondence with you. And your friends know that you correspond with me?
How do they relate to this? She was very surprised by this. Natasha asked me why I have not told her about this before.
I was afraid to tell Natasha about our correspondence, as well as fear that she will laugh over me. Do not laugh if they over you?
I told her that you are very nice and treated me very well. Natasha sends greetings to you! =)) At the same time, I will finish my letter.
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Gavin.
I am glad to receive your letter. It is very pleasant to me to know, that your friends know about our correspondence.
Also I hope, that they not against it. If they ask you about me you tell it.
I not against. Send to the friends from me regards.
When I have read your letter I have called at once the cellular operator and have asked, why the person cannot phone to me from other country?
To me have told, that my cellular operator does not support calls from other countries. It is very a pity!
My dear Gavin you can write me the phone number. I will try to call to you.
I too very much wish to hear your voice. I think, that to me will not be expensive.
I will call with postal service. How was your night yesterday? Yesterday, Natasha invited to go to the cinema for the film and I am happy to agree. Gavin you watched this movie? I have repeatedly watched this movie, and I very like it.
We won tickets to the last row. I am a little troubled. The last number is considered to be places for kisses. =)) We bought a lot of popcorn, and it seems to me that after watching me have to engage in strenuous fitness center. =)) We laughed warmly. And when the movie ended, with my face for a long does not vanish smile.
Natasha said that there is a second part of this film and it is still interesting. So I decided to be sure to see continued.
Gavin, and what movies you watch? How often do you go in the cinema? I have to finish my letter, because the break is over and I need to work.
I hope you answer my letter soon. I would wait for your response.
P.S. Why you do not write to me every day? You are occupied?
I very much would like, that you would write to me every day. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you.
Letter 10
HI my dear friend Gavin.
I can not write a long letter
How your health? I do not have many sick and I was released from work.
I am a very bad feeling, but found the strength to write you a letter. I do not know why you cannot will phone to me. Write me please the phone number.
I will call you with Postal service and I think, that will be not expensive to me. My friend I did not look a film "Angels and Demons", but I looked "The Da Vinci Code" and to me have very much liked.
We in a city too have a film Transformers 2. I wish to invite Natasha to this film. Gavin, you became my very good friend. I completely trust you.
I think you are very nice and our conversations a lot is for you.
Tell me, Gavin, What do you like in women? Which character? What should she be able to? I want you to write me your thoughts about our relationship.
I think that your thoughts will be honest.
Today, I can not write much because I need a little rest.
At the same time, I will finish my letter.
Your friend Lubov.
Letter 11
Hello Gavin.
How do you do?
Thanks, that you speak me such warm words. To me it is very pleasant.
I will try to call you today. I hope to hear your voice.
My friend Gavin I with you completely agree. What to tell a loud word I LOVE it is necessary will meet face to face. Today is much better than me, but at work, I did not go because I have not yet recovered.
Natasha went to work for me, no one cares. Now I sit at home one and I am bored. I am so lonely. It is like that now next to me was a very close person. Women are very difficult to find a man who could become a real friend. With each letter I understand that you have me not only themselves, but also something more. Your letters make me happy. I have a lot of time thinking about you. But at the same time I realize that we share the thousands of miles away, and we are unlikely to ever see each other. Today I watched the movie "Teleport." How would I like to see people able to travel long distances, just think where they want to go. If I would have the same ability, I would be moved to you. But unfortunately it was only a movie and I was not given such power. Every time I receive mail with a sinking heart, I see, if you wrote me a letter. In their letters, I try to put everything that I feel, although the letter would not be able to allocate even half of what I feel. I hope for your speedy reply. Your best friend from Russia Lubov.
Letter 12
Hi my dear Gavin.
How does your work? I became better and I went to work. Today at work was something strange, all the computers stopped working. Director had to call the master, that he has established. Gavin you are a specialist in computers? As for me, I absolutely do not know anything about this =))). Before lunch, we sat and talked about all sorts of life cases. One told us about his first love. It was very touching ... I almost cried ... Another told of how once forgot to turn off the kettle. It was a fun story, and all laughed. =)) When the turn came to me, I told my colleagues that correspond with a man from another country. And then this started! All scoffed on me! Men do not understand me, and laughed over me. I defended my views.
