Scam letter(s) from Maria to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon Michael .
To me it is very pleasant, to receive your answer Michael .
I wish to tell about myself at once. I live in the country of Russia, in city Saratov.
To me 31 year. But I am still lonely.
I search for serious relations to create a good family and it now costs at me on the first place in my life.
Answer my questions:
1. Three important qualities, between favourite people.?
2. What do you think of age, between two favourite people?
For me the age, between people who love the friend to the friend does not matter. Important for me, mutual understanding, sincerity and honesty. From these qualities, there are other feelings, this trust and fidelity. Such family always will be happy.
I hope, that our correspondence will go further if you really search for serious relations.
I wish to wish you the most good and perfectly day. I love when people smile also itself I like to smile. I will wait also your questions, and with pleasure I will answer you.
I send you a photo, let it gives to you warmly.
Letter 2
Hello Michael ,
It is very pleasant to receive from you news.
Now I have enough free time, and I write you this letter.
At leisure, I will see off in a circle of friends. But time I there is more I like to spend houses.
I do not use drugs and tobacco. On holidays, I drink only white wine. I do not drink in considerable quantities. Alcohol results when to good, because of alcohol people bring only many problems in the life. I do not love people who solve the problems and wish to be forgotten, by means of alcohol. We do our destiny, not how someone wants it, and we do her and the acts.
On holidays I like to invite always, the friends and to be the good mistress of the house. My favourite holidays, it is my birthday on September, 25th and this year to me 31 year will be executed. New year and Christmas - These holidays as you know, are spent in a circle of a family and the your congenial souls.
I like to prepare a sweet pie, tasty salads, "the Herring under the Fur coat", "Winter salad".
From hot I like to prepare, "meat in a garnish", "a potato in French".
My favourite kitchen, is French, Russian and Italian.
Of my family makes, my mum. My mum lives separately from me.
I send you a photo.
I work as the doctor the stomatologist. I love the work.
Let your life, all turns out also all is carried out, that you will wish yourselves.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Michael!
I am again glad to see your letter.
You became very interesting to me, and dialogue with you gives me sense in a life every day.
I wish to tell to you more about me, and I will speak more about me directly in the letter.
If you have questions, be not afraid to ask them me, I will answer them with pleasure.
Michael, I would like to tell to you about my parents and friends.
I live separately from mum, her name - Marina. To it - 52 years, it - works over school as bookkipper.
My father a name - Vladimir. He lives with mum together.
I have native sister, her name - Alena.
Also I have many girlfriends, washing the best girlfriend a name - Ekaterina.
We often meet it, and we go together to shops and at theatres, museums and at cinema.
I yet to whom did not speak about that that we have got acquainted with you. I think it is not necessary to hasten with it.
It would be very interesting to me to learn about your family and about your friends.
Also it was very interesting to me to learn about you even more, and I ask, whether there will be in you time, to answer some my questions.
How you like to spend a free time? In how many, you work? In what days you have a free day from work?
I work six days in a week except for Sunday.
But I will try to write to you every day if I cannot write to you, I will write to you about it in advance.
On it I should finish this letter. Also I will be glad to receive your answer.
With best regards Mariya.
Letter 4

Hello Michael .
You know, when I open your letter, in me the desire to learn you more and better burns. Thanks for your kind words.
I just communicated with mum on kitchen, in a preparation time soup - "Russian borsch". Probably you heard about such dish?
During our dialogue with mum, I have informed on you Michael . I have informed mum, that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet, for intentions of serious relations. She has been certainly surprised, that that I have got acquainted with the foreign man and not from Russia. I to mum have told, that I think of you Michael . In that that you mutually concern finding the serious girl, for serious relations.
My parents have got acquainted during travel, in a city of Sochi. Then mum was 24 years old, and the father was 27 years old. A year later my parents have celebrated a wedding and then I was born. My mum worked, the director of a kindergarten and now it works as the librarian.
My mum, wants that at me all was good and wishes me to find in you the man necessary to me. It sends you regards.
I should attempt and on these lines, wish you to spend time well.
Letter 5
Hello Michael .
Today for me day was the most considerable as I passed examinations for a driving licence. To me it was hard to pass examinations, for the driver. But the diligence, I everything, have handed over well. In the beginning I handed over the theory, on the computer. Then, after the theory, I handed over practice of driving of the car on a city. I so am glad that, all has passed well. I have no car. But I can use the car, my good girlfriend.
