Scam letter(s) from Julia Matrosova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Gene!
Recently we have met you on a site of acquaintances, you have left to me the e-mail, you remember?
And here now I at last can write you the letter.
I am sorry for small expectation.
How your mood today? I hope you are in kind health as.
What it is possible to write in the first letter? I would like to tell to you about myself as much as possible.
I hope, in exchange I as to a smog to hear enough histories from you.
I think, you will not be against if I tell to you about myself gradually.
Do not doubt, if we understand, that we are interesting each other, to hide from you to me there will be nothing.
As all of us we are in search of that person to which can open soul and to entrust all thoughts, dreams and desires.
In this letter I will put photos that you could present the person of the interlocutor is better.
I hope, in the answer from you I as will wait photos. I would like to see your person, your eyes.
There is such saying that eyes is a mirror of soul.
As for the general representation about me I can tell, that to me of 26 years, I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan.
My English is not ideal and to write you the letter I is compelled to use sometimes a translation program not to make silly errors ;)
First of all I would like to learn, what has resulted you on a site of acquaintances?
If to judge on your profile, you very interesting man with rich private world.
Probably, you will have a same question and you will want to ask why my questionnaire on a site of acquaintances.
I believe that for each person in the world there is its special person who is foreordained to it from above.
And who knows, how the destiny could joke. There can be a man of all my life lives from me very much and very far.
I trust in love, sincerity and happiness. I believe that all means in it are good. And why not to try and this way?
And you know... I was registered on a site more recently and have absolutely casually found your profile which has very much interested me and inside something has clicked, it wanted to me to tell to you about the liking to you.
I consider, this fantastic luck!
On it I will finish the letter. I hope in the near future to wait the answer from you.
My best regards, Yuliya.
Letter 2
What pleasant surprise!
Gene, should admit, your letters force me to smile. Our acquaintance proceeds also it pleases.
Mmmm, now I can see your person, I know who writes me these words and who will read mine. At you very pleasant appearance!
With such man it would be desirable to be nearby as it is possible longer.
You know, Gene, I do not cease to be surprised to what progress has reached.
I write you now this letter and if so there will be also you at this time there will be online, you can read it practically at once. As dialogue of two people in a real life. And our acquaintance on the Internet.
I think, that to the person who has made this opening, it is necessary to put a monument :)
So, that I can tell to you about myself at the initial stage of our acquaintance that you had about my idea...
To me of 25 years, I never was married and I do not have children. Certainly, in the future I would like to see a strong, amicable family in which the woman plays a role of the keeper of a home.
And I feel, that I am ready to it, now it is my most important dream.
I wish to tell, that on a site of acquaintances I have appeared not for the sake of game or a relaxation.
I really would like to meet the person, foreordained to me destiny.
I already said, that I live in Russia, here there live people of wide soul and open heart.
The city in which I live, is called Kazan. It is republic Tatarstan capital.
I work as the realtor. This post obliges to communicate with people, I search for new clients, I keep in contact with former, I accompany clients at all stages of carrying out of the transaction and I promote them in preparation of packages of the necessary documents. Rent, sale, purchase of premises.
It is interesting to learn, where you work, than are engaged?
Tell to me all about itself, what you consider, it will be important to know to me, well?
Good mood to you, successful day.
I wait for your answer.
With the best regards, Yuliya
Letter 3
Awful mistrust from your party why you have decided, what I have removed the profile? My profile exists, please, you can see it. Mine id number on a site 852842. Forward!
Letter 4

Kind time of days to you, my new friend Gene!
New day and the new letter from you.
How your mood today? I hope, that all well and now you smile.
Gene, next time be accurater with charges. I do not have such things with which it can be a shame to me, I have nothing to hide.
Tell, than you like to occupy time? Probably, you have any serious hobby or set of small hobbies?
If to speak about me, I the versatile person.
Easily I take a great interest in something and I like to try something new that I did not do earlier.
Certainly I will not make things which can harm me or to associates, I speak about more harmless things.
Such, as drawing, a photo.
When I went to school, as I was engaged at musical school. I played a violin and some years have studied there.
A violin - the magic tool, say, that a violin - the queen of an orchestra. It is the most widespread string bow instrument.
«It in music is so necessary tool as in human life the daily bread», was spoken about it by musicians in XVII century.
Very sensitive hearing Is required to be able to play it. Unfortunately, after 5 years of training I have ceased to play.
The objective reasons for this purpose are not present, but now I have a dream to recommence the lessons.
To buy a violin, to find the worthy teacher. I do not want, that it was business of my life, this employment as a hobby.
By the way, I wished to ask, with whom you live? One, with relatives or can be with the friend?
As to me, my parents live in small settlement outside of Kazan.
And when I studied at university, I lived in a hostel from it, to parents left on target or holidays.
But I have understood, that I love city, its vanity, noise, people which hurry up. Also has decided to remain here.
And here 5 years I live independently, without the aid of parents.
Certainly, they supported first time to me, but in due course I have strong risen on feet and now I presume to help myself to them. I as go to them on a visit.
Sometimes happens very pleasantly to sit in a garden under branches of an apple-tree or to be shaken in a hammock.
They hospitable people, in their house often happen their friends, our relatives and then they suit a shish kebab, heat a bath.
Well, I wait for the reciprocal letter from you. I wait for modern histories and the facts about you.
It is valid me interestingly, your person intrigues and draws me ;))
Good mood, successful day!
Letter 5
Hello, Gene!
Something strange has occurred to me, today I so hastened for work somewhat quicker to include the computer, to leave in the Internet, to open mail... I very much hoped to see there the letter from you. And here it!
I read your letter and smiled. Therefore I can tell, that my day has passed today successfully!
In a breast it becomes warm, on the person the smile, and a sight lost is constantly shone.
Thoughts fly somewhere, but only not there where it is necessary. I cannot soon work as such rates!))) only a joke.
I have read your story about with whom you live. I hope, in your house the understanding and respect to each other reigns.
You can explain, why I so would like to speak with you? ;)
What plans at you for today's evening? How you in general spend the evenings?
I think, that we with girlfriends will suit a small sit-round gathering with girlfriends.
I will bake a pizza. Mmmm, I very much love a pizza. Also I like to prepare.
I would like to master different kitchens of other countries.
So, I will bake a pizza, the big, full stuffings. We will make the big teapot of green tea...
Or can be we will prepare dairy cocktails. Also we will look together a film...
If happens so, what we could have dinner together, what you would want, that I have prepared?
What your favourite dish? You are able to prepare, love it?
There are absolutely opposite opinions concerning men-culinary specialists.
But nevertheless I am assured, that the best cooks are men. I did not hear never about the well-known cook-woman.
The darling, I would like to continue the letter, but, unfortunately now I have not time to make it, it is necessary to run on work. I am sorry, if my letter seemed to you too abstract, in a head and I do not know one million thoughts so it would be desirable to speak with you from what to begin :)
Good day to you, remarkable mood!
My kisses.
Letter 6
Hello, my darling Gene!
You know about what I has thought? We can make a new step to our acquaintance, try to hear our voices.
Unfortunately I cannot take advantage of special programs for conversations through the Internet because as you have already understood, I write you letters from a workplace, it can be punishable.
But I have to you a request - write me the phone number and I will try to call you.