Only one girl, who works with me, supported me and told them that I have done that. Because the men in Russia is very rough and many of them do not appreciate women. In response to her words, men have been offended, and we laughed =))). On the one hand, my colleagues are right, because we are far from each other. But I am happy that met you. You are very nice and pleasant to communicate with you. I'd love to see you, see how you live. In my opinion, it would be very cool!
Gavin, and you would like to see me in your country? Write to me about this in the next letter. Kiss you! Your Lubov.
P.S. Nearly has not forgotten to answer your questions. I did not know, that at you Christmas in the summer. It is very ridiculous. =))) Send to the friend from me regards. At him the remarkable son.
My friend Gavin I very much wish to create a family and to get children. I think, I will find such person. It can you? =)))
Letter 13
Hi my dear Gavin.
How are you? I'm all good and I feel very well.
I think, that my boss will not force me to fulfil the missing days. I miss them on a good reason.
My friend Gavin I do not represent the life without the computer. It is good, that they exist. If they were not, I could not find you.
My friend Gavin I will be glad to meet you in Russia. When you can arrive to Russia? Name to me please exact date of the flight. I should consult to mum. It is very serious step in my life. I think, that my mum will give me a wise advice how to be further.
Gavin I tried to call yesterday to you, but could not. There spoke an answering machine. You have given me number mobile or house? You can give me other number on which I can will phone and to hear your voice. Today my dad called and said that soon he had with my mother come to me to visit. I am so glad, that see my parents. The last time I went to them on New Year's Eve and has since not been able to visit them. I very much would like to tell them about you, but I'm afraid to do so. In the street very warm and sunshine. At time lunch I decided to go a walk in the park. When I went to the street, I met a girl who studied with me at university. I invited her to the cafe. We sat and remembered how we learn. We remember how our whole team came together on a camping trip. I will now tell you.
At the third year of university, we hiking, took a tent, sleeping bags and moved away from the city. Imagine a stellar night, burned a fire, we sang songs with a guitar all night. It was a beautiful and romantic time of my youth! How would I like to once again go on a camping trip ... Gavin, you know how to play guitar? Time passed very quickly for the memories. And I was very surprised when I looked at watch. My lunch break has ended. I bid farewell with her, and we agreed to meet in coming days. Now I must work. At the same time, I will finish my letter. Waiting for your letter with impatience.
Your girl from Russia Lubov.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Gavin.
How are you? How did you spend today? Today at work one of the staff that something had eaten =)). He was sick stomach all day and he "let gases". At first it was very funny and we laughed. =)) But then all tired of unpleasant smell and stay away from "skunk" =)) Gavin, I have heard that in your country it is quite normal when a person "lets gas" in a public place? =) Is this true? Just the fact that in Russia it is considered unethical to pollute the air around ... a bad smell =)))) Gavin, I would like to know more about etiquette and customs taken Australia. Today I wanted to go for a walk, but on the street is already dark. I was a little scared, and I will not go. How unfortunate that you are not next to me. You would have me company, and we walked under a starry sky. Around you, I would never be afraid of the terrible maniacs! In recent times I think about our relationship. I constantly think about you.
Gavin, but do you think about me? You became to me more than others.
Every day I am more and more I think about you. I begin to understand that you have to inexplicable feelings. I am sure that you became for me more than just a friend ... When I wake up I think about you. When I go to sleep, I also think about you. When I work I do not think about their work. I think about you ... I always think about you. You quietly took all of my thoughts ... I do not know that this is because we have never met in real life! My dear Gavin I very much wish see you, and you speak, not sure that you can to arrive to me in the near future. I can find out how many will cost a trip for me to Australia and I will try to find money itself. I hope, that you not against will accept me at home. I wish to see you faster.
Gavin I called to you in 10 p.m. Moscow time. I will try to call to you today during same time. Today, I even printed your picture and I bought a beautiful framed photo. I put your photo on a table near my bed. And we now sleeps together =)))). Unfortunately, I must finish my letter. But know that any time I thought about you and about our first meeting. I hope that one day we will not disappoint each other.
Your love Lubov.
P.S. Send regards children.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Gavin.
I am very pleased to receive your letter.
How was your day? I'm all good. I woke up in a great mood because I have no reason to be sad. =)) I hope you are all so perfect? What are you the weather? Tonight was a strong rain. On the streets there is plenty of water. When I went to work, I fell into the puddle.
=)) From the beginning I really blew up, but then I became very cheerful. I looked very funny, when I drop the water. =)) Good thing you did not see me in this way. =)) I had to go home to change. When I came home and read your letter, I was glad that you want to meet me. Tomorrow at lunch I will go to the agency to find out what documents do I need to visit you.
