Scam letter(s) from Maria Guschina to Syed (UK)

Letter 1
Hello dear Ayaz.
I hope for that that my letter will reach you and I can see your answer.
You very interesting man also I wish to have serious dialogue with you.
To start our dialogue I wish to be presented and tell about myself.
My name is Mariya.
Now I live in Russia.
I do not wish to hide the age and 30 years can tell to you that to me.
Probably you do not accept my age?
It will seems to me that for our dialogue not a problem.
I live and I work in a city Semenov.
To me has surprisingly carried that I live in the city since the birth.
Now I live together with the parents in one apartment.
In working hours I am engaged in colours.
I very strongly love flowers and I have own shop on sale of colours.
This work is my life and my greatest hobby.
I seem to me that the successful woman.
After all I receive full pleasure from the work.
In my life it is a lot of colours.
Flowers it is pleasure for each person.
It will be possible to you very interestingly to know my favourite flowers.
These are lilies.
I very strongly appreciate these flowers and I feed for them special attention.
I am engaged in flower business about 6 years and my shop is very popular.
Flowers bring to people the romanticism and love.
Probably you have favourite flowers?
For me it will be rather pleasant to know your favourite flowers.
As I hope to learn from you as much as possible in your following letter.
It will be interesting to me to know whom and where you work.
It is very important to me to know your hobbies and vital interests.
I will be very glad to have your attention and dialogue with you.
You seem to me very remarkable man and I want as it is possible to learn is better you.
I wish you pleasant mood.
Your new acquaintance Mariya
Letter 2
Hi Ayaz.
I was really very glad to your letter.
Today I had boring enough day on the work.
I practically did not have visitors and I weigh day one sat.
The darling my work happens sometimes very boring and oppressing.
In such grey everyday life I often think of that to change the life.
I think of changes in the life and I think of that what after all all by and large depends on desire to change the life and to move further.
Basically I quite accept my work and the constant income which I receive from this work.
But all it to become in due course very boringly.
I understand that time goes and together with this time there pass my days.
Of my grey everyday life there is my life and she basically does not vary.
Today I thought of a life in your country much.
I thought of that as you there live and thought of a life in your country.
It seems to me that a life in your country really surprising.
I think that she absolutely another.
The darling it would be very interesting to me if you could tell as much as possible to me about it.
Today I weigh day thought of you and about ours with you letters.
You very good and understanding man.
All it so is interesting to me.
I understand that you live absolutely in other country but you can as well as I to argue on certain vital themes.
It seems to me that there are things which are identical in the different countries.
I think that first of all is love.
After all the love is feeling which does not know the international relations.
The countries do not concern love.
The love cannot be made forbidden and to forbid it.
I think of that that love this that that is given by the god to people first of all for freedom.
After all love it really basis of freedom of mankind.
Ayaz at me was love in a life and I know that this such.
The love can bring pleasure and happiness during our life.
The love as a flower which grows and which it is necessary to look after.
After all the love can bring and very big vital experiences.
The love can be a rose.
The rose has thorns.
Here the answer to all questions of love.
I not such the old woman and I hope for that that I can find the love.
It should seems to me that love to be in a life at each person.
It should seems to me that love to be stimulus of a human life.
Without love human life to become only the ticket.
Now I dream of that to find the love and not to be mistaken.
I am already in such age in which people any more do not play love.
I would like to find her and to store till the end of the days putting in it all life.
After all it so is fine and remarkable.
Ayaz I think of that that probably you that man which so is necessary for my heart.
But I so know you and I a little so strongly I am afraid to be mistaken in the choice.
The darling I hope for that that you will help me to be defined.
I hope for that that you can begin our relations.
After all as I think the man should do the first step.
Today I talked to girlfriend Natasha.
We have got acquainted with her in the cafe Internet.
She in many respects learnt me to use the Internet.
Natasha as well as I dreams to find the man in the Internet.
It has a good man which lives in England.
She told to me about it much enough and about relations which now is at them.
It very lovely and today has admired me.
Natasha has told to me about that that its man has given her a pleasant gift.
It was a pleasant souvenir which Natasha has received from it as a sign of strong love.
Its man has taken advantage the Internet of services and the gift with delivery to her home has given her.
Natasha told to me about that as it was pleasant to her to receive this simple unexpectedness.
Its man has taken advantage of site services
If to you there will be interestingly you can look this site.
I will wait for your letter.
Your girl Mariya!
Letter 3
Hi the darling Ayaz.
How are things going with you?
Thanks you for your kind and warm letter.
I understand that you the man with sensitive heart which can love.
It is very important.
Today I had a strange feeling.
When I have woken up in the morning the first my thought was about you.
