Scam letter(s) from Natalia to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! It was a great pleasure to get acquainted with you. I am so glad you wrote to me! I am Natalia, a young lonely Ukrainian woman. I am cheerful, witty, optimistic, romantic, sensual, understanding, and sincere, but I am a woman of strong principles and good moral ethics. I have respect for the emotions and feelings of others. I do not play mind games, nor do I toy with the emotions. I'm very open minded and honest. I heard that most of the men in Internet are not honest and either married or simultaneously play games with several women, but I hope, you are not such a man and please, don't play games with me and don't hurt me if you are not serious. I believe it is possible to find romance and true love on the Internet, and I have friends in Ukraine who have successfully accomplished this. The Internet gives a great opportunity to meet people all over the world. It can bring two people together from totally different parts of the world and from different cultures and I decided to try it. I am only interested in a serious relationship. I want to tell you about what kind of man I am looking for. I want a honest, intelligent and mature man to be with me and be a total equal partner with me. I believe that love can be found everywhere and it doesn't matter what skin color, origin, nationality, background or age difference you have. Age is just a number and it is the inner youth and beauty that makes one young as it can make one old and **** as a person. For me, the key to a successful relationship between a man and woman is open and honest communication where all thoughts, feelings, emotions, hopes, fears and dreams are shared and an effort is made by both the man and the woman to understand, help and be there for each other. I am not interested in material wealth as I believe that happiness is not in money and material things, but it is more important for me to be at peace with myself and content with my life; to experience a real love; to love and be loved. So I would like to find someone who wants the same things and who wants to be an equal partner with me. I really believe that when there is open and honest communication and sharing of emotions, that it is only natural that the other aspects of a relationship such as physical intimacy can be sustained for a lifetime. I think many people would agree with these ideas, but they do not seem to be practiced in reality. Due to the hard economical situation in Ukraine our men are afraid of serious relations and creating families and they are interested only in relations for several days or just try to forget about all the problems drinking *****. So this is the reason that I look at the possibility of marrying someone from your country. I have friends who have been successful in finding their love, and hope to have the same luck as them. I will try to tell you as much as I can about me and show you what kind of person I am. I am 29 y.o., 172 cm tall and weigh about 54 kg. I have natural blond hair and hazel eyes. My body measures are 90;62;91 cm. I live in Ukraine, in the little town Lubny not far from Poltava. My date of birth is November, 1; 1979. My birth sigh is Scorpio. I work as a social worker at the social center which protects the rights of disabled people, old people, orphans, single mothers and other deprived people who are in need. This profession demands having such qualities, as sympathy, responsiveness and kindness because people who need our help are usually unhappy and suffer. I like to be among people and I am very communicative person; I guess you have already noticed it. I have so much things which I would like to tell you about me and which I would like to learn about you. I hope, you will give me such a chance in our further correspondence.
I'm waiting for a long informative letter about yourself with your photos. Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hello again dear! I am very glad to get your reply as it means that you are interested in me and want to learn more about me! I liked your photos and I am very interested in knowing more about you and I appreciate a lot all the things about yourself which you shared with me. I’ve got much more interested in you and I am very glad that we got acquainted. HONESTY, trust and respect are also very important in relations for me and I think that it's a base of happy successful relations. My biggest dream is to find my love. I am looking for a simple, loving, caring and honest man who is able to give me love and happiness, I'll give the same to him. I believe if love exists between two people it will exist forever and loving people always understand each other from the first sight, from the first word. I enjoy many things. But I really like things connected with nature and water: swimming, sailing, canoeing, scuba diving, hiking in the mountains and taking long walks in nature. I like to dance, listen to music and read books. I also enjoy ice skating and skiing in the winter. I like animals very much. I have a parrot and aquarium with fishes at home. Do you have any pets?

I will tell you more about my family. I live together with mom, step father and a younger brother Andrey, who is 14 years old. I also have an older brother Kyril, who is two years older than me. Kyril has his own family, a little daughter, wife and lives separately. We live in the apartment in Lubny. My own father perished in a car crash when I was 5 years old. Several years later my mother remarried. My mother is from Russia and father was Ukrainian. So, I am half Russian and half Ukrainian. I have never been married and don't have children, but I had serious relations and I had a boy friend and we lived together for three years. We separated 10 months ago because he physically abused me and was unfaithful to me. At first we were both poor and once my ex started a business and became to earn good money. This ruined our relations as he started abusing alcohol, having parties and betrayed me. The last drop after which I decided to stop our relations was that he started fighting with me when he was *****. I think, I deserve love and happiness; I deserve a good loving and caring husband who would love me. So, I think I have reasons to find my love abroad and move to another country. It would be such a great experience to try all the new things and start my new life there with my man. I am ready to overcome obstacles which may be on my way; learn a foreign language and get used to new culture. I hope, it won't scare you that I don't speak English so far and use a help of translator for translating our correspondence, but I have a great desire to learn English as soon as possible and have one common language with you. I hope to hear from you soon. Please tell me what things a woman can do to bring a smile to your face and tell me about your dreams. I am interested in everything about you!

With warm regards, Natalia.
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