Gavin I will be glad to arrive to you if it is not so expensively for me. I will try to find money for a trip. If at me it will not turn out, I will be always glad to meet you in Russia. My dear Gavin I will try to call to you, that you would have a day and I could talk to you. Natasha will come soon and I must cook dinner.
At the same time, I will finish my letter.
I will wait for your letter. Fast embrace. You love Lubov. P.S. Tell, to the employees what to smoke very harmfully. I never smoked and I do not want it. I conduct a healthy way of life.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Gavin. How are you? I'm fine. As there has passed your day. Today I went to a lunch break to walk in park and fed pigeons. I very much like to feed pigeons. You though time tried to feed pigeons from hands? My dear Gavin I tried to call to you, but there was an answering machine. I will try to call to you today. I hope, that I will hear your voice. Dear Gavin I have received from you two identical letters. For what you have sent me two identical letters? I will wait from you the normal letter and I hope, that I can hear your voice. Kiss you. Lubov
Letter 17
Hello my dear Gavin. How are you? I'm fine. I hope, that at you too all is good. I have not received from you the letter. With you that that happens? Write to me please, and that I very much worry about you. Tomorrow afternoon I will try to call to you. I hope, that I will hear your voice.
Kiss you. Your Lubov.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Gavin!
How are you? I very much miss on you.
I understand, that you are very occupied. Try to write to me every day. Recently I went to a tourist agency. I spoke with the manager. I told him that I want to fly to you my dear Gavin . He smiled kindly and said that for the trip, I need a passport and visa. Of course he can help me with this. But when he named the price I almost fainted! 420 euros! 115 for a passport + 305 for the visa! I did not expect that it will cost so high ... I asked this guy: "Why is it so expensive?" He explained that it is very difficult to get a visa to Australia. To do this you need to collect a lot of references and pass a lot of medical tests. In order to do this yourself you need to spend more money and a lot of nerves and time. Thus, only a professional can guarantee a positive result at minimal cost. But there is a problem. I do not have so much money! I have 70euros, but this is not enough.
A fee will have to wait long, and I do not know where to get the lack of money. Now I am not sure that soon we will be able to meet. But I will try to find the money, so we met. I will have to accumulate money. I know that this will take a long time, but it does not stop me. In this letter I am sending you a photo, hope you enjoy them.
I will send you a big kiss. =)
Your Lubov.
Letter 19
Hello my darling Gavin.
I am glad to receive your letter again. I have wonderful mood. =)) I will try to find money itself what to arrive to you. I hope, that at me it to turn out. If at me not to turn out that I will be glad to meet you in Russia. Dear Gavin we can speak by with you to phone? I very much wish to hear your voice. I called many time and could not phone. Give we will agree about time in which I can call you. Gavin it is very good, that you were in church. I was not for a long time already in church. I very much wish to go. Dear Gavin, I have fine news.
Tomorrow evening should arrive my parents. I so am glad. I wish to tell to parents, that I had you. I will have serious conversation with my daddy. I am nervous a little, as I do not know, how the daddy will understand me. Dear Gavin, my daddy jealous about my relationship with men. I did not think at all, that we will reach serious relations. I should explain to the daddy, that you are dear to me, and we have serious relations.
I hope, the daddy will understand me, and will not be angry with me Today I wish to ask for leave before from work to make a celebratory supper for parents. Now I cannot write you the big letter as I should perform all work, before arrival of parents. Before finishing my letter I would like to ask you last question. How you represent our meeting?
Million kisses. Yours Lubov.
Letter 20
Hello dear Gavin.
How are you? How was your day?
I am glad to receive from you the letter again.
I wish to tell to you as there has passed my conversation with parents. We about much with them talked. I have told to parents, that I have serious relations with you. I have told him that you the foreigner ... My daddy was very surprised, but then calmed down.
He asked to show your pictures and asked a lot about you.
Of what country are you, how old are you, whom you work. I said that you love me, and we have excellent relations. I told father that I will soon come to visit you =)).
Parents are happy for us. It turns out that I wasted so much worried.
=)) I send you photos of my parents. They send greetings to you =)). Dear Gavin thanks, that you have told to me about the thoughts. I think, that they soon become a reality. It is very romantic. At the same time, I will finish my letter. I send you gently kiss.
