Scam letter(s) from Elena Kulakova to Jay (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Jay!!!!!!
I see that we relations develop and in this letter I wish to tell to you about last relations. I think that you to me become closer also I do not wish to have secrets from you. I very much would like, that you have attentively read this letter. Jay I consider it necessary to tell to you about the last life and about last guy Igor. At me very bad memoirs on this person. And it is very unpleasant to me to write and recollect about this.... Igor was the unique man with whom I had serious relations and affinity, I think you understand about what I to you I write..... I met with him almost two years, and I was going to marry and create a family. At first he very well looked after me was careful and kind. At that time I lived in the house and a family of the aunt, naturally Igor was a sign with all. He liked my aunt and her a family. Igor met me from university and took home. He gave me gifts and flowers. We almost each days off went with him to cinemas, on musical concerts of various Russian actors, in parks and roundabouts. Then I thought that he that person which is necessary to me in a life.... But I was mistaken... Igor had two bad quality in itself and they were very strongly shown in our life. These qualities big JEALOUSY and IRASCIBILITY... At first it even was pleasant to me... I liked that that he is jealous me and I felt necessary and not indifferent him. But in due course it became intolerable torment, Igor became the awful tyrant. He was jealous me of my girlfriends, to ours general to acquaintances and friends, and even to my cousin Ivan.... I at all do not know as to describe to you that that happened, but Igor was jealous me, to all that goes and moves... And once there was that that has reversed my life. All has begun from for that that Igor was jealous me of the friend to my cousin, this guy studied together with me in university. At University this guy (his a name Stepan) tried will approach with me and to construct romantic relations. But I have given up him and have told, that I already have the young man and I meet with him. I did not give to this guy (Stepan) what occasion for what or relations, but he all the same continued to pursue me. At first I wished to tell Igor about this, but well having thought and knowing his I did not begin to speak character to the guy about this case. I knew than their conversation can end, and has made the decision, to try to explain to the fellow student To Stepan that he me does not interest. But once we were going to come back just together in the native city and Igor should bring me to the aunt!! Igor has arrived for me to university and my former guy has noticed, how classmate Stepan talks to me. Igor approached also has asked the classmate that he wants from me. And also Igor has told he that he is my young man. Classmate Stepan has answered him, that I am not the property and itself I can make a choice with whom to me better to spend time... After these words, there was that I most of all was afraid. My former guy has not sustained such words from Stepan and has struck him some times a fist on face and the classmate has fallen... Igor took me for a hand and put to itself in car. I was in a shock condition. We went home and I did not talk. And Igor all road offended me and spoke bad words, I saw that he strongly malicious and is full of hatred to all. I was afraid that or to tell him and consequently was silent. To me it was terribly terrible, and it was any more for the first time. But this day, in this car I in the first have realised all and have understood. I went in car listened to abusive words, was silent and thought of ours relations about Igor. And during one moment I as though have begun to see clearly, I have understood all... Then I have understood the feelings and it became clear to me that not that person what I him represented Igor to myself. He thought only of itself and concerned me not as to the woman and as to the personal property!! I have understood that all this time I was mistaken in his sincerity and feelings, I only him interested as a beautiful toy... From all this to me it became very insulting and it is sick. My heart was simply broken off on a part and I have felt that at me to Igor absolutely that does not remain, at all what feelings except terrible fear... When we have arrived to the house of the aunt, my former guy has told, that I went home. I left from car and have come into the house. When I have come me my cousin Ivan has seen, he very strongly was surprised when has seen me all in tears. The Cousin has asked me that happened, why I cry!?? I did not become him that to answer. The cousin has stopped me and has loudly told: where Igor!?? I have told that he in the street in the car... The Cousin has quickly put on a jacket and has run out on street... I have come into the room and was closed on the lock. I have been very upset and long cried. My heart prompted to me, that there can be a trouble, and I was not mistaken.... With all experiences and from the poured out tears I quickly have fallen asleep. Has woken up from that that through a dream has heard knock at a door. I have jumped from a bed and have gone quickly to open a door, I thought that it is the cousin. But when I have opened a door, I have seen the aunt, all tears. Her hardly stood on legs, loudly cried and abused my former guy. I have asked her why her cries and that happened!?? I could not understand, that happens... I have found soothing and have given to my aunt. And only after that she has a little calmed down. The aunt has told, just her have informed that that Igor was struck a knife by my cousin Ivan. And that that the cousin now is in hospital... I could not believe in it.!!!! Because Igor and Ivan well knew each other... The Aunt has told to me that I quickly put on, and we have hastened in hospital to the cousin. Only next day I have found out for what reason happened their quarrel. It has appeared that when my cousin has run out from the house after ours with him conversation, he has found my former guy still sitting in the car. The cousin has asked Igor explain that happens!? My former guy has told that Ivan has sat down in car and they have left to talk in other place... Later from the cousin I have found out, that when he found out about that that my former guy has struck his friend Stepan then the cousin has tried to find out the reason their quarrel. But Igor that did not want explain and did not wish to listen more than the cousin. They have started to swear and at them fight has begun and my former guy having flown into a rage has struck a knife my cousin. Then my cousin have taken away in hospital. I am grateful the god, that my cousin remained live. I hate Igor for this severe act... From for him that awful day all my further life has changed.... At me have deteriorated relations with a family of the aunt. But I do not condemn the Aunt for it, and I am not hold insult on her. I completely understand her parent feelings, after all tragedy happened with her native son Ivan. After all this I lived still some time in the house of the aunt but when I have finished study at university I completely have moved in St.