Because it is really important and interesting to me to hear your voice.
Then I will know not only as you look and that you think in letters, but also to hear you, your emotions and to a smog to transfer the. How you look at it?
How your mood today?
I fantastically slept today, unfortunately, I do not remember, that to me have dreamt, but it not the most important thing.
You know, to me has carried, to me it is not acted in film nightmares. You often have terrible dreams?
I have not remembered recently any dream, but, I think, all of them were good.
I love days off that it is possible to sleep.
What coincidence! You too love a pizza! It pleases, means at us there will be no disputes on this soil ;)))
Now I know, that you like to use in food. In Russia there is a saying "a way to heart of the man lays through its stomach".
I think, in this phrase there is a big share of the truth ;)
probably, once, in the happy future, I can cook for your your favourite food and I will enjoy impression if it is pleasant to you.
It is interesting, why you so have densely lodged in my thoughts? We are familiar very little, but I very often think of you. Also I admit, I think of you exclusively with a smile, with pleasant emotions, I am happy the nobility you. Our mutual interest to each other paints my everyday life in bright, gentle paints.
Now for work I reach much faster, whether to see there is a letter from you.
Also I hope, that I will not be disappointed and I will soon find out a new message from you ;)
All the best, my kisses.
Also do not forget to smile, happy people draw good luck! ;)
Letter 7
Hello, my good Gene!
You have not deceived my expectations, I again read the letter from you, again I write to you.
How are you? How you slept this night? I hope, you are full of forces and energy.
I some times have attentively read your letter, but and have not found out in it yours a phone number. Why?
Probably, you have simply forgotten... In that case, I hope, that in the following letter you will not forget it.
It is a pity, that I cannot leave to you the number because at me it simply is not present.
Phone is on work, whether I do not remember I spoke to you about it earlier.
I will try to learn more precisely, but as far as I know, at us possibility of the international calls is blocked.
Both entering, and proceeding.
You know, I wished to ask you about your relation to so-called bad habits. Smoking, alcohol.
Whether wished to learn you smoke? And if you take alcohol, what yours a favourite alcoholic drink?
I can tell about myself, that I do not smoke. And never smoked. Alcohol happens in my life seldom. I love red wine.
Especially pleasantly happens it to drink from a beautiful big-bellied glass. Champagne with its sparkling vials.
But in small amounts.
You know, you capture my attention and thoughts more and more.
I would like to wish once with ease you kind morning or good night.
Letters it is very remarkable, but I never know, when you will read my letter.
In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night.
Therefore I can speak only in general "kind time of days!".
Interestingly than you will be engaged after will answer me.
There can be you will continue to work either will go to have supper. Or you will go to bed, welcome visitors, to have a good time... Variants weight. In any case I wish your of good luck and as always good mood. Mood - pledge of our success, whether not so?
My kisses for you, my thoughts with you.
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 8
Kind time of days, my dear Gene!
I apologise, if you wait for my letters little bit longer, than it would be desirable.
The Most important thing, that you in general wait my letters! :))) I am glad to read your messages...
I should admit to you. In my breast appears warmly when I see the letter from you.
And this heat increases, when I read lines from you. Our acquaintance definitely grows!
How your mood today? I hope now you you smile as well as I. You are certainly nice to me.
Mmmm, you are possible already mentioned it earlier, forgive, if I repeat. With you there live pets?
There can be a cat or a dog? You know, at me old dream, to get the favourite pupil.
In the childhood I dreamt, that I had a horse. A horse - very graceful being.
In it it is so much stateliness, pride and beauty! Certainly, it remains only dreams.
The sizes of Russian apartments never will allow to hold such animal)))
But also a cat or a dog now to get for me - inadmissible luxury.
I a lot of time happen on work, caress, care, attention is necessary to the kid. The pupil will grieve.
And you love what films?
I love films which leave a trace in my memory, force to reflect about something.
Probably, when the film becomes for me one of favourite, I am guided by that it approaches particularly to me, is concrete to any situation or mood. You know, whether I do not know you will understand about what films I speak.
Because films for the Russian hire often name other names which are distinct from how they can be called, for example, in your country. "Eternal light of pure reason", "fall in love with me if you will dare", "green mile", "Forrest Gump".
As I love some films from the Soviet classics. Russian film "girls".
Interestingly, this film sometime has been translated into English?
And what films are loved by you?
The darling, the truth it is interesting to me to know it about you.
It is important to me to know about you each point, each detail, all all all. You are really interesting to me all as a whole. As the man, as the person, as the person. I more and more time think of you... My heart becomes softer, when I think of you...
My kisses for you.
Excellent mood.
Letter 9
Hello, my dear Gene!
Your letters always bring a smile for me. Always bring warmth in breasts and a pleasant wave of excitement on all body.
Something is created unimaginable!
In the morning I hurry up for work and is ready to sit here till the late evening to wait letters from you, I am am overflowed with any tenderness. My heart the uneasy becomes obvious.
A little more such romanticism, similar happiness and I can tell to you much more big words. Only is accurater!)
And now, when I am on the threshold of new feeling, all-consuming, very pure, light and sincere...
Now I wish to ask you, my liking is mutual?
You realise that is responsibility, it will be more difficult, than to other people... Between us it is a lot of kilometres.
It is a lot of. So much kilometres, that I at all do not wish to think of it! These figures result me in a shock.
I am amazed to you. You so many-sided man so interesting and self-sufficient!
You know, probably I could listen to your stories about you days without a break, not doing breaks and not stirring you to tell. I wish to know all about you.
You know, in a life of each person there is the most important day, day when it is born.
Forgive, what I have not given it attention earlier, but I would like to know, when your birthday?
How you mark it? You know, I catch myself on thought, that once I would like to visit on your holiday, to help you with its device, probably, to prepare something for your visitors, to decorate a premise.
I would like to make you happy.
You could allow me it?
You like to receive what gifts?
To you it is important, that it was a useful, practical gift or it can be any knickknack which will please eyes?
Probably, you would prefer the book or a thing. Is as men who love flowers. Tell, sometime to you gave flowers?
I would like to present to you a bouquet.
If I could make it, for certain I would present to you a bouquet from gladioluses or a bouquet of lilies.
I do not represent why but when I think of you and about I would present what flowers to you - these flowers associate at me with you. Clearness of lines, only fresh flowers.
If it was a bouquet of roses it there will be claret roses with leaves aspidistres and bergas.
My dear, unique, the man!
I would be glad to write to you even more today, but, to my huge regret, the today's working day does not allow me of it, I am compelled to leave, run to clients. Again the documentation instead of your letters.
I look forward to hearing.
My kisses for you.
Letter 10
MMmm... I again smile, because I read again the letter from you. Hello, my darling Gene!
How your mood today, you well slept?
By the way about dreams... You for certain know, that people can be divided into two types, they are "owls" - those who late lay down and late "larks" wake up also are those who early lays down and rises.
You could carry to What type yourself? An owl or a lark? If to speak about me I can be arranged under any rhythm.
My organism by nature "owl's". When I do not need to hurry up anywhere, I can not sleep till the dawn, but, the most amazing, I and will wake up then early! But the vital rhythm forces me to be that "lark" that all to be in time.
After all the working day cannot be at night! Ah, if I knew, when you sleep and if I could, I would arrive to you in a dream.