At first it seemed to me it is simple memoirs.
Last night I very long thought of you and could not fall asleep long.
When I have come for the work these thoughts did not leave me and even pursued.
The cleaner Victoria which I see every morning coming on work I spoke to me about that that very strange and is anxious I look.
Whether she has asked me about that I am sick?
But with my health all is good also I feel well.
Here only in me today all the day long very strong trembling in heart.
Which I did not test this strange feeling already very much for a long time.
Ayaz I so long waited when my working day will end and I can hasten to the Internet.
I would like to close the shop much earlier but I did not begin to do it.
One man came today to me and spoke about that that I have prepared for it a bouquet of white lilies and held it till the evening.
I long sat and looked at this remarkable bouquet.
I thought of you the darling and recollected our letters.
The feeling of trembling did not leave me and raised at expectation.
Today there was probably the longest my working day.
Minutes were very long and it seemed painful for me.
When I gave a bunch of flowers to the man to me I seemed that so strongly it I understand.
He prepared for the first meeting with the woman and was very enthusiastic
To its emotion became so are close for me.
It not seemed to me that I to time could so to understand feeling of the clients yet.
The darling now I am glad to that that my day has ended also I could reach the Internet.
I was so is glad to your letter the darling and so it is admired by your letter.
Ayaz I wish to admit to you the feelings.
It seems to me that I love you all this trembling in my heart and there is a love.
The darling I feel now as the little girl which first time has fallen in love.
I do not know as to express you the feelings and as you them to explain.
They are in my heart now and do not give me rest.
Ayaz I love you!!!
I understand that this that feeling which is called the present love.
I long thought and hesitated to speak to you about it.
You have liked me at first sight and I have very strongly become interested in you.
During ours with you of dialogue I long thought of it.
Ayaz I wanted as it is possible to find out is better you and your life.
I so was afraid to be mistaken in the feelings and in the thoughts.
But my heart should not choose.
Now this trembling is stronger than my reason and does not give me rest.
Lovely you very remarkable man and I am grateful to the destiny for that that you have appeared in my life.
Having read your letter today I have understood that you that man which can love.
I am confident that that you will understand my feelings.
Whether Ayaz I can know I am worthy your love?
The darling you can probably open to me the feelings?
Now I feel that to me so your answer is necessary and he can calm trembling of my heart.
I very strongly now hesitate and I have complexes but I cannot hold it unknown to you.
I do not know as to it you will concern.
I will wait for your letter.
Yours Mariya!
Letter 4

Hi my love Ayaz.
I was really is very strongly glad to your letter.
The darling your thoughts on ours with you of strong love now very strongly please me.
It does me very happy and joyful.
Lovely you very remarkable man and I understand that ours with you feelings are serious.
Ayaz for me it is very pleasant to know that that you are ready to meet me in the country.
The darling it so was important for me and for my feelings.
Now I very seriously reflect on that what to do.
The darling I think of that that we with you a meeting is important for us.
It seems to me that she can give us much for understanding of our feelings.
I think of that that we with you a meeting can show to all of us.
After all we will find out each other much better than in our letters the darling.
The darling at me is so much plans and thoughts of rather our meeting.
Now I start to think very seriously of it and to move in it a direction.
Ayaz tonight I as visited travel agency to find out about that as there is a registration of all necessary documents for travel realisation.
The darling it not so that is simple as it seems at first sight.
But I think of that that if is seriously engaged in by this business that all it is possible to organise successfully.
Now I very seriously think about our meetings and of ours with you of love.
I had thoughts to change the life and I want that I could be near to you.
I so strongly love you the darling and constantly I think of you.
Ayaz yesterday I as seriously talked to mum and the daddy concerning ours with you of plans for a meeting and about ours with you of love.
My parents speak to me about that that to feel our love to us with you is necessary to be together and they not against that that I could visit you in your country.
The darling you very strongly like my mum and she very validly concerns you.
Ayaz I so am glad that you have appeared in my life the darling.
Now my thoughts are very raised also trembling in heart does not give rest.
This trembling forces me to think promptly of ours with you to a meeting.
The darling I hope for that that at us with you all will be good also we necessarily we will together.
It seems to me that you are my destiny.
Here my full data:
Name: Mariya
Surname: Guschina
The country: Russia
The Nizhniy Novgorod area
City: Semenov
Street: the World 43, apartment 26
Post code: 424028
Date of birth: 12.02.1979
The darling I very strongly love you and the nobility that that you is glad as strongly love me.
Now I dream of that to tell to you all it looking in your beautiful eyes the darling.
For me so all is important he/she is the darling.
Now I will wait for your letter and your thoughts.
Your girl Mariya
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