-Petersburg and one began to live. Already all became on the places, as they say time treats. I was arranged for good work to me have given out apartment and I live itself. At us were already adjusted relations with the aunt, but that that was, those warm and friendly relations any more will not return back. In her to memory for ever there will be memoirs on that awful day. ... That day Igor was taken away by militia and at he there was a court. For threat of human life and drawing of heavy physical injuries, him have announced the adjudication for imprisonments for three years. Him have placed in prison, but recently at him the imprisonment term has ended, and Igor left prison... He has found out where I live, I work and have arrived to me for work. I have told him, that between all of us is finished, he have broken to me destiny and I do not wish with him to communicate more. Igor has told, that all three years when he were in prison, he constantly thought of me. I have told him, that it is completely not interesting to me about what he thought, when was imprisoned. I have told that I test to him hatred for that that he has destroyed all my dreams and all my life. I have told that he now another's person for me and I do not wish him to see. Igor has told, that has very strongly got used to me, and cannot cope with this feeling in itself. He has told: I will not allow whom or to be on we wash a place and I will not give you to whom is Igor has told to me. . Now I cannot adjust the private life because I am afraid and I worry that there can be a trouble. I know Igor very terrible and the cruel man who is capable to go of much what is achieved in the objective... Dear Jay to tell under the truth it is one more of many reasons on which I wish to find to itself the foreign man. After Igor has come to me for work and we with him had unpleasant conversation, I him any more did not see and very much I hope not to see any more.... I have written to you about this because I wished to tell to you that happened in my life. I would like, that you knew about me all and have tried to understand me. I stop to write the big letter, this letter I wrote long more than two hours... My time in the cafe Internet has ended and now I will go home. I will wait very much the answer from you. Sincerely Elena.
Letter 2
Hi my love Jay;)!!!!
I have just seen your letter and very much was delighted!!!
I have attentively read your message and I understand you my sweet. You a little not correctly have understood me, now I would will write you the exact address that you could fill the remittance form correctly. Here my correct address:
House 3
Apparment 30
district Kalininsky
Street of Academician Baycov
St Petersburg
Russia Jay it for hundred percent the correct information, you can take advantage to it!!! I hope at you all it will be good. I very much love you and I miss on you. But I cannot write you number as I do not have phone... I Kiss you gently your Elena. Here Jay it is a photo for you!!!!
Letter 3
Hi my husband Jay:)!!!!
How you today, how mood?! I read your letters and my heart knocks in a fast rhythm!! I very much like all your thoughts, I adore you!! You do not represent as I is glad to that that very soon I can to see your pleasant features, to hear your sweet voice and to see your beautiful eyes... From these thoughts my heart is ready to **** up on one million happy splinters of love!!! As I am glad I thank the god and I thank destiny for that that our courses of life have converged and at us ahead one, the happy road on which to us to go together having embraced and gently keeping for a hand!!!!! I you love, love, love, not am enough words what to express to me the feelings.... When I will arrive to you I will splash out on you all feelings all love which at me has collected much for you my tender bear cub Jay!!!! You have written in the letter and I understand that you are going to send money on Monday. . My love at me to you the big request, please make this remittance earlier. And the faster you will send me money the better... I now will explain to you why. I have some news to you. I have just come from mine agency round in which all my necessary documents and the visa are prepared. This morning I had a possibility it to make and I have gone at once there. And so my necessary documents and the visa are already almost ready!! But me have told that there were some formalities which I should solve faster, To me have told that now it is necessary to hand over urgently my Russian passport to them in travel agency!! They need to show the original of my Russian passport in passport department in which my foreign international passport prepares!! To me does not remain a choice and it was necessary to hand over my Russian passport for a final phase of registration of all necessary documents for a trip to you...!!! But do not worry my love, all is good I has already agreed with the girlfriend. Therefore I wish to warn you in advance about that that when you will go to bank to send me money, you should make transfer not on me and on my girlfriend on work. You understand me?! Look be not mistaken with this. I will not have a possibility to receive your money as I will not have my Russian passport!! I have left the passport in travel agency and I yet do not know when I can it take away. But it would be very necessary for me to make faster all what to be in time, I cannot wait. My love Jay at me is the good girlfriend, we together work. I went today to it, have explained her a situation and have agreed with her, that when you will send money she can go with me and will receive your remittance!! Do not worry all well, I am assured of it on all of 100 % it to me as sister. I now will write you the information which it is required to you when you will send money. Send money on her a name and lastname: name Anna lastname: Cheburova. You have correctly understood me...?! I hope, that have understood!!! Send money on Anna Cheburova we with her we will go to bank and we will take away money. So all well my love Jay!!! My bear cub, I once again wish to write that very much you I love and so is happy my dear Jay, that at all of us it turns out and very soon we with you will be together!! All my love I will finish the letter, good to you weekend!! I very much love you and I dream of you every minute!! One thousand kisses for you ;) Your future wife Elena.
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