And we would go with you to the most fantastic places of this world.
We would see all miracles of light, would visit at iceberg top, have gone down in a cave.
You know, there is such place to Russia, city Mirniy, and on its suburb there is a diamond open-cast mine, it is one of the largest foundation ditches for search of diamonds in the world, depth of 525 metres and diameter of 1200 metres.
How you think, in our general dream we could go down on a bottom of this open-cast mine?
But, the most important thing, we would go on the sea. You represent, I never in a life was on the sea!
It is my dream, to see the sea, to feel its cold wind, to listen to noise of a surf mmmm.
And the most-most important, what in this dream we with you would be together, the truth? You and I and all world only for us.
In my opinion, it is similar to a fairy tale. If I could take you for a hand and nestle on you not only in a dream...
I by all means would make it, by all means would kiss you on the first instant of our meeting.
Because it seems, I have started to fall in love with you...
Have come please to me still your photos, I would be glad to see them, well, favourite?
I have absolutely forgotten! In the last letter I have asked you about your birthday, and about the have not told words.
My birthday on September, 5th, I was born in 1982. Well and how I usually mark it?
I think the same as also many - round me gather my congenial souls, pleasant atmosphere, the sea of smiles and pleasant words.
Here, now I know date of your birthday, perfectly!
Now I can congratulate you on the nearest birthday who knows, at the most successful future, probably, I will make it even in a reality.
Well, it is pleasant to speak with you, but I am compelled to finish the letter to run to work.
It is a pity, that we cannot speak with you infinitely and not only in letters.
My kisses for you.
Good mood, successful day!
Yours Yuliya.

Letter 11
Hello from Russia, Gene!
I so am glad to receive your letter again! I am glad, that our friendship proceeds, the liking develops.
You know, it seems to me at us now such stage in relations if we could be in a reality, instead of online, it would be the period of active courtings one after another. When each appointment is to be made unique.
So, I as try, as any other girl.
Every morning I wake up, I make toilet - a shower, packing and so on.
I approach to a case and I choose that I would like to dress today. That is possible, would please you. I wish to like you.
Tell, in what you would wish to see me daily? Only I ask, it is not necessary platitudes, ok?)))
For example, you love, when the girl carries heels? Or it can be a sports fashion.
Or there can be clothes for you completely not main, and the main thing the girl? What your favourite colour?
To thicket I like to carry trousers, nevertheless work obliges to look qualitative.
Here and today I sit in front of the computer monitor, I write the letter to you and I represent, that you can see me now.
On me dark trousers and a blouse. My hair freely fall down on shoulders.
Favourite, I was suddenly interested by a question - at you good sight?
I mean - whether you are compelled to wear glasses and if yes you are how much frequent it you do?
I am glad, that my feelings to you find the answer in your heart. Certainly, many could tell, that it too soon occurs.
But I consider, that if two persons feel, that they - someone special for each other it is necessary to operate, it is not necessary to stop!
How you consider, the darling?
Sometimes I think, whether probably such that we with you did something simultaneously. Even if the difference in time does not allow it.
There can be we simultaneously prepare for myself coffee. Or we can sneeze during one moment. How you think?
Speak, enamoured people are adjusted on one wave and feel each other on distance.
It would be pleasant to me to realise, that we simultaneously think about each other.
It would be so, as if during this instant we together. How you consider?
So... Today to me the good mood because I have received the letter from you is provided.
I am glad, that we have met once each other on open spaces of a worldnet the Internet.
It is that good luck which has suddenly visited us. A destiny gift because you are really important for me. It is surprising, but these miracles occur to us!
I wait for your letter, I hope, you arrive in good mood.
One million kisses for you.
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 12
My darling Gene, I am glad to speak again to you hello!
You know, I very much missed... Under your letters, words...
It is surprising, somewhere there for many kilometres from me the man sits at the computer and presses buttons.
Letters, from word letters, from offer words turn out... And thanks to it our feelings are born...
We say each other that we feel... It is valid miracles)))
How your mood today? I hope well.
If I had a possibility, I would take care, that each your day began well to be in good mood.
You know, the darling, every morning I speak to you "good morning, Gene". It is a pity, that you cannot hear it because I am for many kilometres from you, in the apartment. But know, that you - I first about what think in the mornings!))
I had a question - tell, you like to go barefoot? I love. At home I as do not carry even house slippers, they are available for me only in case someone from visitors will want them to dress. Unless in the winter my feet decorate socks.
My grandmother very much liked to knit. She spun threads from a wool, took up them in balls and knitted socks, gloves for all family.
These are the things really connected with love. These woollen things very much rescue in the winter. You know about Russian winters?
All landscape around white and when you go on snow, it crackles underfoot.
You have a favourite season? Favourite weather? In this plan I can tell about myself, that it depends exclusively on my mood.
In Russia such climate, that he allows to feel all delights, all differences of weathers.
Summer roast, a mellow autumn with falling down leaves, snow winter, spring... You love a rain?
For some reason during a rain I would like to sleep, but this freshness after a rain! Air is filled by this fresh aroma...
Oh, favourite, I have absolutely distracted... You can present, what we can run together with you on pools as small children?))
to Kiss under a rain. I think, that you would warm me...
And if we have appeared under a rain without an umbrella, you would offer for example the jacket to hide me?)))
The darling favourite Gene! You know, my melancholy on you becomes every day more... I miss.
I am enamoured in you, now I can speak it undoubtedly! And I am happy, that once we have met each other.
In each situation I represent you. All is interesting to me, for example, if we are in cafe as you will talk to the waiter.
You will choose what products in a supermarket for our joint supper.
When there will be our first kiss how you will embrace me - will clasp for a waist or will put a palm on my hair?
In what pose you like to fall asleep... You will embrace me before a dream?
Favourite, I have dived into dreams for us. I miss and I send you millions kisses.
Let your day will be remarkable, the good mood accompanies you.
And, if you can, your photos have come to me still, I will wait.
On it today I will finish the letter, unfortunately.
I am am waited by dialogues on work.
My kisses, embraces, love.
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 13
Hi, my darling Gene!
How you today? Favourite, I missed.
I am sorry, that sometimes I can long answer your letter. You represent, what my work means?
Unfortunately, I not always am in an office, whence I can write you the letter. It is often necessary to move much on a city with clients. To show them premises for example.
Very choosy clients sometimes come across and we reel up on a city not one circle in search of something approaching particularly for them.
Certainly, it exhausts, but nevertheless, it always gives fruits. I try to carry out the duties well.
I feel satisfactions of that I carry out any action perfectly well!)))
Now we have concluded the good bargain and will be quieter. I think of that after long and hard work to take holiday in the near future.
While it only thoughts, of course, but nevertheless to have a rest it is necessary for any, you agree with me?
And than you were engaged this time?
Favourite, yesterday on work to me have presented the culinary book, the smart edition!
I always wanted such, but you know, it is such thing which to yourself you will not buy, constantly postpone on then.
It is very pleasant gift! I will experiment! I hope, once I can surprise and you with the culinary masterpieces!
I for some reason very much would like to make pleasant to you. That it has caused in you delight, and you wanted repetitions.
To make something, that anybody except me cannot give to you. I wish to surround you with care and love.
You became the important part of my life.
