Scam Letter(s) from Aziza Bugiba to Ben (UK)

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Letter 1

Bu cok guzel bir gun benden size iyi. benim zevk size toplant?. Seni cok benim posta icin yan?t olarak mutluyum. Gunun nas?l gecti? & Nas?l bugun?. i her ?eyin ince bir umut.? onun biraz s?cak Buraya Dakar uzerinden. I Miss aziza bugiba, ben 23 ya??nda ve bekar hic evlenmemi?, i, Afrika'n?n bat?s?nda, ?u anda ben Senegal bir birlikte ya?ama am lvory k?y?s?nda bir siyah Afrikal? k?z am ya?l? am benim ulkede patlak sivil kriz sonucu.
Benim gec babas? olan devlet eski ba?kan? ba? dan??man? subay Guei Robert. (Gec dr) & da guriella isyanc?lar once bilinen industralist olarak Dr Patrick bugiba evimize bir sabah erkenden i?gal ve annem ve babam assinated herhangi bir politcal neden olmadan so»uk kan.
Ben hayatta kalan tek ki?i benim ailem de art?k hayatta am i olan yak?ndaki bir ulkeye Senegal, nerede ?imdi bir multeci kamp?nda, i dont iltica verilirse bana getirdi iyi bir samaritan yard?m?yla taraf?ndan yol yapmak ba?ard?n?z Beni hicbir zaman mutlulu»u benim sevdiklerinizle kaybetti hat?rlad?. Can?m sen bana yard?mc? olabilir?, S?k?nt?l? am. & Fraustrated. Benim hayat?mda oncesinde benim icin a?k daha iyi bir gun olu?turarak bana yard?m sevinc ve annelik mutlulu»unu yeniden sa»lamak gerekir. benim hobi sahil yuruyu?, yemek ve okuma seyahat, bazen radyo iyi R & b muzik veya seyretmekle dijital channels.i Do»um filmleri dinleyerek yuzme & football.etc lawntennis, basketbol gibi spor: voleybol, sevgi vard?r rahatla
Ben daha fazla bilgi edinmek olacakt?r you.what sen & neye benzer yoksa, senin hobi ve ne yap?yorsun presently.I soyleyecektir benim subsisquent postalar? kamp benim durumlar hakk?nda daha fazla hakk?nda. veya bana bu numaray? (00221-76_344_34_51) kamp?m?za koordinatoru (Rev.mark vitalis) ait yoluyla olsun veya beni boylece sana alabilirsiniz numaras?n? verebilir Seninle konu?mam gerek her zaman. Bu posta boylece nas?l gorundu»umu gorebilirsiniz benim resmi ba»lama am. Sizden erken duymak umuduyla! (Mesafe, ya? Unutmay?n, renk fark yapar ama gercek a?k).
yours lovely

The very best of this beautiful day from me to you. it is my pleasure meeting you .I am very much happy in your response to my mail. how was your day ? & how are you today?. i hope that everything is fine.? its a bit hot over here in Dakar .i am Miss aziza bugiba ,I am 23 years old single and never married, i am a black african girl from lvory coast,in the western part of Africa ,presently i am residing in senegal as a result of the civil crisis that broke out in my country.
My late father, Dr. patrick bugiba who was the chief consultant officer to the former head of state(late dr. robert Guei) & also a well known industralist before the guriella rebels invaded our house one early morning and assinated my mother & father in a cold blood without any politcal reasons.
I am the only surviving person in my family that is alive now , i managed to make my way by the help of a good samaritan who brought me to a nearby country Senegal, where i am now granted asylum in a refugee camp, i dont have any happiness in me whenever remembered the lost my beloved ones . Dear can you be of help to me?, am distressed.& fraustrated. i need you to help me regain joy & happiness of parenthood in my life ,help me by creating a better days ahead for me my love. my hobbies are beach walking, travelling,cooking & reading, sometimes I relax by listening to good R&b music on radio or watching movies on most digital channels.i love sport like: volleyball, basketball, lawntennis, swimming & football.etc
I will like to know more about you.what you like & what you dont like,your hobbies and what you are doing presently.I will tell you more about my situations in the camp in my subsisquent mails. or you can get to me through this number (00221-76_344_34_51)belonging to our camp co-ordinator (Rev.mark vitalis)or you can give me your number so that i can get to you any time i need to talk to you.I am attaching my picture to this mail so that you can see what i look like. Hoping to hear from you soonest! (Remeber the distance,age ,colour makes no difference but true love).
yours lovely

