Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Skriptunsowa to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello My John!!!!!
John, I work in hospital as the masseur. I do massage to people. I to you have told that I live in Sernur. It is in the central part of Russia. My girlfriend did not marry, but it has a friend. I when was not abroad. John for me money have no value. The most important, that the person would be good.
John I wish to learn more about your work. It is pleasant to you? At you it is a lot of colleagues? What do they think of you? I am assured, that is good, because you very good man. I hope, what you do not make advances to the colleagues? I am jealous.... I joke.
I love the work. It very much is pleasant to me. I can help people, and they thank me. For me there is nothing better, than a smile on the person of the patient. Sometimes I work two days on end, at us it is called watch. Also it is necessary to spend the night on work. What to help those to whom it became bad at night.
John as whom you work? When at you weekend? What do you do in weekend? I, for example, go to the cinema or with Nastya we go to park and we walk there. In last weekend we sat on a bench and talked how it would be good if there were no borders and all people could meet, not overcoming the big distances, John that you discuss with the friends, when you together?
Yesterday we with mum watched cinema on TV. It is a foreign film and I think, what you saw it, you looked TITANIC? Such beautiful film. I even did not cry nearly when looked it. You know, what has made the Fluffy? It has escaped on street to walk, when has seen that the ship sinks. You represent?
I am glad to learn about you more every day, we as sportsmen who climb up mountain. The more we learn, the we become closer. The truth? And soon we learn one about the friend all and between us there will be no barriers, and we will rise on the top and we will meet. How to you such comparison?
I send you a photo. I hope, that you like they. The photo has been made on my work, I am in a hospital corridor.
Your sincere Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello My Lovely John!!!!
John your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart. I
I feel heat which spreads on my body when I receive yours
The letter.
I understand that you cannot tell to me more about the relations.
Probably they very strongly touch your heart. I will not ask
You about them time they hurt for you.
John I have means what to arrive to you. I do not think, that it is a problem. John, you have sent me the reference. What is it? I have looked, but that have not understood. Who it?
John as you feel? I wish to learn, how there passes your day.
What do you do? In how many you wake up? As you think, how would put
Has changed, if I have arrived to you and was with you? What is the time
We would be together. I would like, that we would spend time together,
Could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like, that
We would wake up every day in embraces of one another.
John as you think, how there will be our first kiss. I
I think, that it will be fine. I can feel your love and yours
Touches, your tenderness and passion. I very much would wish to try
Your kiss. I am assured, that he is fine.
John I do not know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel
Well. I had many forces, it would be desirable, that that to do. I
It is happy. I do not know why, likely because at me to have you. As
To you my yesterday's photo?
John you looked at the night sky? You saw the big she-bear? she
It is similar to the big she-bear. I send to you of kisses, much much,
Which will not go in even in it a ladle. I hope, that they bring
To you happiness and success in a new bottom. You like my kisses? You want
To try them in a reality?
I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
John I already miss, and I wish to ask you, you will come today to
To me in my dream?
I will wait for your answer as.
Your gentle and sincere Svetlana
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