I like to know a lot of useful to the life as I think, that it is obligatory to be useful in a life! Now in my life there is one purpose, this creation of a family. To find in you the responsible man having experience by a life. I do not wish to be mistaken in you and I see in you, the pleasant and correct man. To learn you it is good, that at us should what not understanding in a life when we will be with you together. You understand me Michael ?
Me pleases, that in my life there is good to me a work where I can pleasantly spend time. But I understood in a life, that me does not suffice, especial dialogue and feelings, with the person with whom I wish to divide the life.
I need to finish urgently this letter because I need to finish washing and cleaning. I will wait for your fast reply.
I wish you, good day Michael .
Letter 6
Hello Michael .
I hope, that you feel perfectly.
I never thought before it special feeling and communication which I have now, could be in a real life, I only dreamt of it. You know, several years ago when I read beautiful histories about love and friendship in books, I dreamt, that there can be once something unusual, and remarkable happens with me. I always dreamt about very romantic relations. I in a shower the romanticist and so I write to poetry. In the following letter I necessarily will write something for you Michael If you not against.
Now I the adult girl also understand that in a life probably everything, that dreams are carried out. You are pleasant to me and it is interesting to me to correspond with you. Your words give me additional oxygen in which I require for a life. To me it is good, when I see your letter.
Michael , I estimate your interest and care, it is very important for me.. You cannot even imagine on how many! Yesterday before a dream, I thought of you when I think, that you will disappear also everything, that it only will disappear like dream. I do not wish to feel again a pain and I wish to feel reciprocity and understanding, from you Michael . I have really become attached to you Michael .
I would like to write and write - you that man to whom I can tell everything, divide all my thoughts, and I know, that you will understand me.
I write you it from my pure heart, I felt like millions good words, are locked in my heart, and only you were capable to find, that a key to it so that I have opened my heart and soul for you and all my tenderness, left now. You do me very joyful, forcing me to smile and enjoy a life. These are my thoughts in a head and those feelings which at me exist now.
My mum, sends you regards. Today my mum, has baked a house pie, she loves the sweet. I too love sweet and I love most of all it is white chocolate.
You love the sweet?
I like to eat white chocolate with white wine. But I drink in small quantity.
I finish my letter now, and I with impatience will wait for your following letter very impatiently!!!
Let all at you will be good Michael .
Letter 7
Hello Michael.
How are you? Let at you all will be fine.
Today I went for a drive on the car, my girlfriend. I will study more well, to drive the car. To study in ****** possibilities car driving on a city. Sometimes it is just necessary to drive the car and to study better. To drive the car, to have the experience. It will be final with me nearby my girlfriend and to insure my knowledge, car driving on a city. I am afraid to drive at present the car if with me there is no nearby someone. Therefore I should develop the fear not to be afraid and in the future it is easy to operate, the car of one. :) I went for a drive about two hours and I very much liked to go for a drive on a city. I still will go for a drive one of these days.
Than you were engaged today?
I as went shopping today, bought some things for myself.
The most good and most best day, give my warm a greeting to your native people.
I should go, I need to be engaged in washing still.
I think of you Michael.
Letter 8
Hello Michael.
I'm fine, day has stood out for me fine and joyful mood. If you saw my smile you really would understand that, your words in the letter bring to me much, for my day.
I wish to tell to you, that today I had an impressionable day. I wish to name, that this day was a holiday. Today there was an anniversary, schools where I studied. Why anniversary as to school 50 years were executed exactly. On this holiday, Anniversary of school there are all schoolmates who studied at this school. I have met schoolmates today at this school, in many years.
At me now so beautiful emotions and me simply it would be desirable to tell to you Michael. I thought that this day, I will see all schoolmates. But on a meeting of schoolmates, have come not all. But for me it was all the same pleasant to see a part of children, my schoolmates. Was so much many questions each other and so much impressions when we were glad to see each other. I asked all schoolmates, about a family, about work, about a life. I as have learnt, that many who could not arrive on a meeting this day, they live abroad, USA, Germany, the Great Britain. Probably, they simply did not know, that today a holiday at school or are simply very occupied... We have spent cheerfully time and have left this day, it is a lot of memoirs. I do not know, whether there are at you such meetings when Birthday at school is executed?
After that holiday, we promised with schoolmates, that we as will meet in 10 years when to school 60 years will be executed. It was sad, to leave schoolmates. But knowing, that we again will meet, to me it was easy. The life should rejoice always even if something did not leave. It is not necessary to relax and it is not necessary to think of the past, it is necessary to think of the future.
