Scam letter(s) from Daria Dasykus to Gavin (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin!
I have already said and will say many times, read your letters and know the world around you, great.
At the time of reading the letters get the feeling of my presence next to you. You write beautifully, allowing I submit and plunge into your life, in all that surrounds you a considerable role in this help me fine letters sent to you.
Gavin, In his letters to me about many things I want to write to you, but sometimes I forget something. In the last letter I wrote, I live in Russia, and his house had forgotten to write, now even a little ashamed sorry for my carelessness. My house is located in the village Medvedevo outside the city of Yoshkar Ola.
This is an urban village, very quiet, beautiful, secluded spot. Every day, the local bus, I go to town to work, and in the evening, after the working day, come back and enjoy our beautiful corner of nature.
Gavin, What are you doing any sports? What do you like it, can you have a hobby?
I have no hobbies, but I like to do all that I like, such as walking in the woods and gather mushrooms, berries.
Every night before bedtime, I make a run on fresh air. We can say this is my favorite sport.
Since childhood I love the water and comes once a week, go swimming, I am sorry not enough time to do it more often.
Yesterday was a hard working day, they brought a new batch of furniture that you want to check on the consignment note paper that takes a long time. I had to climb on the warehouse and check everything. After a busy working day jogging and evening I went to sleep sweet sleep, I saw a dream, and what I could not remember. You is it?
Are you dreaming? How was your day yesterday, what have you been?
Today went to pet shop. I''ve long been a dream to get home aquarium and create a beautiful, dikorativnyh fish.
I think they are the relaxation effect on the state of the organism, followed by wonderful to watch. Do you think Gavin?
I love all the exotic and do not know whom to start, and I really like parrots or rare species of cats.
But the more I want to fish. I would like to know your opinion, maybe you podskazhesh??
Do you have what some pets?
Now I go to bed late. Soon, you''ll go to bed.
So good night Gavin!!!
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