Important and irreplaceable. I feel melancholy on you even at physical level.
And this time without your letter for me, without my possibility to answer I stayed in melancholy.
I longed and constantly thought of you.
Represented as you you wake up, you have breakfast, you are engaged in the affairs, you take a shower, that you will dress today on yourself. By the way, what size of a foot at you?
I do not know whence at me such interest to it, probably I simply want is as much as possible realistic to represent you.
This madness... I wish to be constant with you. You will allow it?
I am glad, that at last I could write to you, talk to you. I really very much missed.
I love you.
My kisses. One million kisses!
I miss.
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 14
Hello the darling!
Gene, favourite, how you today? Today I wish to send you one million kisses at the very beginning of the letter.
How enamoured people kiss each other at a meeting when miss the friend on the friend... As I envy these people!
When they miss, they can agree with each other about a meeting, meet. They hurry up to each other, are afraid to be late.
You know, probably I simply did not notice earlier it, but around so much enamoured pairs!
I am very tired yesterday after the working day.
I love such days when work is carried out not automatically, and is really filled by actions.
You know, I have come home, have taken off shoes, have passed in a room, was arranged on a sofa and and have fallen asleep.
Before a dream I have reflected, and the truth, whether is time to me to take holiday?
And me the thought has come to a head... How you look at meeting to us?
I think, that if we still have questions to each other, we can personally discuss them.
Especially, I never was outside of Russia and it will be first my similar travel.
It is twice pleasant, when the beloved will be the companion in it.
The darling favourite Gene!
I speak absolutely seriously, I very much wish to see you.
I constantly represent as you gesticulate, as move with lips when you speak as you smile.
You do not represent, as my desire to meet is great!
I think, that you that person with whom I will feel important, desired, favourite.
And our meeting will be magic. Tell, you tried to present our meeting though once? I did it one million times!
And each time I am more and more assured of the desire.
To me your answer is now very important.
I miss, I love you.
I am glad, that with me there was this miracle, that I have met you in such interesting image)))
You know, to a meeting with you I did not believe, that acquaintances in a network can lead to something serious.
But here the proof - I have fallen in love and I dream of our meeting.
I look forward your answer.
Yours Yuliya.
My kisses for you.
Letter 15
Hello, favourite!
Gene, again between our letters me I have been captured by mad melancholy on you. My good, lovely Gene!
As though I wished to embrace now you and to stroke a palm your cheek. Tell, and you like to shave the person smoothly or prefer a bristle?
To tell the truth, I would like, that your cheeks were little bit prickly. It seems to me, that it is very courageous.
But if you love differently I am final not against. Because if you love the person - you love its such what it is.
And I wish to love all in you. Each millimetre you, each lovely habit.
You know, when people long together they know as wakes up their favourite, that it is necessary for it to calm down or cheer up.
I think, that our meeting now would be ideal. Because it will be our first sights, awkwardness, a smile, embraces and kisses.
Oh, I again dream too much.
I even have forgotten to ask you as there has passed your day, whether as your mood and all is perfectly in order with your health?
Why is not present? Why you against our meeting? I am afflicted by it.
Because I fly on wings of love to you and if I could - I was near to you directly during this moment when you read my letter.
You see, how remarkably all develops!
On work I have executed large orders which were assigned to me recently and now it is a high time for me to take holiday, I will receive it without problems. It is the most successful moment!
Recently we met friends. We fried sausages on a fire. A barbecue))) And I was not kept, I have told about you.
Certainly, they have been surprised, anybody in a similar way at all did not try to find the love in our company.
One friend even has openly expressed the scepticism in relation to similar acquaintances.
But I did not begin to listen to it, what for, if I know, that such miracles happen.
And me has carried, this miracle happens with me, I have met you.
The love is a gift, and she needs to be protected, I will try very much that our love was the strongest all over the world!
Tell, you would like to receive from me the present Russian souvenir? Usually tourists for example buy Russian nested doll.
It seems to me abroad have taken out millions these nested dolls. You want, I will bring to you the Russian abc-book?
I think, it will be lovely. Or it is even better - I will bring to you valenoks! It is footwear for Russian winters.
Knowingly I asked about the size of your foot, now it is useful! ;)))
My dear Gene, forgive, I am compelled to finish this letter now. Have sent papers under complete orders.
As soon as I have thought of holiday - I have very much wanted it to receive.
And now I wish to be quit with all affairs as soon as possible.
I love you. Thanks, that you are at me, my darling Gene!
My kisses, embraces. Promise to me not to long)))
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 16
Good afternoon my favourite Gene!
How you today? I hope you smile. My heart sings, I am happy, I have you, and you have I.
And if we strong with each other all troubles to us will be on a shoulder, we can make everything, overcome all.
Our first meeting demands more efforts, than from other people, but I think, that it proves all gravity of our feelings.
Whole days I consider all details of all way to our meeting.
I would like. That you had from me an unforgettable gift. Such which is not present at anybody who was in Russia.
That it was original.
Tell, if I bring to you a traditional Russian fur cap for winter, to you will be where it to dress? ;)))
I will write to you in Russian English letters as it is called. YSHANKA.
And you want, I will write to you as in Russian will be "i love you"?
Try to read ya lublu tebya.
Ya lublu tebya, Gene.
Ya skychayu po tebe is I mean "I miss on you".
So, my dear, I have distracted.
Today I rang round travel agencies to find approaching as I never was outside of Russia, their help to me is required.
Favourite, I am glad, that my first experience of trip abroad will be accompanied by the favourite person.
Today I will faster try to finish affairs on work because in the evening I wait in agency.
And right after the working day I will go there to receive the list of necessary documents for a trip.
The most important thing - at me is the passport.
I have made it because was going to go back half a year on the sea for the first time, but then on work there was a work involving all hands and to me have not given holiday at that time, I was upset, but now I understand, that all to the best)))
Tell, how there pass your days, evenings and nights... For the present without me. I each time try to present it.
Favourite, forgive, I am compelled to finish the letter, I should finish some affairs concerning my work, prepare documents which I will transfer to other agent for the period of my holiday.
I love you and I will necessarily inform you on all news which will be after my campaign in agency.
I miss, one million kisses for you.
I love, forever yours Yuliya.
Letter 17
My honey Gene, good afternoon!
The darling, I feel the small hero!
I talked to the heads, they agree to let my go on leave, it is necessary to complete only pair of affairs and to prepare some documents.
New transactions now to me will not give, that I could finish that remains easy.
Yesterday I was in travel agency. Was afraid, that I will be late, and has flown in an office shortly before agency closing really literally.
We had lovely a talk with the girl who is engaged in it. I liked service in this agency and manner of their workers.
The darling, I have convinced them, that the more likely - the better.
Thus the agency has started to prepare a part of my documents already today, it will occupy any time, certainly.
But behind the visa I should go myself.
But it will not complicate anything, the embassy is in Moscow and in any case the plane to you goes from Moscow.
As I now represent it to myself, through any time when my documents in agency will prepare, I will take a train from Kazan to Moscow, I will overcome this distance and I will live some days in capital. I yet have not thought up where and as, but in any case, I will be there.
As soon as the visa in embassy will be received - I the same day will take tickets aboard the plane to you.
Well certainly I represent it approximately now.
Therein I will keep you informed, to inform on each advancement, well?