This letter will really bring you in the past and you will appear in pleasure. You will think about happy and joyful instants. Listening to a beautiful song and for a minute to leave in last memoirs.
Tell to me Michael. I have given you memoirs on your past?
Here I should, finish the lines and tell to you, good and good memoirs.
I think of you Michael.
Letter 9
Hello Michael .
Again and again. It is pleasant to me to receive your news Michael .
When I thought of you and waited for your new news, with a smile. My feelings interests grow on many more than were earlier. Last night I had many thoughts on you and dreams near to you as we sit at a burning fireplace and we listen to beautiful music. We say about everything, that it is interesting to us to learn about each other, we are thrown by warm, ticklish words and we concern is ticklish each other. We joke and we smile, understanding as we like each other. You have already understood more likely that I like to dream and represent the dreams, more romantic conditions. Yes, I like to dream and have sweet imaginations. Sometimes it is just necessary on to dream, that the head had a rest.
Road Michael ,I wish to tell more in this letter, about you as in my life you became interesting and pleasant to me the man and I would like to know more you, it is more to speak about us, to concern about a life of experience of love.
Today I spoke with girlfriend Ekaterina what I start to become attached to you. Now in my head one thoughts only about you turn, I would like to speak more and it would be desirable to spend time with you more.
My ticklish Michael , allow me so to name you? The word "Ticklish", is meant, bringing pleasure, your words as if concern me and bring remarkable mood. Thanks you, that you are has appeared in my life.
To me one is sad only, that I cannot concern you now and between us the big distance. I know that in dialogue in a reality, the person learns the person better.
In you I see the serious man Michael ,you became for me the person with whom I would like to see our relations. These are words which I should transfer you, from my heart which fights in my ******.
I wish you the most joyful and secret, let all at you will be good. As it would be desirable to be valid now only in your embraces mmmmmmm... I dream :).
Have good day, mine Michael !
Letter 10
Hello Michael .
I am really grateful to everything, that have got acquainted with you. After all I wanted for a long time, the nobility of such person who will be pleasant and desired for me. To feel to it, such feelings which I wished to feel for a long time. And such feelings, at me are shown by each days, to you Michael I do not know, how to you to explain, that I have feelings to you, but probably it is first signs, love.
Each time when I listen to any beautiful and slow composition, my thoughts in a head come only about you. I like to dream and dream, I like to imagine something fantastic, where we with you together. We sit with you on a roof of our house in warm embraces, in a place in the evening. We admire, all beauty of the nature. We listen to each rustle, in an environment us animals, birds and insects. Looking at the pure night sky, all the covered bright stars, as sparks from a burning fireplace. We speak about constellation, the big and small she-bear and about other many listed constellations. We joke and we smile, both we dream, where we would like to be, where there was no person on this planet. In warm embraces, we merge the gentle and passionate kisses. We would like most of all that this evening was long and always to feel your sweet taste of lips. To hear and feel every instant, beautiful words and your touches of hands, my body. After all in a life so a lot of fine and so it is a lot of heat when you feel that you favourite and desired the favourite person. I at present would like all more, that you have been reflected in my mirror, instead of my image. To see your fine smile in image and we could speak.
That you were my water that I could feel your touches of my tender face and a beautiful body.
That you were my night pillow and night a blanket, to embrace you and me were not cold, as you bring heat to my body.
I would like, that you were each my thing, as to me Michael !
I know Michael ,reading my words in the letter, you dream and really wish to be that thing which I named also which I I want, that you were. What do you think?
Today I studied on the Internet, news of Russia and have casually found the address. I very much liked also I it very much loved.
There there will be a beautiful flower "the Red Rose", you only should drive the mouse and you will see so beautiful phenomenon of different hearts.
Tell to me about the impressions Michael it is pleasant to you?
I as wish to write you a verse which was is taken by my thoughts for two days. "A casual meeting" Life! Send to me a casual meeting,
Make not a possible coil,
That his hands on shoulders have laid down -
As if a hot down scarf.
What gesture, childly, not rough,
As breath of the southern seas,
Rough lips have touched...
Time, for set of winters - warm!
That once, at noisy station,
Radiating tender light,
To me its eyes have told so much...
That you will not tell for one thousand years!
That the earth from under feet left...
There, where there will be our ways,
That this minute would suffice -
On not an easy life ahead! I think of you and I have decided you to please and bring today something to you warmly to your heart. If behind your window, there will be a sun, and beams will get to you into a window. It, will be I, Mariya.
I will love, bring to you warmly.
