Scam letter(s) from Diana Malinina to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, my name is Diana:) I am an attractive, honest and serious girl who is dreaming to have her own family and to find her love in this life. About myself I can tell that I am an easy-going person with high values of family as I was brought up with old traditions of my country. I am tired to be alone and to see how happy are marriage couples, so I hope to meet a nice and attractive man, who knows what a happy family life is and who is alone at this moment as I am. Here is my e-mail:
Letter 2
Hello, my friend Gavin! Thanks for your letter. I'm glad that you answer me:) How are you? How are your things? As for me, I'm fine:) Thanks for your photos. I like them very. And now I would like to tell you about myself:) My name is Diana:) I'm 27 years old. My height is 170 cm, weight - 50 kg. I was born on 5th of November in 1981. I live in Lisichansk. It's Lugansk region. It's about 900 km far from Kiev. I live alone, I rent a flat. I work as a radio DJ on the radio station. And you? I like to communicate with people. I like my job very:) I haven't bad habits. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I prefer to drink water, fruit or vegetable juices:) And you?
I speak English little. I learnt it at school and I like this language very! My hobby is cooking. What about you? I like to cook very much!
It's very interesting to read new recipes and to cook tasty dishes:) You know, it's very hard to find good man here is in our country. They are liars and they need just ***! That is why I search my destiny through the Internet:) Once night I saw a strange dream. I walked in the very beautiful palace. There was very beautifully and amazingly. There were many wonderful and expensive things: vases, pictures, statuettes and others. I walked there with a great pleasure. There were many large and comfortable rooms, but there were not people. I started to cry and I woke up. Then I thought my dream. It was my soul... I want to find my destiny. I'm looking for caring, kind, understanding and very good man. I think that honesty and trust play very important role in serious relationship. Do you agree with me? I hope, yes:) I attach my photos, I hope, you like them:) And I would be happy to see your photos too:) Wait for your answer:) My best regards to you, Diana:):):)
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Gavin! I'm very glad to get your next letter! It's very interesting to know more about you and your life:):):) How is your day today? I hope, you are fine:) As for me, I'm ok:):) You know it's not so warm weather today! What is the weather there are in your country? Thanks for your photos. I like them very. The roses are very beautiful!
Thank you, my dear Gavin:) Now I want continue story about my life. I grew up in an ordinary and very friendly family. My mom's name is Natalya or Natasha. She is 50 years old. She likes flowers very, that is why she grows them in the yard:):):) I live with my mother:) Unfortunately, I haven't a father.
He left us when I was 5 years. I love my mom very much!!! What about you, my dear? Do you have parents? I want to know more about them:) All people have goals in their life:) As for me, I dream about my own TV programme about cooking:) It would be called "Cooking with Diana":)
Because I like to cook, as you know. It would be wonderful:) I know, it's just dream, but dreams come true:) Do you agree with me, my dear?
What's your goal in the life? I don't married and I haven't children, but I love them very much! And you, my dear? Do you love the children? I dream about friendly and happy family:) In my free time I like to cook, to watch TV and to eat something tasty:):) I like to listen to music:) I prefer classical and modern music:) What bout you? Sometimes I meet with my friends and we go to the parks, cinemas or cafes:) And you, my dear? What do you do in your free time? I'll be waiting for your letters, my dear. Wish you good day:):)
Your Diana:):):)
Letter 4
Hello, my dear Gavin! Thanks for your letter, my dear. I'm very glad to get it. I read your letters with a great attention. How are you today? I hope you are fine. As for me, I'm very well. Thanks for your photos. I like them very. As for my phone, I was in the cafe with my friends and I left it there. When I returned there, I didn't find my phone there and nobody didn't see it, unfortunately. My friends say that I'm beautiful girl with a good feeling of humor. I have an attractive appearance and graceful figure, because I like to go in for sports. I like to play volleyball with my friends and every morning I run some kilometers on the stadium. What about you? Do you like sport? Yesterday I got by bus:) The weather was fine:) I don't know why, but I thought about you and I missed my stop. I like you and sometimes I think about you:):) What about you, my dear? Do you think about me? I would be glad to know what do you think about me:) Well, I think I will tell you about my dreams so you can see whether you can have the same dreams. I dream about mutual understanding between me and my man. I believe in unconditional love and supporting each other, about trust and being able to discuss and solve the problems together, being able to have holidays and share daily routine life. I dream about being at good and bad times. Tell me, Do you dream about the same?? I hope. If i miss something you can add:):) I am an open minded lady:) Once I have heard the saying future comes today. I understand this statement as following: we need to live every day but don't forget about tomorrow and we are building our future this day, this moment,this minute. Just think and reflect about this. Perhaps, we have found our soul mates, you have found me and I have found you? Today after my work I will go to the gym. So I will close for now. I wish you good day, take care, affectionately, Diana.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Gavin:) I'm very glad to get your letters. It's very interesting for me to know more about you, my dear. I like to correspond with you very! Thanks for your photos. I like them very much. I like the citation what you sent me very much! And now I would like to tell you more about me and my life. Every day I do my morning exercises, go to the stadium and running. After that I go to home and I take a shower, eat my breakfast. For my breakfast I prefer an oatmeal and a cup of tea with lemon:) Then I go to my job. As for my job, I like it very. I like to communicate with people:)
Sometimes we have the guests here is on the radio station. They are very popular singers and music groups. I like my work very much:) Very often the radio listeners say that I like as psychologist:):) It's true, because my education is psychologist:) When I return to home, I prepare dinner. After that I do something about house or just have a rest:) I like listen to music or read books:) Three days a week I go to the gym:) I like to go in for sport very! And you, my dear? In the evening I have a supper, wash dishes, take a shower, watch TV and go to bed:) I would be glad to know more about you and about every day of your life. Wait for your letters with great impatience. Your dear Diana:)
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Gavin:) It is a happy day for me. What about you?? Do my letters make your days brighter??? Do you get a strong charge of positive energy every time I write you? As for me, your letters definitely make my days brighter, your letters are the biggest joy for me and I thank you for all your time and efforts in writing me!!!!! I'm very glad to hear that it is so pleasant for you to get my letters and that you wait for them with a great impatience. I agree with you that we are necessary for each other because we both understand we are a perfect match. I know you can make me happy and I know I can make you happy. So it is obvious that we will be happy together and we should do everything in order to be together as soon as possible. I want to be with you and I'm ready to discuss all the possible ways how we can be together. Our letters will help us in this matter. If we communicate and discuss all the possible ways how we can be together we will find the best way and we will be together soon for sure. I like the way our correspondence goes, I like how we are getting to know each other better. In spite of we have written about some letters only, I have a feeling that I have been known you for all my life. We have never seen each other in real, but our letters definitely make their work. Those letters I wrote you before were enough to tell you so much about my life, my past, my expectations for the future and my feelings for you. I hope that you have a clear picture of me, my personality and what a man I am. I understand it is not a good style to flatter myself. If you were here with me and could communicate with my family and friends then they would tell you what a girl I would be for you and you could hear objective description about my character. I always stay honest and sincere with everything I say or do. I'm not a parting girl and I'm not looking for any adventures here. I like to have fun, I like to visit nice places, but I want to do all this only with my soul-mate. If we are together I will belong to you only. I'm devoted and faithful. I can wait, I can forgive, I never argue. I'm a family oriented woman. Our future family will be always the priority number one. I hope you appreciate all my efforts in supporting our correspondence. We are not a family yet, but I consider you my future lifetime partner already. What about you, my dear Gavin? Thanks for your photos. I like them very much.
My favourite coluor is white:) Wish you good day. Many hugs you:) Your dear Diana.
Letter 7
Hello, my dearest Gavin.