The darling favourite, I all in an anticipation of this event... Now each my action is filled by sense.
It is necessary to make all affairs to go to you...
Favourite, I am glad, that you have met on my way. I am happy! I am boundless is happy. I can care of you, prepare for you.
I have a request. I wish to carry your shirt or a T-short as a pyjamas or house clothes at you.
It is not necessary new, no, I would like that which you carry itself. Thus you always will be with me.
I love you. Ya lublu tebya.
Ti nyzhen mne. It means "You are necessary to me."
I wait for the message from you. I can not without your letters, without your words.
I love you. I love I love I love.
Yours forever Yuliya.
Letter 18
The darling Gene!
Our meeting becomes closer and closer! I am am covered by excitement each time when I think of it, very much it would be desirable, that it has occurred as soon as possible!
I count on your encouragement till the moment of our meeting and further, it will be necessary for me, because I dare for the first time at so serious step.
As I promised, I inform you details of my trip to you.
I have already received medical insurance for my trip to you and the demand for visa reception to you, favourite is already sent!
I have already paid for it, the most important steps are already made.
I fly with happiness, soon we will together! A storm of delights and excitements in my soul...
As soon as I will present, as I embrace you... Favourite, we will necessarily make set of joint photos, well?
I will place them in special frames and they will always please an eye - the first moments of our first meeting, it is simple miracles mmmm. As strongly I want to you!
I have fallen in love as the little girl, have madly fallen in love!
You know, recently I have looked a cartoon film, with very cynical name "girl-silly woman".
Very much I advise to look, as a film about love.
Such very touching history of meek love of the little girl, in scenery of a usual children's garden.
Only five minutes, but how many pleasure from viewing!
Cartoon film Zoi Kireevoi «the Girl the silly woman» has received a prize at the most prestigious international festival of animation cinema in the French city of Annecy. However, a prize not the most important, but too honourable - for the best debut (Prix Jean-Luc Xiberras de la premiere ? uvre).
The girl is ready on everything to show to the favourite boy as strongly it it loves. The children's spontaneity shows all!
Favourite, I have distracted... I have forgotten to tell to you, that one more important step to my trip to you is made.
I have written the statement on holiday and today I go to the director behind acknowledgement of it.
In the statement I have specified, that I wish to be in holiday since August, 21st
Holiday give a minimum for a month but as I can prolong it if it is required. Oooo, favourite!
I think every minute only of ours with you of time together! Wonderfully... mmm...
We will fall asleep and wake up together, to smile each other every second our time and I can kiss you on each centimetre of your body mmmm.
That we have found each other is a gift of destiny, differently cannot be.
We are divided by so much kilometres, it is so much distinctions! And if not this lucky coincidence, we could meet never each other...
It is terrible to think of it! But, the happiness is also we were)))
Probably, we have deserved it because feelings so sincere and pure, that I and cannot present, that could be differently! I love you...
Very much, very much, very much I love!
You - the most important part of my life, the most precious and unique!
Favourite, I am compelled to finish now this letter more likely to finish all documentary work, to receive the permission to holiday.
I love you!
Very much I wait for your answer.
My favourite, I have absolutely forgotten!
Please, write me the full name, the exact address where I need to arrive - the country, a city, the address...
And the airport name in which I should arrive is final. Important is there should be an international airport.
Please, do not forget to specify in the following letter to me it.
I love you.
Billions my kisses for you.
Only yours Yuliya.
Letter 19
My dear, I regret for our separation. The whole week without you and your letters... But I have a weighty justification to this incident. I hope you will not become angry about me that I have forced you to worry, my happiness! Is very insulting to seize illness in the summer, but my strange organism has decided to punish me this incident. So, you remember, my last letter? I wrote to you, that I miss also to me there is no you... And it is valid so! Because I love you, my precious man. After a lunch break to me it became suddenly bad. At first it was not the strongest sensation, the head has started to be turned. The matter is that in our company there is a dining room and that malicious day for a dinner there was a wide range of dishes, and my favourite salad remained the last, he remained since last days. And I probably have poisoned with it. Therefore that day I have hastily asked for leave from work and have gone home... I thought to me it will be easier, if I simply lie down in silence, probably, I will have a sleep... But far from it! Food poisonings begin sharply - in some hours after meal there is a nausea, sharp weakness, feeling of expansion and a pain in gastric area. I had to call doctors on the house. And me have taken away in hospital. Resolve I will not tell to you all their actions for deducing me from a pathological condition. The first days I even could not eat, only not hot tea, further the doctor has allowed to expand a little to me the diet. To me put droppers that there was no organism dehydration. So, yesterday me have discharged from hospital. The doctor has praised me, has told, that at me very much a strong constitution and he has quickly enough coped with an illness as it was not the worst to that I am very glad. About some hospitals in Russia say, that there there is no due care of patients, but to me has carried. Very qualified doctors and nurses work for me in branch. Excellent conditions. After an extract I have carried it a small sweet gift in a gratitude sign. Now I feel perfectly, I ask you, do not worry, I am really perfectly in order. I still keep to a small diet to protect the stomach after the transferred stress from harmful food. In a week I already can gradually return to a habitual diet. All is good. So, that day my chief has not had time to sign my statement on holiday because I have hastily escaped home. But this week is not subtracted from my holiday. It was the sick-list. Today I have shown it all inquiries from hospital and now he has left on the affairs when he will return, he promised to continue conversation on my holiday, I need to write again the statement with new number and he will sign it. I love you! I madly missed on you. And I am assured, it is our unearthly love have helped me so quickly to cope with illness! I love, I miss, forever yours Yuliya.
Letter 20
Favourite Gene! I have excellent news!
All affairs on work are finished, documents are made and... The notice to leave is signed! I can go to you!
I have a minimum month to be near to you! I hope this time to us will suffice to learn each other as much as possible well, to present our joint future and probably to start to plan about us.
This decision is key, important. Really, I have a fear before the future because the future bears changes.
Because always we are waited by advance, changes. It is natural, but always disturbingly to do a new step.
In a head there are thoughts - as it will be better. Heart compresses as if an ice palm for fear...
But I love you! And during such moments of excitement I speak to myself: "that can be more important than love?
Love - the most important!" I appreciate you and your relation to me.
For me it is important to know, how to the woman, whether I will feel the unique, unique and most favourite girl in the world.
It is very important. For myself I can tell, that you already - the unique, favourite and unique man!
And I love you and always I will be a number. This madness, all that occurs to us, but this happiest madness!
I love you! And I wish to be a nearby always.
My darling, today I go to agency, I take away the documents and other.
Tomorrow I leave to Moscow and there I finish all that it is necessary to make for our meeting.
I hope, it will occupy not enough time. In Moscow I plan to stop in hotel or to rent any room for this time.
I have there a pair of friends and girlfriends since institute times, they have moved there after the study termination.
Probably, I can meet someone from them, but not the fact because we did not communicate and did not keep in contact since the moment of the termination of study. Therefore basically it turns out, that I will be there one.
At this time your support will be very necessary to me.
I will write to you from Internet cafe, in Moscow it is natural them enough, therefore with communication at us problems will not be.
I worry. My travel to you tomorrow begins. I love you.
