Scam Letter(s) from Inga to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, darling,

I know this must be too fast to substitute your name with such a sweet name but I have pleasant feeling when getting the chance to write you and I believe that we are to develop warm communication and become at least friends with you if not closer people...

I hope you will like the photos of me alone and with my daughter Masha, I know that all men fall in love with the eyes first so I give you the chance to look into my eyes and I believe that soon you are able to do it in real life...

If you have interest in me I would be pleased to write you more about myself and my family and I belive that your answer will contain many photos and detailed introduction so we are to have truly open communication together.

As I am easy going and down to earth person, I would like to see near me the same personality, who enjoys the life, has the sense of humor, romantic heart, caring soul and willingness to create stable lifelong relations.

I am sure that conversation does come naturally for those people that have nothing to hide (are sincere) or prove. So I am sure that there will not be any problems between us:)))

Have a nice day, hope to hear from you soon, Inga.

PS You are welcome to write me on the e-mail address you have got the letter from.

Letter 2


Thank you for the nice letter to me. And your photos are very beautiful! Surely I am not model. Simply my friend has very good camera and she made some photos with me.

I suppose that you know already that I have a daughter, my wonderful 8 years old girl. I am sure that there is a question pulsating in your head about her father, well, go and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, I am not sure what do you prefer? It would be a long story but I hope you will manage to listen it up to the end...

I was born on November, 13th, 1975, yes, I am going to be 34 soon but let`s go back to the time when I am 24, I am young and a bit naive, not really a little girl but I can not call myself a woman yet:))) I have a man, strong and beautiful and ready to marry me,it does not matter that he utter the wish when I was on 3d month of pregnancy, I was willing for it and I had a nice dress and bridal veil in my flat, where we lived together already, invitations sent and my mom shining with happiness, everything is wonderful till the day when I am back home earlier than usual and see two young "ladies" one in my dress and other in my bridal veil making my husband happy both orally and in traditional way.... I was desperate, I could not believe my eyes, I made awful scandal to my fiance and it was the last time I was talking with him, I never saw him in fact and told him that I killed the child but I could not do it, I escaped from the hospital as I felt my little darling beating inside and I could not stop her life. I gave her a birth, I survived make difficult and desperate moments without strong shoulder to support but anyway I never regret it and I am blessed to have my little Maria, my sweet Masha, as I call her often:))) One thing I am really sad about is that I was not able to finish my education and I do not know any English so I use translational company to write you, I plan to learn English in future and I believe there would really be a chance for me to do it...

I live in a small village on the west of Ukraine called Pyryatyn, it is in Poltava region. It is a small agricultural area in the middle of Ukraine.

Well, I hope it is enough for today, Here are some of my photos of me and Masha when she is 2 years old, and 8, the latest one, I hope you like all of them, I will be pleased to have you share photos with me again and again as I never have enough, see you later, Inga.

Letter 3


I am happy to get this new letter from you and such nice full of life photos.

I believe that you are open to me and I want to know more about your day today, I hope you will enjoy reading about mine as well.

I usually get up around 6.30 in the mornings and have some breakfast - usually cereal and toast with a mug of tea. I then go and wake up Masha, she also likes sleeping so give her ten more minutes. I wash my face, clean my teeth and dress for work (I wear jeans and top in spring and something warmer in winter). I leave my place together with Masha, her school is on my way to work. If it is some sort of vacations at school Masha is sleeping when I leave home. I work as a assistant at local milk plant...

I like to take a lunch break for up to an hour if possible - it's nice to get out into the fresh air for a while, especially if I have been stuck indoors all morning. I go to the translation office to write a letter to you if there is something from you for me and then go back to shop to have some tea if there is some time left....

I usually finish work at about 6pm and get home around 6.30, although I never know what may happen each day and my working hours have to be flexible. When I get home I like to change into some other clothes so I can relax. I then make my dinner - I enjoy Masha helping me, she is really creative in kitchen. After I have washed the dishes, I like to relax by watching TV or reading a book, although sometimes I may have some housework or ironing to do - not my favorite chore! I rarely go to bed before midnight, so I don't need very much sleep at night.

I am always surrounded by sweet people but I truly miss someone special in my life, unfortunately here there are no good man for my liking that is why I joined the translation office for finding my soul mate, I am glad that in the modern society one can look for a partner abroad even without English knowledge and computer. I hope that this is ok for you that I can not cope with the matter on my own. I believe that things can improve in future. I send you a big parcel with my sweet hugs till then, your Inga.



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