I'm glad to get your letter:) I miss you, my dear, very much! All my thoughts just about you, my honey. How are you today? How is your job? I hope, you are fine. As for me, I'm very well:) I think and dream just about you, my sweetie, every minute. My dearest , I like to communicate with you. And do this with a great pleasure. What about you, my dear Gavin? Thanks for your wonderful pictures and for your photos. I like them very much!
Of course, I would be glad if you'll know more about my friends and family.
So, we can to visit them after our meeting of your country. Because I want to know more about you and about family and friends too:) What ado you think?

My dear, maybe, you don't believe, but I have never been abroad. I watch on the TV many interesting programs about travelling. There are so many interesting places! They are very beautiful! I think, it's very interesting and useful to know more about different countries, people and about their traditions. My dear, I would be happy and glad to visit your country. But, unfortunately, I don't have a passport. And it's very expensive for me to get it now. I'm little sad, because I want to meet with you, my dear! If you just know how I can to see in your eyes, to say: "Hello, my dear!" and to kiss your sweet lips. I dream about this every day, my dear! I hope, you help me to solve this problem with my passport:) And our dreams come true:)

Have a nice day, my dear. I send you many hot kisses:):)

Your honey Diana.
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Gavin:) My dear Gavin, I went to the police office and knew about the passport, well, it is quite expensive. It is 195 usd - to make in two months, 250 within month, 300 in two weeks, 350 in a week and 450 usd in a day! My dearest, I would be glad and happy if you help me to solve this problem and we could to meet with you soon:):):) Our dreams come true! Do you want this? I hope, yes:):):) After getting of my passport, I'll go to the travel agency, they can to say me all details and prices about my trip to you, my dear:) Why I went to the travel agency, not in the Embassy, because the trip includes medical insurance, tickets and visa. Please, my dear, understand that travel agency helps with visa! It's very important!
It's very very hardly to get the VISA in the Embassy here is in my country, because I'm young and don't married girl. That is why I went to the travel agency. Wait for your decision, my dear:) Your Diana:)
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