I once again ask you. Write to me on points:
Your full name,
The address (the country and a city - it is obligatory),
And the airport name. Remember that it should be the international airport to which I need to arrive from Moscow.
I will make some tablets with these data not to lose. I will take them with myself.
To me will be so much more easy, I will know, that so I precisely will not be lost. All the same it is my first start abroad.
And today I collect suitcases. I love you. You - my happiness, my most precious man. I love you.
I will check up mail before departure more and more time. Whenever possible as it is possible is more often.
I will collect the suitcase, but can be at you there are any councils for me, what it is necessary to take obligatory with itself?
I will listen to you certainly! And I will make everything as you will tell.
I love I love I love you! You sense of my life!
Favourite, I hope for your support. Soon we will together! I am happy! I love you!
Yours and only yours Yuliya.
Millions kisses for you! I can soon kiss you on realities! I love you!
Letter 21
Favourite Gene! I wish to thank you for support which you render me.
We make the important step to our life and I am glad, that we do it together. I am simply happy.
I called to the parents and told about you and about a forthcoming meeting. Mum worries, that is natural.
But I have assured it, that you are a decent man of whom any woman can dream and you never will leave me a difficult minute.
I count on your support and I promise to reciprocate in all.
I wish to give you all love, caress and tenderness and I wish to make you the happiest person in the world!
Each your word, each letter - for me is all important.
You know, I unpacked all our correspondence. All your letters I will take with myself.
I have put them in a beautiful envelope and I will read if suddenly to me becomes sad. Our feeling - the most light.
The road to Moscow is necessary to me, there I will finish the affairs and I hope, that in some days I can already take off to you.
Some days and we will be together, this miracle!
The darling, on Saturday, on September, 5th at me birthday. In the birthday I will be in Moscow, unfortunately, I will be there one, but nevertheless I will be on a way to you. I am happy. I love you!
Thanks, my dear Gene that has specified the data, I unpacked them together with all letters. In several copies, I will store it.
Now I really feel more comfortable.
The darling, tell, that I have not become puzzled, we can think up a recognition symbol for a meeting at the airport?
Probably it is any details of your clothes or there can be certain flowers. You have thoughts in this occasion?
We can think up it together. For example, you can take a bouquet of my favourite colours. These are lilies or claret roses.
mmmm, and still I have a lovely thought... What, if to us to make our first joint picture directly at the airport?
You have a camera for this purpose?))) it would be healthy, agree.
My dear, my suitcases are collected, I am ready. Thanks to your support I am not afraid and is assured, that all will be good.
Wish my of good luck! I do a new step for a following stage to our meeting.
I love you, I appreciate and never I will give to nobody! You my happiness!
I love, whole, I embrace. At the first possibility wait for news from me.
I miss, I wait for a meeting, favourite!
Billions kisses for you.
Letter 22
Hello Gene!
What's up?
I'm fine, I have safely reached Moscow. I have stopped in small hotel on suburb of Moscow, also it here is completely not expensive reminds the family house more. Numbers, and the furniture of number the minimum
Here there are not enough. A bed, a bedside table, the TV, a case. The bathroom is not present.
A bathroom in the end of a corridor for all numbers. There there is a shower, a toilet.
Here two floors and on each floor on a bathroom. The whole floor of rooms uses this room.
That is it is necessary to wait for turn in a toilet or in a shower.
Naturally, it is necessary to be as much as possible cautious, these are not comfortable enough and dirty conditions.
And in hotel there is no Internet, therefore I had to look for interenet-cafe.
In the morning I was in embassy and I inform you, that everything is all right, my visa is almost ready.
Tomorrow I again will go to embassy and I hope already to receive the tourist visa.
They say, that I should not worry, all my documents are perfectly in order. And I will take tickets to you, my happiness!
Mmmmm... Favourite, I am happy. I in an anticipation of our meeting!
Very soon I will embrace you for the first time, to a kiss, I will inhale your aroma mmmm.
I am assured, that your smell - the most magnificent aroma all over the world! Mmmm...
I store our love, I value to it, I appreciate our feelings.
I wish to present to you a life, I wish to make you the happiest!
All these troubles with hotel I will go through, I will take out all for the sake of our love!
Gene, I will finish this letter, I will go to search to you still for Russian souvenir!
Very much I wish to please you as much as possible! I love you, my happiness! Prepare, soon I will a number!
Soon next week I, very soon, hope there will be your, everything, entirely! And you mine... I love you... I love!
My beloved, thanks you huge for congratulations on my already last Birthday!
I was very glad to read these words particularly from you because you became for a long time the important person in my life and everything, that is connected with you, causes in me only pleasant emotions! Unfortunately I could not answer your congratulations directly in birthday, I hope you understand it. Thanks, my darling! My kisses to you in gratitude! I love you!
Forever yours Yuliya.
I hurry time more likely to appear nearby!
Billions kisses.
Letter 23
The darling, lovely Gene! At me excellent news to us of a two! Remarkable news!
I was in embassy and... I have received my visa! Ur!
We so long waited for it and at last it has occurred!
Soon I go to the airport behind tickets to you and very soon I can take off, my happiness!
The darling favourite, precious Gene! In couple of days I will be near to you and I will embrace you, my light! Mmmm...
I cannot be kept, as soon as I represent our embraces, my body is covered by a small shiver.
Your most sweet lips, the most gentle hands, the hottest whisper. I love you!
All the day long I am ready to shout, jump and fly with happiness!
I the happiest woman in the world because soon the plane will carry away me to the best man in the world, to you!
Favourite, I wish to fall asleep with you... In any poses. To embrace you, to fall asleep, having put a head on your knees.
To make for you breakfasts, dinners and suppers. Favourite, I will indulge you the present Russian cuisine, my happiness!
Mmmmm... Wait for me and soon I will a number! Very soon!
I love you! I love I love I love! I will shout about it and let all world knows, that I love you, Gene!
I was completely grasped by passion, love, tenderness to you... Mmmm...
You and only you, more than anything for happiness are not necessary for me!
I love you, forever yours Yuliya.
I consider hours for our meeting. Wait for my letter, I will write to you data of the start and arrival to you.
I love, I kiss, I embrace, I miss, I require you!
Letter 24
Yfff... My darling Gene!
At last I go to you! I just from the airport, I have got tickets to you! I am happy is boundless, I hope you too!
The darling favourite Gene I string I will specify data of the ticket that you could know when I will be at your airport and when me to meet.
I think it it is possible not to discuss. You certainly will meet me, the truth, my happiness?
Mmmm... Favourite, I think at first to us it will be necessary to leave my things, and then...
Than we will be engaged in day of my arrival? At first all of us will a little have a rest.
From long expectation, from flight... I represent these moments of the first meeting mmmm...
As soon as I think of it is on my body the shiver runs. You and I... We embrace... Also we look in the face each other...
I sink in your eyes mmmmm. I feel your aroma and yours hot breath, and you mine. The favourite... I already all am excited.
I write you it and I hurry time. It is a pity, that I nearby not directly during this moment...
It is a pity, that it is necessary to wait a little more. But in comparison with that how many we already waited are very little.
I love you.
