Scam letter(s) from Elena Zaytseva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my name is Elena. To me it was very pleasant that you have paid to me attention. To me of 30 years I work as the manager in one of restaurants of our city. I live in Russia in the city of Cheboksary. I live together with mum. What is your trade? how old are you? Whether there are at you children? It will be very pleasant to me to learn about you more, further we can probably create a normal happy family. I spend a lot of time in dreams in which I see the house and children with the loving husband. I already wish find for a long time that person which can to give me all it, I consider that people should not are afraid to build the relations and aspires to it.
I have addressed in agency to find to myself the loved one as in Russia I consider that I will not find to myself the worthy person here a pier appreciate beauty and mind of the girl, I as expect to leave abroad there to work. I to it prepare, prepare for that to adjust for a long time the life, I think that abroad to make it on much easier. Our acquaintance because I will already go to another's country with understanding of that can help with it as that I will have there the friend with which, I can communicate to consult, and to hope on whose that the help. You can that person with which I will agree to build serious relations, I do not search for a long time already for flirtation or simply love games, I dream to have the high-grade family.
My most serious relations lasted from one persons from my city which proceeded within 3 years. All began very well flowers gifts and much another, I have been enamoured in it completely, I have simply lost a head. We have started to live with it together, it had a apartment in city centre. Our happiness proceeded 2 years, then he has started to drink often did not come home sometimes it there were no 2 or 3 days. Then I have learnt that it from Russian mafia, and he was engaged with what that in dangerous things about which it to me did not speak. In a consequence of these of all entertainments we with it began to swear it has started to beat me, I few times had to lay in hospital. I have started to understand that to our fairy tale the end has come, all my dreams have failed, and I have decided to leave from it. But it only has made my life even worse, he has started of me in pursuit, think out what that not clear histories that will meet me, and till now there is all it, I am already very tired from all it, it too one of the reasons to leave Russia.
Probably my dear friend you will understand me probably there are no, but my intentions in relation to you absolutely truthful, I am not going to flirt with you or to think out what that games, it not in my style. I the person constrained and always try to supervise myself. The truth sometimes to make it very difficult but it is necessary aspires to the purpose it is necessary to think of that that you have received the wished. You do not think my dear of that that I cry on you shoulder, I speak you all it that you have understood my condition, have understood my soul. I open it to you in hope that will change this condition, and all will satisfy me.
I think I can speak with you as with the person in which see the excellent friend on which I can will rely, with which I am already familiar for a long time, and in which I see the future husband. To me very much would wish to trust in that that my searches have come to an end and now I can tell that I have found that person, and that you became this person. Certainly to all the time, but I think that at a meeting it will be easier to us to learn each other.
On it the my dear friend I will finish the letter and I will look forward your fast reply with love yours Elena!!!
Letter 2
Hello the my dear friend. To me it is very pleasant that have answered my letter, I as am glad that you understand me. I think that you as pursue the aims which I wish to find, from that acquaintance which we have my dear. You for certain doubt present I or not, it is quite natural, I too would be afraid of it. It is very sad, that many people, trying to play feelings of other people, try to deceive them. I am final too not the ideal person but I consider that such games are very strongly reflected in feelings of people breaking it of heart and injure soul. It is very difficult to worry such moments. I appeared on this place when I was deceived by which that person I thought that I love, but there was all absolutely in another way. I cannot prove you the reality except as a photo or to send a copy of the passport, it can is not convincing but other way I yet have no. But I can assure you, that I have practicable plans to leave abroad and to build the future, I so am assured of it because I see as there lives my girlfriend who has left to Canada she has got acquainted through the Internet with this person, it has helped it to make everything that they could build the happiness and it was very beautiful, it showed to me a photo from their wedding it was so remarkably, me too have invited as the witness, I so was glad for it. And now they are fine live happily I have 2 children and the house.
Probably my dear ours with you correspondence will pass in very good relations. And we can construct our family and live happily. I hope, that your intentions to me serious, and we can carry out, make this all it real.
You have what plans about all it that you think to find the Russian wife, what do you think of Russian girls???? I think our destinies are in our hands and our happiness depends only on us. Whether as you think can our love will turn out, whether we with you can create our family, a happy family.? On it I will finish the letter my dear and I hope to see you with love yours Elena!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear to me it is very pleasant that we with you correspondence proceeds, and you still show to me interest and your intentions to me have not changed. I often think of that as I can suit the life with the person which I see only on a photo, but I understand that it only thoughts, it is very interesting and romantic to have such letters which lead to creation of new families, a birth of children and occurrence of happy people. Earlier many people yet there were no chambers found the destinies at all not seeing their photo, they built relations, and it it not how many did not stir. Certainly now it is a lot of deceit on the Internet, and it very strongly strikes on heart, these people who use kindness of these very badly I arrive also them it is necessary to punish strictly because the spiritual wounds are a trauma very deep and leaves the big scars which not when do not pass. I knew one girl who has got acquainted through the Internet with one foreign man I I do not remember with what it the country, but the fact that it has helped it to arrive to it, promised a fine life and a warm family, but it has appeared, so when it has arrived, they have gone to hotel for the night and while she slept, it has stolen at it the passport and all documents, men have come then what that and have taken away it. After it have brought to what that building held it locked up about one week then have resulted there where there were many girls which were engaged in prostitution, but it there had to spend not enough time then all of them have planted, and girls have sent home, but there there were girls which were in this house about 5 years.
