Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lopacheva to Sven (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Dear! How are you doing today? If you have a stressful and hard day I wouldtry to rise your spirit, if you are enjoying your day I would makeyour mood even better! Maybe I have surprised you but I think it isbetter to introduce myself, ok? My friends call me like BeautifulMarina, I am here as I am interested in your personality! I am so excited and shy a little bit as I have never writeletters...The last time I wrote a letter to my Mom when I was in thesummer camp, I was missing her so much! Our life is so unpredictableand now I am writing to you! I guess you have lots of question to ask,I will try tell you briefly about myself. Dear, I decided to use theInternet for searching of my true love as I am disappointed withUkrainian men, my life position is to find one soul mate for the wholelife...Nowadays most of the married couples are getting divorced,their kids stay without Dad or Mom. I do want to build a strong familyties, create family traditions. I am carrying, trustworthy, open, Iwould never betray close friends and hurt human` feelings... I hope that my letter have brighten up your day and I am impatientlylooking for your answer! I belive that our communication would neverbring a harm for you, I am positive person and together we can enjoyour time, do you like my idea? Dear, take care! Yours Marina
Letter 2
Good day for you, Dear! How are you? For me it is very difficult to hide my emotions andfeeling and I should confess that I was extremely happy to receiveyour answer! I understand that we are meeting with you in a virtualreality but letters can develop our relations, what do you think aboutit? I guess it is time to get know each other better, I am looking forwardyour life story and now I can tell you more about myself. My nativecountry is Ukraine, I was born on 12 of December in Stahanov andthough my town is not a megapolis or capital but I feel very calm tolive in the suburbs, where do you live or prefer to live? I livealone, as my parents died and I strongly missing them in my life... My life style is very busy, I am working as a designer of interior,since my childhood I was interesting in decorating rooms, movingfurniture...Also my job gives me the possibility to communicate withpeople, it is a pleasure for me to make houses and flats cosy andcomfortable, sometimes my clients even do not have an idea what theywant and they have to rely on my tastes! At the weekend I take rest inthe swimming pool or simply doing shopping, also my friends say that Iam a good cooker, my best dishes are mashed potato with fried chicken,salads with sea-food, pies and biscuits...Dear, do you enjoy cooking?----, it is nice that you are sportive and active man! I should confess my intuition tells me that I am ready for creatingserious relations, for family life, to share with my partner all mylife, to be wife and a mother...I am feeling that every person comesto this conclusion in different age. I belive that a woman is a keeperof a hearth, loving mother and tender wife, the man should be the headof the family unit, do you share my ideas? For now I should stop writing, as I want you to tell me more aboutyourself, I have attached some pictures, send you my nice smile, havea great day! Truly Yours Marina
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Man! How are you doing? Dear, how is the weather in Paris? Here it warm andsunny! As always my emotions are overfilling me, my colleagues evennoticed some changes in me, as my eyes are shining and I am smilingall the time! Dear, I value our communication with you, you are likean energizer for me, the source of positive energy, I hope that I havethe same influence on you! How nice that you love kids, I also lovekids and I always smile when I see them! What is the name of yourlittle nephew? I like that you are sportive and energetic and you donot have bad habits, we have so much in common with you! Dear,wouldyou like to have candle light dinner with me? What dish would youenjoy? Do you like walking in the forest? ----, we have common goals in life, my dream is to settle down, tocreate a strong and happy family. I dream about kids I belive that Iwould be a good mother and carrying and loving wife. I think you arethe man with a good morality, it is very pleasant to communicate withyou. Please keep telling me about yourself, I am intrigued by you alot! I belive you do not mind if I tell you more about my life, opennessand trust are the cornerstone of close relations between partners. Somy working day starts early in the morning, I take a shower, have acup of green tea and rush to my job...We have a very friendlyatmosphere in the office, I made a lot of friends there. Once Natasha (my colleague and a good friend of mine) told me that shegot acquainted with one man, they communicated with the help of theInternet, step by step their relations developed, now they areplanning their wedding, I am extremely happy for Natasha! She advisedme to start looking for my beloved in the Internet, this way ofsearching seemed strange for me and I was hesitating...Unfortunately Ido not speak English, actually Natasha was not speaking English toobut now she takes courses in English as knowledge of foreign languageis necessary especially when you live in a foreign country. She leftme the address of the translating company and I decided to try myluck! Dear, thanks to my friend and the translating company I have metyou! I feel that I can trust you and you would never let me down, though weare miles away from each other I try to imagine you, your support andyour smile, that is so easy...I belive that you would alwaysunderstand me, you came for me like an angel from the sky above...MyDear Man, with a great impatience I am waiting for your loving letter,take care and have a nice day! Truly Yours Marina
Letter 4

Hello My Dearest Man! How is your life going? I hope that you are fine and enjoying everyletter from me! You know ----, after my job I hurry up to thetranslating company in order to get a new letter from you! Today Ihave a special mood, full of romance, passion and desire, I want toshare my positive emotions with you, are you ready? If I were withyou I would prepare some light dinner, calm music, you would never bebored with me! ----, I have never tried Italian food but I wouldlike to go with you to the Italian restaurant! Like you I do not drinkalcohol and I do not smoke, I prefer lead healthy way of life! I amsingle for a year and I am so happy because I met you, Darling! Several days ago I finished the design of the bed-room of a youngmarried couple, I had a talk with them before and I asked theirpreference as for color, light and their habits...For any kind of jobI need inspiration, some splash which guides me! I closed my eyes andsimply imagined our first date...a white yacht, the blue sea,sea-gulls which are living in cloud-land, the water is limpid and thebreeze from the mountains, you spread the oil on my skin, we arelaughing and taking funny pictures! After my dream I designedeverything in marine themes - sea shells, everything in blue in whitecolors, even a little steering wheel in the corner, their room remindsa cabin of a big ship! This couple was so grateful to me but they donot know who helped me to achieve such a result! Honey, also I would like to add some words as for the topic which Itouched in my previous letter - you know I do not speak English, I wasthinking a lot about this and I decided that in the nearest time Ishould take English lessons, I am firmly convinced that I would managewith all the difficulties as I have You in my life! Do you belive inme?Dear, what loves means to you? For me it is a great motivator andinspirer: it inspired kings to conquer nations, princes to buildpalaces of extreme beauty. Love is a powerful force, unknown inquantity, able to overcome all obstacles. Yes, I believe in love, ithas changed the world millions of times!!! Do you share my ideas? I hope that you have enjoyed my romantic letter and on this positivenote I am finishing my letter but you are in my mind, have a nice dayand take care! I send you my sensual kiss! Truly Yours Marina
Letter 5
Dear Sir,
We would like to inform you that you are contacted by the translationbureau "Saturn", lady Marina has been using our services forcommunication with you, Marina asked us to send you this messagebecause she is not able to continue the correspondence with you as heraccount with us is over. The bureau "Saturn" makes translations fromEnglish into Ukrainian/Russian languages and vise versa, also ourservice provides with Internet access. Lady Marina is our client andshe does not want to lose the connection with you and our aim is tounite people. If you have any questions as for our service - you canwrite the letter and you would get all the necessary information.
Sincerely Yours
General manager Tatyana Lopacheva
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