Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Simon (UK)
Letter 1
Hello Simon!!! I am really pleased to hear from you and yes i would love to know more about you. Well, my name is Anastasia, but my friends call me Nastya.
I live in Russia in city Kurgan (in Sibiria) and never visited your country.
Im sorry, I have not told you that I from Russia, I hope it is not a problem for you. I think that the distance cannot be a big problem. If we should want, in the future we could meet.
I am 30 years old, work as a manager in an advertising agency.
I am single and I live with my parents. At spare time i like all activity, most of all: shopping, reading, all types of music, sport (it is especially play tennis and volleyball, I try to keep very fit), cooking. i like the outdoors like camping and walking. I love Travelling a lot and recently been driving a lot in parts of my area, Also i have travelled at different places like Germany, Turkey and China. Now i would really like to settle down and have children and enjoy life with someone special. So now i will await to hear more about you and what you enjoy and what you don't like.
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