Scam letter(s) from Inna Malinina to Tom (England)

Letter 1
My love Tom as I have received your letter where you have told, that we can pay all. I was very glad, I have written you the answer, and have gone to bank to learn, how it is possible to do pass of money. My love Tom when I have come to bank, I has approached, to the employee of bank, and has told, that to me, my beloved, wishes to transfer money, from other country. I have asked, as it can be made. On what he has answered me, that I have approached to a window "the international transfers". When I there have approached, the woman there sat, and I have explained all to the woman. That girl has told to me, that there is no not that difficult. She has told to me, that there is such system, a remittance. It is called Western Union. You heard about such company? It is the company, is engaged in remittances, worldwide. And in each country, and in each city, there are branches, western union. They can is, either in banks, or on mails. My love Tom, it has told to me, that it. The most safe way, transfers of money, also is very fast way. And if you have time to send today. That already tomorrow, I can draw out money, and descend in agency, and pay for documents. And since tomorrow, documents will start to do. My love Tom, I so is glad, that we very soon will be together. I took in bank, the advertising leaflet, in which is written how to use this system and if you that that do not understand I once again will explain all to you. I do not know, whether you heard about this system, but I will start to tell, that to me have told in bank. The girl has told to me, that it is very serious system, and should not be, what error if you make what or an error, I cannot simply draw out money. My love Tom when you will come in branch Western Union as I spoke to you. It can there is in bank, or in post a branch. That will be necessary for you, to fill the form. But as I to you have told. It is necessary to fill it, very attentively, and not to do any error. You should fill, following data as to me the girl has told, these data will suffice, that I could receive money. Here wash data:
1. Name Inna
2. Surname Malinina
3. Country Russia
4. The Kirov area
5. Lenins st. The house 2.
6 postal index (post code) 612260
These data. As to me have told, will be necessary for you. My love Tom as I ask you, be more attentive, because, I worry not much, after all as you know. I not when, did not use, this system, transfer of money Western Union. And as you will send me money, you should send to me, the data. Together with transfer data. Which I now will write you. I know almost all yours data, but it will be better, if all of us once again check up. After all you know as I worry. Try to make all without errors. Or try to send to me, a copy of the form with which you will fill. My love Tom, I very much worry, and I hope, that you will make all correctly, here those data which you, should send to me. Excuse that I repeat.
1. Your full name
2. Your full surname
3. Your country
4. A city, from where you sent money
5. Your full address
6. Yours post code
7. The exact sum of money which you have sent me
8. Number of transfer MTCN
My love Tom, to me have told, that MTSN, it is 10-place code which give everyone who sends money. You as should send me it. It as a key.
Without it, as well as without full your data, I cannot draw out money. I think you completely have understood me, and you will not make, not what error. My love Tom, try to write to me when you can send me money, after all you understand, that I work, and I again should ask for leave from work to receive money. And to have time to descend in agency, to pay for documents. My love Tom, I so is glad, that we with you, already soon will start to do documents. And it means, that ours with you a meeting. All is closer, and is closer. I so wish to see somewhat quicker you. And somewhat quicker to embrace.
I very much love you. I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Whole. Your favourite Inna.
Letter 2
My love Tom, I has received your letter, on work, I so was glad, that you so have soon answered me. My love Tom as you have written to me that I have given you bank requisites, and terms on which it is possible to send money. My love Tom as I said to you, that at me is not present the account in bank. But I can descend now in bank, and try to learn, how you can do pass of money. Still you have asked me that I have given to you, number of phone but as I have told to you, that my phone under repair, and to a smog to call only from the girlfriend as she will resolve to me, to take advantage of its phone if you give me number. My love Tom, write me number, and I can call you in the evening. Now I will go to bank, and I will try to learn there, all that can be made. I very much love you. Also I miss on you.
And as soon as I will return, I will write you the answer. Whole.
Your favourite Inna.