Important for me that you smiled and brought same heat to the surrounding people.
The happiness and good to you Michael , let all at you to be carried out during fast time.
Let all at you will be good. Michael .
Letter 11
Hello my pleasure Michael .
How are you?
I am very glad to receive your news, and they do me so perfectly. You in a condition to bring good feelings in due time. Thanks you Michael .
To me it is very pleasant, that you understand me and my feelings for you.
Dear Michael ,I understand, that it is difficult to love the person whom you at all did not see and never actually.
I think, it actually you the same person, the same as in letters.
Today in us mum took place long dialogue about you Michael ,she has asked me about distance between you.
Mum offers, it, acquaintance has passed to more real. She wants it, I have met you Michael .
As, she does not trust serious relations to the valid world. Mum seriously concerns to it ours acquaintance,
Was in the real world. Michael .I think, which we should meet. I wish to understand, which I feel to you actually.
Though I can tell, that I am convinced, that my feelings increase every day. It is necessary for us to meet, and our meeting is obligatory.
I think, it also is necessary for you to see me. I know, that you want it.
I understand it because in letters it is difficult to express feelings in the person.
I write to you, all my heart and my words are sincere to you. I am convinced, that when we will meet, I can tell to you eyes about all,
That I write to you in my letters.
I think of you Michael every day. I would like to concern your hand and to be assured, that you is close to me. But I can calm me,
Thoughts on you while it is not present. To be in your warm embraces and to sit on your brave knees. I really would like,
It to execute right now.
I have questions, for you, and my mum is interested very persistently...
It is final my mother, should know about all information on our meeting and living me, that she did not worry for me.
- Write me the address of the house and telephone number of contact?
- What name of hotel in your city? (Or I will remain in your house?)
- What is it necessary for me to take from things?
- With whom you are going to meet me at the airport?
My solar Michael I will wait for your full answers to my questions.
My thoughts are left for limits, you Michael .
I thank all who has acquainted me with you Michael .
You give me positive energy in my life.
Mum transfers you warm and parental embrace.
I wish you kind and bright day.
Your pleasure Mariya

Letter 12
Hello my solar Michael .
Again and again, I read your letter, and your words bring to me especial day. Your words bring heat and fine feelings, for my mood. Thanks you, that you give me such feelings.
I think all time as we will spend time when we will be in a place. To me comes to many beautiful thoughts mind and me from these thoughts well. I think of both of us in each afternoon. Michael . I wish to learn from you.
- What name of your airport?
- You have a videocamera? (To remove our meeting and to show to the native people). My mum would like to see video, our beautiful and unforgettable meeting. Also can see this meeting, many native people round us and in the future look through it in a place in embraces the friend to the friend, recollect our meeting. It is good thought to remove our meeting and this thought to me my mum has given.
- What plans in the first day of our meeting will be?
I wish to get acquainted with your close people first of all. To go with you on your favourite place where you like to spend time. To sit with you and to learn about us. It is necessary simply that we have retired that we have strengthened our common language and our interests in a life on the future. You agree with me Michael ?
Tomorrow with mum we will learn, all about necessity for travel. Mum and the grandmother are glad for me and are glad for you, that we have found the friend to the friend. You trust in destiny? Thanks to the Internet, we have got acquainted with you on such big distance. I did not represent earlier, that I will find the destiny through the Internet, and I thank all who has created such thing the virtual world. It as a fairy tale and me is so pleasant, that you are Michael in my life. And to be with you nearby, it will be inexplicable feelings of pleasure. I wished to feel for a long time happy, and I feel, that this day soon will come also who cannot separate us any more. I will make everything that at all of us it was good, and we were happy. That we there is nothing did not require. I very hardworking person and I do not like to sit without business. To do by our house cosy, pure and it is full pleasure of our family.
I feel in you the good man, and I do not wish to be mistaken in you. In letters you said about much, that it is pleasant to me. It is your confidence, responsibility and interest of a life. Give we will carry out our dreams which we wished to carry out.
I smile for you Michael .I wish to see each time you happy near to me and the sea of smiles. You for me meaning of the life, I will live only for the sake of you and ours happiness.
Now I need to finish this letter, I am am waited by my girlfriend Ekaterina. My help is necessary to it, to sit with its child.
I wish you the most good day.
Take care Michael .
Yours Mariya
Letter 13
Hello my beloved Michael !
If you knew, that your words for me mean, it is pleasure for me in my day and very much I like to receive your news.
