Scam letter(s) from Joy Barry to Mark (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my love how afe you doing today..i hope you are ding great there as for me i'm cool and so lonely here...honey i'm getting faulstrated with everybody here.....trying to ask me out i just want to tell you that if any harm should happen to me its not my fault at all cox i'm really doing everything possible to get out of here to you coz i know comming to you will be the only place safe for my love i dont really know how you have it in mind to get me out of here but as for me i'm very eager to come to you....................i juat cant wait to be in your loving ams..............I LOVE YOU for so much........i'm worried that you are not steaking to our deal my love about you talking to me everyday after you dailly activities there........i'm not happy about this about coz everything is just so bored to me here......hope to hear from you real soon...................
Letter 2
honey happy sunday..........i just want to tell you how much i'm missing you here............i want you to know that the love i have for you are real....but here are to opportunity for me to proove them to you how i wish i have........please i'm very sorry for all have cost you i want you to know that i never love you because of money but for that you had a beauty heart to me and you have always been honest with i wish i'm there with you...i love you and your heart feels i do.
Letter 3
hi mark...............i want to thank you for all you have done for me right from the day we met.......i never knew you could do like this by posting such comment that i'm a scamma but know what...fuck you fucking old fool....if i where you i will call the police give them all my details and ell them to come and arrest me here...then may be this will get me out of here.............i'm highly disappointed in you.....PLEASE I NEED TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU WHEN I CAN BE ARRESTED AND BRING DOWN THERE TO YOU.........
Letter 4

Hello my love i hope you had a lovely day as for me i'm cool anbd lonelly here......honey i'm very surpprise at what you wrote to my guest comments..the fact is that you are making me to cry at the moment making me to think that you have ruine my life you want everybody to hate me and look likie evil in the eyes of the world...honey please why will you do this to coz i dont think i deserve it from you coz i believe its only you that know all my secretes,talking about my family baground how i loose my parents,how i cant find grandma all this while,the problems with my goods my loneliness..many danger that do come on my ways like people that try to ken treated me when i was with him in and so also my rest problems which is very obvious that some i have are becuase i love you and will do everything as well to be with youso i dont believe you can disgrace me out there...please my love if its all you have spent for me that is making you piss at me i will not mind to pay them back to you but we are going to sit down together to sort this out with lawyers and i agree for the date i will refound them all to you.......BUT what will make me to be very disappointed in you is that you lied to me that you love me and you want to have sex with me and aberdon me,you played with my emotions...i do really appreciate all your effort when i was in problems and you sort out for me......i do love you to reply t this my mail so we can both be cleared to eachother if nothing is inbetween us again and that if we going to have the agreement of refounding all you gave me to you on a particular date........why do you make me to love you when you know you bare going to be playing with my emotions???????????
Letter 5
Go'day mark...........i'm still so surpprise that you can act like this ...i want you to remember that this was not how we both planed it at least if you dont want me anymore you should have just come tell me so i can understand instead of terminating my image out there....this is not good mark because of all that you helped m...but i will appreciate alots if you can please come on line or better still expalin to me by mailing me why you did this to me coz yu never sound bad during our last conversation all you told me was to councile the legalisation and prepear to come to you hoping that you are going to be taking care of everything for m,e when i get to you or even follow back here some day after we must have been like you do know that i'm ready and willingly to coe to you if i got my flight reschedule or better get another promise to do this to me so i can come to you but i didnt here from you any more....the fact that i want to now is to ask you if have offended you in any way please for god sake tell me so i can appologise to you but i want you to also know that no huma being is perfect coz all i tried to do then was to secure our future..... coz i'm not in any good mood and condition here only if you want to pay the love i have for you back by making me to sterve to death here that you are not going to do anything to get me out of here....Mark i still lve you no matter what it takes i'm using this opportunity to plead to you once more to assist me with the 1000gbp you promise to give to me so i can get out of here........i do hope to read from you soon....please do reply.....Yours Joy
Letter 6
Hello mark........How can i just let you walk away like that without a trace....i believe you are the only one that know all my secretes and many more i wish i can just make you turn around there and make you cry inside.....i cant just understand al;l this is happening now to me it now look like you are worsening my sorrow and hard time....please please please have mercy on me just for once if i have offeneded you in any way coz i'm not happy with the life i'm living all alone here all day and night...........i know you are really agree and piss off that i'm not with you right at the moment coz you need me badlly and as i can see that you are really getting out of annoyance please take it easy and never give up coz here comes the time i made up my mind of coming since you told me you are going to be assisting me with my father inheritance coz you are already 40......hoping that we can even come together here someday.....honey please dont let me sterve to death please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the reason that you truelly love me help i can come start a new life with you..................i'm very sorry i miss you on line today.......i'm still hoping and very eager to hear from you...............thanks for your understanding...Yours Joy
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