Letter 3
Hello my love Tom. How are you?? Favourite as your mood?? Today my mood, very good. Today I weigh day, I think of you. I very much miss. My love Tom when I could approach, today, to PC, and read your letter, I very much was delighted. My love Tom, you have told to me, that when I will arrive to you, you will be cares of me, and even will buy to me a dress, I so am glad, to me it is very pleasant. Still you have asked me that I to make for you a photo with you, or with the newspaper, my love Tom as I can make a photo with you, after all you so are far from me, and we can be photographed together when we will be a number. I asked once again exact airport address, that precisely nobility where you can meet me. My love Tom, try to leave to me a phone number, and I will call you, from the girlfriend. I will be glad to talk to you, by phone. I very much want, to hear your voice. I since the morning, thought, that you will write to me. After all you understand, how to me were, not conveniently to ask from you money. As you know itself, I not when, there is nobody, did not ask. But as you know itself, this money, is necessary, for our meeting. For my trip, to you. For our love. And I was very glad, having learnt that you have agreed to help, do documents which will be necessary that I could arrive to you. My love Tom when I have read your letter, I has gone at once to agency to learn, that it is required to me for a trip. And as soon as I have learnt, I have again approached to PC to tell to you everything, that to me have told in agency. My love Tom, I will tell to you everything, each step. I will tell for what I need to pay, after all I perfectly understand, that it is the big money. And I will very seriously to them concerns. Also I will try, be before you, completely transparent. And so, I will start to tell to you as I descended in agency. When I have come to agency. That I have told, that I wish to fly, in other country. Me have sent to the girl who works, the tourist agent. When I have come to the tourist agent, I have told, that I wish to fly, in London and my beloved, can meet me at the airport Heathrow, the tourist agent, has told to me, that there is no not that difficult to fly in London. She has told to me, that it is very safe, time you can meet me, at the airport. When I have told, that I, not when did not go abroad the tourist agent has told, I need to make, a package of documents. My love Tom, is very big package of documents, and it is required to me that I, could arrive to you in the country. This package of documents, includes the Visa. It becomes for 90 days, and I can there are at you, 90 days and if I, want to remain with you on always. That we with you, all it. We can solve, in your country. I think, that for 90 days, we can solve, there will be I with you, or not. Certainly I think, that I will remain with you on always. Because I love you. The agent has told to me, that the visa, will cost, 128 GBP. Except it, the passport is required to me, it will do too, the travel agency, it will cost 117 GBP. Still it will be necessary for me, medical inquiries, they will manage in 44 GBP. Will be necessary, inquiries from the management house 28 GBP. Also will be certainly necessary, documents from law enforcement bodies 19 GBP. My love Tom all these documents, will manage to us in 336 GBP. I understand, that it is very big sum. But I want, that you have understood, that it is cost, without tickets. It is necessary for me at first, to pay money, for documents, they will become within 10-15 working days. This time, will suffice me, that will be discharged from office. To say goodbye to relatives, and to collect things, to you. And as documents will become. It will be necessary for us, to solve concerning tickets. My love Tom, is very big money. And I understand. What is very serious decision. And if you agree, to pay for me, 336 GBP tomorrow, I descend in bank, and I will try to learn. As you can, make for me, transfer of money. But before to go to bank, I need to wait your answer. And as soon as, tomorrow I will receive your letter, I descend in bank, and I will try to learn all. I want, that you knew, that I very much love you, and I, very much wish to be with you. Me very much does not suffice. Your heat, and your love. Yesterday I, sat all the evening long at home, and could not fall asleep. I thought of you, thought, when we with you will be together. I very much love you. Also I wish to be with you nearby, as soon as possible. I very much miss. Whole.
Your favourite Inna.
Letter 4

Hello my love Tom. How today your mood? How are you? I have woken up today in fine mood. As yesterday, I again spoke with mum about you. I said to mum, that I have decided to go to you. That we with you, very much wish to be together. And mum has told, that it agrees. I was very glad, and I have fallen asleep, in very fine mood. Also has woken up with thoughts on you. When I have come for work. At me again was, a lot of work. As soon as I have cut, several women. And clients have come to an end, I have hastened to PC, and have received your letter. My love Tom, that you me have calmed thanks, now I do not worry. From for words of the girlfriend. And I know, that you the most remarkable person, And I am completely ready to arrive to you. For a meeting, after all both of us understand, that to us with you, this meeting is necessary. My love Tom, I think, that I can arrive to you and if to us with you, it will be good together I am ready, to remain with you, on always. I very much love you. And I will be glad, to create with you a family. To have with you children. My love Tom, I want, somewhat quicker to arrive to you, to embrace you, and to kiss, me very much does not suffice, your caress, and your care. I want waking up, to see you near to myself. Constantly to spend with you time, together to walk. Together to divide pleasure. I wish to see your joyful smile always. My love Tom, I think you understand, that I, not to time was not abroad. Also I do not know that for this purpose is necessary. And how many it will cost. I think, that it will cost very expensively. And as you know itself, I do not have money to pay for a trip. And me, there is nobody to take. I not when did not ask, there is nobody money. But you the closest person for me, and I should ask from you. To me very much not dexterously to ask from you. But this money, is necessary for ours with you of a meeting. That I could arrive to you. My love Tom if you are ready to pay for me and to take all expenses of a trip for. That I can descend in agency, and learn, how many it will cost. I want that you, have very well thought before to answer. After all this very serious decision. I thought of it very long, and I have decided, that I am ready to arrive to you. To pass for the sake of you, such big distance to leave relatives, for the sake of you. Because, I love you. My love Tom if you agree write to me, the Nearest city in which there is an airport in which you can meet me. And if you is agree, and will write me tomorrow the answer. That Tomorrow, I descend at once in agency, and I learn, that it is required to me for a trip, and how many it will cost. I so am glad, if we with you, we will be together. Everything of what we with you dreamt Also will come true, we can walk, admire together on birds, I can embrace and kiss you. I very strongly wish to be with you. And I with impatience will wait for your answer. I very much love you.