Your Lubov.
Letter 21
Hello my dear Gavin.
How are you? How was your day?
Thank you for those kind words that you wrote me. Indeed, it would be nice to be next to you. You became for me more than friend. All my thought only about you. Today, from the window of my office, I saw a wonderful picture. On the street was a woman with her husband. They were hold in the hands of a small child. The child tried to give a pull of father's nose. The child pulled his hands, but they could not reach. It looked so funny.
They were very happy persons.
At this moment, I reflect on the question. And how will you father for our children. Good or strict? I would like to ask you some questions.
Tell me about your first love.
How many women have you been?
Answer me with the utmost seriousness. I am very interested.. Dear Gavin I think, that anything shameful is not present in asking money for friends. I will necessarily return them this money. Gavin I will wait your phone number. I very much would like to communicate to you by phone. I send you my most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope that they warm you and your heart, and you feel better I am grateful to fate for what having met you.
Strong embrace you . Your love Lubov
Letter 22
Hello my the darling Gavin.
How do you do? How was you day? Thanks for your story about your first love.
Now my turn. When has moved to live in a city, and has gone to study in University. I have fallen in love with the boy from the group. I loved it, but he did not pay to me any attention. I cried at night, I tried to see constantly it, but it was ineffectual. There has passed time, and I have understood, that I am not necessary to it. It was my first love : Now I recollect it with a smile and I think that I was such silly : In my life there was only one man. I loved it, but he has betrayed me.
Now I do not love it. My heart belongs to you. I wish to create with you the most gentle relations. I think, we will have beautiful children. =) Gavin, I have not so good news :
Today I was answered by my friends. They have told, that cannot give me money in loans. Now at them financial difficulties and for them it is very big sum.
I am upset by their answer :
We should wait with official registration of papers. It postpones our meeting : Never thought, money will be a barrier to my happiness.
Now at me is about third of necessary sum. I do not know when to a smog to save up other part of money to start to make documents.
I am assured, we necessarily will think up something to see each other.
Dear Gavin I very much wait, when you will be at home. I very much wish to speak by with you to phone. Gavin I wanted for a long time ni?inou you as your children? They are fine? Send them regards from me. I very much wait for our meeting.
It is a pity, that we not together :
Now I will finish the letter. Million Kisses. You Lubov.
Letter 23
Hello my sweet Gavin!
How do you do? Thanks for the fine letter. For me it is pleasant to receive from you such fine letters. I hope now you have arrived home, and have are fine rest after flight. Today my day has passed as usually. Morning I have begun with a tasty breakfast.
Then I have tidied up on the house. I love when houses cleanliness and an order.
Soon I have decided to go in sports club. Then tired I have gone home to write you the letter. The darling and how there has passed your day? Today to me has come to mind thought. I said to you, that I constantly go to fitness the centre. I have thought, that to a smog to save money if I will cease to go to fitness the centre, instead I will run in the evenings. Thereby I can save 45 eur in a month to pay my visa and the passport. I think, that it is fine idea though there is one problem. I am afraid to run in the evenings as me already tried to plunder.
Though I can buy a pepper cylinder and to take it with myself on jog.
How you consider, whether it is necessary for me to stop training in fitness the centre? I make everything, that on me depends to find money for a trip. And I trust that once we necessarily will meet!!!! Because it is our destiny
=)) I ask you not to lose hope. My thoughts on our first meeting. I want, that in the first day of our meeting we had a lot of conversation. I have many words to tell to you. For me it will be pleasant to look a place where do you live.
Also I wish to visit a zoo. I never saw the Koala. =) I send you a photo and much, it is a lot of kisses. =)) Your expensive Lubov.
Letter 24
Hello my dear Gavin!
Today I had very saturated day. At me was a lot of work.
When I have finished all, I have gone home. For me it is pleasant to know, that you have sent my regards to your family. Also for me it is pleasant to know, that you have told to your family about our correspondence. When I will arrive to you, I wish to have possibility to get acquainted with your family. Today in a preparation time of a supper I thought, where it is possible to take the necessary sum of money. And suddenly to me in a head the good idea has come. I think, that I can take money on credit.
In the near future I will go to bank, whether to find out will give me the credit for the necessary sum of money. My dear Gavin that you think in this occasion? Nearly has not forgotten. Yesterday I had fine bathing in pool. It is a pity, during this moment you were not near to me. We could jump from 5 metre towers. =) I could not overcome my fear before this height. =( In this letter I send you my photo, and I hope to see your fine photos.