Today my day was fine. I have risen since the morning, have made for myself hot and fragrant tea with a lemon. Then I began to do morning warm-up that in this day on to feel much better and more joyful. After I has taken a shower and it was tidied up on apartment. I have made a breakfast since morning: "the MORNING SANDWICH". Today when I made this breakfast, I really wished to prepare for you, to make your favourite breakfast Michael
After a breakfast we with mum wished to learn all concerning travel to Travel agency. But the Travel agency has been closed on technical circumstances. Today I have learnt nothing with mum, and I will go with mum to learn about all information of travel tomorrow. After that I have seen off mum to its girlfriend. And I have then come to girlfriend Ekaterina, she to offer me, to drive its car.
I went for a drive on the car, and Ekaterina was near to me. We went for a drive on a city, and to me it was very pleasant, to drive the car.
About everyone an instant I think, I represent, as we spend time with you, you become to me very much, necessary, and I would like, that you were near to me during fast time. Certainly, we should have patience, but distance it brings so much a lot of separation and loneliness.
I more or less happy person. But, for my full happiness, it is necessary to realise all sense of the existence, to live a life, to have a favourite family, the husband and children. To live for someone and to be the favourite person. When you divide all sorrows and misfortunes together with relatives the joyful moments, it also happiness. And it is not important, that others will tell to you, after all for you this happiness. It is not important, that in a family there are problems, and it is necessary solve them. But, this happiness because they dare together and in consent. Happiness, this good spiritual condition at which it is pleasant to understand all meaning of the life. Yes, there are misfortunes, but, from it not to leave. The life is, that you are not ready to it and do not wait. It is a life, it is necessary to avoid the bad moments, and to find good which will console a difficult minute. The main thing, never to surrender. The god has given a life to the person why it should **** possibility to live perfectly. It is necessary to aspire to improve a life.
Already evening and me it is necessary, to be going to sleep.
I wish you most, kind and desired, that myself will wish. Have good day, my love Michael .
Yours always and your desired Mariya
Letter 14
Hello my beloved Michael .
Again your letter brings to me especial mood, pleasure, thoughts on you and only good mood. Thanks you, that you are Michael .
I am not much tired also me drives to sleep. I feel tired, after today.
I with mum since morning moved to Agency and have staid about two hours to wait the turn. Was so much many clients, and all wish to travel abroad.
We with mum thoroughly asked, about travel to you Michael . Now I wish to paint to you all that you have understood me.
- I need to collect, first, all my housing and on work documents. I can collect these documents within three working days.
- For travel registration, I need to make following papers that me have admitted to fall outside the limits Russia. Following documents abroad are necessary for travel:
- The international passport.
- The tourist Visa (period of validity which makes no more than 90 days)
- To pass physical examination, and will receive "the Medical certificate" on a condition of my health.
These are the important documents which to me need to be had for travel to you Michael .
Road Michael . I think, that we should wait time, for an opportunity that I could issue all it. All cost of official registration of papers to manage 430 Euros. For this purpose I need to save money and I think, that I can have only such sum to the following of 2010 in the summer.
After Travel agency, we with mum long thought over tea how to find the decision, to be with you during fast time. But we could not find, this decision.
Mum wished to take money which it saved from the pension. But, it would remain then without anything. Now hard times and crisis of all has concerned on work, under the salary and also pensioners. The salary detain, and I cannot leave mum without money, for residing with the grandmother.
My salary on work leaves 250 Euros, from this money I pay tax 110 Euros. I, of course, try to save money from my salary, but I still should buy cosmetics necessary for me and other female accessories to maintenance of my beauty.
My sun Michael .I ask you not to long and not to mourn, I think, that all will manage. I do not have exit from situations, and we should wait, while I will not have this sum of money. Certainly, me it is sad, but I cannot make anything to have such sum of money of fast time.
Mum transfers you parental embrace and also apologises, that it cannot while to help me, for our happiness Michael .
I think, about you Michael and me really there is no you nearby. I would like to appear your warm embraces now, observing for a beautiful decline and sunrise. I wish you only kindest and good mine Michael let at you all dreams which you want are carried out. I only want, that you did not cease to write to me and did not forget me. Your words, it for me meaning of the life. After all since first day of our acquaintance I have felt in you a part of native me. You always in my thoughts, 24 hours a day. Only you bring to me especial feelings of pleasure for my day and mood.
My darling Michael .I am really tired also to me it is necessary urgent rest of a dream. Take care and know, that in a life there is that person who thinks of you and you are necessary is I your love Mariya.