Gently whole. Your favourite Inna.
Letter 5
My love Tom, how you? I after work have come on a visit to the girlfriend at whom is PC. I have come to it to look that you have answered me and when I have received your letter, I have seen that you have written to me, it is not a lot of. You have written to me, that wish to arrive to me, and will get acquainted with mum. It would be very good, but understand, that at us in a family it is accepted, if the girl loves the man and if they wish to be together the girl should the first come to the man, and differently mum will be bad opinion on you, I am better at first I will come to you. My love Tom you understand that so on it will be much better, for us with you. I very much love you, and I wish to be with you. And I will be glad, if you write to me more about yourself. To me so pleasantly code you, write to me much. I will wait very much for your answer. I miss.
Your favourite Inna.
Letter 6
Hello my love Tom. How today at you business? My love Tom, at you all is good? Today, as I have received your letter. I was very glad. To me it was again pleasant, to read yours lines. My love Tom, I too very much wished to hear your voice, you can leave again to me the phone number? You have asked me my address, I as well as spoke to you, I live in Russia, in the Kirov area, in city Yaransk Last night, as I have come home. I have laid down to sleep. I long could not fall asleep, I laid and thought, about us with you. About our meetings. I so strongly did not have you. I have decided, that I can arrive to you. In the near future. I can take holiday, and arrive to you. And if to us with you. It will be good together. That is possible, I can remain with you. If you is not against. My love Tom, what you think of our meeting? I constantly think of it. I think as we will spend first our time? My love Tom, you thought. How you will accept me? Where I can will stop? When I will arrive to you, I can is constant to be with you nearby? I very much miss on you, and I want, somewhat quicker to embrace you. My love Tom how friends if I arrive to you will concern yours? You know, that I very much worry, after all I have dared to change the destiny, for the sake of you. And for me, it is very important, that you, has understood it. That only for the sake of ours with you of love, I have dared, on such big step. And I wish to know about you much. I wish to know everything, what you love for a breakfast, what you love during the lunchtime, and what it is pleasant to you for a supper? My love Tom if I arrive to you. I wish to know about you all. Favourite I very much do not have you. Tell to me more, about how you represent us together? I cannot think there is nothing, except you. I very much want, that you, was a number. My love Tom I went, last night, to the girlfriend, and I have told, that, I am going to arrive to you. My girlfriend, has told to me, that it can be dangerous. That in the world, there are such people, they call to themselves girls. And as soon as the girl comes to the person, he sells it in slavery. It even speak on TV. My love Tom, I am final have not believed to the girlfriend. I have told to it, that you not the such. That you very good. Also that you actually love me. And not when you will not arrive so with me. But you understand, how for me, it is dangerous. I wish to ask for you. If I, arrive to you promise to me, that you, not when, will not offend me. Also you will be as treats kindly me. As you speak in letters. My love Tom for me it is very important. You for me, the most important person on the earth, and I very much love you. Also I want, the present happiness with you that at us all was good. Also I want with you, to have our family. My love Tom, still I wish to ask you, what you think of children? If at us, our family you, will be agree turns out, to have children? And how many you, wanted children. My love Tom it is simply interesting to me, to know all about you. Because, I love you!!!! And I will be, to wait for your fast reply. Strong I embrace. Whole.
Your favourite Inna.