You it is final Reggie. Can think that I deceive you, yes I am not capable to see you through the chamber, and to speak on the phone with you because I have with communications at home not which problems because there there is a repair, and I while should live not far from a city. You can consider me as the person capable to deceive, but after all I build the future in another's country, with the person which with me all life I will not need a fleeting adventure which will pass as a sad deposit on heart, I need to present the love and to be favourite, and I will try to be in earnest about it …
Now in general it is necessary to trust only to itself, but I cannot live constantly in such not trust it very difficult for me and very strongly exhausts morally. I think that you the person having serious intentions, and ready to begin will create the family in which to correct the husband, rest, love and mutual understanding. Whether as you consider people can define sincerity the person only under his letters? I think that it not difficult and if the person can correctly express the thoughts and feelings that it is quite real. After all to express the thought and furthermore feeling after all this whole art, art which demands special understanding, understanding of many moments and expressions and words. I think you with me agree, or you have the point of view, write me it please I with pleasure I will read it. Also it will be very interesting to me to read your intentions after it letters, whether at all intentions and the relation to me has exchanged it or remains same or on a turn you think of me that bad, I think better to speak about it directly than to hide it. I consider what to hide the relation to the person it also meanly as well as to deceive. Well here my dear on it I will finish the letter in hope that I will see your answer soon, with huge love yours Elena
Letter 4

Hello my favourite friend. I am very glad that we with you correspondence proceeds, I did not think that we can tighten our relations, but very much hoped for it, and my hopes were justified. I very much think that our relations will develop very promptly and we can shortly enjoy the friend the friend. We will see our persons to feel touches. And at last we can make that to what so aspired, we will create from ours it would seem usual relations, not the usual novel. This hope gives me many forces for this purpose not to stop to develop our relations, and to do all of them by more real. I as am full of determination to create the business in your country, and to deal, I think if I arrive to you that we together we can carry out it, I have some plans on restaurant business. I think that it is very good ideas and you can promote it I have money which will help me to begin, I specially have for this purpose made the account with a code which it is possible to activate only abroad, and it is impossible to make it in Russia.
I do not doubt that on arrival to you I can count on your support. Yes I not the rich girl which not in a condition independently to leave the country, but believe to me of that money which I have on the account to me quite will suffice to repay a debt for my trip. I consider that if our relations come far I can count on your support, for this purpose that I could arrive to you. But while I think early to think of it. I speak to you about it because I speak you it now that then you did not consider me as the person which tries to deceive you. My intentions in relation to you very fair. Certainly you have the right to doubt it, but whether already on the earth there are no people which it is possible to trust, whether already people start to lose all hopes of honesty of fidelity why all people see in the friend the friend only bad why people cannot simply love and enjoy that that it to whom that is necessary same so perfectly.
Whether favourite tell to me please already you you can tell that I try to deceive you, whether already I do not wish to be lucky enough with that person to which I write I waste time also money for the Internet, and all for the sake of what to deceive yes it silly. And it is not simply silly it brutally, it would be very a pity to me to spend time sitting for the computer to say lies to people, for this time I could help mum, wash, make a dinner, clean apartment and in general earn money for work. Believe to me the adult person favourite I which wishes to provide itself and the family having prospects on the future. I quite the businessman, and seriously concern all we any more small children to live dreams, ourselves do our dreams by a reality I think that you agree with me favourite. But also I certainly do not forget about love and romanticism though it and to concern to what that to dreams, but also without it it is impossible to live, it is just necessary to combine business with pleasure, and to see borders of it. I do not impose you the point of view I simply I want that you favourite have understood my purposes, and I have understood that I wish to achieve from ours with you relations, I directly linear person which like to speak about all directly, and likes to listen when speak in my address. If you favourite have what that opinion in this occasion, I with pleasure will read it and I will give you the answer.
On it favourite I will finish the letter favourite, but I very much look forward to hearing from you. With a hot kiss yours Elena.
Letter 5
hello my dear. To me it was very pleasant will receive from you a fast reply, I have read your letter and have understood that you very judicious person and adequately look at things.
As to my plans concerning restaurant you me has not correctly understood not much. That money which I took in bank, I took on very strict conditions. I can take this money only after granting plan business, and that only when it will be approved, experts of bank and to remove I to their smog only behind territory of Russia, I laid down such conditions at the conclusion of the contract with bank what to fence itself from not pleasant situations connected with unexpected necessity to spend them. And after I will make business the plan to me it will be necessary to send it to Russia and to wait when to me will authorise for removal of this money.
Concerning my visit to you I can tell, I am final not so well-founded girl capable without problems, to make such expensive trips, and I presume to arrive to myself to you but I will have here mum who will need to be left too what that the sum, and and at departure in USA it is necessary to have at itself 1000 dollars cash, and it too not small money and consequently it is not excluded that I can will address to you for the help, but from your words I have understood that you are not going to help me with my arrival to you, it basically your business and you to solve, but we have forgotten that we build our destinies instead of our purses which can quickly be blown off, after all money leave and the love remains my dear? Certainly at everyone the opinion in this respect, but my relation to money such, is final money it is well-being, but from for it many people were lost.
On it my favourite. I will finish the letter and with impatience I will wait from you for the answer with love yours Elena.
Letter 6
All clearly my dear friend you do not aspire to build the relation, you write for entertainment on my passport all is written well yes bad quality can but I will not be to you that to prove, you very critically to all have concerned all kind, but know I wait that you rethink all I wish good luck not much
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