Letter 15
Hello my smile Michael .
How - you today? Well here, I only grieve without you much.
Weather is good, but it is a little colder today than it, was yesterday. But warmth of your heart holds me warm:) Michael . words which can express a way which I feel to you, the inspiration arrives each time to me:) and I have made a poem for you again Michael . I hope, that you will love it! You have presented to me the romanticism and poetry and I wish to devote to you Michael . The name: "To be with you and to be you". How many You mean for me, my beloved,
That I do not want anybody nearby,
Only I and You - my party
It is a way which I feel inside! Emptiness in heart it is lonely
You have filled it with your special way!
The sun brings light in heavens
And I see you my closed eyes. Thanks for were in my life,
I think, that I wish to be your beloved;)
To divide grieves and pleasures,
I am so happy to be your choice! I know, that we should meet
And it feels, happen soon really!
And now everything, I dream - of you Michael .
I hope, what you feel fine, whether not so :)? I have made it only for you. As you are very important for me, really. All these words from my kind and pure, enamoured heart to you.
You know, Michael . I go to the house of my girlfriend Olesya today. I have shared words about verses with it, and it me was glad. See, how successful we should have each other. There is only one thing which leave while, it is our meeting. It will be the best instant.
You became my meaning of the life and I continue to live, only to be with you. To me who is not necessary, except you and I want that our dreams were carried out fast time.
Mum feels well and it sends you regards. Now it on a visit at the girlfriend.
I wish you and all your surrounding people, health and good luck, fine the mood and is a lot of pleasures.
Whole gently and warmly you I embrace.
Letter 16
Hello Michael .
In this letter I wish to discuss our relation.
I thought today big time and thought of you Michael . I do not know from what to begin our conversation?! But I will try to state all on regiments and to make so that you was not afflicted on me.
The matter is that, I rise every morning and in my thoughts at once you Michael . I each time in hope, that I nevertheless will meet you, but such feeling about hope, ruins me and I become sometimes nervous. I do not know that occurs to me? But it is necessary for us to solve something. I very sensitive both emotional girl. And my love to you Michael , shows that that I feel. I am afraid to waste time which already then not to return.
You well know, that for me now it is impossible, to come to you because I do not have such possibility. All my money from the salary, leaves on residing. I know, that to you also it also is not easy it is necessary to have patience. But with feelings I cannot operate.
What to us to do Michael ?
Year of expectation of our meeting it is very difficult.
I am afraid to lose the feelings to you for this big time interval.
I always speak you the truth. Also I do not wish you to deceive. It is a life.
I have understood what to love very hard only under letters. Real relations are for this purpose necessary,
And first of all ours with you a meeting.
But as I understand you do not wish to influence my arrival to you.
As I am not capable to pay my arrival to you this year.
But to wait for summer of 2010, It is very heavy for my feelings.
You the good man, you like me. M not with you it is good.
But time which it is necessary to wait simply kills me.
I hope that you will find to yourselves the worthy woman who can pay
All expenses itself. But it not in my forces to make it now.
If you think on another, we could discuss it by phone.
And to come to the general opinion.
And to meet you it is ready in the near future.
I will wait for your fast reply.
Your girlfriend Mariya.
Letter 17
Hello my dear and my love Michael.
Today I went to travel agency that will specify many questions with the agent which to be engaged in my arrival to you.
He has told that will do documents for my arrival when I will pay to it money for it 600-620 USD. I have explained to it that I have no money. Also has explained it all situation. I have told that my future husband will pay for me from abroad money. He has suggested me to make at once all simply and without superfluous red tape of papers for me.
You will send money addressed to the tourist agent.
Its full name - Vladimir Ortin.
As soon as you will make a remittance through western union. You will tell to me about it. And I will inform the agent the necessary information for reception of money. And as soon as it will receive money, it will start at once to legalise papers, to my arrival to you. I hope that you will make a remittance in the near future, and we at last will meet you. I hope to receive a fast reply from you my love.
I am gentle kisses you in your gentle lips. Your girlfriend and future wife Mariya.
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Name: Lisa Smith
Age: 27
Name: Olga Nikolaevna Zinenko
Age: 36
Name: Julia Asakasinskaya
Age: 27
Name: Elena Nosova
Age: 28
Name: Elena Nosova
Age: 28
Name: Elena Niminushchaya
Age: 24
Name: Janet
Age: 29
Name: Alena Ageeva
Age: 26
Name: Olu Soola Tian
Age: 28
Name: Amata Harani
Age: 51