Letter 2

i cok benim posta icin yan?t olarak bugune kadar ve tur kelimeleri bana olan da biz bu kadar in?a ediyoruz genc ili?ki icin sevindim, ne zaman i bunun gercekten uzun zamandan beri kimse bana konu?tu sahip olmu?tur hat?rlad? icinde, sevecen ve sizinki kadar misafirperver bir deyi?le sevgi gibi, ben heyecan ve ilham kayna»? var. ben her ?eyi gayet iyi umut?. i kadar son zamanlarda gece ve i du?unuyordum bir inanc? ?eyler mutlaka aras?nda iyi haz?rlayaca»?z ya??yorum bize, ancak bu fikrimi her & her zaman seni du?undum zil tutan basit bir soru ise, ben size do»ru ki?i ben hayat?mda ihtiyac vard?r, ama e»er birisi olan ben sormak istiyorum bir duygu var ki i guvenebilirim? ve i kalbim verebilir?. biri benim duygular veya break my heart zarar vermez. guvendi»iniz ve ba»l?l?k her gercek kal?c? dostluk kalbi oldu»unu biliyorum, fikrimi bir cok ?ey var, ama c?plak to my mind ozel biri yoksa, ben ne kadar sana guveniyorum bilmek, belki istiyorum veya mukadder olan bir tesaduf olabilir, ama gercekten tuhaf, ama olsun olabilir e»er gercekten benim icin bir lutfen posta beni yak?nda veya daha iyisi, beni ara lutfen, ama ad? olabilir vard?r i ne kendi herhangi bir telefon yok yapmak i bile kendimi yaln?z aramalar icin odeme izin beslemek icin para var, bu yuzden patiecntly tur cok gunun en iyi response.wishing duydu»unuz bekleyen mutluluk duyaca»?z i edebilirsiniz. te?ekkurler

i am very glad in your response to my mail so far and your kind words you have been telling me ,also for the young relationship which we are building up,When i remembered that it has really been a long time since someone has spoke to me in such loving ,caring & hospitable words as yours,i got excited & inspired .i hope everything is fine?.i have been thinking much about you lately in the night and i am having a belief that things will surely work out fine in between us,but there is one simple question that keeps ringing on my mind each & every time i thought of you,i have a feeling that you are the right person that i needed in my life ,but i want to ask if you are someone that i can trust?,and i can give my heart to?.the one that will not hurt my feelings,or break my heart. you know that trust & faithfulness is the heart of every true lasting friendship,i have a lot on my mind, but i do not have that special one to bare my mind to,i want to know how much i can trust you,maybe this has been destined or may be a coincidence ,but it is really strange, but i can let it be if you are really the one for me,please mail me back soon or better still,please call me ,i could have called, but i do not have any phone of my own neither do i have any money even to feed myself let alone to pay for a calls, so please i will be glad waiting patiecntly to hear you kind response.wishing you the very best of the day. thanks

Letter 3

Theres are a few things which have been bordering me in my mind,ever since am in this camp. i have been praying for God everyday to send me a loving & caring one who will take me as his own & help me out from my situation, i thank God for bringing you my way and i strongly believe that the blind trust which i have taken the decision to bestow on you will not be let down by you,i cant help it thats why am calling on you for help.
i have been suffering here everyday from lack of good food,good drinking water,good medical attention for years now & freedom of movement restricted . it has also been so difficult for me even to feed properly here in this refugee camp , we only feed once a day depending when the food is available. i felt very sad in me & i cried bitterly in my heart ,that is why i needed your help so urgently. all i need now is a better life and a better living,my life is in shambles and i am very hopeful that you will be a nice friend to me and help me to reorganise my life and give me hope of a better living..
Honey,there is sometime l love to let you know about, my late father left for me his statements of account, & death certificate which was also given to me, which l will like to send to you, for you to help assist me transfer of my fathers money into your own account,because before he died, he had deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in senegal, in which he used my name as the next of kin to deposit ,since because my status as refugee does not permitt me to handle such amount of money. I just have to let you know about this so as for you to help assist me faithfully to be my trustee on this fund, l have kept this as a secret to people in the camp here,The only person that knows much about it,is only the Reverend father here,who is our camp co-odinator.i really need your help honey.
The amount of money in question deposited is $5.3(five Million three Hundred Thousand US Dollars).So l will like you to assist me/ be my trustee in transfering this money into your own account, I have got in touch with the bank in mail and made them known about my plan of withdrawing this money,l also got them aware of the death of my father and they have acknowledged it with all their confirmations,they told me to seek for a foreign partner whom i trusted faithfully for this transfer ,and i promised to offer to you (20percent )of this money for your effort towards this transfer when it is done.
I was in my first year in the university studying medicine & surgery before this incidence took place,And I also want to go back to my studies to finish my educational programme ,honey i also will like you to send some money back from the money been transfered to your account, for me to get a traveling documents & flight ticket. so as for me to start preparing to meet you face to face , but i do not have an international passport & yet do not have any money at hand to go for it at my countrys embassy here in senegal,i hope that you can be of help to me.
honey ,you can call me phone (00221-76_344_34_51),its the Rev.father Mark Vitalis number,our camp co-ordinator whenever you call he will sent for me . Have a nice time & think about more of me, l hope to hear from you soonest. thanks .
yours lovely



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