Scam Letter(s) from Elena Poupova to Hady (Malaysia)

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Letter 1

My love Hady!
I am very happy to see your letter! I wish to tell to you many thanks, for that that you do not leave me in heavy time. I see, that you understand - that to me difficultly here in the big city without your support. I am happy to read your warm gentle words.
Today I have visited the airport, I time have spent long time at the airport, considered the various prices for tickets, and as flight dates. The prices for tickets depend on a class of the plane and flight date. I searched for the cheapest tickets. I have considered the various companies and have chosen the best and cheapest variant of tickets. The prices of tickets include all taxes. I have considered tickets most close to you My Loved Hady!!! Cost of one ticket, makes 550 American dollars is not such big price in comparison with 800 American dollars is more expensive class as I saw tickets which there are 1300 American dollars. My Loved Hady, such expensive tickets have for me no value, the only thing that I want it the plane which can deliver me to you what to carry out our meeting. I will fly in the plane of the cheapest economy class!!! Favourite, in other words I will require in 1100 American dollars for 2 tickets! I as wish to ask you, on what number it will be better to buy tickets? I hope that you will write me exact date in the tomorrow's letter and this date will be day of our meeting.
My Loved Hady, also this morning I have gone to bank and I have learnt as it is possible quickly and to transfer safely money to Russia. I had consultation of the employee of bank western union. To me have told about all details concerning transfer of money. The employee of bank has told that it is very fast and convenient transfer of money which all world uses, and it at all does not make danger. Also to me have explained - what information you should know. It will be very good, if you send me money through western union. It will help to issue my visa faster. Now I want you will give you the information in which to require. It is the bank address in which there is an office western union, and my full name. Here the necessary information:


Also the employee of bank has told to me that I will require in number of the control of a remittance (MTCN), I should have this number what to receive your help! As to me have told that I should know the information concerning you: your full name, your full home address. I hope that you to send me all this it can is necessary the information in the following letter!!!
I hope that our meeting can be carried out as soon as possible. I should make a lot of prophetic here, and I promise to you that I will try to make all things as soon as possible, that our meeting could be carried out as soon as possible. I wait for that moment when I can embrace you and to be near to you My Hady!!!
In spite of the fact that you are far from me, I feel your support. I always think of you. I promise - I will make all things correctly here.
We have made already much for our meeting. Soon we will receive our happiness! I wish it because of all heart.
I cannot understand with what it is connected. YES YES, you are very necessary to me also I consider you as the future husband. I very much wish to have with you the beautiful future you do not represent as I dream of it. I very much hope, that it to be carried out soon. For me the big happiness to read that you spoke to the friends. It so is pleasant for me. You do not represent as much it for me means!
My looove Hady I will wait for your letter! To me it is sad that we yet together with you, but I hope that our meeting can be carried out as soon as possible. And we can unite our hearts as soon as possible. I send you my most gentle and passionate kiss. With Love Only Yours Elena!!!



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