Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Stephen (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend(I think that new friend can already be a friend:) )!

I would like to tank you for this your letter and writing to me. I am very glad that I met you here. I didn't know much about the Internet, till not long time ago one my friend told me about it and told me how she found her love here. i was really excited and decided to take risk. This is why I am here. I think that it is really nice that we managed to meet each other here and I hope that it will be possible for us to have relationships. I really would like to hear more about you. Can you tell me about your hobbies? What do you like and dislike in women?

I think that I should tell you a little bit about myself. I would like to tell you that I am newer to all this kind of correspondence and this is why I would like to tell you that I probably don't know some laws of writing here, but please know that I am writing to you from the bottom of my heart! So my name is Irina. There are lots of ways friends can change my name and call me Irishka, Irusya, Ira, Irulka and so on. I think that you can change the one that you like. so I was born on the 13th January (not on Friday:)) 1981. I was born in the industrial part of Ukraine, in the small town called Gorskoe. My childhood was quite difficult for me because I had to live without parents. My mother left me when I was the small child and I was really lucky that my grandmother adopted me. She was everything to me. She couldn't help me much because she was from poor family, but she did everything to support me. I hardly can recall that time without tears.
But nevertheless this made me stronger and I became and adult much earlier than my friends and peers.

After school I decided to went to the law college because it all was really interested for me and after graduating I started my work in the law enforcement. First it was very difficult for me because I fetch and carry everything, but then all my efforts were noticed and I started my work as the criminalist. It seems to be quite difficult work, but I like it very much because I think my work is really useful for other people. This is a small chapter from the book of my life .

I hope that you are interested and I will be waiting for your answer.

Take care

Yours Irisha

Letter 2

Dear Sir

We wish to inform you that there is no more money on the account of your Lady Irina so she is not able to correspond with you any more.
Please open the attached document and give us your answer.



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