Scam letter(s) from Sasu Ivy Maxwell to Thomas (Germany)

Letter 1
Good evening Tom,
How are you doing?I hope you are fine and had a wonderful day.I was very glad when i got your mail thinking you always care and think about me.Sorry i didn't sent you a mail when i got home from visiting my Uncle in Jail.I told my Uncle about you and even showed him a pic of you i printed from one of your photos and he was very happy about you.I also told him about you planning to help me start school and he was very excited. I shared tears and started crying because i have really missed him so much and wished he was out of jail.I told him about the passport and he showed me were to get it so i will go and get it tomorrow when i close from work .You know i go to work early in the morning and wouldn't get time until i close from work. I think i can't stay long online tonight because i will wake up very early tomorrow and go to work.I will give you my details and address so that you can use it to send me the money. Name Sasu Maxwell
Address nb 809, Nii Boi town-Accra Country Ghana City Accra Street 17th swanlic streets blk 5

I hope you had a wonderful day and i wish you a nice evening.Anyway,i want to thank you so much for everything.I really appreciate alot and will never forget all what you have done for me. Have a sound sleep and sweet dreams.

Good night.

Your Ivy
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