Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Charles (UK)

Letter 1
Hi, my love Charles!
I want to apologize for not writing to you. We had to go to the country to check the work of their schools. I thought that in the evening we would come back but we didn't. We were there almost 2 days. We were sleeping in the bus. I was very angry cause I couldn't write to you or call you. I missed you so much.
How are you, my sweet?
I want to see you, my dear, soon. I cannot live without you. These 2 days seemed to me a year without you.
I can write to you from my work because there is the Internet. & I can send you my photos because I have several of them on my flash-card.
My school is quite a usual building with 4 grounds. There are 1600 pupils. Since the 1st till the 11th form. It's warm but it's cold when the central heating doesn't work. In winter there is much snow & that's why our teachers of technology, they are men dig the snow in order that children can go into. Sometimes they make schoolboys to do that instead of lessons.
My honey, before we went to the country I went to the travel agency. They told me that I will have to do a lot of paperwork, first of all the foreign passport, insurance, visa, medical documents, documents from police & others. The procedure will take 3 weeks. I will die to wait so long. Also they book tickets. All this will cost me over 800 pounds. I had only 200. This amount I have to save more that a year. Today I talked to my mother. She gave me only 210. I don't know where I will fing the rest. Today I will call all my friends. I am not sure that they have enough money.
I am very frustrated.
I thought that it's not so much.
I am waiting for your letter, my sweet.
I love you.
Your Natasha.
Letter 2
Hi, my love Charles!
I missed you so much these days.
My darling, I didn't write to you cause my mother got sick 2 days ago. I thought that she ate something wrong. But later she felt very badly. I called the first aid. They took her to the hospital. They made an operation. They said that if I took her to the hospital a bit earlier they had to operate only appendix but now it's more complicated. I don't know if there is such a word. The decease is called peritonitis. I spent these days with her at the hospital. Now she is there & I am at home. I am very tired & hungry. I didn't eat for 2 days.
Let me have a rest a bit & later I will write you a letter.
Don't forget me.
I love you.
Your Natalya.
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