So, data of my ticket: Moscow (MOW) - Albuquerque (ABQ)
Delta Air Lines
Flight DL47
The house-keeper a class
Departure: September, 12th 2009 12:55, the Sheremetyevo a/p
Arrival: September, 12th 2009 16:35, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Flight with change, a city of change Atlanta (ATL)
Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1614
The house-keeper a class
Departure: September, 12th 2009 19:15, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrival: September, 12th 2009 20:41, Albuquerque Intl Arpt
Time in a way: 17 h. 46 m. You know, plus to all at me is one more small occasion to pleasure. I at last will move down from this hotel.
Actually here very decent owners, but neighbours have got to me simply... Words does not suffice.
Behind a wall a week as the mistress speaks, there lives a family from the Russian province.
They swear and shout even at night!
I cover a head with a pillow and I try to fall asleep, but sometimes these people speak each other such terrible things!
And in the rest of the time it is a usual loving family. I do not understand as loving people can speak each other such terrible things.
But, speech not about them now. After all we have we, what for to us to look at others, the truth?
Unless to consider their errors and never to repeat them. I love you and soon we will together, my happiness!
The favourite... I cannot speak, all me was captured by excitement from a fast meeting mmmm.
I hope before flying away we with you we can talk still. I love you. And I always will be a number, my good...
Be also you nearby. I never will give you to anybody.
I wish to make you the happiest. I love you!
Forever only yours Yuliya.
Letter 25
My Dear Gene
I very much worried... I have run into a stupor and did not know what to do with this situation. I fought in a panic. Was afraid to tell to you, I know, how it is sick and as is disturbing... I searched for words, at last have found... Has decided, that if you my beloved, the man who has already proved how I am important for it you should understand and you will not turn away on me and this time. So, I will begin the story, I will try to explain it distinctly because it is awful... I have gone to the airport because I wished to talk to the customs control.
Because I have two gifts for you, whether also I wanted I can ask to take it with myself.
I have gathered and have gone to the airport, and I did not hurry up, because we still have time for my flight.
I have arrived to the airport, and at once have gone to the customs control.
There there were people in shape, and I have decided to talk to them.
They have asked to show them my tickets and the visa, I have shown to them because I do not have problems with it.
More many questions have then followed, for what purpose I take off, in what hotel I stop, when my ticket back, I wish to visit what places in your country.
I have told, that I do not have reserved hotel in your country, that I am am waited by my man who will meet me at the airport and I will remain with it. They have told to me, that thousand people take off from the country and very often remain, as illegal inhabitants. I have told, that I will return back, here my work and my native.
But they have answered me very strictly, that each tourist who takes off from the country, should have at itself the sum of money, it will be the proof of that it does not remain hungry in another's country and it will have a place where to spend the night and consequently tourists, should have at themselves money when take off from the country.
They have told to me, that each tourist should have at itself 1500 dollars for a month of residing in another's country.
I have appeared now in very difficult situation, and I should solve now this problem.
The favourite! My dear! I now in Moscow, my start to you have not taken place for those reasons about which I spoke to you.
I feel very alone. I am lost and I do not know as to cope with it.
When I was at the airport and I tried to get on the plane a sad sight saw off the flight.
And if I would have wings I has arrived to you through any distances at any moment.
But these devil's laws on the customs control do not allow us to meet you.
Without your help I cannot sit down aboard the plane in any way. I so have much made for this purpose to meet you.
And now I cannot recede back and you the most important person in my life.
And for our meeting I should make everything, but, unfortunately all not in my forces.
I have paid for my tickets, now I had to return them, I have decided, that it will be more reasonable, to save up the sum on tickets for this purpose, that I hope, you will not deny assistance to me and then this saved money will be useful for purchase of new tickets. Otherwise I simply would lose all sum. And now I do not know, that to me to do. I hope that you will not throw me.
I hope, that you will very soon answer me.
After all without this sum of 1500 dollars I cannot prove to the customs control,
That I can provide the existence in your country. It is the law and it was thought up not by me.
This law for all tourists and I as am the tourist. And for me nobody will make exceptions in this rule.
I love you and to me is intolerable to be without you.
My God, if you knew, how time to the plane long lasted...
As I considered hours and practically considered minute... And here it. I thought I will go mad...
I thought my heart will not sustain... Could not speak anything... I sat and cried on the suitcases...
By there passed people... I saw as people meet and as their eyes for pleasure of their meeting are shone...
And me was so it is intolerable painfully. They are happy, they have met, they love each other and can now
Easier to hold each other for hands...
And I cannot... After all I could look now already at you, feel your aroma and look in your eyes so much.
How many it will want...
I again have tears from it...
This sum... 1500 dollars. It is necessary for these devil's laws. Please, help... I believe, that you will not throw me now...
When we already have almost met... Rescue our love. My heart will not sustain without you...
You my unique. I do not see a life with other man... I do not see other man near to myself.
Only you. Only you are necessary to me. It is necessary as air. I understand, it almost madness. But heart has solved all for me.
The favourite...
I would not like, that our relations in a reality began with any misunderstandings or problems.
But you know... I try to find pluses. It is good, that the problem has arisen not in our relations.
I am glad, that you near to me in this difficult situation and that I can feel, that I not one now.
That there is that person who supports me.
Thanks you for it.
I have received your letter and have a little calmed down. I the truth was in a panic! It is awful...
But now I feel your care and to me is quieter. Thanks.
It is very difficult for me because I have paid full cost of the ticket and the visa, and now it has appeared absolutely without money.
I in very difficult position now.
Also I do not know where to me now to search for an exit from a situation.
Because I still had only a few days that all to be in time because I very much on you miss, and very much wish to be with you nearby.
I have thought, you can can help me with this sum of money, I will show it at customs and when I will arrive to you I will return to you back because I do not know where to me to find so much money and to whom to address for the help.
I very much hope, that you will not throw me in such heavy position and will not throw me one.
I very much hope for your fast reply.
Yours for ever Yuliya
Letter 26
Gene, my happiness... I still in Internet cafe, I wait for your letter, news from you... Probably you are occupied now. I want, that you knew: I love you. I only yours and you only mine. All of us will overcome. I trust in us. Our love is the strongest, we will overcome it, the truth? I very much worry also these words I calm myself. Soon all will be adjusted. Soon, very soon. I love you... Very much I wait for your answer.
Letter 27
I love you, I require you, I trust you. I very much worry. Very much I hope, that soon we will together.
I love I love I love I love I love you.
It is a pity, that with the electronic letter I cannot transfer you all emotions and feelings, I can not embrace you and kiss.
But soon we will make it! I trust! We deserve happiness, as any other enamoured! And we will be together.
I love you and I will not get tired it to repeat, my precious man!
Any woman searches for a support, protection, support in the man. And I have found it in you.
I thank destiny that once, among huge set of people on all planet to us has had the luck to find each other.
We were accompanied obviously by luck! And this chance I will give us not simply so...
It means, that we should store that chance which it is possible, drops out only once. I love you.
I am ready to shout about it. When I think of you and that you do not leave me in such difficult situation - me becomes not so terribly.
Even through such distance you are capable to be the exemplary man. I love you... I want to you... I very much require you.
I LOVE! My heart and reason belong to you. Forever yours, Yuliya.
