Scam letter(s) from Olga to Manoj (India)

Letter 1
Hello Manoj, For me it to communicate for the first time with the person from other country, by Internet.
And it is valid, pleasant and interesting to me to write to you...
I do not know, with what to begin.... Therefore I will start to write about myself. I inform about me directly slightly.
At now i live at a small city, near to Kazan. My nationality - Russian. I 28 years old. My weight - 56 kg. My height - 167 centimetres.
You could inform these data. For me in the man its external qualities are not important. To me the main thing, what soul. But anyway I would like to represent you.
And please send me the photo. I send you my photo also. In this photo I Manoj! I hope, that to you to like.
My loved colour pink. As at many women... I love flowers: tulips, carnations. My hobby is flowers and draw.
In the past, I was engaged in ball dances... But it in past. I do not wish to dance more on public. But I like to dance houses...
Manoj sorry for possible errors. I - so worry. Well, I shall continue, as I spoke, earlier I am a lonely girl.
I wish find the man on which I can to rely. Which will care of me.
I wish to find the man in other country. Therefore I am especially glad to speak with you.
I heard, that in the Internet is possible to get acquainted with the interesting person.
And want try it...
I am very much interested, and I want to know you better.
And send me more yours photos, please...
I shall wait for your letter to write.
Letter 2
Hello Manoj,
Thanks for your pictures.
I was so happy to receive your letter, i very ask you write me every day. Because i will wait it!
It was interesting to me to read your letter!
Well, I want continue to tell about myself.
Mine favourite film - Green mile. I think you know this film. My favourite actor Tom Hanks.
It great actor, you agree with me?
Most of all I to like to eat the salads and very much I love the sweet.
But I can not eat it much because it is necessary to supervise my body lines.
At now my favourite kind of sports is ski and swimming. And your?
I was very good to ski and swim. I like to look tournaments on dances.
My favourite perfum is "Spring flowers". It is fine aroma.
I hope that you liked my photos? I shall send their more as far as possible.
I am glad that our correspondence proceeds. I want to find out you as it is possible better.
Please write to me as much as possible.
I shall try to answer all your questions.
I hope that you understand me good?
Manoj now I should finish my letter and I shall wait for your letter.
All good.
Letter 3
Hello Manoj,
I am very happy to see your letter.
Certainly I very much like your pictures.
You know we so are poorly familiar with each other but I have already little get used to you. It is very pleasant for me to read your letters.
I search my beloved for the man on the Internet because the majority of men in Russia are egoists and do not respect women.
They love only themselves and alcohol. I want the only,who - will love me and respect.
That i would be wanted not only as the beautiful woman, and as the beloved.I want that my man likes and wants only me, that when I go to bed of mine my beloved is waiting for me there.He would embrace me and we would fall asleep in embraces.
When i wake up he kisses me and say "Good morning my dear, i love you."It is my dream I want it and i aspire to it.
I want such a man which would like to be only mine. That we spend all free time with him. I would like such a man to which I will trust and would not be afraid that he will leave to other woman. I think that if the man and the woman have concluded a matrimony in church that they should be true the promises before the god and people.It is difficult to explain it, this female sixth feeling or an internal voice is possible.
Probably it is destiny or the god wants that we have got acquainted. I believe in my happy destiny and I believe that I will find happiness.
Otherwise life is meaningless. It is very difficult to be the lonely person. At such person all life turns in a small monotonous way of life.
You spend all time for work and do not aspire home. Because nobody waits for you there in the house .
In the morning you hurry for work because it is boringly at home. Nobody waits for you at hime and after work you sit to watch TV till the late evening.
Then you go to sleep and so it Repeats day after day. Sometimes you try to change something in the life but not always it turns out.
With each year of loneliness it is more difficult and more difficult to find a loved person. Slowly you you turn into the homebody or hardworking person.
And already anybody is not necessary for you. With each year of loneliness you become the self-sufficient person and the egoist.
I do not want to turn into such person. I want to have love, fun, pleasure and happiness. I want to love and to be loved. I want to know you better.
It seems to me that we are similar with you. Both of us aspire to become happy. Both of us use the best efforts to find the love and to find composure with the loved person.
Probably we can have serious relations, but for the present it is early to speak about it. I need in my husband not only as in the partner in ***, but also as whom i can talk to as the close friend, the partner of my life, and to the beloved person.
For this reason tell me about your life. Tell me as your usual day passes. Please tell to me more in detail about a place, where you live. I want to find the man which would love me as the woman, as the person, but not as a beautiful doll, Which he can show everyone and be proud of it.I am the woman who wants to love and be loved, and I do not want to be played with.
The wife should be proud of the husband. Wise wives should tell to the husbands the most confidential and personal ideas and nothing to hide from the husband.
I think, that the husband should support the woman in it, respect her, not criticize her in the companies of the friends thus keeping self-respect of the favourite wife.
I think that the good husband always pays a compliment to the wife on the occasion of the new dress, a new hairdress, will be grateful for dinner which she cooks for him. And it is necessary to kiss her when she leaves for work.
I think, that home life should consist of mutual respect and understanding between the husband and the wife.
Both the husband and the wife are resposible for happy life of the family. I think, that the good wife should create a cosiness in the house with maximal tenderness and beauty, care and fidelity. I shall respect, I shall like and I shall caress my future husband.
Manoj I shall wait your letter very much. I wish you successful day. Well, let me finish the letter just for now, I should go.
Excuse me if I not at once answer on your questions. All that interests you in the following letters.
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