Letter 7
Hello my love Tom. How are you? Favourite, how your mood? My mood very good. Because I wake up again, I know, that at me, there is you. My unique, and the most favourite. Having come for work, I today, could receive again, yours fine the letter. On which I miss all the day long. When I have read your letter, I was very happy, to me it was pleasant, to receive from you, such fine lines. On work, washing the fellow worker from which I work. Has noticed, that after I have read your letter, I on became much more joyful, and is happier. To me so it is pleasant, when I receive yours letters. My love Tom, you ask me, whether I love you. Yes, it is the truth, I love you, I not whom so did not love, as I love you. And I wish to be with you. How you have spent these days off? I as well as spoke, on Saturday I spent day with mum, in the afternoon we with PP9 went shopping, we went all the day long. Also have come home only in the evening. And in revival I have woken up very much early, have made in the morning jog, with the girlfriend. We ran to the river. And then, after jog, we with the girlfriend have gone to walk in park. But we walked not long as it was cold. I very much missed on you as could not write to you. And as you have spent the days off My love Tom I again spoke, last night, with mum, about you. I have shown to mum, your photo. I have told to it, that we with you, very much love each other. Mum has looked at your photo, and has told, that you very good person. My mum understands people. And me it was very pleasant, when she has told. Good words, about you. My love Tom, I long spoke with mum about you. I said, that we with you, we can not the friend without the friend. That we are very similar, and we wish to be together. My mum has told, that time we so love each other, we with you, should be together. She has told, that love, it is very good thing, and it is necessary to achieve the love, and to pass through everything, if only to be together. And I am ready to become with you together, not looking on distance. I am ready to pass it. If only to be near to you. My love Tom, my mum has asked about you, she has asked, your full address, the country, a city, and street on which you live. But I have told, what not that it I do not know. My mum very much was surprised, she has asked me that I, have learnt from you, your full address. After all if we are together with you. She should know your address. My love Tom, mum has transferred to you, greetings. And it is very glad, for our love. To me it was very pleasant. That mum not against our meeting. And I am very glad, that you too agree. After all our relations, on became close so much. That I consider, the real meeting is necessary to us. Real relations. I very much wish to see you. After all I, not when so did not love, as I love you. I very much do not have you. I constantly miss, when I go to bed, I long cannot cover, I think of you. I think, it was as though good. If you, were a number, and could embrace me. I could kiss you, and hear yours of breath. I could concern you, could look, in yours beautiful eyes. I very strongly love you. And I will wait. With impatience, your answer. Gently whole. Your favourite Inna.
Letter 8
Hello my love Tom!!! How are you? At me today, all is very good!!! Today, you have again dreamt me!!! You have dreamt me, in so a pleasant dream. You dreamt me that near to me, that we with you, at last that have met, and became together. The dream as you embrace me and as you caress me dreamt me. To me seemed, that I feel yours of breath. It was the finest dream, in my life. I did not wish to wake up. And when I have woken up. I long laid, and thought of you. Thought of a dream which has dreamt me. I very much wanted. That it was the reality. And you were a number. My love Tom when I have gone for work, I was in very good mood, I went and thought of you. I wanted, as soon as possible to read your letter. And when on work, I could approach to PC, I have read your letter!!! How you are going to spend the days off? Than you will be engaged? I am going to spend the target houses, with mum. As in the street very bad weather, and it is very cold, and it is necessary to sit at home. And tomorrow on Saturday, we with mum, wish to go on shops. And I cannot write to you during week-end as I do not work, and I can not have access to PC, I can write to you, only on Monday. I will miss very much on you, till Monday. To me was so pleasantly, to receive from you, such words. And then I have understood. That I, love you!!!! Now I, could understand the feelings, I have understood that you spoke to me. I have understood, that I, I can not live without you!!! I very much love you. I constantly think of you. I think of your letters. And with the big pleasure I read yours lines. You my most favourite person. You the most remarkable. I have understood, that you spoke all to me. You have helped me, to believe in love. And I, have grown fond of you, I not when did not test such strong feelings. And now I know precisely, it is love. And I am very glad, that the destiny to me has presented you. Also has given such fine chance, to grow fond!!! My love Tom, at me to you is a lot of questions. What do you think, about the further? You think. We can be together. I very much wish to be with you, and only with you. I would like, to create with you, a family. I very much love you. To me it becomes joyful, when I think of you. My love Tom when I went, last night, home, I saw, how there is a pair. Keeping for hands. I went and represented, that it are we with you. To me very much hunting to be with you, together to walk, walk all night long on flight. To admire stars. A dawn, and a decline, you remember as we with you dreamt? I very much want, to carry out our dreams, and to be together, to be near to you. I very much love you. I very much want, to have possibility, to kiss you, and to embrace. I represented, as we with you, we walk in park. As we go, and we smile. You embrace me. We go, and we talk, about us with you. You speak to me, pleasant, and warm words. I think of you much. I will be. With the big impatience to wait for your answer. I very much Love you. Whole.
Your favourite Inna
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