Gently kiss also I embrace. Yours dear Lubov.
Letter 25
Hello my dear Gavin!
How is the most lovely man on a planet?
Thanks for a photo of yours mum and your family. Kiss your mum from me. OK?
Today I had difficult day. Now I have I work much, and I still has not enough free time. But you do not worry, I will try to write every day all the same to you good letters. Since the morning I already was on work. I hope, that soon I will manage to save up the necessary sum, and we can meet =). After the difficult working day I have gone to bank to take the credit. When I have come to bank I have addressed for the help to the adviser.
He has told, that for reception of the credit I need to fill the questionnaire and to pass interview. After interview to me have told, that soon to me will call. I have been upset, that to me have not given at once the answer. I hoped, that already I will know today about the bank decision. Now I should wait some days. For me it will be pleasant, if sometime we together jump from five metre towers. I am assured, together we will overcome our fears. I miss you mine honey Gavin! I hope, to me will give the credit, and we will soon meet.
Gently kiss also it is sweet I embrace. Your favourite Lubov.
Letter 26
Hello my dear Gavin!
How do you do? How you mood?
Today I have difficult day. I have spent all the day on work. I very strongly get tired on work, but I will write all the same to you. If you notice that my letters of a steel not such big as earlier it does not mean that I have ceased to love you, not enough time is simple at me. I very much wish to earn faster money for documents and consequently to me to have to work for days on end. For me it is pleasant to know, that you have transferred kiss to your mum. For me it will be pleasant to get acquainted with your mum. I hope shortly I will have possibility to visit you. I am assured, my director will give me necessary quantity of days of holiday. All will depend only on us. I understand, that the big sum will be necessary for me, but it does not stop me. I wish to see you. All this time I waited for a call from bank. But and has not waited and has decided to call itself. To me have told, that my demand yet have not considered also to me it is necessary to wait a little more.
I will wait as I very much wish you to see! =) Now I will finish my letter. I wish you to have fine mood.
Yours dear lubov.
Letter 27
Hello dear Gavin!
How do you do? Thanks for a photo of your family.
Today I had awful day. In the morning to me have called from bank and have told that to me is given up in the credit. I was in a shock when have heard about it. I understood that I do not have ideas where to take money more. Because I have already tried all variants. I asked the necessary sum of loans from friends, but anybody has not helped me. Tried to receive the credit in bank. Tried to save up. But at me left nothing. To me very badly knowing that I still has only one exit, it to save money. But if I save that it will occupy a lot of time. I have counted up if I postpone on 20 Eur that I can save up the necessary sum only in 1 year and 7 months. It very long for me. I do not know that to me now to make. My dear Gavin, give advice that to me to make further? Excuse me for my short letter, but now I have no mood. I am broken. Yours Lubov.
Letter 28
Hello my dear Gavin.
How do you do? Excuse me for the short letter. Now I have not enough time to write to you. Just to me home there has arrived my director.
He has asked to go me with him to the city of Nizhni Novgorod for signing of the important contract. Firm in which I work should conclude the **** contract on delivery in the city of Cheboksary. My director requires the person who knows English language. In firm as which I work, only I perfectly am able to speak in English. Therefore my director has invited me to visit the city of Nizhni Novgorod. I could not give up, as the firm future depends on this contract in which I work. I will arrive on Monday evening. As soon as I will arrive, I will write you the letter. OK?
Letter 29
Hello Gavin.
How do you do? How you mood?
I have just arrived from the city of Nizhni Novgorod. I am very tired but before having rest I will write you the letter. I had a successful trip. The firm in which I work, has signed the successful contract on delivery of ****. I played a role of the translator. It was a little unusual to listen to English speech and to translate into Russian. But I have coped with this problem. After the termination of negotiations my director has signed the contract. I hope, this contract will bring to firm the big money. The director has told, if to firm to have the luck to find one more such contract, the director takes obligatory me with itself. Now I have two duties, I the dispatcher and the translator. =) Dear Gavin, what you made? I hope, you had fine holiday? Tell to me about it. OK? I regret that bank has not given me the credit. I hoped for the help of bank, now I do not know where to take the necessary sum. But I will save money, and I am assured, we will sometime see each other. Now I will finish my letter. I will wait for your letter with the big impatience. I missed you and your letters. Yours love girl Lubov.
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