Scam letter(s) from Marina to Frank S. (Norway)

Letter 1

Hi Frank!
I'm very happy to start the communication with such a man like you are. You are just the superman from my dream- I already imagine that I touch your hand with my and you kiss my every finger, look deeply into my eyes and tell that you even do not understand how could live without me. I also tell you that all my previous life was just the chain of gray days without you. What will be then? Maybe a little surprise from my side!:) I like to make the surprises:)Well, think that now I must tell a little about myself- I'm romantic too and think that Romance is the most necessary part of the life, I mean the Romance of the soul- we should never forget about such thing like the beauty of the inner world of the personality. You know, there is a very old proverb: if there is no light in the soul there is no reason to shoot, you are already dead. Yes, my dear, we must never forget about the kindness, understanding and help to the people. Once I had such a situation in my life- I was on the beach of the sea, it was late night and there were no one except me there, and suddenly I heard the cry. I began to look around and I saw that a little boy was in the sea, he was not just swimming,he was drowning. I understood it and began to swim, I was crying to take my hand and was so glad to feel it my arm. In that minute I understood that there is nothing so much important in the world like the life of the person. I understood that just help from your side when you are standing on the comfortable beach of the life can be the only way out for saving of another person's life. Of course the world is cruel and it is difficult to safe the tenderness in the heart, but I think you will help me. Together people will overcome everything. It is very necessary to be a need person for Someone and to appreciate every smile and every touch of the loved man. My parents taught me such things through all my life and I think they were so much right. People are here in this world to help each other and to take care about each other. Everyone has his own half,I know it. Maybe you are mine? I'm a student now,I study International Law in the University. I'm very interested in the history of the ancient civilizations, of the life system of ancient people and everything which concerns ancient way of living. I dream to visit the countries which have the greatest history and which are really the monuments of the previous centuries. Do you like to travel,Frank? What is your the greatest dream? My the greatest dream is also to create the loving family. I want to have the tightest connections with my husband and future children. I so much hope to hear from you soon, waiting so much,kisses,
Letter 2

Dear Frank!
Thank you for your letter, you must be very happy to have children. One day I also hope to have my own children:) My yesterday evening was full of the fantasies about you and about our future. You told that it would be extremely nice time, when we will be together and when we will have so nice opportunity to realize all your ideas about the traveling. I already imagine myself staying on the island with you, I want to break your usual schedule of the day- you are not going to have the same things every day, I will make your life colorful and different. You know, honey, I’m a great creator and I like all new and unusual things which can be very pleasant for the person whom I live by and so whom I love. I need a little support in these things but I think that the result will be the greatest. I already have some things like those ones in my mind. Honey, I really want so much to do all that for you! Just imagine the morning- the sun is shining through the leaves of the trees and somehow falls on your face, you open your eyes and look into my ones- I understand everything you want to tell me about, I gently touch your lips with mine and you can taste the sweetness of yesterday strawberry on them.
Then you continue kissing my face and …I can see that you feel the greatest pleasure touching the every inch of my skin, feeling the hotness of my body and my soul. My hear falling on your shoulders and on your lips…then you kiss my shoulders and all my body just melting from your closeness, I really melt into your arms. I love your tender arms most of all in the world… then I let you do with me everything you want, cause from that moment I am an absolutely ***** of Yours and I like this temporary slavery with you. Somewhere the birds are singing but you do not hear them- the real music for you is the sounds of my hot breathing. And you exactly know that the every breath of mine is ONLY FOR YOU and BECAUSE OF YOU! …at the end I would make you massage and now YOU are crazy of my arms and of the strength which you feel in your body after it. While you are having some rest, I fix you coffee- I like to do it specially for you- I never drink it with you,
cause I like just look at every your movement. When you cope with it,
you take me on your hands and go downstairs to the pool. I like when you carry me- I feel your protect . You tenderly lower me into the water of the pool and come to me too. We begin our water play… you smile and laugh a lot, you try to catch me-but I am like the golden fish ?. when you at last catch me, I tell you that I will bring to life only three your wishes, you smile again and tell me them… What are they, honey Frank? You know honey I am the future lawyer, so we will have our own Constitution of the Rights and Duties, I hope you will love to live according to it ? I will tell you honey about it I the details in my next letter and more- I will tell you also about my next fantasy too. Sorry, honey, that sometimes I do not write something till the end, but the situation is that unfortunately I do not know English and so I use the help of the translation company, so I think it is not very correctly that other person (the translator)
will read my very personal words for you. If only you could help me to begin to study English, I would write you everything by myself and not thinking about some translators. One day, I think all the same I would need to learn it to communicate with you, my Dream. So I think such a little thing will make the greatest progress in our relationships.
Just think over. All y soul now is with you, all my beauty is for you and all my the very extreme and personal dreams too. Do you feel it,
honey Frank?
Letter 3

Dear Frank! I did not understand a word of what you have written in you previous letter, please, write English! I do not understand that you wrote me before!
Letter 4

Dear Sir! Your girl Marinushka,who uses our service of translation and internet mailing permanently feels it difficult to pay for the correspondence with you and she asks you through our company to help her with it.
She is still interested in the correspondence with you, if you think you also want the same please write to us and we will give you all the necessary information . Our mail address is
Top manager of the Translating Company.
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