Scam letter(s) from Maria Makarenko to Jose (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jose!! Honey, today I am in the a very special mood!! I feel myself like a bird+ I am flying and I am happy just because I have waked up and read your letter!!
I don't know how to explain my mood+ I just feel something special to you. Something, which I have never felt earlier. I understand that I have never met you in person, I have never seen your face, I have never talked to you, but this is what my head says but not my heart!!
My heart is singing a song of unbelievable emotions and love+ Darling, you know, with you I feel myself free and have no taboo or topics which I can't talk!! It seems to me that I know you for ages and that is why I am not shy.
Today, I want to discuss one thing which we haven't discussed earlier. I want you to understand me in a right way. I just want you to know as much as possible. As each normal woman I love ***. I think that it is very important in relationship. If *** is bad then there is no future for two people. A man begins to look for a woman who will give him everything he wants. Do you agree with me?
So, I am the woman who is trying to please a man (but the one) in all aspects. I am not a shy woman in a bad and I like making love with my bellowed. I like it happen often and I prefer to discuss with my partner everything concerning ***: how he likes, when, where, how often, if I do something wrong he should tell me about it and so on. I want the same from my partner, I want him to ask me how and what. It is very important I think. And what is your opinion, dear? I can be different: sometimes kind and tender, sometimes crazy and wild+ everything depends on my mood. And what can you say about you? Can you say that you are a tender lover? I am waiting for your answers impatiently and I hope that I haven't frightened you with such topic. I just think that we should discuss it as we want to have future together. You know, I begin to think about you every minute+ Miss and kiss you,
Masha. P.s Honey,i love your photos and your grand children,fantastic-photo,thank you my love!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Jose!!! I just wanted to write you a small message and to tell that I can't stop thinking of you!! You are constantly in my thought and dreams!! I miss you and I can't stop doing it+ I hope that you are fine and great!! Thank you very much for your letter!! I enjoy reading it!!
Darling, it is pity that I can't write a long letter to you today as my situation with money is bad and today I have much tasks at my work!! So, I need to hurry to work!! I wish you could be by my side!! I wish I could see your eyes and touch your hand+ I wish I could feel your lips+ I have never though that it is possible to fell in love through letters+ It is so strange. Sorry, honey, but I have to go. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. A lot of kisses, yours Masha.
Letter 3
Hello my darling Jose!! Oh, I am in such a despair!! I don't know what to do!!
Honey, today boss told me that I don't get a salary for this month!!
This is because of the economic crisis!! I am lost+ I don't know what to do!! My dearest Jose, my mood is so low, that I can't do anything!!
I am not afraid for me and my family, I know that we will go through this somehow!! I just afraid to lost you!! I don't want to lose contact with you!! I need you and I need your letters, but now, I can't pay for our correspondence!! The situation is very critical, I just simply have no money for this.
Darling Jose, I understand that maybe with this question I will cancel everything we have reached!! But, I hope you will understand me and my situation!! I just don't see another solution!!
Jose, can you help me with correspondence this time? Can you support me? I believe in you and I have no doubt in you, of course, if all your words were frank and honest!! I hope, that this problem is not for a long time and when the situation with my salary will improve and I can pay of our correspondents.
Dear, can you help me this difficult period? Please, I just so much afraid to lose you+ You know, I need you and your letters!! I believe that we have future together!! I feel myself with you like an open book,.. at first time in my life I don't need to hide from you anything: my emotions, feelings, generally who I am+ I need you Jose!!! I hope that you are a real man and that you will understand me and won't leave right now. With all my love to you, Masha. P.S. HONEY, I HOPE YOU FIND ROOM IN YOUR HEART FOR ME???? I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON BUT I WILL BE PATIENT.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jose!!

Darling, thank you very much for your letter!! I am so happy that you didn’t leave me alone with the problem! You are a real man and I am so proud that I have met you here!!

Jose, thank you very much for your wish to help!! You know, the situation is very bad now and I can’t pay for correspondence anymore. But, I don’t want to lose you, as I really feel that we may have a future together!! I have some special feelings to you and I want to communicate with you to know you better and one day to meet. What do you think about it?
Jose my salary is 200$ per month. And this is a very little sum of money!! I even can’t afford to buy something for myself. But I don’t complain, I like my work and I know what for I do this. But now the situation with salary get worse, I won’t receive it this month I will need to wait till the next one. So, that is why I need to save on everything: food, clothes, toys for Ivan, and our correspondence, I can’t afford it now. I asked you to help me financially, to support this month, and when my salary will stable I will return your money if you insist on this. What will you say?

My dear Jose, if you want to help me with the payment for the correspondence, One letter costs $5. To translate 10 letters -50 $, for 20 letters -100$.
They also provide unlimited service of the correspondence :
One month unlimited correspondence costs -$200. It means that we can write unlimited number of the letters every day, 10 or even 100 letter and moreover, it includes the cost for scanning unlimited quantity of photos.
How you can send a money to me? Here is the answer.
Today I have been to the bank!! The manager said that Western union or Money Gram is the fastest and the safest way for money transfer
You would need my address

My first name: Masha
My last name: Makarenko
Country : Ukraine
City: Donetsk
My address: Kirova str.7/65

and I would need to know Control Number and my passport to get the transfer in the bank, 15 minutes later after you have sent. You can use web sites in order to avoid long Q's in the banks. or

Darling Jose, of course, you don’t have to help me with this, as it is only my problem and I want you to understand me in a right way: I am not pushing on you or require something from you. I just too much afraid to lose a contact with you…

Ok, Jose, I will stop here, I will be waiting for your answer.
Kisses, Masha.
Letter 5
love you my Jose,i kiss you my angel!!!!!!!!!!
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