Scam letter(s) from Megarat Rolland to Stuart (Australia)

Letter 1
Well i just want to let you know this. I feel quit safe dealing with you in this important business via dating because it demands trust and love. Though, this medium (Internet) has been Greatly abused, I choose to reach you through it Because it still remains the fastest medium of Communication. However, this correspondence is Unofficial and private, and it should be treated as Such.I wanna let you know more about myself and also let you know the current situation of things where I am,i feel reluctant talking about this on here but i am trusting again, although I have been hurt and heart broken but I am never scared of falling in Love or trusting again cos I know that i will meet the right guy somehow,someday, somewhere at anytime...I am 34yr old, MY Dad worked with Oil Contractor in UK , Far East of Europe and Africa including some parts of Asia and Dubai. I worked with my father as his personal Auditor and we move around for his contracts whereever he is awarded.
My first boy friend, Brian Robbins, absconded with my dad's Money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in EAST london,UK. When my boy friend got absconded with the undisclosed sum of USdollars, this brought the first breakup between me and my dad, cos he thought, we had the deal together, but not knowing that I'm innocent about this.until my dad passed away.
Then when I perceived all his behaviors of his newly gotten wife, i decided to meet a friend in Dubai whom I and my Dad met during our stay there for a contract with Dubai.National.Petroleum.Company(D.N.P.C). I left because my step mom was treating me bad and I later got to know about a contract my late dad executed In Dubai.
so I came down to take up the money from the contract and intend getting the money over to the Australia and start a new life with a Man of my heart desire.
Now, I'm in need of your help, have gotten the enough money to run myself when I get to You, i want to come over to your end and stay with you till i can locate my Own place or we can both live as couple if our chemistry really match.
I don't want to live here anymore, you know I'm a foreigner here and it is absolutely dangerous for me here,so that is why i need your gesture assistance.How i want you to help me? I have some money, which I've gotten from an over invoiced Contract renumeration executed by my dad with some contractors, so I have taken up the money from the contractors( $2.7mil) The money couldnt bewired over to the Australia or U.K so for me to be more safe,
I put this money in a box and got it locked up with a security code known to me only, and I deposited the box with some of my travelling luggages with a Security and Insurance Company who render private diplomatic delivery service and i told them that the two boxes are my travelling luggage, which I want to send forth to Australia, then i paid them up their custody and security fee.
So, I want the boxes to be sent to you while i catch up with you as soon as it is been delivered to you . Every arrangement for the delivery is kinda perfect, I have obtained customs papers for private freight and there are seals on the box showing that it is a private delivery and check performed, it is free from customs checks, it will be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the security company,The boxes have security codes lock known to me only, so the Boxes cannot be opened on the Way of delivery to you.
I would love you to contact the security company so that you can make the Clearance from the Security Company as the Recipient of my Boxes. And once the box gets to you, I will be there with you, then we can open the box together or i will tell you the code to open it, so that you can arrange everything properly before my arrival, I am offering you 25% of the money Just to show appreciations. I know you don't need the 25% but i just want to show you that i really apprciated what you did for me and we can see what happen between the both of us, Stuart i know you are a kind person please i need your help right now
All i want is your trust and honesty
when you are done reading let me know
Letter 2
Stuart, I would like you to help me contact the security company where my boxes are is been called First City Insurance Company. Staurt before i go on here is MY Deposit Details. Deposit Details Deposit Number: GSC-O576-PLG45
Sort/Clearance Code: FIC-O576-PLG45
Deposit Certificate ..: FIC/576-45/MP56 33
Consignment #: 405576
Consignment Description: 2 Travelling Boxes
Depositor: Megarat Roland
Contact Person: Mr Stephen Groote (Custodian Manager)
Email Contact :
Phone Number : +971556251398. Stuart i would like you to help me make clearance and shipment of my boxes over to you. I promise you that i would never let you down no matter what, I swear with my life the moment i let you down let Death take I Megarat Roland life away. While contacting them, I dont want you to tell them the content of the boxes. I assure you that every dime you spend to get the boxes will be refunded to you, Meanwhile, I will send them the email now so that they can grant your request. You have really been a good friend, a father and most of all God sent to me. Its not all about the money but meeting you in person and holding you very close that first day and givin you a big kiss at the airport when you come to pick me. Stuart without trust this would 100% not workout. I am trusting and counting on you would with my life. Please think about all this and see if you can help this poor lonely girl who really wants to be with you not for the money but the way she feels about you for the past few days. Smiles and Thinking Of You.
Letter 3
215 Firstcity road,
UAE 008715

We received your email about the consignment and We received an email from Miss Megarat Roland Telling us you will contact us. we checked through our custody and we have the deposit with Name:Miss Megarat Roland and Deposit Certificate #: FIC/576-45/MP56 33, Company's Sort/Clearance Code: FIC-O576-PLG45 and Consignment #: 405576 all information are tallied and we have a back-up email from our client authorizing the release to you.

We would act on this request but would like to inform you that there are certain procedures to be followed before we go further with this transaction

1.We need your name and attachment of your passport or Driver's license20to be scanned and sent to us In other to be sure about the recipient who would receive the consignment which contains two (2) boxes..

2.In no way can the boxes be shipped to any other address except the address that would be given to us by you. If in anyway you need make change on the address, we can as well be contacted to make adjustment. The management suggest so before the shipment takes place.

3, For the Delivery to be met-up as scheduled this, you will also have to pay the CLEARANCE/DELIVERY HANDLING FEE OF 2,650$ ( TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDREN AND FIFTY)

When we receive this payment from you, we shall give you the delivery note. You will have to send payment by Western Union Money Transfer No Credit Card is allowed. (Preferred SERVICE at this season).

Send payment to the information’s below and you are to pay in Cash.

Receiver's Name: Stephen Groote
Address: 215 Firstcity Road.
city: Deira
State: Dubai
Zip code: 00971
Country: United Arab Emirates
Amount: 2, 650$ We await your payment information of the Western Union Money Transfer and your complete information’s requested above, for us to ship the consignment out as scheduled and make the delivery to your address within 3-4 working days as scheduled. as soon=2 0as your payment is confirmed, we shall ship out the consignment by our diplomatic means and our diplomat shall bring it to your Door-Step.

We do hope you understand the procedures above and due to Security reasons, we advice that all procedures above should be strictly followed so that the deposition of the boxes won't be made to the wrong recipient As soon we get all the required information’s, there should be no delay in the release and shipping of the boxes to you...

Thanks for Using First city Insurance Company.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Groote(Custodian Manager)...

For more questions OR enquirers feel free to call on the following number:
Tel Dubai UAE: +971556251398 +971556251398
Or Email:
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