Letter 28
Gene, the darling what has occurred? Here already all the day I do not hear news from you... A uniform word. What to me to think? The darling, I very much worry. I hope you as it should be there. I try, I behave in hands, I say to myself, that to me not one so it is sick and bad, that I have you and that you too worry. I cannot become limp for the sake of us... The darling, my nerves sometimes leave from under the control and then I sob... The manager in an Internet cafe hall already saw my tears some times, I do not want, that he saw them again. I love you, my precious. And I wish to be with you. Tell please how long me to wait? You should embrace me that you have felt, I am how much hot to you I concern... I love you... Anybody to the whole world is not necessary to me except you how you to understand it do not want? I love you! I madly love you! And I so wish to be with you... To fall asleep with you, to wake up. To wake up in the mornings and among night from caresses. To arrange a brothel in all house and laughing it to clean. To splash with water when washing in the mornings we will divide a bowl. To play about behind cooking.... To love you, each your centimetre. Each millimetre of your body. To love you only. To kiss, embrace, caress mmmm. From one only thoughts on it at me a shiver on a body, you represent, what will be, when I will be also the truth nearby? You represent?! Favourite, please, after all you the man! I know, you can, you will try for the sake of us. Help me, make last step, make efforts and we will be together... mmm... You and I. And let all problems go to hell! We will be with each other, we will overcome them! I beg... I beg you, please, appear! I so long do not know news from you... At least to steam of words... I love you, I hope for the best, is boundless I trust. I love! Madly I love! Forever yours, Yuliya. Forgive, if I incorrectly speak any words, this my excitement, my nerves... I am anxious. I love, I miss, madly I grieve.
Letter 29
The darling my, good Gene! If you knew, how I am glad, that you at last have appeared in my mail box! This huge happiness.
I really very much worried. I have spent practically all this time in Internet cafe, I sat and updated the mail box.
Sometimes there came minutes of despair and I was ready to shout from a hopelessness... I did not know what to think and what to do...
I only hurried time that it has more likely passed to your letter... But as to spite, time became as if rubber. It was awful.
I worry. You do not represent how much strongly. Sometimes I sit with absolutely empty sight... I can so to stay long, very long.
I think of you, about us, about what to wait... And during such moments to me it becomes terribly intolerable!
You asked full data, here they:
Yuliya Matrosova
Republic Tatarstan
The city of Kazan
street saharova
I hope now all will be as it should be.
Please, remember, that your support is very necessary to me, I very much wait for your letter and it is very difficult to me to be here, in Moscow, in absolutely another's city. I love you, please, protect me, do not play for time, I beg you!
I try to behave in hands because I understand, that from a panic it is not becomes better.
I understand, that it is necessary to keep, soon there will be a help from you and in some days I will be with you...
I very much hope, that already in these days off. I love you and I dream of us. About our meeting.
You have occupied all my thoughts and desires. My heart and reason belong now to you. Please, do not pull... I very much want to you!
It is boundless I love, I kiss one million times. Yours Yuliya.
Letter 30
Gene? Where you? My lovely, my unique and favourite!
My darling Gene! So it is a shame to me... I was afraid. I very strongly was frightened of this situation and two days I arrived in full confusion... I cried... At me appetite was gone and I did not sleep almost. I was afraid, itself I do not understand, that is concrete... I was afraid, that I will come in Internet cafe and I will see bad letters from you... Because time lasts, and from me there are no news. Because I still wait for the help from the father... From it there are no news and I cannot even contact it, communication was lost. I was afraid, that you will become angry or will be strongly dissatisfied! But from you in general there are no news! How many days have already passed? Favourite... What to me to think? Favourite, I require your help...
Understand me, I have got tired here... I do not understand that to wait. When to wait and whether to wait in general... I do not understand how many this activity can last... And I am afraid... My darling, I very much miss on you and madly you I love and
I appreciate my dear. And I trust that we will find the decision of this problem.
I constantly represent in my head as we will meet.
I can see you, to see a charming smile of my lovely man.
We will is boundless are happy when we will meet:)....
I know, that I am not simple so have met you in my life, with you I will be
To have absolutely other, new and happy life. I wish to feel
Your heat each cage of my body, we will love each other
And to care about each other. I wish to fall as soon as possible in yours
Embraces to feel your trembling and your breath on me, I wish to kiss
You everywhere and that you also have presented me with kisses from feet to a head.....
I wish to give to you and to accept your caress, tenderness and heat. I Wish to be given
To you without the rest my honey..... I need you. i need your love.
I wish to speak with you about all in this world when we will be with you,
To joke, laugh, dance, look good films, to go with you
In cafe to walk, cook food each other and to arrange
Stomach holidays. And it is final marathons of sleepless nights....
I wish to be dissolved completely... I extremely miss on you and I want all it...
For now I simply wait... I wait while my dear Gene will help to solve
To us our problem to overcome an awful obstacle...
Today we with my student's girlfriend at which I have stopped
In Moscow we go to a cinema, to look any of amusing and
Cheerful films. It is necessary for me to relax and laugh a little
I think, therefore this week was very difficult for me, I have tested a shock,
Fear that I can not see you, and it is really strong blow
For me, and it will kill me if we cannot my darling Gene will meet.
Because I am valid for the first time in my life have met that
The especial person as you also it is the present and unexpected gift
For me from destiny. I will be the happiest woman in your strong
And sweet embraces my honey
But I hope that already a maximum in couple of days I can fly to you
My love. I cannot long wait. I wish to see you as soon as possible,
Otherwise I will die of melancholy on you
Yours Yuliya
Letter 31
My dear, my favourite and unique! You are necessary to me every minute, as luck, light, heat, water. And as the laughter always is necessary to someone and as the grief is necessary to us sometimes. You are not simply necessary, you unique, as a spring, as a life, as mood. You are necessary to me, you are necessary. You are necessary to me as my breath. As a star, as a vital flame. And my dear... I write you the letter and I have tears on eyes... I very much want to you... I madly wish to be a number... You understand, what way was overcome by me already? I speak not only about kilometres... I say that at me in heart. As it for me was not simple-dare at departure to you. But I feel, I feel, that somewhere in a breast, in the field of heart, something is very hot, when I think of you... I think of you every day, each hour, every minute... I would like to nestle strong and strongly to love you. To love how anybody never can love nobody. And now I here, in Moscow. In this huge pulsing city, which stranger for me. The stranger to madness. I do not know here anybody, anything. I only wait, when I can receive the help from you that our hearts at last have incorporated, our hands were weaved, our bodies have nestled to each other... My dear, I consider, that it is correct, if I have overcome such way... I took holiday, have issued the visa, and was going so to risk, go to the person which eyes never saw in a reality... All strings of the soul I feel, that you that unique man who is intended me by destiny... My dear. Your help is necessary. Not only me one, it is necessary for both of us. I believe that you the worthy man who never will leave me. Which will help. And I believe, that thanks to your efforts we soon will together. I love you. I do not wish to be without you. Because despite all distances... The destiny has decided, that such obstacles are necessary to us. We - two half of single whole. I am assured of it. I wait. Help, do not leave me.
Letter 32
Any letter from you for this time... I lose hope... You could tell at least what to hope there is nothing? I am afraid, that I lose belief in happiness and love... I so trusted, so sincerely believed that we will be together and you will not leave me! I am boundless trusted... And you have preferred to forget about me? Write at least pair of words... I without forces... I am devastated by your silence and melancholy on you... I too love you. I hope till now and I wait. Why you leave me? Why? You love me? I love...
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